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  1. Given what we saw occurring right across The West, during the 'Covid' era, I am incredulous that anyone could think events in the U.S. would have been any different, in terms of which team won what election. Political colours meant absolutely nothing.
  2. Michael 'I Am Mossad' Gove, who certainly isn't the sharpest tool in the box, likes to get around a bit. Must be down to all of that marching powder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Gove After I roused from my slumber, in relation to what you posted, I could clearly see two things. Firstly, that the PTB have no interest in curing the plebs of their cancers. The PTB already have the tech to cure most cancers. Secondly, that the mass media will always seek to demonise anything other than orthodox treatments. This strategy is also reinforced via daytime TV programmes and soap opera story lines etc.. The DOD is 100% owned, bought and paid for. All designed to give the illusion that something is being done. 'To study'? More like to waste time, then reassess their position a few years down the line. I can't compete with fewer side effects. Unless, one of the fewer side effects is certain death? For many years, pre-'Covid', the NHS suffered some very bad periods with flu patients overwhelming hospital beds. The government did nothing. Everything changed with 'Covid'. Apparently, even the homeless people now mattered. And why aren't the Nightingale hospitals currently being activated? Plenty of our hospitals are in meltdown at the moment.
  3. On various threads, on various internet forums, I did happen to notice a decrease in 77th Brigade (and their ilk) activity, during the festive period. Rumour has it that they were all summoned to attend their nearest society establishment, on Christmas Eve, then they did anything that they were told to do for several nights. And one didn't even have to pay them. They were not released back in to the community, until New Year's Day. All for charity and England of course. They have been pushing the 'just leave the countryside alone, it isn't for humans' agenda quite hard lately. The latest catchphrase seems to be 'nature can bounce back'. This is quite something, given what the water companies still get away with. Their idea of rewilding seems to be pumping loads of turds and other nasty substances in to our rivers and coastal areas. As has been mentioned before, when excess deaths become the norm, it is very disingenuous to not keep comparing every passing year with the year before they became the norm. In this case, 2019. The existing model wasn't conceived with what we have been experiencing in mind. Same as with the ambulance protocols, which no one seems happy to just ditch, even on a temporary basis. The notion of corporate homicide is a PTB wet dream. Their minions get to do anything they like, then, in one way or the other, the taxpayer ends up forking out. Just imagine if Konstipated Keir also ends up getting afflicted with SPS, before he finally gets to take his next dump. OMG.
  4. numnuts


    If they hadn't gone in there sporting one of Donald Trump's wigs, then they might have gotten served.
  5. Every year, I go to bed on Boxing Day, then, when I wake up on New Year's Eve morning, it's like the previous 4 days went by in a blink of an eye. All down to a Christmas hangover, no doubt, but it still feels quite weird. Anyone else get that?
  6. numnuts


    WTF. I was so worse for wear, that I even forgot to add in my punch line. Which was: Numnuts (while grinning broadly) - 'Kissinger my ass!'
  7. Perhaps even more telling than the vast sum of money released to the Iran government for her freedom, in terms of her perceived importance by the PTB, is the fact that every few months there is yet another news article written about her. This to keep her in the public consciousness, not genuine news, and there is clearly an agenda being played out. Her story isn't yet over. Anything for her to do in The West, she would have done by now. So, what could be in the offing? In my opinion, in the event of the current Iranian regime being overthrown, I reckon that Nazanin could be being lined up as the first democratic *pukes* Iranian President. To be seen as some sort of Mandela-esque figure. What do you think? Is it possible?
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12795057/nazanin-zaghari-ratcliffe-evin-prison-handmaids-tale-booker-prize-2023.html 'Nazanin-Zaghari Ratcliffe reveals a smuggled copy of The Handmaid's Tale kept her going while locked up for six years in Iran's notorious Evin prison.'
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-66007539 'Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: 'Readjusting to UK life was hard'.'
  10. Two men with large rucksacks were executed by armed police/special forces in Canary Wharf on 7/7. This was witnessed by many employees in nearby office buildings. The story was even reported on BBC radio. And then, nothing. Like it had never happened. How on earth could any genuine coroner, in charge of the 7/7 Inquest no less, not be asking serious questions about this 'event'? They would have to. Well, not if your Heather Hallett it seems. In the same vein, folks dropping dead in their droves, after getting vaccinated, won't arouse the suspicions of our Heather either. All perfectly normal.
  11. Comment posted on another thread, so as not to derail this thread at all. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5557-a-humour-thread/page/138/#comment-525694
  12. numnuts


    The, albeit very brief, 'Resurrection Of Henry Kissinger'. Numnuts (disguised as a paedo-rapist viking) - 'Henry, wake up! Cryo time is over.' Henry (rubbing his eyes) - 'Kirk, is that you? Have we returned from Valhalla together?' Numnuts (removing his disguise) - 'Well, not quite Henry. It's Numnuts and there's no cure waiting for you!' Henry - 'Noooo! What's going on?' Numnuts - 'Well, Greta got a court order to cut the electricity to this place, as it was using too much energy.' Henry - 'One last request!' Numnuts - 'What is it, Henry?' Henry - 'What was with Perot?!' Numnuts (disconnects Henry's emergency back-up battery) - 'Ah, you can ask him yourself in 33 ticks.' Henry - 'Noooo! This isn't fair!' Numnuts (jumps on Henry's bed and lets one rip right over his nostrils) - 'No more Hoorays for you, Henry. Blame Putin!' Henry - 'Ooh arghh. Ooh arghh. I'll' have you!' Numnuts - (while golden showering Henry's fukked up face) - 'Maybe not. Bye bye, Henry.' P.S. All conceived, after a Christmas beer or two. Maybe, one day, I will become a celebrated author.
  13. I somehow missed this one, when it first came out. It really comes across as a parody sketch, but, very sadly, it isn't.
  14. With Baroness Hallett in charge, how could anything go undetected? I mean, this is the very same character who oversaw the 7/7 Inquest. The so-called Inquest, where she fully accepted the government narrative, before it had even begun. Hardly surprising that she was shipped in then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Hallett,_Baroness_Hallett
  15. Going back to our Mr. Hancock, I find it troubling that anyone from the U.K. Special Forces, whether serving or retired, would have agreed to have anything to do with him. Is it really that hard to say 'No'? Or, maybe Billingham got some perks for keeping his gob shut? The SAS had suffered enough reputational damage as it was, given the shady shenanigans that occurred in Afghanistan. The series Hancock appeared in was actually filmed before he flew Down Under for 'I'm A Celebrity', but aired much later. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-63808655 'Matt Hancock paid £45k for SAS reality TV show.'
  16. How much warning time could any such vest give though? I am no cardio expert, but I doubt that it would work quickly enough to save anyone from collapsing.
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-67819122 'Israel-Gaza war: Netanyahu vows to intensify campaign.'
  18. This article is good for a laugh. Especially, the bits about Dr. David J. Engel, director of the sports cardiology program at the Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York. Apparently, he can be found lurking in Suite 330. Ha ha ha. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/39084645/bronny-james-know-heart-health-covid-19-vaccines 'Tom Lockyer, Bronny James and what to know about heart health, COVID-19 and vaccines.' https://www.columbiacardiology.org/profile/david-j-engel-md 'David J. Engel, MD.' Columbia Doctors - Midtown 51 West 51st Street Suite 330 New York 10019.
  19. I am sure that many of us heard about this story, but no one has yet posted it on this thread. Right at the time, I just knew that it would all be blamed on a congenital heart defect! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/basketball/66304746 'LeBron James' eldest son Bronny stable after cardiac arrest.' https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/basketball/66626466 'NBA: LeBron James' son Bronny set to resume playing as congenital heart defect identified.'
  20. Very sad news. Another career ruined, but at least he is still alive.
  21. The U.S. doesn't even have a pot to piss in. Maybe Arch-Dork Elon Muck will lend it to them instead. Aside from that, it is estimated that there have been about 500,000 casualties in the Russo-Ukrainian War so far. However, how many of these poor souls actually died with 'Covid'? They can at least try to guess, so that the relevant death tolls can be made as accurate as possible. Otherwise, it is all a bit disrespectful in my book. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Russo-Ukrainian_War
  22. It is a long while since we had a good recap on the U.K.'s vaccine order situation. From memory, I may be a bit off here, it was something like 700 million vaccine doses that had been ordered by the U.K. government come mid-2022, since they were first put on the market. Where did they all end up? Are the U.K. government still making insane orders? I certainly wouldn't rule it out. If anyone has any of these symptoms, then I would recommend that they try using CBD oil as a treatment. That was June 2021 though. I doubt that they would have got the same standing ovation at this year's tournament. In fact, come June 2022, some of them were already dead. Unless, one buys all of the MSM excuses made for the raft of empty seats. https://inews.co.uk/sport/tennis/wimbledon-2022-empty-seats-why-how-many-tickets-sold-spaces-explained-1723713 'Why are there empty seats at Wimbledon 2022? How many tickets have been sold and empty spaces explained.' Argentina also have their own PTB asset as President now. He will no doubt get round to vaccinating the newborns soon enough. Sad. As above, I said exactly the same thing on Tetragrammaton's 'Dodgy Eyes' thread a couple of years ago. Difference being, not all of the older lot were aware of the agendas that they were pushing. The current crop very much are.
  23. Fook me, is that Galadriel out of 'Lord Of the Rings'? I especially love the way that Mone, and her 'Covid' fraud ilk, all bang on about how they heard the nation was in crisis and thought 'I can help!'. How about not adding £60 million on to the national debt then? And, with all of the kickbacks involved, it must have been a hell of a lot more than that wasted. And why, pray tell, when her husband claims that he thought his company was offering 'good value' on the deal, did Mone feel the need to 'protect my family' by lying? The story would have been good publicity for her, wouldn't it? It is said that 'patriotism is the last bastion of the scoundrel', but the current crop of scoundrels seem to have sunk to even lower depths. I believe that the need to 'protect my family' was also used as an excuse by Michael Matheson, when it came to his roaming bill lies being exposed. Very in vogue then. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-67736860 'Michelle Mone admits she stands to benefit from £60m PPE profit.'
  24. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-67754668 'Woman in 'despair' after shielding from Covid for years.' 'Jennifer, who is classed as functionally disabled, said she was in "despair, desolation and great depression" from being in isolation for so long. "There's been no shops, no travel, no life, nothing. I feel that my life is passing me by," she said. No one has visited her in her house for about three years and she lives separately to her husband. "He's entitled to have a life, but it means we do not have a life together," she said. Jennifer said catching Covid-19 could result in her hospitalisation or even death.' WTF.
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