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  1. I utterly fail to understand how any M.P. can have any time spare for a second job. Furthermore, if I was an M.P., I would be horrified at the prospect of giving my constituents the wrong impression, by virtue of having a second job. It is tarnishing what should be the great privilege of being an M.P.. The law needs to be changed to completely prevent M.P.'s from doing anything that even vaguely qualifies as a second job. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11612339/MPs-raked-17million-second-jobs-2019.html 'Welcome on board the Westminster gravy train: MPs have raked in £17million from second jobs since 2019 with Theresa May top of the table after earning £2.25million.'
  2. All part of the 'rewilding' process. Should not human beings also merrily join in, with this sacred process? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-63977123 'Wild European bison moved to larger Canterbury reserve.'
  3. I have also read that there are plans to release bison in other parts of the U.K. as well. I think it is a bit of a psyop, as in hardcore sheeple will just see the headline and be more put off from visiting the countryside in general, regardless of where they might live. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-62164223 'European bison arrive near Canterbury to manage woodland.'
  4. I have seen a lot of relevant stuff on TV, over the past year or so, but keep on forgetting to update this thread. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-64238116 'Historic wild camping tradition outlawed on part of Dartmoor.'
  5. I don't know if this 'Saturday Night Live' comedy sketch has been posted on this forum before or not. It was uploaded on to the 'Saturday Night Live' Youtube channel on 6th November 2022. If David Icke had uploaded such a comedy sketch, then he would have probably been torn to shreds. However, if an NBC TV show does it, then it seems to be ok. Where was the righteous outrage from the likes of Piers Morgan, Marianna Spring and Jeremy Vine etc.? Anyhow, yet more proof that the PTB have pretty much ditched 'Covid'.
  6. All I needed to hear... And more like David Bollox. How about 'The Holocaust' narrative being the hub of a wheel that all of the spokes (pillars) rely on as a foundation? Then I would suggest that the central banking spoke (pillar) is the one that needs to be most protected. How much responsibility does the current of crop of sheeple have to take for being sheeple? The odds were stacked against them from birth, weren't they? Didn't David Icke say that he used to be a little bit of a sheep? Do you think that humanity can evolve, so that the majority are naturally less sheep-like? Celebrities, as a general rule of thumb and especially nowadays, are pretty dumb. Plus, the PTB would never have told them that they had a plan to exterminate billions of people. You are either inner sanctum, whether that be a celebrity, politician, mass media wanker or business person, or you aren't. There aren't many that are, a la Orwell, inner sanctum. Yes, I think a lot of the extra focus on offing the elderly is to do with getting rid of a section of society that are predominantly Brexiteers.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-64261533 'Jennie Gow: BBC F1 broadcaster suffers serious stroke.'
  8. Irrespective of whether an anti-PTB group was inspired or infiltrated by the PTB or not, this is how the PTB would like it. Make up some bullshit story as cover, then grab a load of undesirables in one go. Indeed. Think small to be big. Be fluid. On Youtube, I believe that videos of folks fainting are being created and inserted on to the Youtube system, so as to show as old uploads. Furthermore, see this thread, in relation to some serious Youtube skulduggery. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5875-youtube-alert-1984-extreme/ Yes, then after birth dates drop, it will help to further justify the agenda to grow foetuses in pods, until mainstream humans are phased out from giving birth altogether. I have offered my opinion, on the following thread. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/30419-the-andrew-bridgen-psyop/
  9. Ghost editing videos of free falling skyscrapers is now not sufficient for them. Just delete them instead! Ha ha ha.
  10. Right, so the M.P. who the masonic mass media have now thrust in to the limelight as 'our man', Andrerw Bridgen, suddenly decides to mention 'The Holocaust' soon after taking the wheel. If that doesn't wake folks up, then I don't know what will. However, what do I predominantly hear instead? Stuff like: 'Ah, but he was only quoting someone else. Ah, but what he quoted didn't actually attack 'The Holocaust' narrative. Ah, but he was only using 'The Holocaust' as a yardstick.' All of that is true. Nevertheless, both Bridgen's recent elevation to the status of 'our man' and justifying his recent comments, has been fully supported by the PTB's machinery that operates on various threads, on various internet forums. Yet again, if that doesn't wake folks up, then I don't know what will. I have no doubt that many genuine posters have also been suckered in, as ever, but it is quite daft really. Bottom line, irrespective of how much Bridgen's comments about 'The Holocaust' were misinterpreted, taken out of context and overblown etc., just what are the chances that he would have even mentioned the topic, in relation to the vaccines, in the first place? It's the very last thing that anyone with half a brain, in his position, would have mentioned. Please. So, why would the PTB have had Bridgen act in the way that he did? Firstly, I think that things have got to the stage where a genuine M.P., there a few left believe it or not, would have felt compelled to enter the fray. Now, they know what will happen, if they do. Branded as an anti-semite, purely by virtue of following in Bridgen's footsteps, branded as dangerous by the masonic mass media and probably kicked out of their party. Secondly, and in a similar vein, a lot of sheeple will also be put off from changing their ingrained views. The PTB's power is heavily waning, especially with regard to their 'Brand them as an anti-semite!' tactic, but is a well that they will still try to extract a few, last drops from.
  11. Now confirmed as dead. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-64255117 'Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, dies aged 54.' 'Sources close to Lisa Marie Presley told TMZ that she had suffered a "full arrest" before a bystander administered epinephrine - commonly known as adrenaline - to help her regain a pulse.'
  12. This is the same legal system that is currently also hunting Christian Brueckner, who literally the whole world knows is innocent of taking Maddie, on behalf of the masonic McCanns.
  13. One of the greatest ever basketball players. https://www.marca.com/en/basketball/nba/2022/12/31/63af7f4922601da20e8b457c.html 'John Stockton boldly suggests 'thousands' of pro athletes died after Covid vaccine shot.'
  14. One of the greatest ever basketball players. https://www.marca.com/en/basketball/nba/2022/12/31/63af7f4922601da20e8b457c.html 'John Stockton boldly suggests 'thousands' of pro athletes died after Covid vaccine shot.'
  15. Maybe Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran are slowly converging, with the ultimate goal of becoming one entity.
  16. Total arseholes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64164338 'Pandemic care home death: Family to sue over mother's end-of-life consent.' 'Mr Stowell's lawyers, Gulbenkian Andonian solicitors, said his mother's hospital records reveal the decision to put her on end-of-life care was made two days before the family was told.'
  17. Does a chip shop qualify as a public house? Maybe this is the real reason why Willy Boy got so riled with Harry. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-11602849/Prince-Harry-recounts-losing-virginity-older-woman-FIELD-biography-leaked.html 'She treated me like a young stallion': Prince Harry recounts losing his virginity to an older woman in a FIELD behind a pub at the age of 17 in his bombshell biography.
  18. As masonic snake pits go, then this organisation is about as bad as you can get. As a general rule of thumb, reverse anything they say and you will probably get closer to the truth.
  19. Right, let's have a circuit breaker lads.

  20. If not 'The Graham Norton Show', then some very unspeakable things. I am putting my faith in Tolkien, who I am sure knew a thing or two and meant LOTR to be taken metaphorically. The greatest evil, with the most dastardly plans and in the seemingly most impregnable position can still collapse pretty damn quick. Especially quick, even, if one thing is done to them.
  21. Right. So, say from tomorrow, the masonic mass media will be branding Prince Willy Boy as a 'thuggish bully'. They will also be demanding that he be stripped of all royal titles and that he resign from all royal duties. Poor sod.
  22. Yes, as with sportspeople, on behalf of their fans too, taking the knee. I also think that there is an element of making 'Covid' seem 'real', with the face masks. It's a constant visual reminder to the population that something is at least supposed to be wrong. Personally, eventually, I do believe in the sheeple. However, putting that debate to one side, I was wondering something else today. If the government sent out a nationwide text message, DEMANDING that everyone went somewhere to pick up a pod and then follow instructions on where to go next ( a la 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers'), what percentage of the population would comply? Maybe 5%? I don't know. The hero M.P. we never knew existed. He is controlled, fake opposition. This guy was probably 'our man'. RIP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Amess Usually, I think that the primary goal of such Public Inquiries is to waste time, along with trying to give the impression that something meaningful is being done. . Like when they tried to appoint Elizabeth Butler-Sloss as Chair of IICSA and Henry Kissinger as Chair of the 9/11 Commission. I was quite surprised that they didn't also try to appoint Larry Silverstein as Chair of the NIST WTC7 Investigation. Ha ha ha. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Butler-Sloss%2C_Baroness_Butler-Sloss#Legal_career https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Kissinger#Later_roles
  23. Got to love the Daily Masonical.
  24. I have a gut feeling that Liz will still, somehow, manage to bravely soldier on.
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