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  1. yes you are totally correct in your observations, plus do they really want to be up for crimes against humanity i honestly do not think so
  2. you do have rights bro, under the nuremberg code and the human rights act , they cannot i repeat cannot restrict you in anything be it travel food or force vacinate. they are using word play to catch people out to go along with there plans, the term hoodwinked comes into play. always a spin to make you THINK you have no choice read both them articles and get your self informed. as they say i was only following orders NOPE still guilty of crimes against humanity its NOT a viable defence.
  3. regards to the crypto aspect if your foolish enough to leave your coins on the exchange rather than cold wallet yeah could well be, but they cannot touch it with all the power downs lost internet if its in a cold storage like say the nano x wallet
  4. actually bro they can mess with bitcoin every single transaction is registered it aint decentralised like people believe it is oops, why do you think people who wised up tumbled and mixed there coins and sent them to an undisclosed wallet. cos otherwise every bitcoin transaction can be followed off the block chain. i do invest in crypto and i actually learnt this from the forums stay safe
  5. signed with a full verbal i do not consent and no other entity shall have the right to assail my person or my freedoms
  6. Hmm how very odd, personally i would aim it straight at 10 downing street and the prime minister to boot, lets see how they wrangle that one. just might open old Boris eyes to the scam, if he aint already involved. either way they will have to answer or will put you in touch with the correct department. now personally i would of thought it was P.H.E but there you go could be a dismissal tactic all the same.
  7. well i have read ALL of your comments, and i believe you are ALL right in regards to the weather modification Geo-engineering. I when a bit younger used to sit watching thunderstorms as i found it very meditative, and it wasn't that long ago i stopped. But the storms that blew in where NOT natural in any way i told my lady the same thing. As for the high humidity YES that is totally correct but NOT right the natural way. you can tell a natural storm as it cools down by many degrees and lightning doesn't arc across the skies the way these storms did, and yes totally un-natu
  8. All i know on this monument is that some years back, the time team i think did an xray of the surrounding area and found more artifacts buried in a bigger circle than stonehenge. but the kicker here is that these other artifacts where made of wood. they could not i believe do a full survey one land permissions and two theirs a bloody road running through the site. but the actual site is far far bigger than just these stones. thats about all i know lol
  9. ah my friend, your body will use the crud you have stored in your bowels first hence forth why i do a liver detox weeks before i do just a water fast bro. i will use lemon and Cayenne pepper drinks only. which keeps body in a cleanse state. then gradually go on to my fast, which the lemon helps burn off any fats stored also and helps release any toxins stored in fat tissue. and aids with the healing crisis you will go through which is very unpleasant for some depending on how toxic there body mass is. i have never put weight on( not saying you havent) i always lose loads of weight and feel abs
  10. hi OZ yes i fast regularly to and can definitely state it does absolute wonders to quieten the mind/ego. i only take water 3-5 days. i also use Dr hula Clarke cleanse for the liver, and can tell you it works amazingly ooh the wonders of Epsom salts which i do this twice yearly releases an awful lot of daily toxins that has accumulated . so bro i fully agree from experience that this is definitely the way to go. great post OZ
  11. well it seems like the WIRRAL is under threat of lock down, ooh how thoughtful of these parasites. and i can tell you only reason is people are waking up to the crap. we had a counselor last week emailing the general public basically full on fear mongering . And now this week the lock down over peoples heads and you all saw the guy on the train with the over zealous police officer. they are ramping up the fear here no end. it will end in tears as compliant as people are it will pop but i feel thats exactly what these cretins want. full on civil disturbances. i honestl
  12. Thank you for that link to video. @Problem child for anyone else here is the letter for the schools to print off and hand to the headteacher. Dear Re: corona-virus protocols I am writing to you regarding my son/daughter, NAME who is due to return to year X ON DATE NAME has been very happy at SCHOOL NAME and is looking forward to returning to see his friends. However, both he and I have some serious concerns that we would like to address in writing before term commences. In the interests of being succinct I will list these as follows: 1. I do not consent to NAME usi
  13. Showroom Dummies kraftwerk the robots kraftwerk numbers kraftwerk the inmates gary numan this wreckage gary numan i die you die gary numan remind me to smile gary numan new anger gary numan dream corrosion gary numan the seed of a lie gary numan statues omd a heros death fontaines dc televised mind fontaines dc ceremony new order thieves like us new order murder new order transmission joy division fractured box joy division
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