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  1. Of course, this has to be a concern and Orwell, who personally knew of 'The Plan', eloquently addressed the dilemma in 'Animal Farm' (1945). For the record, I would refuse the proverbial 'One Ring' myself. However, as we all know, Orwell went on to write 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' (1949). He was not in good health, in his later years, and he died just 6 months after 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' was published. Personally, I don't think he would have proceeded with 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', unless he at least had some optimism for the future of humanity. Let us assume Orwell was wrong though and we are unable to collectively ascend to a higher state of consciousness. We are doomed, as a species, to ride a societal carousel run by an endless queue of tyrants and arseholes. Is it still not better to have a smaller reset now and then, so as to stop things getting 'really bad'? We are talking some serious bullshit going down at the moment; not just a few porky pies being told and some insignificant backhanders being passed around. Personally, I am optimistic about the future. Not in the sense of humanity ever establishing a permanent Utopia, but in the sense of things can be so much better than they are now. We do not need them.
  2. First it was don't drive off to a nearby bit of countryside on your own, so as to solely indulge in a bit of sun bathing, as you 'might' touch something like a tree. If you did and got caught, then you would be 'personally responsible' for the worsening of the lockdown restrictions on literally everyone else in the nation. Hancock said exactly that. Now, in a deadly second wave in the middle of winter no less, it is schools, colleges and universities can all stay open! Cos you just know all of those young people are going to properly follow the government guidelines on responsible behaviour and not spread any virus about*. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... * - Going by the government's own narrative here.
  3. I would say long odds myself. Right, I am off to browse various internet forums for a while. Cheers all.
  4. Just as they do with deliberately setting up situations for future warfare and conflict. World War 1 to World War 2; North Korea and South Korea; ISIS; mass immigration in general. A neverending cycle of bullshit. It still amazes me how quite a few folks can clearly see the Treaty of Versailles was set up to fail, but aren't too sure whether it was deliberate or not. Given the current weight of the nation, I think that we could all do with eating less, wasting less and appreciating the worth of healthy food more in general. They will never push the self-destruct button. They simply haven't got the guts to. Ha ha ha. No doses and a great reset is exactly what we need. They are definitely in a panic. This is especially the case, given the recent activity of some of the very, very, very feeble 77th Brigade accounts, in terms of attempting to incite criminal action. Ha ha ha. P.S. I also hear that they really hate positive energy, which certainly doesn't surprise me at all.
  5. I am watching a rerun of 'Day Of The Triffids' (1962), on Talking Pictures (Freeview Channel 81), as I type this post. The end is nigh...
  6. I think a lot of good folks really miss the point on occasion. The PTB don't ever want people out on the streets protesting anything. Well, unless it is one of their own staged protests. The thing to really not do is to gather in one place. If you do, then you will be vulnerable to the police kettling you. You want a protest to cover a wide area and to last a long time, so that you can all come and go as you please. Make it as informal as possible. Walk around slowly in pairs and hand out some leaflets, to members of the public willing to take them, if you have any. Make sure that every single one of you films everything. Don't engage in any acts of meaningless street wrestling with the Copidiots. Wear your masks and socially distance from other pairs. Sing Christmas carols too (Hey, it's the end of November, so why not?). There is nothing that the PTB will hate more, than the thought of people having peacefully gotten out there and demonstrated, before peacefully returning home again. You will be taking the piss out of them big time and the power will all be yours!
  7. So, those who reckoned it was solely a Youtube fault were wrong then.
  8. Mate, I am the arch-pedant on this forum. You are slowly moving in on my territory! I am going to have to talk to Gareth about it.
  9. Yes, and stopping Brexit is a serious part of them achieving their new world order. You are looking at it at the opposite end, of exactly the same telescope, from which I am. Regardless of the exact reason why this happened, it is nice to hear. I wonder what Ticketmaster will say, after most folks politely tell them where to go. It's all very brazen. This hardly seems to be a strategy aimed at preserving life. Ha ha ha.
  10. As I said on another thread: 'No accident, that's for sure. I wonder what the PTB were figuring out here. At least the Coronavirus death statistics must have got a decent bump, with all of those sheeple leaping from their windows in terror, after discovering that they couldn't watch any moggie videos for a period of over one hour.' The PTB surely wouldn't knock Youtube offline over a sensitive video someone uploaded. It must have been some sort of drill.
  11. No accident, that's for sure. I wonder what the PTB were figuring out here. At least the Coronavirus death statistics must have got a decent bump, with all of those sheeple leaping from their windows in terror, after discovering that they couldn't watch any moggie videos for a period of over one hour.
  12. How can anyone be a bigger stooge than that shithead interviewer Evan Davis? Sacks comes up with some ridiculous bullshit about 'talking to some little kids at school', who are probably the only people he is able to fool in life, and Davis just swallows it! Ha ha ha. Criticising the actions of a state is NOT denying the existence of a state. I am thoroughly shocked that this lunatic was able to invade any of our schools in the first place. Yikes! The way things are now, I think that literally everyone and myself included, bar the Zionists scumbags of course, are actually in favour of a two state solution. So, how did this lunatic ever get to spread his vile rhetoric on the BBC in the first place? A rhetorical question I know. P.S. I found it kind of apt that he popped his clogs right at a time when the mass media were banging on about a 'mutating virus'.
  13. Everyone here, no doubt, is aware of the seemingly eternal Palestinian Cataclysm. My question, considering that it is seemingly eternal, is whether it is, by its very nature, the greatest genocide ever perpetrated on planet Earth? I mean, how can you trump an eternal genocide? It just goes on and on forever. All of those who have claimed to be looking for peace, or who know the situation well, say that they can see no end in sight. Anyhow, let us look at some of the other notable mass exterminations in human history then. No one would disagree that the Congolese genocide of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in terms of a generally accepted death toll of 10 to 15 million, is easily the most barbaric genocide of modern times. However, this is, of course, only if you discount the 20 million or so who perished under Stalin. For me, as Stalin obviously wasn't working for Russia, it was a genocide, but some still call it a mass extermination. In any event, as night follows day, the time will come when the death toll of the Palestinian Cataclysm eventually exceeds all of those figures. The horrific milestone of 'A Century Of Genocide' is already quite visible on the horizon for them.
  14. The masonic mass media have been fully complicit in the destruction of our country, especially over the past 20 years or so. What has always grated me is how some of the good folks on this very forum, who are not shills, still can't quite get it! I often think to myself, 'How the hell did we ever get to this point?'. Not with an honest press is the answer. One of their tricks is to publish the odd, edgy article, which keeps us in their mental prison pens, whenever they feel they are losing their 'Pied Piper Effect'. Then, someone on this forum links to it and says 'Hey, a great article here!'. And, yes, it might have some truth in it, but it's usually just half a step ahead of where much of the public was heading anyway. Lose the double think folks, of the mass media can be good and bad, as they are all rotten to the core now. If they really thought they could pull it off, then there is no heinous PTB plan that they wouldn't back! They were never put there to tell the truth. All they have ever known is 'getting away with it', through lies, deceit, threats and violence. They are making it up as they are going along now. Failure to truly envisage their own demise is their weakness. There can't possibly be any end to lockdown, until they have finished with fudging Brexit. No, but it may as well be.
  15. So, this thick fukk is going to take the vaccine live on air, 'supposedly', so as to allay the fears of all those who primarily fear the medium and long term possible consequences of taking it? He is a genius! Not that I would trust him to really take it anyway.
  16. Hmm, sounds like the main TV news channels to me, in essence, but they are hardly 'very skilled' are they.
  17. It's a mega-bonanza that only the greatest Cunt Chieftains going could ever dream of. Just study Hancock's face closely, whenever you next see the little piece of faeces sitting in the House Of Commons, on TV. You can just tell that he has already been promised loads of shady goodies!
  18. Not if the manufacturer has still deemed it appropriate to describe the medicine as 'safe' it isn't.
  19. Wow, Russia sure did a great job of recruiting millions of U.K. citizens to work for them online. Where do I hand myself in then? I suppose I will have to surrender my price of 30 rubles too? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... I take it that what they really meant to say was 'Britain's GCHQ has begun an offensive cyber-operation to tackle anti-vaccine propaganda 'supposedly created' by hostile states and being spread by anyone online; not 'Britain's GCHQ has begun an offensive cyber-operation to tackle anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by hostile states'. That's a case of being disingenuous at its finest. Luckily, for them, they had numnuts at the ready to issue an honest translation. On a more serious note, I have very recently, yet again, been subjected to direct interference as a consequence of simply airing my personal opinions, which are solely based on the common sense I was born with. It can't be a coincidence and there can be no greater tyranny and treason than that. Their Nuremberg moments will come, soon enough, and I will be right there in attendance when it happens. No excuses, as 'only following orders' certainly doesn't qualify, and see you soon chaps. You fully deserve all that's coming to you. Cheers.
  20. Whatever tools may or may not have been used by the PTB, so as to fix the U.S. election result, it changes nothing in the bigger picture. Trump and Biden were both well aware what the intended result was, beforehand, and both were willing participants in the charade. As were the fully complicit mass media. The huge internet perception operation which followed was obviously staffed by total morons, who only followed orders, but their orders filtered right down from the orchestrators. I am still struggling to comprehend how anyone could conclude Trump was genuine, after four years of his bullshit, even if they didn't think that anyone getting elected in the first place had to be dirty by definition. But no, ass licking Israel; not auditing or nationalising the Federal Reserve; warmongering with China, North Korea and Iran; largely, in action, going along with the Coronavirus fraud; and adding trillions to the national debt obviously wasn't enough. Unless, of course, Trump was playing 5D chess with the PTB all along, by changing nothing. Err, yeah... P.S. For the sake of my sanity, I would still take Biden, who is the archetypal 'Mr. They Live', over Trump though. I already had more than enough of Donald 'I transplanted a few fukked up pubes to my bonce and now try to talk like Steven Seagal all of the time' Trump. Let's settle for 4 years of a Clint Eastwood wannabe instead. Sigh.
  21. I am unsure, as to exactly what they want to achieve with the first vaccine, but I have always thought it will lead on to further vaccines needing to be developed for future, manufactured threats. Bilderberg 1993 was held in Athens, which Tony Blair himself attended, and maybe this is where Bourla was secretly recruited. Thank you. This Heneghan guy must be honest. A shame he didn't also get them to clearly explain how they were defining the term 'Positive Test', a surely evolving definition, right from Day One. I still see it as very disingenuous that they were able to retain the 'death for any reason' part of the definition. I also think that 28 days is still too long a period and that's assuming their tests really are detecting a deadly virus to begin with. A Covid death statistic should be a death, with at least some evidence, directly attributed to Covid. End of story. They obviously weren't satisfied with only hijacking some of the pneumonia and flu etc. death statistics. Wales has devolved powers too. However, the point is that Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are already well sown up. This is especially the case in Scotland, which has to be the worst masonic gulag on the planet. The only country they are really worried about is England. I don't know if Putin will be out or not. I was just highlighting how confused and ridiculous the masonic mass media narrative can become, when they are trying to support a big lie. This adage should be their official motto. 'Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.'
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