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  1. i use a tibetian crystal bowl does wonders to centre my being
  2. hi @Gav music was murdered years ago when they changed the frequency to 440kz the concert pitch they call it. which in honesty is awful to what it was
  3. yes indeed my friend, the Icaros is absolutely divine as its generally from the heart and in sync with nature and what is required for the healing at the time. i have experience the wonderment of this in an aya ceremony
  4. wow INK I believe this needs to be fired off to all MPs every one should throw it towards them, this guy is more qualified than any SAGE member currently advising our prime minister that I can see. also needs firing off to big brother watch schools local authorities etc. its condemning and really worth the try. they will all be accountable then no room for manoeuvres. hat-tip bro what a find.
  5. https://www.rxlist.com/prophylactic/definition.htm
  6. thank you that means a lot lets keep this rolling its really a positive thread
  7. very good, I did actually study the Essenes some years ago and what you and @Macnamara @Simple Actions and others are talking about is what these people did. though they did interact with others not of there clan, it was very minimally . and they did where possible keep themselves to themselves, living mostly in the wilderness or by rivers lakes etc. . the man Jesus was supposed to be an Essene as well as John the Baptist. then more recent examples the monks of Tibet, what do they all have in common? Not anything religious but they were all SELF-SUFFICIANT. and if I remember correctly so are the Shamans and indigenous peoples of south America, also Africans and the aborigines. and many of these peoples talked of NOT following the blind as it leads to destruction, and for those religiously minded it states that in the the scriptures also , so there seems to be a strong link to a human understood truth from long ago. You are your own keeper you are responsible for you, be at peace with your natural surrounding and be as one with the Earth, but if you do these things and harm befalls you by the wicked ones they will pay a price far more than they counted on, as its not free will. but also remember the nail that stands high will surely be hit first. keep to your truths and do it peacefully and quietly with your likeminded brethren and let nothing deter you from you goals. yes we will be ridiculed by others and probably made to suffer many hardships, but when you Co-op with others of a like mind you gather strength in numbers. and yes barter is all that we need to co-exist and plenty of handy people the fixers I call them. Each of us has a skill maybe we just don't know it yet: and I am not talking some new age hippy commune thing here either. everyone supports everyone be it young old woman man or his dog. I can clearly see many many fringe dwellers on this site or very close to it already and that believe it or not enlightens me, because of these people we have got a very good chance especially our children. and that's all we need are strength is each other. sorry if I didn't articulate this properly but best I could put together off the top of my head, and I thank each of you for your contributions as its been brilliant reading your thoughts.
  8. I would tell them to get the fuck, how dare they stigmatize a child. do they remember history maybe better to remind them how it was used during the war for Jewish extermination. and furthermore where is the equality laws? the school have broken them take it up with the school governors'
  9. Hi All, I actually need your help, you see I have managed to get some of my closed minded family to actually listen only took 15+ months. so I need to prove to them what I have been saying, so I need stuff that they can read short concise and to the point, think iPhone Facebook type you know they got the attention span of a two year old, not willing to do in depth research. but at least this is my chance any ideas please.
  10. ROSE ASSELY: "I can't bear to commit suicide in broad daylight. Almost 80% of my family was sacrificed for the vaccine. Already two dead less than a month ago and now here are the consequences in a month after my first injection"
  11. hi Peter do you know what struck me about all this vaccination malarkey, was when a drug company produces a vaccine it patents it so other manufacturers cannot use it , I think 10 years its protected by the patent now you've got how many companies ALL releasing these experimental drugs and there not bothered about losing there profits why? there is definitely an agenda at play these feckers would not give you the steam off there piss for free. just my tuppence worth bro
  12. no my friend that would in my mind be the wrong course of action, apart from destroying your own health from lack of oxygen think about all the bacteria and crud on the mask your freely inhaling and your creating an acidic environment which lowers your own immunity, have no fear walk tall you are a free individual be proud of what you have achieved so far
  13. https://www.bitchute.com/video/MuhI7C2QhqSq/ Thank you @Roscommon here is the full video if anyone wishes to watch approx 47 mins long
  14. Mary Poppins springs to mind some where over the rainbow climbing high. preprogramming the kids far back just a thought and also Teletubbies kid form robots etc.
  15. that's why the rainbow symbols everywhere corporation's nhs etc.
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