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  1. So, the BBC 'Reality Check' fantasists, the lunatics who claim to believe in free falling skyscrapers no less, have now 'seen a copy of the text'. They also seem to have taken it upon themselves to tell all of us about it. I want to read the text for myself. Where is the text?!




    'Brexit deal: What is in it?'




    'At first look, full post-Brexit text goes beyond a 'Canada-style' deal.'


    'Innocuous and arcane sounding articles and annexes could have a huge impact on industry and government policy.'


    'There is also a mutual right to "rebalance" the agreement if there are "significant divergences" in future that is capable of "impacting trade". These go way beyond standard free-trade agreements such as those between the EU and Canada or Japan, reflecting the UK's history in the single market. The text reads like these mechanisms are designed to be used, and created to ensure that both sides remain close to each other's regulatory orbit.'

  2. 13 hours ago, Orange Alert said:




    They cancelled 'TOTP', so they could get rid of all the 'stained' dressing rooms. They cancelled 'Tomorrow's World', so all of their sheeple slaves wouldn't throw themselves into nearby volcanoes. 


    8 hours ago, Illmatic said:

    The mask argument falls apart before you even get to efficacy. Why are they mandated but any old piece of cloth is OK? Why is nobody instructed how to actually use them rather than fumbling around with it and potentially using the same one for weeks on end? Why no biohazard bins for masks if they are potentially crawling with Covid? They're meant to demoralise you and shut you up, human muzzles.


    The primary motive for the mask aspect of this psyop is simply to make it 'seem' real. As almost everyone on here has already said, if you didn't have a TV and were going about your business as usual, then would you have no idea anything was 'supposed' to be wrong. Having most of the sheeple wearing masks corrects this problem. I reckon it was a tough decision for the PTB to make, as they wouldn't normally approve of people wearing masks.  


    4 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    I recall watching the towers collapse at 911. The year following this we posted the evidence that the event was a false flag ad nauseum. This was in the days of Libertyforum.  Views to these threads were very numerous and one could easily be forgiven for thinking the masses would rise up and bring the perps to justice. The years passed and that agenda plowed ahead as if no one had ever had a dissenting opinion on this matter. I remember thinking how royally screwed we would all be if they got away with that. Now, here we are experiencing the logical conclusions of our failure to act.


    I 'began' to wake up in 2006, so that was before my time. However, I am sure that mass consciousness has shifted an awful lot since 2010. Whether that is 'enough' or not is another matter. Furthermore, if the PTB weren't concerned about it, then they wouldn't now be fighting tooth and nail to control social media or sending their cannon fodder on here for me to ritually discipline.


    3 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    Actually this topic is relevant to this thread as it applies to the sinister motives said to be behind the criminal misuse of ventilators during the casedemic. But you are correct, this is a very deep rabbit hole worthy of its own discussion focus.


    We did say, back in April, that some 'Covid cadavers' probably were going 'missing in action'.


    1 hour ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    The first time I was made aware of the deaths annually from the flu was several decades ago. Often I wondered why the media and press in general were mute on this statistic. As I observe them now using lesser numbers to generate fear and panic I am left wondering if the ansence of concern in the past was deliberate.


    I imagine how the masses would have reacted to the covid death stats had they been annually informed of the deaths to be expected from flu annually all those decades past. Cant shake the feeling this has all been planned a very long time ago and the annual flu deaths were witheld from mainstream publication for this plan.


    The PTB liked the flu killing off loads of elderly and weak folks every winter, so never did anything meaningful to tackle it. Simple as that. In my opinion, you are overthinking here. 😀

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  3. 21 hours ago, Steph said:

    The media will tell them what their opinion is and they'll pretend the read.


    I am sure that the masonic mass media all had special copies of this new deal delivered by Santa, late last night, and are now busily poring over every minute detail. The last thing I heard from Laura 'OT cheese grater' Kuenssberg was something like 'there may be elements in the new deal that people will be really unhappy about'. Eh? How would she know? What a load of total bollocks. We have called out the PTB, every single step of the way on the 'Brexit con' journey, and they are now backed in to a final, little corner. A final, little corner, where most of the country apparently needs to be living under Tier 4 Covid restrictions, before we get a chance to check out this 'great deal'. Why do I not feel reassured?


    The PTB have been making it all up as they have gone along, ever since June 23rd 2016, and this is the last reckoning. I am nigh on certain that their plan was to not reach an agreement, then extend the transition period, due to the Coronavirus bullshit. In a panic, right at the 11th hour, they decided to reach a fraudulent agreement instead. This still doesn't mean that the transition period won't be extended, on the back of some new 'Event', but it now looks more likely that they will rely on some fudge in the new deal itself. We have gone from a 'No Deal Brexit' situation, which would have definitely led to an extension of the transition period; to a 'Deal No Brexit' situation (a new E.U. Treaty), which must be forced on us.


    As already mentioned, the PTB might still try to extend the transition period, which they no doubt hope will look more credible on the back of a fraudulent deal having been done. However, again as already mentioned, I suspect that there will be a lot of skulduggery relating to 'phases', where not everything changes immediately, as this as yet unseen new deal currently stands. Aside from that, anything relating to reversing the whole process will be like clicking a finger. These are seasoned deceivers we are battling with and they are not going to allow us to peacefully leave the E.U.. I was reading some of the online comments, left by Joe Public last night, and I was pleasantly surprised to see just how clued up many folks are.


    P.S. I recently spoke about how the masonic mass media would always seek to tell rebels who their 'new man' to follow was. This 'new man' would inevitably be a shill and, just like clockwork, the mass media were yet again bigging up Bill Cash as a genuine Brexiteer yesterday. Bill 'The shill' Cash is a shill. Jacob Rees-Mogg is a shill. Dick 'En' Tice is a shill. Nigel Farage, who might once not have been a shill, is now a total shill. Fukking shills everywhere!                

  4. 50 minutes ago, Shy Talk said:

    Thinking about the timing of this 'deal' today, one they could've agreed years ago


    I watched BoJo's live press conference. Personally, I already know it's all a charade, but they managed to sink to new depths of ridiculousness today. Not one single journalope, not even one (!), asked as follows:


    'When are we going to get to read the text of this new deal then Boris?'


    I found this inquisitive omission quite telling. I heard another mass media ghoul say 'Oh, we 'might' get to see the text in the next few days'. Eh? Comments like that don't give me much hope that we will see the text before Sunday. Regardless of exactly how long the text is, this would leave only 3 or 4 days for someone to properly scrutinise it and discuss it with other parties. Every honest M.P. still standing would want to properly scrutinise it and discuss it with other parties. I don't see that this is possible. If I was an honest M.P., then I would want one week minimum. It has to be a total fraud of a text.   


    P.S. One journalope did manage to ask Boris if there was going to be a full, national lockdown next week though! Who cares about getting to see a critically important text, when you can ask about new lockdowns instead?!

  5. 3 hours ago, itsnotallrightjack said:

    I can envision Starmer/Labour winning the next election and then implementing a rejoin or at least the EEC. I dunno why we didn't just stay as EEC in the first place.


    We are not leaving the E.U.. Not a chance the PTB would have pushed most of the nation in to Tier 4 come Boxing Day, under the pretence of a mutant virus strain, if they had any intention of delivering even a remotely credible Brexit. There will be a political trick or 'something else' anti-Brexit will happen. If I had to speculate, then I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear a lot about 'phases', on multiple aspects, if the text of a proposed deal does indeed surface today. More buying of time.   




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  6. 1 hour ago, banjo dog said:

    I have been getting even more people looking at me with daggers drawn when ever I walk into a shop since they have announced the new, improved, more contagious variant of covid. According to the expert Matt Hancock it has come from South Africa. Isn't that the country where flu has been eradicated.


    The South African mutation is not the mutation that has recently been alleged to be rampaging through London and the surrounding areas.

  7. The following BBC article, from earlier on today, was worth a good chuckle. The best bit related to us simply having to 'rejoin the E.U.'. Yes, we 'legally left', even though literally nothing changed, and we can now just 'rejoin the E.U.' to right the wrong of Brexit. Some shills know no bullshit limits.




    'Brexit: How do voters now feel about it?'



    Then, my good chuckle turned into a loud guffaw, after subsequently reading the following article.




    'Brexit: EU-UK trade deal expected, as cabinet briefed.'



    The PTB really are making it all up as they go along now. If anyone thinks that a legitimate Brexit deal is going to be imminently struck, anything other than an obvious mega-fudge, then they will be very disappointed come 1st January 2021.



  8. I dabble with the odd cryptic crossword. I have just completed one, but I don't like not fully understanding why all of the answers are the answers. There is one clue I am unsure about. As follows:


    'August 1, 1000 - Normans' first meeting.'


    I had the following letters to work with:


    _ O _ E _ N


    I guessed that the answer must be 'SOLEMN'. '1000' refers to the Roman numeral 'M' and 'Normans' first' refers to 'N', which is the first letter of Norman. The 'meeting' bit refers to a 'Solemn Assembly', which is an ecclesiastical term and the general notion of the whole clue. I looked up the answer online and I was proven correct in my assumption that 'SOLEMN' was the answer.


    However, I am still miffed, as to how 'August 1' relates to 'SOLE'. On occasion, one can find cryptic crossword clues fully explained on one internet database or another, but not this one it seems.  Being an arch-pedant, I find it quite irritating. Does anyone have any ideas?

  9. 8 hours ago, Orange Alert said:

    That is the best news I have heard for a while.  With Toxic Tony's endorsement it will ensure a lower take up.


    Maybe the PTB have plans for him to return in an official, governmental capacity, which he surely can't do right out of the blue. Hence, even though they know he is hated and he has been kept in storage of late, they decided to give him a little outing today.


    6 hours ago, VictoriaZ said:

    Matt Hancock just casually mentioned there is now a SECOND "new variant" they are closely monitoring, linked to S. Africa. The plot thickens. How many new variants have been scripted? 




    I said just yesterday, while chastising myself for not seeing it earlier, that they are going to repeatedly return to the mutated virus well. Dr. House would have no doubt said 'Never lupus; always virus'.  


    4 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

    Agree with you there, if we get the chance, 2021 is going to be the year we need to line our ducks up, make our line in the sand and decide where we head as individuals from here on in and to try and get a plan in place. I think some level of self sufficiency is a requirement for that plan too.

    Collectively though, we have to stand up to these psychopaths and not let them win.


    Mass non-compliance with vaccination is a certainty for me. I don't think it has got much to do with the likes of us either. A lot of folks wouldn't have wanted it, no matter what they did or didn't hear on the news and social media. 


    3 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Same 'message' yet again, "wash your hands ,wear a mask, socially distance" being parrotted over and over again. The thing is, that people like myself who have brains that function logically, can see that this message/method isn't working. People have been using sanitiser, wearing masks and socially distancing for months now (remember, it was "only for three weeks" back in March), yet rather than 'slowing the spread', this all seems to be having little to no effect.


    Of course, the social media 'messages' being shared around now is that this is all the 'fault' of the "selfish idiots who won't follow the rules". But the people sharing these 'messages' helpfully provided by the 77th Brigade and the Government's Behavioural Science teams, haven't quite twigged yet, maybe none of this is 'working' because it was never meant to?


    I don't think that the PTB liked the idea of folks wearing face masks, for obvious reasons, but they were desperate to make the whole psyop seem more real by pushing the idea.


    2 hours ago, BridgeBuilder said:

    My first impression reading that piece of shyte was....  "What the hell does he know?" After all, he's not a doctor and BG is a software developer with different kind of viruses.


    And Jimmy Savile was an unqualified DJ, who somehow got to run a Broadmoor 'Task Force'. No credible explanation was ever given and the mass media moved on like it never happened. A bit like a Nicola Sturgeon apology.

  10. 16 hours ago, Liberty said:

    Two: Getting high-profile celebrities, officials and leaders to take the vaccine first so as to drum up public confidence in its safety. This would be akin to a “skin in the game” strategy and would be especially effective with the conspiracy-inclined if it featured those who have become central figures in conspiracy narratives such as Bill Gates, The Queen, Joe Biden etc etc.


    This sort of spiel is so silly. 'Yes, sheeple, you must ignore all of the conspiracists. Those alleged to be behind a mass deception of epic proportions would never fake a few virus shots live on air.' Sigh. You can also bet your bottom dollar that the vast majority of these propagandists have zero intention of ever taking any jab themselves!  


    15 hours ago, Orange Alert said:

    The COVID Finder General for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is caught breaking Scottish CV law by not wearing a face covering in a pub when not seated.


    NICOLA Sturgeon breaks her own Covid law by chatting to pensioners in a pub without wearing a face mask.

    Full story at https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/6442097/nicola-sturgeon-sorry-mask-covid-breach/


    She did get a brief mention on 'BBC News At 6'. The usual 'fake apology and let's all forget about it' routine. How many poor folks did she end up murdering with her carelessness anyway?


    10 hours ago, wingwang said:

    Eryka Badu on conflicting nostrils...



    Maybe the vaccine he took was only 50% effective?


    9 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

    In a move which will surely infuriate many people (as well as posing questions of lawful validity) Costco have tightened their rules on face coverings judging that everyone who is “exempt” must now wear a face visor. This raises a number of questions, the main one being the breach of the Shops Discrimination Act and there’s a discussion to be had on that but I think this means two things:


    1. Other supermarkets will follow suit very swiftly on Government recommendations, most likely announced today in a “special” COVID briefing (very convenient just as everyone has all but finished their Christmas shopping)


    2. THEY ARE LOSING THE NARRATIVE and need tighter measures to ramp up the fear on the back of this mutant COVID strain nonsense.




    Yes, they are losing the narrative now.


    6 hours ago, Orange Alert said:

    News like this helps to sway the opinion of those in the middle ground of COVID opinion, who see again and again the hypocrisy of politicos, advisors, celebrities who implement the laws and/or lecture to death people on mask wearing, rule of 6, lockdown rules etc., but break the rules.  The hard core Covidians will either excuse Nicola Sturgeon or demand less lockdown exemptions to prevent mistakes, like 24/7 mask wearing.


    Indeed. It is also fascinating how someone like Dom Cummings got ritually crucified for walking in the countryside and driving a car, in the midst of the old virus; while The Sturgeon gets no hassle for being maskless in a pub, in the midst of the super-duper, mutated virus.

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  11. 21 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

    There's a connection between the CCDH and Labour leader Keir Starmer.


    Morgan James McSweeney was a Director of CENTER FOR COUNTERING DIGITAL HATE LTD (11633127) between October 2018 and April 2020 he's now Keir Starmer's chief of Staff




    I think that Keir 'Constipated' Starmer has to be the most unconvincing PTB shill, in the entire history of PTB shillery.


    20 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Bloody hell. This will set a precedent if approved by the French Parliament. We have to resist. Support the anti Vaxxers in France.


    "People who fail to get a Covid-19 vaccination could be banned from using public transport in France, according to a draft law which has sparked angry protests from opposition politicians."




    Meanwhile, in the U.K., the narrative is that it is fine to leave the London Underground open. This is despite a 70% more transmissible deadly virus being very much on the loose, both in London and the surrounding areas. Ha ha ha ha.


    20 hours ago, Noctua said:

    Apparently in the UK, Boris is set to give a special press conference tomorrow (23rd).  It will be a national lockdown, under a new jazzy term,  perhaps tier 17, who knows.  


    I don't know if BoJo himself said anything, it was Hancock talking when I switched on, but it was pretty obvious this is where we were heading. As for the concept of 'Tiers', I wouldn't be at all surprised, if the PTB do introduce a Tier 5 and a Tier 6. Robert Jenrick cracked me up today, when he stated as follows:


    'The tiered system was designed before we knew the full ferocity of the new variant, and so we have to make sure it's sufficiently robust to be able to withstand this and to stop cases rising at the very worrying levels they are now in parts of the country.'


    18 hours ago, DarianF said:

    It let me view it free, first load. Then it paywalled me. Damn it, I should have taken a screenshot. From memory, it said something like David Icke and Alex Jones should have a say in the vaccine selection, eliminating placebos - or something like that. Mocking tone of course. Typical MSM crap.


    From those who claim to believe in free falling skyscrapers. 😀


    17 hours ago, BridgeBuilder said:


    ^ mnn this boldie. We have a problem.


    Why do secret societies, well cock sucked by the underlying masonic network, not get a good mention? The likes of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Tony Blair are all junior players and do not operate in isolation. Talking about Tony Blair, he had some stuff to say today. More synchronicity, as I was just thinking 'Where the fukk has Tony Blair disappeared off to?'.




    'Coronavirus: Vaccinate more people with one dose, urges Tony Blair.'

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  12. 41 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

    Looks like its face caught fire and someone tried to put it out with a shovel.


    Telling porkies 24/7 can't be good for the soul.


    To everyone. A while back, I asked if anyone was able to dig up the original 'Red list, blue list, yellow list' video, which first emerged circa 2008 and was posted on the 2006 forum. I have since found a video with the original audio, but not the original video. The original video had some interesting still images on it that I really wanted to see again. Did anyone ever manage to find it?



  13. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    secondly the authorities are claiming they need 75% for herd immunity so if they only got 66% then they are going to have coerce a lot of people to reach their supposed target. If 66% are dumb / blind enough to get the injection then they might also be dumb enough not to stand against state coercion of the un-injected minority. the more people they inject the more they whittle down the potential resistance


    And, by the same token, the more emboldened and heavy-handed they will become. 


    1 hour ago, Basket Case said:

    And still 'They' continue to confuse the sleeping masses with conflicting information..



    The way they try to get round that is simply by equating 'more transmissible' with 'more deadly'. This is why they are pushing the 'up to 70% more transmissible' bullshit so hard.


    53 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:



    Piers Morgan is to get mercilessly buggered by Susanna Reid live on air, with a syphilis infected strap-on dildo, so as to allay the fears of those who think that syphilis might cause them medium term or long term health problems

  14. 3 hours ago, oddsnsods said:



    Bonkers Benjamin actually thinks he is some sort of cunning operator. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


    2 hours ago, rideforever said:

    @numnuts  Hey man, I don't know why you sent me that old film that is set in Brighton - but I appreciated.  Reminds me of a time before fucking mobile phones ... a time where you could meet interesting people in England and where people were ... had more inside.


    I set the video to start playing, when Bella meets Nimrod the Iranian clairvoyant. Nimrod talks about the societal analogy of 'murderers, victims and spectators'. I see his 'spectators' as the sheeple. You were also talking about seeing the sheeple in a similar way. I thought you might like the analogy and it is an amusing film regardless.  


    2 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    Remember the second wave hysteria?


    Spread of COVID-19 strain traced from Spain across Europe




    A mutated form of the novel coronavirus, which originated in Spain, could have driven the second surge of COVID-19 infections in Europe. Scientific teams based in Spain and Switzerland have identified the new strain, calling it 20A.EU1.


    Yes, the old strain shut down the world; while the new highly transmissible strain is stuck in the U.K.. I said last year that we would be living under martial law this year, but in my list of possible reasons why I didn't think of a virus, despite the PTB's attempted swine flu stunt in 2009. Then, just last month I was listing out possible reasons as to why Brexit would yet again be postponed. I didn't think of a mutated virus, despite U.N. Secretary General, Guterres, talking about it happening way back in April. I must be slipping. 😀     


    1 hour ago, AndyJ said:

    Mass compliance is the real threat to humanity, not the cabal. We are at a crossroads in this world now. Those who are fearful or apathetic to giving away their personal empowerment will pay a heavy price. We have to let them go, those who are indoctrinated into the Covidian cult are mostly a lost cause now. I think we should all be grateful to have a higher state of awareness, even though it can be equally as painful at times. But I'd rather be on this side of the aisle.


    Yes, we are definitely at a crossroads.


    1 hour ago, Noctua said:

    The use of such vaccines “does not constitute formal cooperation with the abortion from which the cells used in production of the vaccines derive”, it said.


    They will find a way to say white is black and vice versa, if needs be.


    59 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:




    It is very obvious that the penguins are not socially distancing. If you want another good laugh, then scroll through today's round of masonic mass media headlines.



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  15. 15 hours ago, banjo dog said:

    Also heard Johnson say we can look forward to a very different world in this country after Easter. Read into that what you will. To me that sounds very ominous. All on the darkest day of the year. Saturn and Jupiter in alignment. As D.I has said it's no accident Saturn sounds like Satan. And today is the day the ancients celebrated SATANalia.


    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if a Joe Biden 'Covid Taskforce', working in tandem with the U.N., is sent in to the U.K. by May. Saturn is the masonic anus and Jupiter is the nob of Numnuts. All well lined up and I am going to stick it to them.




    14 hours ago, Shining-one said:

    Strangely, I noticed changes amongst birds locally. Tweeting in mass at 11.00 pm. Very odd. And then tweeting as normal at 4.00 am. On a practical level, I'm concerned over banks. Been finding it hard to access accounts with endless demands for more and more I.D. I guess what bothers me is the possibility of access to banks being tied into vaccine certificates. I already prepared for possible employment or social welfare restrictions. Guess I'd rather over-react than end up in limbo.


    I noticed some weird bird tweeting recently as well. As for the current state of banking, even just ringing an automated service telephone line nowadays involves pestering for a sample of your voice. Like literally every time. 


    11 hours ago, Fluke said:

    There are some. But they are either in jail or dead or demonised as anti semitic far right or conspiracy nutters. And if they gain any traction on the internet they are deplatformed. Lovely isn't it. 


    This is exactly why anyone operating in the mass media today has to be totally clueless and/or bent as hell! Maybe not so 20 years ago, but it is so today.


    10 hours ago, northern star said:

    How are men, on their own in a lorry, a covid risk? I would say they are one of the least risk workers.

    You really have to question whether this is another Brexit/covid sadistic torture, just before Christmas, cunningly orchestrated to cause as much distress as possible.  Just watched a BBC video and some expert said "the timing couldnt have been worse". No, for them, it couldnt be better. They just want fear and chaos.


    Lone men in lorries are only a Covid risk, when the U.K. is about to finally leave the E.U.. Yes, the terrible timing of soon having to take Covid tests to cross in to France, right at the same time as having to do a bit of extra Brexit paperwork. What bad luck! Bo Jo The Clown is now between a rock and a hard place and must postpone Brexit yet again. The big question is will the PTB go for another fixed postponement or will they try for an indefinite postponement? I am thinking it will be a postponement of 6 months minimum.   


    5 hours ago, Mr H said:

    One other contradiction I have noticed. That the people in favour of lockdown and other government actions - believe that they are doing so to save lives. Every death for them is an absolute tragedy and no death is acceptable. This is the argument. This poses them as the most caring people in the entire world. Very noble indeed! However, when you look at their behaviour against anyone breaking "the rules", or anyone speaking about the rules, then this free for all love in with humanity where every life is so important, suddenly becomes not important. Your opinion suddenly becomes unimportant as do your actions. So there is some mis-aligment here imo in this stance. If you really valued your fellow humans so much you wouldn't treat them with such contempt.


    It has already been highlighted how the government were well warned, in 2008-2009, about how many elderly folks could die in winter due to fuel poverty. Then, after the government did nothing meaningful, 40,000 elderly folks perished in the winter of 2014-2015. In the same vein, the government were well warned about all of the suicides connected to DWP sanctions. What did they do? They only tried to hide the suicide statistics! On the other hand, they will happily kill more folks with anti-Covid measures, than any 'virus', real or imagined, ever could.   

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  16. 9 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    Always amazes me that this so called pandemic is so virulent that we see deaths of biblical proportions in 3rd world countries. Africa and especially the open sewer land of India would be presumably by now desperately in need of humanitarian help for their swamped services and their enormous death tolls. instead I have to search hard for info on these places to find any worth while information. Doesn’t make sense whatever you believe.


    They don't have TV's in those places.


    8 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    the scientists are circling around the psychopaths walled up in the inner circle of government. they know they are lying and are now calling them out on it


    The public is beginning to circle around the government questioning their lies. Even the mainstream media knows the government is lying


    We are all circling around this small core of psychopaths who have their hands on the levers of power, exposing their constant lies and yet wondering what to do about it


    Well, they both serve the very same masters don't they. There must be some sort of weird dynamic going on, when interviews are conducted between PTB journalopes and PTB politicians.


    8 hours ago, kj35 said:

    Well. Who else reckons Boris is going to 'extend the transition ' period tonight? Ahead of announcing it would be 'irresponsible in these times to leave the support of our good friends and neighbours Europe '. And then ..bingo.. ports reopened in a month or two.


    I think that Boris is going to give a 'Remain In The E.U.' emergency press conference speech. However, I don't think he is going to do it until after Boxing Day.


    8 hours ago, DarianF said:

    There was never going to be a scenario where the UK people were not going to be punished for daring to leave the EU. There was always going to be severe punishment.


    I fear that we haven't had the severe punishment yet.


    7 hours ago, zArk said:

    its a strange situation when the UK gov is enacting bollocks for months and months and then suddenly 40 countries stand together against the UK ... of course the official reason is 'the new strain'. but i suspect there is bigger rebellion among whitehall and parliament than we are being led to believe.


    I would hope so. Who wants to live in a vicious police state?


    5 hours ago, vinny79 said:

    Stopped reading when she said 9/11 wasn’t a false flag event. who fact checks the fact checkers


    Everyone has to go through the 'Questioning 9/11' process for themselves and to figure it all out for themselves, as I and many others on this forum already have done. For me, 9/11 really is the kindergarden of so-called 'conspiracy theory' though. Anthony Lawson (RIP) said 'If the WTC7 collapse footage doesn't at least help to wake someone up, then they are probably beyond help'. You can sort of see what he meant.

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