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  1. to be honest my friend that is well put, you would have to be crazy not to see it, but people dont see it. I have stood my ground with DRS and nurses for my children, and will do so till my last dying breath. hat-tip
  2. no its not patronising nor my intention to do that, and I actually know how destructive hatred can be, do you? so try to help my fellow forum user and you come in all indignated trying to belittle what I said. hatred eats and rots the soul dude. every soul on this planet is an aspect of the universe, so to hate another is to hate yourself! though I do not like what's happening I try to show understanding and compassion. so if you are honestly coming in good intentions try at least to quote all what I said not a little bit of it please. and in all honesty if FLUKE felt it was patronising
  3. bro I feel you don't, hate nothing ever, its self destructive to your soul. major dislike okay. now I find if I meditate concentrate on my breathing it helps immensely, if you look at history you can see a pattern cause as much fracturing as possible, by creating fear amongst the general populace. analogy create a war kill millions completely trash society. install your ideologies, turn people against each other with the us or them mentality. that's exactly what these fuckers are doing now to the whole planet. when you walk in the dark (depression) believe it or not you are learning pain and s
  4. well I think DI gave you all a big heads up to be honest, firstly see who you cannot criticise then you know your enemy. Its not the Jewish people full stop, do they NOT suffer the same fates as us? but those that have confused the world letting them think they are JEWS, but are not. And I am not naive enough to think some of the the ordinary Jews are used and sucked into there smoke and mirrors either. we live on terra firma = firm terror all word play or world of terror if you like. the three paths in the KABBALAH comes to mind, politics = pole ticks to set two or more
  5. could it be Mark Thatcher in drag? according to the Chris Spivey its a close call!
  6. yeah and you know they are using that book to the hilt, trying hard to bring it to their reality. just wait for the manmade famine diseases and pestilence. the dimming of the Earth is a major factor here (chem trails) and add in the chemical poisoning on everything below, no sun light no antiseptic properties no or poor plant growth keeping everything a lot warmer pestilence as the winters are not as severe so the pests run out of control, as no mass die offs as nature intended. and now the blatant assault on the general populous with their poisons. ill take my chances with the creator, I
  7. thanks eve i have the portugese pdf in English and was struggling to find a way to up load thumbs up
  8. and there's still to many complying bro look at the white bit on that graph pmpl
  9. actually I believe its called high risk and as a result if you cannot work from home then the employer must furlong and keep the job open as to when the risk subsides. they cannot dismiss any employee, for not wearing a mask ever its mandatory NOT law and if they get medical evidence and pass to employer and employer does NOT act in the best interest of employee, its discrimination FULLSTOP hope this helps
  10. pmpl I have had a similar experience I was on my synthesiser and was called for dinner. left machine on whilst we ALL ate I would say about half way through dinner we heard it going off, now we all knew everybody was at the table and its physically impossible for it to sound itself without any programming. but it was sounding loud as you like pure whirring noise up and down in a oscillating pattern, so I went to investigate, just as I got to the door were it was it stopped . I dismissed it as a glitch or some kind of malfunction. returned to finish my dinner and again it started up again
  11. I have taken aya a few times, yes I have heard the stories of people taking on the character not the embodiment of said animals they've taken on the spirit of mother nature through the aya experience which uses animals as a tool to teach the dreamer of the essence of the jungle and its female spirit which is the caapi plant (the teacher). what I can tell you from my experiences it can and does over power your psyche, throws your EGO under a bus. you ask how people look under the influence of aya I can honestly tell you they are nothing more than automatic response units pre-programmed. I
  12. actually I have heard a very similar story bro from my old spiritual teacher Stuart Wilde and what you saw and felt was an other world being, the lights are what's known as the MORPH. that being can be attached for a few reasons it can suck your energy. I have a feeling you are a strong ESP character. and maybe it was attracted to your light. interesting that you can see the MORPH . that usually comes with great deal of practice. I can see, feel and sense presences. it becomes tiring if I pay to much attention, so try I do to ignore them as much as I can. But sometimes they will not leave
  13. bro I don't know if you know this but there is a whole heap of missing children surrounding these royals 14 from Canadian home springs to mind never to be seen again. all hush hush mind
  14. yeah bro i also have been thinking about that loads, interesting that Europe and Canada aus and USA take the most of the hits on population, now I actually think this is a multi facet approach. think chem trails vaccinations weather modifications. the chem trailing can administer whole areas with anything they like whilst darkening the skies (uv is needed to kill pathogens) crops don't grow to full potential pestilence will run wild as will human sickness. now if you know the agenda 21 and agenda 30 you will know everything is zoned humans will not be able to moved out of there zones (bit
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