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  1. So, unless I am missing something here, the latest story is now as follows. The German cops have compelling evidence, not just circumstantial evidence either, that Maddie is dead. However, the Brit cops think that she may still be alive. Hmm, so why don't the German cops give the Brit cops their compelling evidence that Maddie is dead then? Someone please throw me a bone here! Going back to Sonia Poulton's tirade, I think it is quite remarkable that she went nigh on 8 minutes without saying the word 'freemason' once. I mean, this is the McCann case we are talking about here.
  2. Yikes. Please report to A And E immediately. The new strain of Covid19 has now officially arrived.
  3. Wow, the Tory Party are now getting all of their info from this forum too. Stress and poor health will form one component of BoJo's MSM resignation narrative. True. As for the Bullshit Boys, all I can see is a bunch of totally clueless muppets. Were they all forced to pose with anal dildos well inserted? Some really weird facial expressions going down there.
  4. Yeah, boot that useless shill fukk. https://youtu.be/2oHOv9p9dHQ?t=53
  5. Well, we all know the answer, don't we. I have been pondering two things today. Firstly, has this adage, which I really believe to be quite profound, perhaps lost a little bit of effect, due to it becoming so hackneyed? Like a great song, from yesteryear, which you haven't listened to in ages. You then happen to listen to it again, on one random, passing day, and are very glad that you did. Secondly, would it also be fair to aver that 'All it takes for evil to be defeated is for just a few, degenerate fukks to actually do something'? A little more self-belief needed maybe? The PTB are slowly unravelling and they appear to be falling apart at the seams. I really do feel change is in the air. Only a little bit of a nudge and their entire house of dirty cards is soon going to come crashing right down. I mean, their shill minions are a running joke now just for starters. Oh, how far the shills have fallen, over the past 15 years or so. This is truly how I see them nowadays. No challenge and barely even worthy of my attention. ;-0
  6. Have they gone 'No comment' in a police interview yet? I used to watch BBC 'Crimewatch' quite regularly, before it was axed, and every once in a while they did a 'How this fiend was caught' segment. The said fiend had usually been convicted of a very serious crime, often murder, and the segment included a visual reconstruction of everything that occurred in the case. Furthermore, there was a invariably a little clip of the said fiend in a police interview room going 'No comment', with the clear message being sent to the viewers at home that going 'No comment' was a worrying omen. Not so for freemasons and their partners though apparently. Yes, the kin of Brenda Leyland.
  7. Gerry McCann is a freemason and freemasons can do no wrong. Every single time the dirty MSM do a recap of the whole saga, while completely ignoring the fact that Kate McCann is the only person to have ever gone 'No comment' in a police interview, then they are clearly committing treason. What is more treacherous, than the press lying to the people*? Not a lot, not a lot. * - Lying by omission IS lying! What folks make of the said 'No comment' fact is purely down to them, but it can't just be brushed under the carpet!
  8. GCHQ would tell you otherwise.
  9. He wasn't the hacker. He is just a baby pecker, who was paid a few measly bucks to be the hack front-thing. Talk about a dead giveaway. LOL. @MI5 @CIA @Mossad @GCHQ @77thBrigade @GoveyBoy #youlovemygoldenshowers
  10. Welcome back. kj35 Content Count 960 Joined August 24, 2019 Last visited 5 minutes ago
  11. It is a fact that an extension to the trade negotiations deadline, in reality Brexit itself, is going to be agreed This will be until at least December 31st 2021, but probably until December 31st 2022. The first questions to ask are when are the mass media going to run with the Remainiac narrative and will the general public swallow it? The PTB don't necessarily have to run with the Remainiac narrative in June, as they can just bullshit it later on in the year, whenever it suits them. However, as there have been a few 'Brexit Issue' nibbles in the mass media, over the past few weeks or so, then I do agree with the folks who think that it will happen imminently. Furthermore, despite all of the economic carnage unleashed by the PTB, since the end of March, I still don't think that the embattled general public will swallow the lies. After all, rebate or not, for just how long can we go on paying the E.U. £350 million per week?! The mass media can only keep quiet about it for so long too. The Remainiacs will whine that we can't afford to finalise Brexit at the moment, due to all of the suffering businesses, but it will be one delay too many I think. The people will finally begin to see it as the cancellation that it really is. I definitey wouldn't want to be the PTB right now.
  12. Are all the threads, from before the forum hack, being migrated over to the new forum? Or is it just the threads that are currently available?
  13. Corbyn wasn't PTB, so things, in theory, would have been very different. I say in theory, as he would have been promptly assassinated, if he had ever become prime minster. When the mass media say 'China', in relation to identifying the source of the Coronavirus, then they secretly mean 'Israel'. The mass media are playing 5D chess with the PTB it seems. They are truly on to them now! A 100% psyop for sure. What we need is a strong E.U. Alliance. Not a political union, which is run by secret society ponces. No kidding.
  14. Yes, I think that there is a lot riding on all of this, for the PTB. It all sounds quite reasonable to me. I think that the PTB were probably debating the pros and cons of the mask-wearing agenda quite heavily. Yes, it is probably a PTB induced drought. Anyone who is in favour of mass vaccination for the Coronavirus has to either be a nutjob or a shill. Or it could also be a dangerous case of both. The mass media don't seem to uncover many Israeli links, for some very strange reason. Funny that. There isn't the slightest chance that Cummings would be in position now, if he was pro Russian.
  15. Golden Retriever seems to have gone AWOL for some reason. However, the brightly shining torch must still be passed ever onwards. Sing it loudly ad proudly with Numnuts! 'Because they got high, because they got high, because they got high!' * * - courtesy of Govey Boy. https://youtu.be/kQSbav9GFfI
  16. They had a lot and they totally blew it, didn't they. As the old saying telleth us, 'you can shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin it once'. Their power is evaporating and what total mugs. It is a long trip back down to earth, little boys, and I hope you enjoy the ride... LOL. ;-0
  17. Wow, so it has now been officially recognised as being manipulated in an Israeli laboratory. If Twitter were at all true to the community values they claim to hold dear, then Trump would have been banned from the platform years ago. The PTB are going to be monitoring everything very closely. If they sense trouble rising up in one area or the other, due to the upcoming cancellation of Brexit, then they will be ready with a 'local lockdown'. The PTB are quite capable of helping many people in many different ways, but, if it doesn't give them any power or control, then they will never get their wallets out. Or should I say our credit cards rather? I still remember all the talk about the Rio Paraylympics being cash-strapped, with some events apparently in danger of being cancelled. No sign of Bill Gates then, or one of his crew, was there. To sterilise and reduce life expectancy has to be part of it. I don't know why some of the Millwall mob were having a pop at David Icke, as they, and their ilk, are surely going to be persona non grata in the NWO. I think 'it', whatever it is, will come back in November or December.
  18. I agree. Folks have already endured a lot of fear-mongering, austerity and misery, here in the U.K., over the past 20 years or so. The decadent mass media, often seem to forget this for some strange reason. Not so long ago, when the PTB were desperately trying to demonise the Venezuelan regime, they showed a clip of some poverty-stricken workers rummaging through some bins for food. Anyone else remember it? I was like 'Jesus Fricking Christ! This is what goes on round the back of U.K. supermarkets nowadays!'. If they had shown that clip, say 20 years ago, then they might have got the desired reaction from the general public. Ha ha. Just another treacherous cunt, who will shamelessly push any false narrative he is paid to push. If this is cancelling the 'Christmas' that seems to begin in September nowadays, then fukking count me in! I just see weak, performing seals. All trained up and ready to go, for a long life of Israeli mafia cock sucking. Yeah, right. More like trying to make it far closer than it should have been. I still laugh at the notion of Govey Boy being cast as a legitimate Brexiteer. Ha ha ha. Ian Duncan Smith was legitimate I reckon, but he was only given pride of place, due to the great hatred felt for him by much of the general public. It almost feels to me like any tech out there literally has to be utilised for something. The tech probably now exists to medically attach Tony Blair's gob to Peter Mandelson's shitter. Does this necessarily mean we should go ahead and make it compulsory?
  19. A lot of our 'rights' vanished the very instant the Coronavirus Bill became law. However, yes, since then they have made inroads into other areas of our lives. If it wasn't for Brexit, then the PTB would indeed be playing it exactly how you have just surmised. They can't though and are stuck. This is why we might not have another general election, until well after 2024. They get mad about whatever their TV screens tell them to get mad about. The power of the PTB is waning though. Old dogs, old tricks. The lack of scrutiny, over Amazon's continued trading, has been one of the most remarkable features of the lockdown for me. They must be virus-proof. I would like to buy 10 of them, for fun testing, but I don't have a grand or so to burn sadly.
  20. The thing is, if we are generally talking about conclusively proving government complicity in horrendous acts, then the WTC7 collapse footage immediately trumps any effort at debunking such a position. The laughing and mocked, bar a few village idiot stragglers, all stopped nigh on 19 years ago now. What actually is hilarious, has to be the forced Wikipedia pop-up box reinforcing the official narrative, which Youtube have stuck underneath this video. It's like they are saying 'Hey, guys, white really is black! Why do you doubt us?!'. https://youtu.be/Zv7BImVvEyk It is a farcical merry-go-round. They break the law, knowing that if they do get caught, then they will still be far better off than they would have been by staying legal. Lawyers have a field day, if anything does ever get to court, then any fines imposed largely just go back into the public coffers for further ripping off. The key point is how the monarchy is perceived in the minds of the general public. Not how much wealth they have. The PTB, at least for now, actually want the lockdown to end. No, '1984' wasn't an instruction manual, but it really was trying to expose an instruction manual.
  21. He is seriously getting ready to go bare-knuckled on their asses, come his second term in office. From 5D chess to full-blown Gridiron. I think that their selective amnesia has already begun to sink in. They are attacking Boris, as it is all part of the wider agenda surrounding his upcoming resignation. Folks aren't going to vote Labour at the next general election, as Brexit won't have been delivered by then. As the PTB currently control the leaders of both main parties, then this won't bother them though. It will either be another Tory government or, if the PTB don't think they can blag it again, then no general election at all. In my opinion, it will be a case of the latter. It was all just for show and some of the mock indignation written on their faces cracked me right up. I phoned Directory Enquiries and told them I wanted to report some treacherous cunts posing as honest journos. I ended up getting through to Peter Hitchens. Not in any meaningful way, no. I don't know what his latest thinking is, but even David Icke initially agreed that the PTB had conjured something up in a lab. Right, I am off to find some hasbarats then... ;-)
  22. So, the next step will be for children not in care then. If it is a human right, then it can be turned down by those who don't want it. I think that PTB Mastercard have messed up a bit there. There is no widespread virus outpacing anyone. It is either a total fraud or something man-made, quite possibly nasty, that they are exaggerating like hell when it comes to the death toll. Personally, I think it is a case of the latter. Yes, the Met of today is a shocking farce. I can remember these stories coming out at the time.
  23. Only a bona fide Cunt Chieftain would ever download such an app. Each to their own though. He is letting us all know that the Israeli mafia were behind it. I know, it is absolutely ridiculous isn't it. If I ever decide to rob a bank in the future some time, then I now know what to say to avoid police action, in the unfortunate event that I get caught. 'I take responsibility and will resign from my life of criminality!'. For sure, it was all planned. Javid is pure PTB through and through. I would trust him, about as far as I could throw him! He reminds me of a nasty, little goblin, who has come down on a sneaky incursion from the Misty Mountains, to tea leaf what is left of our dwindling freedoms. Come BoJo's resignation, then he will be fighting with Raab and Hunt to be our next prime minister. Yikes! BoJo will go soon enough though. P.S. I already trademarked that nickname. :-0
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