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  1. In reality, we have no idea where the hacker was operating from. I don't really care either. Yes, the old 2006 forum ran on VBulletin software, which I liked when it came to presentation and usability. I didn't know anything about vBulletin pushing upgrade options for inflated prices. Norton and McAfee antivirus. Who knows what might surface, come Nuremberg 2025, chocomel.
  2. On vBulletin the PTB could edit posts, without the said posts showing as being edited. Not something they did often though, as they didn't want to get rumbled. I don't see how anyone can rule out the possibility that he suffered either further online strife or even offline strife. We don't know it was 'he' and not just 'some of the threads'. You mean, at least for now, all of the threads from the past 16 months or so! If Gareth comes on the forum and says he thinks that 'he' had something to do with it, then I might listen. The management didn't delete the old forum. The PTB knocked it offline. They will never have their wages docked and they will never be 'defunded'. Unless, we kindly do it for them.
  3. With such large scale events, on U.K. soil and still for now at least, then I would suggest that 'something' happened. The mass media could then exaggerate it, twist it and spin it to kingdom come. What I do know is that Salman Abedi was innocent of this act. Just like the 7/7 patsies were innocent.
  4. What has the PTB grabbing armed forces or security service operatives who have publicly gone off script, then releasing them with altered genders, got to do with population control? Not that I am knocking Max Spiers at all, who I believe was murdered by the female of the species. P.S. Snowden is lucky he managed to hotfoot it away from the PTB.
  5. It is well known that some folks, who emerge from the clutches of the PTB, do so with altered genders. Is this an unintended consequence of their 'treatment'; a deliberate act, so as to make appear less stable; or maybe a bit of both?
  6. Ah, so this is how he meant the virus would 'just go away'. If not hijack, then at least disrupt. Anti-anonymity tools are just going to become more industrialised and normalised. A little bit more patience and slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. Give it a few more weeks and all of their figures, for this phase of the psyop, will have rolled in.
  7. What a surprise to see Serco on the scene. Rigorous training? Yeah, right. More like rigorous pocketing of taxpayer's cash. The Israeli mafia have demanded that they keep the carnival on the road. It is as simple as that. Oh, I think they are definitely aiming at younger than 11 for all this sort of stuff. Just look at what Holland are already teaching in primary schools. Even allowing for some variations in how different countries are collecting data, it is very obvious that Sweden has not suffered any more health issues than the U.K. in the last 2 months. All while not going under lockdown and destroying their economy! I can imagine the scene now. News editor - Go and do a hit piece on Sweden! Reporter - How, though? News editor - I don't really care. Just go and do a hit piece on Sweden! The 321 page Coronavirus Bill was ready to be put to parliament in the middle of March. It simply can't be! https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-01/0122/cbill_2019-20210122_en_1.htm
  8. George Cobbled Icke (RIP). Sounds like the old guy that Winston spoke to in the pub. Right, so some pizza guy is allowed on the Israeli mafia's flagship propaganda TV show, where all guests are very carefully screened and which is edited to the hilt, to say exactly what we said on Day One of the lockdown. This is just another big slap in the face of the general public from the PTB. Yes, folks should always copy their posts, before submitting them. In the last years of the old forum, I did that every single time. Any issues, then save your post to Notepad, or something similar, for future submission. He hasn't been around, since the forum was attacked, either. This is one big reason why they pushed the lockdown so hard early on. To get folks brainwashed to the maximum, while cowering at home.
  9. Jeremy does now have his own little empire going as well.
  10. I think that this will be the time when the first Brexit Delay (Cancellation) overtures are seriously made to the general public. There may well be a few subtle suggestions before then. Mass media - Sheeple! Are you there sheeple? Sheeple - Yes, mass media. Mass media - Well, do you remember when we proudly told you that we left the E.U. back on 31st January? Sheeple - Yes, mass media. Mass media - Well, although we didn't bang on about it at the time, it is actually the case that nothing really changed. Sheeple - What on earth are you going on about mass media?! We left! Mass media - Yes, but yes means no really. We just need a quick squiggle, of Bojo The Clown's pen, and it is all as we were. Sheeple - WTF! Arggghhhhhh! This translates to me as 'BoJo to soon receive latest set of orders from Bill and Mel'. After all, if you have the dirty cash, then why shouldn't you use it to order around elected members of the U.K. parliament. I don't know about that. I was almost singing along, when Edward Woodward finally got it. If one asks the right questions, then one can always penetrate through the thickest of bullshit. At the moment they are trying to spin 50,000 plus excess deaths, lockdown deaths in reality, as being nigh on 40,000 Coronavirus deaths. Today, they actually said that it had been deemed 'scientifically safe'. Ha ha ha.
  11. Good work. I, personally, think that the middle of June will be a very good time to fully assess and destroy all of their bullshit narratives. We aren't yet at the stage, where they can just memory hole their own narratives from their own websites. Well, we probably are, but not yet on an industrial scale. Apparently, delirium is now also classed as a Coronavirus symptom. This BBC article is angled at ICU patients, but I am suspicious of another motive here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52706277 http://drkernisan.net/wp-content/uploads/bigstock-Dementia-concept-47040037-800-pix-300x300.jpg What really makes me sick is the thought of primary school children returning from a segregated playtime to a nice lesson on shagging. In a few years time, it will probably be on sexual relations with adults. It sounds ludicrous now, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. Primary schools should remain a conceptual, sex free zone forever. Well, that's ultra-masonic Scotland for you, isn't it. Of course it is going to be worse over there. This is also how I remember the mass media first presenting it to us, but I couldn't swear to it.
  12. I didn't mean to suggest that the old 2006 forum should somehow be merged with the upcoming, new forum. When it comes to that old 2006 forum, I was just hoping that it could be put back online, temporarily at least, so that us forumites can manually copy and paste preferred threads from there over to the upcoming, new forum. This probably would take a bit of care and attention, due to presentation considerations, and I would far rather do it with direct access to the old 2006 forum. For example, some threads from the old 2006 forum seem to be 'uncacheable' on search engines for some currently unknown reason, as i have already mentioned, plus I can't even remember all of the threads that I would probably like to migrate over. I would like to look at the full menu again first. I agree that it would be nice to get more updates on time scales and on what is and isn't possible. Not nice being a forumite pleb is it.
  13. For free. I already had the PTB trying to seduce me, but no pile of dirty money they could conjure up would ever be high enough.
  14. The ideal solution, in my 'untechie' mind, would be to retrieve the forum that went down on Saturday morning; then shift all of the threads from this temporary forum on to that forum; then to migrate the now resurrected forum that went down on Saturday morning to the new forum (sigh); and then to retrieve the old forum from 2006, at least temporarily, so that preferred threads from there can be migrated on to the new forum. Sorted.
  15. The BBC did a very weak hit piece on Sweden just yesterday. The video segment I saw was all about focussing on 'unnecessary' care home deaths in Sweden. Talk about throwing stones in glass houses! There was zero comparison of their death rate with that of the U.K. or any other lockdown countries. Extremely treacherous material, at least as far as I was concerned. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-52704836 I heard that he is now joining the 'Get back to school!' squad. Someone should politely remind Damian Collins, God knows what the PTB might have on him, that treason is already illegal in the U.K.. I really can't stand for his talk, as everyone knows that society would be far worse off going down his road. Even if I agreed with what he saw as the problem in theory, which I certainly don't, then I would still be strongly opposing what he is pushing for. Yes, how dare they! I am still trying to get my head round how our House Of Commons swiftly passed the Coronavirus Bill, with virtually no serious questions being asked or with any amendments. What factory would be manufacturing 5g parts with 'COV19', or whatever it was, written on them? Smells like BS to me, but I stand ready to be corrected!
  16. This is very good news, which will give everyone confidence to keep on posting here. When are we 'likely' to hear about retrieving the threads from the forum that went down on Saturday morning? Any 'guesswork' appreciated.
  17. Don Henley 'Boys Of Summer' (1984). For comparison with the video in my previous post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-JSvh6u4cU
  18. Climie Fisher 'Love Changes Everything' (1987), which became an international hit on its rerelease in 1988 (No. 2 in the U.K.). A little bit cheesy, but I always liked this song. The video definitely had some influence from Don Henley's 'Boys Of Summer' video (1984). I also liked the way Rob Fisher maintained a poker face, right throughout the video and similar to what Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys does, then flashed a smile at the end. A nice, deliberate touch for me. Fisher sadly died at the age of only 42, following surgery for bowel cancer, in 1999. Another point of note, is just how many folks in the comments section state how they always thought it was Rod Stewart singing. I can hear the resemblance, but it blatantly isn't Rod Stewart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climie_Fisher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8dy8tfUCEg
  19. You can just guarantee that no masonic fraud has ever gone on there. I am of the opinion that a new man-made virus might be out there somewhere. I am not claiming to be 100% sure though. Little Greta is currently transporting Harry and Megan back to the U.K., on a pedalo, as they were both desperate to help out with some crop picking. And what about 'Chip Shop Kate'? She loves a bit of solid graft too I have often heard. When folks debate this, then I think that the most important thing is to acknowledge that this is still one big fraud either way. Plus, if it is real, then it is surely man-made. As I already said, I think that a real virus might be out there. However, if I am right, then like fook do I believe it has killed nigh on 40,000 people here in the U.K.. Maybe it hasn't even arrived in the U.K.. Maybe they are and the mass media isn't giving them any airtime? Then, they might not feel too confident about using social media and flying solo instead.
  20. Indeed. As for the old forum, can someone please soon tell us what is going on? I would far rather transfer some threads over, by actively using the old forum itself. This would negate the issue of seemingly 'uncacheable' threads in search engines and would also be far more convenient regardless. However, if it must be via a search engine, then so be it. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us, as to why some threads in search engines seem to be 'uncacheable' . On another thread, I already suggested that the site team could make a big effort to at least bring back the old forum temporarily. They could also make an announcement to that effect. You know, like Windows XP won't be supported after 'x' date. If it then gets knocked out again after the deadline date, which might require too big an effort to again get it fixed, then so be it. At least everyone will have had a decent chance at transferring some threads over. There could also be an 'Old Forum Thread Transfer Request' thread started on this forum, which some forumites, who don't feel very apt at transferring threads over, could benefit from. I would be very happy to transfer some requested threads over to help out. At the end of the day, I think that 13 years of graft on the old forum is too much to turn our backs on, IF it is possible to at least bring it back temporarily. What do you reckon then?
  21. 'Reassembled'? You mean starting from the 'Year Dot' again I take it. When trying to retrieve threads from the old forum, I have found that Google has cache options for some, but not others. However, Google must have the caches stored for all of them, as you can still see chunks of the 'uncacheable' threads in the main results of the search page. Do you have any idea why some of these threads don't have cache options?
  22. Lining them up for a lifetime of ritual buggery, both metaphorical and literal. Donald Trump is fighting hard for all of them. Cameron Diaz has to be one of this dude's love brood. How true and greed is very bad.
  23. He is in the bowels of some Scottish castle dungeon then. Thank fukk for 5g.
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