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  1. You must be some tough hombre, if they would need both the army and police to be empowered to stick a syringe up your Khyber. Fortunately, for them it seems, vaccinations are not yet mandatory. However, if society continues to evolve on a downward trend, as it really has done over the past 20 years or so, then I suspect that vaccinations will either become mandatory or nigh on mandatory during this decade. By nigh on mandatory, I mean it will be incredible hard to meaningfully exist in society, unless you have an up to date vaccination passport.
  2. This was all designed as a backdrop to the next chapter in the Brexit cancellation saga, which the PTB have bottled announcing, at least for right now. They didn't want your average Joe Public taking to the streets to protest tyranny, so they decided to make the streets look as unpleasant as possible instead. There is no doubt that MI5 are heavily involved in orchestrating these street protests. Furthermore, they are also intended to breathe new life into the 'Brexit is racist' fairy tale. This particular narrative, though it might decrease in intensity, will not be wound up and will continue to rumble on in the background. The statue stuff is very childish. There probably is a debate to be had, on the location of some statues, but crowds suddenly grabbing them across the nation only reeks of the PTB in action. This is especially the case, when deemed as being part of 'global protests', by the highly attentive mass media, and all on the back of the tragic demise of George Floyd. The straw that broke the camel's back and another #metoo movement was born. The mass media are helping to create the reality on the streets; not just reporting on it. Yawn. As for Churchill himself, he has to be one of the most misrepresented figures in U.K. history. He was a PTB warmongering pawn and it wouldn't surprise me at all to also learn that he was a ponce. I was thinking about his misrepresentation quite a lot, over the past few years, regardless of what is currently occurring. He will soon be joined in hell Tony. P.S. And all of this 'mock outrage' is occurring on the back of what we have done in Middle East, over the past 20 years or so, which is completely ignored. No, don't go after any living war criminals; pursue some dead statues from the distant past instead. Ha ha.
  3. So, other than letting Gareth know he was ok, via a quick email, nothing further was ever heard by anyone from Muir then? A full month has now passed and I am just checking that I haven't possibly missed something that might have been mentioned on another thread.
  4. 'The Sturgeon', in ultra-masonic Scotland, gave a speech right along those very lines, but the PTB bottled it for England. The stage was well set, what with the recent news about April exhibiting the worst economic figures, since Raquel Welch seemingly couldn't afford a new bra in that dinosaur flick; the population well traumatised by 3 months of lockdown; and Premier League footy imminently set to be back on the BBC, as yet another 'big distraction' from everything Brexit. However, if anyone thinks that the transition period not being extended today is the end of the Brexit antics, then they need to promptly report to their nearest loony bin. From reading some of the BBC News article comments earlier on, which claimed that a 'final victory had now been secured', I can't quite believe how naive some folks are. Look at what the PTB just unleashed, then ask yourselves 'Are they going to leave it at that?'. Hmm... https://youtu.be/Xfc_CrwiE4Y
  5. Not one person doubted this, which I at least thought was good to see.
  6. I don't think that any nuclear war would be started with the goal of reducing the world's population. They will do that via vaccines, which will both cause sterilisation and reduce life expectancy. The current world population is estimated to be about 7.5 billion. I believe that they want to reduce the world population to about 2 billion, not 0.5 billion as some people think, which equates to a reduction of about 75%. One can always debate just how 'in on it', controlled or compromised someone is and I think it is a fair debate to have. We shouldn't be thinking in binaries, as in 'he is PTB' or ' he isn't PTB'. Life is complicated. However, I think that Boris gave the game away, as to him being a darker shade, when he prorogued parliament last autumn. It was a completely pointless thing to do, which only played right into the Remainiac's hands. Plus, it was a big giveaway, when he started saying things like 'eminently feasible' in relation to us leaving by 31st October 2019. Ha ha ha.
  7. I humbly suggest that you spend a few weeks looking in to it then.
  8. You have misunderstood me. I am not talking about how things should be in the future; I am talking about the here and now. This is a male freak show we are dealing with. Women are the primary carers of our children. Small groups of women will be less susceptible to masonic infiltration. I think that I may have to give an impassioned speech, at the next W.I. conference.
  9. An early candidate for understatement of the millennium there. Anyhow, the mass media seems to have gone AWOL on covering the McCanns again now. What went on here? Was it a deliberate, brief, little psyop, which was cynically thrust on a nation already traumatised by the Coronavirus agenda? Or was it supposed to be something more than that, which was then dropped, due to the general public still being resistant to all of the masonic bullshit surrounding this case?
  10. The shills don't even bother turning up for my botty spanking sessions any more. Then again, now that I think about it for a brief moment, is it really so very strange and unexplained? I am actually surprised that these gluttons for punishment didn't quit years ago. Sigh.
  11. The E.U. was established in 1993 by the Maastricht Treaty. Prior to that it was the E.E.C., a purely economic arrangement, which was established in 1958 by the Rome Treaty. Algeria left the E.E.C. in 1962, by simply gaining independence from France. Greenland left the E.E.C. in 1985, due to a dispute over fishing rights. Furthermore, leaving the E.E.C., as opposed to leaving the E.U., wasn't that difficult. This is especially the case after the Lisbon Treaty of 2009. The only E.U. territorial change to ever occur was when Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy seceded from Guadeloupe, which is a department of France, in 2007. They did not sever ties with the E.U. though. Therefore, your hypothesis of 'countries leaving the E.U.', on which your question is based, is very wrong. This should be further proved to you, by all of the anti-Brexit antics that are about to unfold before your very eyes. We have not left the E.U. yet! As for your terminology of 'Jewish masters', I am not sure what you mean. Per chance, you have been brainwashed by the propaganda of Rachel Riley? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Withdrawal_from_the_European_Union#Withdrawals The Coronavirus was engineered by the Israeli mafia in a lab in the U.S. or Israel. China are being used as a scapegoat, which could quite easily 'contribute' towards an anti-China World War 3 plot. There are many aspects to the Coronavirus agenda, such as mass vaccination, population control and cashless society, but stopping Brexit is the main reason it was unleashed right now. Can you please source where you are getting your info from? I have never heard anything like it. Efforts were made to lure Iran into a serious armed conflict at the end of last year and at the beginning of this year. Generally speaking, the PTB do want to displace the Iranian regime, but what recently occurred was specifically done with an anti-Brexit mindset. It would have been a 'distraction' from Brexit, but the plan failed. World War 3, if it happens, will be with Russia or China. Not Iran. If it is irrefutable evidence of great evil existing at a state level, which you are solely seeking, then you really need not look any further than this. Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv7BImVvEyk
  12. I am by no means suggesting that we should reinstate all of the old forum sections, as we are supposedly due to migrate to a new forum in the near future. However, might it not be an idea to expand what we currently available just a little bit? For example, how about 'Today's News', 'Coronavirus', 'General Chat' and 'Silly Stuff'? It shouldn't take long to migrate some of the current threads to new sections and I think that it would be an improvement. Furthermore, for all we know, the new forum might turn out to be further away than we currently expect.
  13. Technically speaking, this wasn't even a hack, was it? No one actually broke in to the forum. Unless I have misunderstood something.
  14. I am thinking that it is more of a deliberate act; rather than a viagra effect.
  15. I am not sure that I understand what you are getting at. The E.U. project is a Zionist project. If the U.K. leaves, then it is in danger of collapsing. The PTB obviously don't want this to happen.
  16. And whenever Portaloo hopped off a train, so as to go and visit a nearby NATO facility, then his iris scan would result in an 'Access Denied' message.
  17. Well, yes, I think that pretty much sums it all up. I do know that the Remainiacs and the BBC 'Reality Check' fantasists always try to trumpet a net figure, which 'most' folks accept is around £220 million per week, but that doesn't wash with me at all. The notion of Joe Public benefiting from a £130 million per week rebate from the E.U. is totally laughable. The PTB no doubt advertise some 'poster boy' grand scheme where Joe Public is supposedly helped out, in a similar vein to a 'poster boy' private company helping out our NHS, but the amount of fraud going down must be mind-boggling. Anyhow, back to my main point, I still don't understand the logic of us continuing to contribute 'as if' we were a member. I mean, even if I accepted the huge 'Divorce Bill' bullshit, which I don't, I still don't understand the logic of it. In the real world, we would now be paying the E.U. a 'different' amount of money each month. It wouldn't be like this. Furthermore, the BBC 'Reality Check' fantasists don't seem to mention the fact that the 'Financial Settlement' allows for us to pay the E.U. £350 million per week right up until the end of March 2021. Could it be any more obvious that the PTB are ultimately expecting us not to go anywhere? Could it be any more obvious that the size of the 'Divorce Bill' was solely based on tallying up a few years of continuing membership fees, while they all conspired to stop Brexit? The key question to ask is 'Are we still going to be paying into the E.U. budget, 'as if' we were a member, on 1st April 2021?'. I know the answer and we will all look like fools too.
  18. I honestly don't know why. Does anyone know why? P.S. I am sure Matt Hancock would no doubt say 'That's a fukking good question, that is!'.
  19. Well, whatever the upshot is, I don't think that the baby pecker did a very good job at all. LOL. I have no 'concrete' idea what went on there. From what I can gather, though, this forum was supposed to be very tough to hack. Unfortunately, this tough exterior did not extend to a malevolent force getting hold of an administrator's password, which could then obviously allow for all of the damage to be done from within. Maybe someone managed to get a keylogger installed on one of Jaymie's computers? I don't know that anyone does know 'exactly' how it all went down. Although I do have more knowledge than your average pc user, I am certainly no techie. I am only speculating. However, I do quite agree with you about the concept of backing everything up regardless. The mass media seem to have ditched the 'new normal' narrative now. Haven't you noticed that? Personally, I reckon that they didn't want the sheeple openly entertaining the idea that anything could ever change. Ha ha ha.
  20. For the record, the 'Twins' would have munched on all of them for brekky.
  21. Well, now Chris has clearly admitted being involved in 'failure', then isn't it high time for him to finally resign from public life? Furthermore, I want to make it crystal clear that my question has absolutely nothing to do with his 'alleged' masonic membership. Personally, I think he should leave promptly and quietly, via the tradesman's entrance preferably.
  22. When are new members going to be allowed to sign up again?
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