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  1. You just gave me the most nightmarish thought going. Imagine Geldoff coming back to produce a new Band Aid charity single for Christmas. It could be called 'Vax The World' and feature the likes of Gaga, Sheeran and Bieber. All funds will go to NHS 'Test And Trace' front door knockers, who will be specially trained to 'make situations safe', before you get your vaccine*. * - If there is even any cash left, after Bob 'Not skint' Geldoff has put his grubby mitts in the till. 'Vax the world! Covid don't know it's Christmas time.'
  2. It will probably be used by the mass media to help with the 100% staged anti-BoJo, until he resigns, narrative. The 'hero M.P.' was talking like the buck stops with Boris. Priti Patel just in the news again too, as a condemned bully, with Boris standing by her. She might be a workplace bully, but her narrative is also 100% staged. He stood by Dom too, who has now left. He made 'Lockdown mistakes' as well. Blah, blah, blah... P.S. Only well dodgy freemasons could come up with a plan so transparent in nature. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  3. Likely Charlie Veitch, incognito, on the prowl again.
  4. It was on BBC News last night and a handy video has now also been uploaded, for the sake of posterity, to the BBC News website. Furthermore, it seems that the Daily Masonical is well on the case too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-55059316 We know that the PTB always seek to control the perceived opposition. We know that they always seek to tell us who 'our man' is. For example, Douglas Carswell is a blatant shill. Jacob Rees-Mogg is a blatant shill. Bill Cash, who was always cast on TV as a 'Brexit Stalwart', seems like a shill to me. Richard Tice seems suspect to me. Nigel Farage, if not controlled opposition all along, is now well moulded opposition at the least. The very concerning thing about the vaccine payment structure, for G.P.'s, is the 'no second dose; no cash' policy. For example, a G.P. will receive about £25, after someone gets their second vaccine dose, but £0 if someone never turned up for their second dose. I know there are a lot of decent G.P.'s out there, but I can't help feeling that 'first dosers only' will begin to be seen as £25 economic units, who must be pursued and harassed. I think that they will get a 40% uptake quite easily, but, after that, I don't know. I really don't see them getting to 75%, whether quite easily or uneasily. We will all find out, soon enough. A few years ago, I began to wonder whether the depiction of zombies wandering around shopping malls was down to film directors, like Romero, taking the piss out of the sheeple. I think that the Covid situation has probably made run-of-the-mill sheeple either more asleep or more awake. Not much space for middle ground here. 'Spike in new cases' solely meaning 'increase in positive tests' no doubt. I reckon that the Coronavirus and Influenza had a big ruck. Coronavirus obviously won out. 'This body ain't big enough for the two of us Influenza'. Influenza didn't stand a chance really, as those Corona Spikes must act like knuckle dusters.
  5. Eh? It is the ones who get airtime that are usually the crooked ones. I am on the spectrum and I find it very hard to seriously despise other people. However, I truly do visualise this man as a piece of faeces. He is the worst liar going and I wish he would just fall into some volcano. There is never a bad dalek around, when you really need one. Nothing less. I think that Kim would probably allow a few U.K. refugees to forage about, say in some far-flung part of the North Korean outback, for a while. He would probably find it amusing and use it for political capital. At least we wouldn't have to face the U.K. vaccine squads. We have no choice, other than to pay attention to the mass media, as we need to know what bullshit they are currently selling to the sheeple.
  6. The Clash - 'Rock the Casbah' (1982). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_the_Casbah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ9r8LMU9bQ
  7. I believe that such 'accidents' usually occur, when the said politician is out looking for badgers. Brian May should get this matter officially raised with the freemasons. I know, it must feel like being in a maximum security mental prison. There's a serious recipe for developing ill health right there. Would anyone here rule out the PTB carting folks off, for forced vaccinations, in say 5 years time? I certainly wouldn't. This is all only going one way, the very wrong way. Brian Gerrish said years ago that France was TOTALLY GONE. Yes, we do get these lovely 'Gotcha' moments now and then. He had no choice, other than to condemn them live on TV. He probably get well spanked, in some secret room, later on in the day though.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me at all, if they actually end up running with this. This is the whole point. Every once in a while, they run a 'We are the heroes of the people by exposing this' kind of story, which the sheeple willingly lap up. Moreover, it is usually a story that is right about where public opinion already stands. Then, they revert right back to type, with loads more bullshit, and the sheeple still consume it! Of course. I was highlighting the Daily Mail, which should really be called the Daily Masonical, but they are all the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQiOA7euaYA This only goes to show just how much confidence they have in their own products. It always make me laugh when little weasels will swear something blind, but then refuse to put their money where their mouth is. North Korea?
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8975587/Fit-healthy-professional-wrestler-19-dies-coronavirus.html ''Fit and healthy' professional wrestler, 19, dies from coronavirus just hours after being rushed to hospital - as his devastated parents pay tribute to their 'bubbly' son.'
  10. I missed this bit of news, from back in early February, and it is yet more compelling evidence of foreknowledge. I don't know if it has been posted on this forum before. The second far more recent article confirms some of the figures involved for delivering the Coronavirus vaccine. I had to laugh at the 'Can you chip in to help us do more?' bit, at the end of it. https://www.gponline.com/biggest-overhaul-gp-vaccination-payments-30-years-new-gp-contract/article/1673383 'Biggest overhaul of GP vaccination payments for 30 years under new GP contract.' https://fullfact.org/health/covid-vaccine-fee/ 'The figure for a dose of a potential Covid-19 vaccine covers the cost of delivering the treatment.'
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8977573/Princess-Michael-Kent-75-diagnosed-coronavirus.html 'Princess Michael of Kent, 75, is diagnosed with coronavirus and is suffering from 'extreme fatigue and fevers' as she self-isolates at Kensington Palace.'
  12. Look at the top comment on one of the Daily Mail articles, which was posted earlier on in this thread. And yet, they will all probably still go back for more. I see it as an abusive relationship, where the downtrodden party feels mentally incapable of leaving. The Daily Mail, along with the other dirty rags, is the pimp of the sheeple. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8971669/What-DONT-tell-Covid-facts-twisted-strike-fear-hearts.html 'Good god. This paper has finally woken up to the truth! It's a miracle!!' +13,870. -752.
  13. This clearly translates as: 'Anyone doubting all of this Coronavirus bullshit, then please stick with us! Don't you even think about how we never would have got to this point in the first place, without our skulduggery and the skulduggery of our masonic mass media bruvs. Right, we are now off to write another fawning, bullshit article about Gerry and Kate McMason. There is a German paedo that urgently needs setting up as well.' Daily Mail editor note - 'How the fukk these sheeple dumbasses keep on coming back to us for more, I will never know. They do though!' Peter 'Deep State Dickhead' Hitchens - 'Yes, it is quite funny actually.' I am in the BBC News 'South Today' region. One of our M.P.'s pretty much said exactly the same thing, right back at the end of March. Something like 'I am no longer able to hold the government to account'. They also gave themselves the power to retrospectively cancel all election and referendum results. And yes, we only had 'democracy' as long as we went along with the tyranny. In effect, we merely had the 'trappings of democracy'. A general election is scheduled to be held by December 2024. I really don't think it will take place though. And the mass media maintaining a blanket silence over this story is the very same mass media now rallying to the cause is it? Ha ha ha. P.S. I know you don't think that of course. Right, so our masonic media are now at war with our masonic government then. It will be like Rocky v Clubber Lang!
  14. You know full well that I think it is all a mega-fraud, which is being used to help usher in, at the very least, a Western NWO. My point was that the information relating to a vaccine being trialed, as early as 15th March, was released to the public at the time. The impression the image gave, to me anyway and others might well have got a different impression, was that something hidden had just been uncovered. Nothing major, I suppose, but someone trying to discredit us could add it to their list. 'Oh, look at those DIF Covidiots pretending to unearth something already released to the general public.' The question of how legitimate it was for any pharmaceutical company to have anything ready to be trialed, at that early stage, is completely separate to the point I was making. Maybe I am being too cautious, but I do think we all really need to be on the ball over the next 5 weeks or so. For the record, I didn't ever think it was a photoshopped image. I only thought that the image looked promotional in nature, so not something that had been leaked or come to light through someone's vigilance. P.S. Completely random here. I never realised that this Fauci dude will be turning 80 years old in a few weeks. Freaky! He will probably be fronting some new public scaremongering project in 2040. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Fauci
  15. I was asking for a little bit more detail, as I tend to be wary of clicking links on this forum, irrespective of what I think about the poster. Anyhow, I have now had a look online myself and Phase 1 vaccine trials were publicly announced online, as starting right about that time. https://pharmafield.co.uk/pharma_news/first-coronavirus-vaccine-clinical-trial-starts/
  16. No one was trolling you. We have to be extra careful at the moment. The PTB are actively looking to discredit us.
  17. Even if it isn't a photoshop, I would still be careful about jumping to definite conclusions. Beware the Ides of March. If anyone wants convincing proof of U.K. government foreknowledge, then I think that they only need look at the 330 page long Coronavirus Bill, which was somehow ready to take to parliament by 17th March at the very latest. Considering that the WHO only declared a global pandemic on 11th March, then this was quite miraculous. When did work start on it and who authored it? I would love to know. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-bill-what-it-will-do
  18. I am struggling to see how they are going to have much success with NHS staff. A lot of nurses are going to refuse the vaccine and the government can hardly claim they are being influenced by crackpots. They can think quite well for themselves. Anyhow, shouldn't those at the very front of the queue be all of the M.P.'s and Lords? We surely need them to be kept safe the most. Furthermore, the sooner we get parliament working properly again the better. 'No Lord' Mann? Ha ha ha. What a total nobhead. It seems his life is dedicated to conflating 'anti-semitism' with anything anti-Zionist or anti-Israeli mafia. From the lunatic rag that branded folks 'covidiots' for going out and sun bathing. PTB public perception units monitor everything and then parts of the masonic media will react to where public opinion is already heading. All minds must follow them no matter what. If they feel they must, then they will happily endorse the notion of reptilians too. It's somewhat akin to the proverb of the capitalists insisting on selling you the rope, on the way to their hangings. Can you give us some more details about that picture of the test tube please. Notice how they have created a Zionist/Judaist conflation there, with the use of different images. So, anti-vaccine folks are now terrorist; right wing extremist; anti-scientific; 'anti-semitic'; grandpa killers then? Cool. They will be claiming that we are calling for blood sacrifices next. Oh, hang on a minute... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahN5tyP7E64&feature=emb_title
  19. Synchronicity. 'That's TV', my 'Local' Freeview channel, which usually plays 80's and 90's music in the evenings and early hours (mostly Xmas shite now!), played that song just yesterday. First time I had heard it in forever.
  20. Did they stop shooting pornos? I am going to be pretty angry, if I find out they found a loophole for that activity. I think that when they get the power to censor, then they tend to exceed their very own censorship remit. For example, something could even be shown on BBC News, but still get censored the next day on Youtube by some Zionist zealot. Just because something was on Talk Radio, it doesn't mean that it won't get censored on Youtube. It is insane nowadays. I made the same point about David Icke's Twitter ban. I don't think that the Tweet he actually got banned for was within the Twitter censorship remit. His final Tweet was essentially about governments taking advantage of a crisis; not about the Coronavirus per se. They might have got him for something else, somewhere down the line, but that's not the point. They make it sound like an open prison. The manufactured unreality of the virus does not exist. 'A' man-made virus might exist. This is what David Icke also thought, unless he has since revised his opinion. They use this bullshit to lobby already corrupt and/or compromised M.P.'s.
  21. The scoundrel Basa was very visible, on our bullshit radar, on the old forum. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/police-public-counter-terrorism-citizens-stop-attacks-isis-met-neil-basu-westminster-anniversary-a8264981.html 'The new head of UK counter-terror policing has called on members of the public to become “counter-terrorism citizens” by passing on information that could help thwart attacks. Speaking almost a year after the Westminster attack, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said more than a fifth of the 31,000 reports received last year resulted in useful intelligence.' And 'Punk Jihad', which probably came right out of the Mossad canteen. Yes, parameters of thought set. So, 80% want you thrown in jail for being 'off message' about it and only 49% want it to be compulsory? Sounds strange, when those statistics are compared. We will hold them off for you.
  22. Anyone got a video link to Jeremy Paxman's 'Lone Wolf' interview of Michael Chertoff? Or has it now been purged from the web?
  23. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/revealed-boris-johnsons-controversial-policy-chief-leading-secretive-nhs-task-force/ 'Revealed: Boris Johnson’s controversial policy chief leading secretive NHS task force.'
  24. The lion's share of this cash is surely destined for stopping the likes of us. So, £16 billion over the next 4 years right? That would take us right up to the deadline for the next general election to be held, which I don't think will take place. I hesitate to say I am certain on that point, but I am very confident about it. I just saw the proud announcement being made on BBC News myself. At the end of it they added 'this is all on top of the army unit that was set up to combat disinformation'. This a big lie. I, Winston 'Numnuts' Smith, can vividly remember the 'Creation of the 77th Brigade' announcement made on BBC News, by none other than Fiona 'Love the dancing rebels' Bruce. It was all about tackling the 'alleged' 100,000 Twitter accounts operated by ISIS! It was very obvious at the time, as ISIS is another big lie, that it was nothing to do with that. If you remember, we also had the NCA suddenly knocking on the taxpayer door last year, so as to secure more funds. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48261477 'NCA: 'Double our budget to fight organised crime'.' It could well be Rishi Sunak, for at least the following year, so as to 'guide the U.K. economy in to calmer waters'. Notice how the likes of Jeremy 'Rimmer' *unt and Sajid 'Misty Mountains goblin' Javid both dropped out of sight this year. They don't want to be associated with a government being deliberately steered towards failure and are looking to make a challenge for prime ministerial office down the line some time. The same can be said of Dominic 'Dickhead' Raab and Michael 'I am Mossad' Gove, who have also dropped off the radar a bit. I believe that they were both looking at becoming prime minister back in April, when it seemed that the PTB might let go of BoJo The Clown at that time. They eventually decided that Joe Public wouldn't swallow it though.
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