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  1. This is very good news, which will give everyone confidence to keep on posting here. When are we 'likely' to hear about retrieving the threads from the forum that went down on Saturday morning? Any 'guesswork' appreciated.
  2. Don Henley 'Boys Of Summer' (1984). For comparison with the video in my previous post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-JSvh6u4cU
  3. Climie Fisher 'Love Changes Everything' (1987), which became an international hit on its rerelease in 1988 (No. 2 in the U.K.). A little bit cheesy, but I always liked this song. The video definitely had some influence from Don Henley's 'Boys Of Summer' video (1984). I also liked the way Rob Fisher maintained a poker face, right throughout the video and similar to what Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys does, then flashed a smile at the end. A nice, deliberate touch for me. Fisher sadly died at the age of only 42, following surgery for bowel cancer, in 1999. Another point of note, is just how many folks in the comments section state how they always thought it was Rod Stewart singing. I can hear the resemblance, but it blatantly isn't Rod Stewart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climie_Fisher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8dy8tfUCEg
  4. You can just guarantee that no masonic fraud has ever gone on there. I am of the opinion that a new man-made virus might be out there somewhere. I am not claiming to be 100% sure though. Little Greta is currently transporting Harry and Megan back to the U.K., on a pedalo, as they were both desperate to help out with some crop picking. And what about 'Chip Shop Kate'? She loves a bit of solid graft too I have often heard. When folks debate this, then I think that the most important thing is to acknowledge that this is still one big fraud either way. Plus, if it is real, then it is surely man-made. As I already said, I think that a real virus might be out there. However, if I am right, then like fook do I believe it has killed nigh on 40,000 people here in the U.K.. Maybe it hasn't even arrived in the U.K.. Maybe they are and the mass media isn't giving them any airtime? Then, they might not feel too confident about using social media and flying solo instead.
  5. Indeed. As for the old forum, can someone please soon tell us what is going on? I would far rather transfer some threads over, by actively using the old forum itself. This would negate the issue of seemingly 'uncacheable' threads in search engines and would also be far more convenient regardless. However, if it must be via a search engine, then so be it. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us, as to why some threads in search engines seem to be 'uncacheable' . On another thread, I already suggested that the site team could make a big effort to at least bring back the old forum temporarily. They could also make an announcement to that effect. You know, like Windows XP won't be supported after 'x' date. If it then gets knocked out again after the deadline date, which might require too big an effort to again get it fixed, then so be it. At least everyone will have had a decent chance at transferring some threads over. There could also be an 'Old Forum Thread Transfer Request' thread started on this forum, which some forumites, who don't feel very apt at transferring threads over, could benefit from. I would be very happy to transfer some requested threads over to help out. At the end of the day, I think that 13 years of graft on the old forum is too much to turn our backs on, IF it is possible to at least bring it back temporarily. What do you reckon then?
  6. 'Reassembled'? You mean starting from the 'Year Dot' again I take it. When trying to retrieve threads from the old forum, I have found that Google has cache options for some, but not others. However, Google must have the caches stored for all of them, as you can still see chunks of the 'uncacheable' threads in the main results of the search page. Do you have any idea why some of these threads don't have cache options?
  7. Lining them up for a lifetime of ritual buggery, both metaphorical and literal. Donald Trump is fighting hard for all of them. Cameron Diaz has to be one of this dude's love brood. How true and greed is very bad.
  8. He is in the bowels of some Scottish castle dungeon then. Thank fukk for 5g.
  9. Unfortunately, malfunctioning, embedded Youtube videos seem to be a serious problem on this forum right now. I would strongly recommend that all forumites, who ever embed Youtube videos in to their posts, go the extra mile and add the direct link to the Youtube video as well. For example, as follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1X2Ys7-UnE
  10. This comment of mine has nothing to do with why the previous thread was locked. Now, I don't know if Muir was posting almost daily or not, as we can't check his posting history. However, from memory, he was a frequent poster and it would have to be some coincidence for him to suddenly stop posting, just before the attack on this forum. Furthermore, if this was a planned absence, then he would have surely notified someone on the site team in advance, before the attack on this forum. Hopefully, he hasn't suffered any offline grief and all will be cleared up soon.
  11. There is a lot of ongoing discussion on this issue in the 'Forum Attacked' thread. There don't seem to be any definitive explanations though. Would you rather trust them or a caped Chris Lee, who randomly appeared at your bedroom window one night? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-Ak8oQO8PQ A sneak preview of today's Coronavirus 'Daily Briefing'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlADJpNtS_s
  12. I agree that it does seem very strange. For example, even if he also got hacked out of his forum registered email account, then he still could have emailed someone on the site team from an alternative email address. He wasn't daft was he. Sure, a bit of extra verification regarding his identity would have been needed. However, from what I can gather, no email from anyone purporting to be Muir, from any email address under the sun, has been received by anyone on the site team.
  13. I can see the said thread, but it is admittedly locked. Therefore, it was either deleted and reinstated or GR needs to take more drugs.
  14. How do folks think it is going to play out then? P.S. I was pleasantly surprised to see my new topic get successfully posted. Emoticons are still definitely to be avoided for now though.
  15. No, I don't think that the Admins have switched off the 'Allow new threads to be created' facility on this forum. New threads have continually been created, by various forum members, with one being started just 2 hours ago. Try and work this one out. I couldn't edit the word 'select'. I had misspelled it and entered it into my post as 'seelect'. I was not permitted to take out the extra 'e'. https://youtu.be/7b2T8K2D-ps
  16. I am not moaning at all here. However are you currently able to offer a 'guess' on when that might be? Say 2 days, 5 days, 10 days or maybe even longer than that? It would be nice to have an inkling, even if it doesn't all ultimately pan out as you expected.
  17. Well, I have at least got the whole Chris Whitty thread, excerpt of said thread below, very well saved. Cheers. Posted Friday at 10:28 PM (edited) Liked a bit of charlie too, did our Greville. Maybe it contributed to his sudden onset of dementia, before his unexpected death? Who knows. What I would really like to know, though, is are they really all 'just good friends'? Or is it something more than that? Something like the 'very special friendship', legendary even, that Tony had with George. Great pretenders? https://youtu.be/zqPXz3j2O-w
  18. Yes, a Coronavirus camouflaged coup. This was the 77th Brigade going away for a weekend bonding exercise, while erroneously thinking they had beaten the DIF, before royally getting it right up their naughty Khybers. LOL. https://youtu.be/P0Tt7VUMLs8?t=83
  19. You would be made to stop, one way or the other, but you likely wouldn't end up dead. However, things can become very unpleasant here in the U.K. too. The PTB can wreck your life, without doing anything overt. They use the system against you and the system is getting increasingly nasty. I would also say that full-on Zersetzung, having been built up over the past decade, is now alive and well in the U.K.. So, I think it is a bit of a false comparison, when some folks say 'Look, you don't get dragged off overnight in the U.K.. It isn't like China over here!'. Perhaps not, but none of the nasty shit MI5 do ever gets discussed, does it. About 10 years ago, I had to make a conscious decision. I could continue to speak what I saw as the truth or I could find a Mrs. Numnuts, if one crazy enough existed, and start a family. I knew it would be folly to try doing both at once. Yeah, welcome to the fukking U.K., where it isn't at all like Chi-nah! Wooohooooo! Yes, real virus or not, but they are looking for more than a traditional 'scapegoat of the day' with China. They are looking to get very nasty I fear. Well, in the U.K. at least, I get the impression that the PTB now do want the kids back in school. The only problem is that they terrorised the teachers and children so much, that they don't want to go back at all during this school year.
  20. With a lot of pharmaceutical drugs, it is probably easier for them to just list the ways in which they can't harm you. The BBC report I saw said it was over 100 cases. Therefore, I would assume some are being categorised as post-Coronavirus irregular immune system activity; some as Kawasaki syndrome; and, going by the numbers, some are yet to be officially diagnosed it would seem. However, my common sense is telling me that this current crop of cases is surely mono-causal. True. I also said on the old forum that I thought Assad was a total arsehole, despite backing him to stay in power. In terms of our PTB doing literally anything to cling on to power, then we are no different to China. We had a grand illusion of democracy here in the U.K., but this has now been fully exposed, due to the 'Brexit Con'. The PTB pretended that we were free, for as long as we went in tandem with their agendas. As Grandma Numnuts used to often tell me, among many other things, 'Little Numnuts, you can only bluff your way up to a certain point in life'. The PTB are out in the open now. David Icke also said something similar about them 'having the door slammed shut behind them', due to their recent power plays, which resonated with me. I do also wonder whether the Chinese PTB are quite as sick our PTB. I tend to think not! https://youtu.be/pcP-k2cigYc?t=5526 How on earth can any scientist claim it definitely isn't man-made? Sigh.
  21. Is Jeremy 'The £8 million' *unt really Arnold Judas Rimmer in disguise? I am on to him now! P.S. I was blocked from starting a new thread, so I thought I would pose the question here instead.
  22. The alarming thing is, someone please correct me if I am mistaken, that the Supreme Court is still to judge on the wider issue of the police acting on perceived 'hate crimes'. I 'wondered' whether the whole thing might be a psyop. The PTB 'tampered' with us on the old forum just as much. Perhaps even more so, as it was vBulletin. The more popular the software, then the more efforts the PTB will have put in to finding exploits. They suddenly realised that there are some kids out there, who need to be continually brainwashed. When I click 'back' on my browser, after getting the same 'you are blocked' message, then my post content does reappear in the box at the bottom of the page. Only after I click my mouse in the said box though. If that doesn't work for you, then always do 'seelect all' and 'copy' before posting. For as long as we are all suffering difficulties anyway. I just had more problems myself. Isn't it great that the BBC are allowing such talk, AFTER so much damage has already been done.
  23. Well, I think they have done all of what you have said on top of unleashing a virus. For example, the virus hit Wuhan and Tehran quite hard, deliberately so, but it hasn't hit the U.K. or U.S. very much at all. Surely, even the PTB wouldn't try pulling that stunt. 'Oh, by the way, we just also chipped you with that vaccine you took.' Maybe the plan was to start small, then to come back for more? I heard that Bill Gates is only looking at breaking even in all of this.
  24. Robbie Williams is a super-shill.
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