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  1. A lot of implicit agenda and programming here. Some of the fake faces the interviewer pulled are priceless.
  2. Wow, Deep State Dickhead, Peter Hitchens, is proving himself by joining the staged, mass media attack on BoJo The Clown, which now won't stop until he leaves prime ministerial office. Piers Morgan, no doubt, will also soon bravely jump on to the anti-government bandwagon of the day. Just to prove to us that he really is independent, working for the people and happy to take on anyone in high office. Yeah, right! Cue the next group of cardboard cutout PTB front men and the little weasel will pipe down again. I thought that the Swedish approach was all quite genuine. The PTB have probably been working very hard, since April, to get more of their own in to positions of power. Something like that. There is more than enough good information out there, which they can't dispute as 'fact'. I still can't quite believe the mass media are 'claiming' there is overwhelming support for actual prosecution of anti-vaccine folks, not just that there is a general affinity to the vaccine in the population, while at the same time making out that there is a big problem that needs handling. It's like they are shooting themselves down with their own stupidity. It's ridiculous isn't it. If 'they' really are so convinced that all is well, then the thought wouldn't ever enter their heads in the first place, would it.
  3. numnuts


    I have been thinking. I know that a load of sheep are called a 'flock of sheep'. I know that a load of wolves are called a 'pack of wolves'. I know that a load of numnuts are called a 'brilliance of numnuts'. All of that is set in stone. So, what is the collective term for a load of freemasons then? I have heard them called a gang on occasion, but that term makes them sound a little bit tough, which is quite misleading given the fact that they still all play with their Sindy dolls every night. How does an 'embezzlement of freemasons' fit the bill?
  4. What I suggested was very open. Not covert at all. Right, so don't give anyone an excuse to throw mud at you. I think it is on 28th November by the way, unless someone recently changed the date. Slowly, but surely, it does seem that way.
  5. This is incredible to read. I started a thread on the old forum, about 5 years ago now, having a big bash at all of the bad grammar and spelling that was slowly beginning to appear in mass media news articles! Everyone should, of course, freely post their personal views to the best of their ability, but the mass media are surely supposed to be setting a high standard.
  6. I used to be the biggest sheepon going. Difference now being that they are rushing and being sloppy, as Brexit has to be stopped. Bonehead China. Going by the narrative we have all been fed this year, then I would say you make a good point. Like when some of the government stooges all miraculously claimed to have the virus, right at the beginning of this saga. They wanted to pretend to self-isolate for two weeks, then just do as they pleased. This was before the 'you can get it more than once' and 'it can mutate' stories emerged, but them doing as they pleased post-infection still went against all of the lockdown orders they were giving the general public. As in 'Stay indoors because you might spread it about outside, even if you don't get infected'. My opinion is that this is a good move for us. An awful lot of people aren't going to be happy about that.
  7. A BBC News lass just interviewed some vaccine pusher. 'What have you got to say to those people concerned about possible medium and long term side effects' she asked him? 'Most of the Coronavirus vaccines are based on the same technology already used to develop other vaccines for other ailments' he replies. Good enough for her and case closed then. The very next news piece was about how playing video games can actually be good for you. Sigh.
  8. The script is already written for the next election, assuming it even takes place.
  9. numnuts


    BoJo The Clown set to announce 'Christmas Number One' quest, with a cover single for charity, as his 'last hurrah' before soon leaving office.
  10. I was typing 'Beirut explosion' into the google search box, on the day I heard about it, so as to have a look for myself. The number one search suggestion that came up in the dropdown box, before I hit 'Enter', was 'Beirut explosion Israel'. Therefore, a lot of folks had been making that specific search and do know the score. P.S. I also think that act was a thinly veiled anti-Brexit threat against us here in the U.K.. Probably not just ritualistic. A clarion call, to all of their willing members and supporters, as well? P.S. SimonTV, I reckon that the masonic mass media are the spiky bits on the end of the virus, which are said to hook on to you. Just don't let them reach your brain.
  11. I know what you mean. The masonic mass media will always be looking for a childish 'Gotcha' moment, which will be both contrived and totally unconvincing, but still. Furthermore, a lot of genuine medical experts seem to be doing a good job at debunking the Coronavirus bullshit, as it is, so we don't even need to don our white coats do we.
  12. The PTB have also had their agents posting on run-of-the-mill internet forums, from as far back as the early 2000's. Maybe he is a born Zionist, like Michael Gove, and simply hasn't realised it yet. Watch this video, from just last year, and you can clearly see what super shills Morgan and his trampy sidekick are. Galloway clearly and repeatedly states 'It's a trick they play'. He then says 'An Israeli cabinet minister even told me this in person!'. Any honest journalist would have said 'Right, let's get this name down and ask the person concerned ourselves', then duly followed up on it. Some Israelis do say it how it is. However, no, they both try their utmost to ignore him and you can see Morgan desperately trying to change the subject. Meanwhile, trampy sidekick presses on hard, with lines that have very evidently been well rehearsed. U.K. 'democracy' in action! P.S. And just LOL at the vile, horrible, racist Sugar Daddy Monster lurking in the background. Ha ha ha ha ha. This is the 'official' beginning of the 'End Of Brexit' and the transition of prime ministerial office, which we heavily outed at the beginning of this year. He is right in a sense though. It will be 'something' that stops what is clearly now on the horizon. I have said all along that I think they hit China, Iran too, with something. Whether that was 'THE virus' or not, I don't know. In any event, I have also never outright claimed that no virus exists. What I have said is that if it does, then it is man made. Furthermore, they could have pulled off everything they have just pulled off, in the West, with only a handful of real cases at the root of it all. Bottom line, it's clearly a big fraud either way. A bit like the 'Planes v No Planes' 9/11 debate. It doesn't really interest me much. Common sense, alone, is all one needs.
  13. If you think that comments sections of local media outlets are also not 'policed', then you are wrong.
  14. Thinking back to that 'Decade Of Health' advert, which has recently been doing the rounds on TV and was linked to on this thread just recently, one other thing did come to my mind. Notice how the nanotech cancer cure was only due to come in right at the end of the decade, after we had already gone along with everything else. Like a great prize at the end of the rainbow, which, in reality, they will never release to the masses. Any cure I mean, whether that be nanotech or whatever, which they certainly already have. Not, 'you can't'. You can, but it is difficult. I am surprised that they haven't yet recruited 'The Farm' to continually perform 'All Together Now' live at their largest testing centre. Then again, to be fair, Peter Hooton would have none of it. I hope so, anyway. Wrong, eventually they would come for you too. You would be existing as an alternative concept to their mono-version of reality. Give it a few years and they will be forcing eskimos to install smart meters in their igloos. Ah, yes, the masonic mass media. Truth is the very last thing on their minds. When the Tower Of London Hotel is soon reopened, then we are going to need a dedicated, high security mass media wing I reckon. The very worst offenders should be forced to dungeon share with Piers Morgan, in the inverted penthouse suite.
  15. Right, so 80% of Joe Public, supposedly, think anyone 'off message' should be prosecuted. Surely, a significant proportion of the remaining 20% must still trust the vaccine, while not thinking anyone 'off message' should be prosecuted. I mean, aren't we looking at 90% plus trust in the vaccine, from those numbers? What's the problem then? Unless, the survey is even worse bullshit than a masonic fairy tale... P.S. This does all seem to suggest that they are shying away from attempting forced vaccinations, at least for the moment.
  16. It looks like the car park of the masonic lodge just down the road from me.
  17. I did like that little story. Talking about Donald Pleasance, he recently joined the freemasons and won a load cash with Clarkson on 'Who wants to be a millionaire?'.
  18. Real translation being 'a load of greedy, immoral, malleable gits banded together to feather their own nests, all in the name of public service and patriotism'. Patriotism - 'Last bastion of the scoundrel. First bastion of SAGE.'
  19. When the names of SAGE members were first revealed, on 4th May 2020, we didn't get all 52 names. We only got 50 names, as 2 members wished to remain anonymous. Did we ever find out who the secretive duo were? If not, then was there any sound speculation about who they were? I really wanted to know that. SAGE membership now seems to have swelled to about 80 members, but none seem to be anonymous at this point. However, looking at the related sub-groups, some of which are directly linked to Covid and others probably are indirectly linked to Covid in some way, does reveal a fair few participants wanting to remain anonymous. I wonder whether the secretive duo left or simply dropped into a sub-group? A nice cover, if they just dropped into a sub-group and remained anonymous, as little probably changed in terms of their influence. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/scientific-advisory-group-for-emergencies-sage-coronavirus-covid-19-response-membership/list-of-participants-of-sage-and-related-sub-groups
  20. Golden rule - 'Don't waste your time on those who don't want to hear.' After concluding it was NWO bullshit, I didn't see much merit in tracking down those behind it. It had to be one or another shady mob. This is the advert I was referring to. Comments are turned off, but it has a 6.5 to 1 'Dislike' to 'Like' ratio, which clearly shows the vast majority of folks are aware of the agenda.
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