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  1. I was doing some internet searches last night and, unless I am going blind, I happened to notice that her death had only been reported by The Sun in the U.K.. I would have expected some of the other U.K. mass media outlets to at least give her death a cursory mention. I even wondered whether she might not be dead, but, if that was the case, then the initial story would have surely been corrected by now. So, does anyone think, after The Sun first broke the news, that a DSMA-Notice might have been issued? It wouldn't surprise me at all, as the PTB could have easily used the 'we don't want to fuel anti-vaccine conspiracy theories' spiel.
  2. It sounds like a nocturnal, mass vaccination session down the local lodge.
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    Matt Hancock reports to Chris Whitty, about his latest PPE acquisition from President Erdogan.
  4. His dodgy barnet would suggest that he has been on a lengthy plague lockdown.
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    Did the last 9 months really just happen? WTF. I think I will use Christmas time to really try and let everything fully sink in. I don't think it has yet. This song has resonated with me a bit more of late.
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    Constipated Keir tests positive for Zionism, then tries to run off.
  7. It looks like they already had their booster doses.
  8. So, Dick 'En' Tice has now turned into a hardcore 'Coronavirus Truther', right alongside the Daily Masonical and Masonic Sun. I am feeling a little bit cautious about this story. I believe that certain 'criteria' must be met, but, yes, what a load of total tosh. I couldn't expect any less from Patrick 'Fantasy graphs' Vallance. Indeed. All of the stuff happening in and around her home is very routine. The problem is that the PTB harass some people, without intending to ever physically murder them on any given day. For others, the PTB hope that harassment will stop their target from gobbing off, so they don't have to murder them. Therefore, the target might not feel too sure about how seriously to take their 'treatment'. Given the context, I think that she should have realised she was a potential hit and, from some of her comments in the video, she did seem to realise it. Folks like her need to team up with other good folks and live together, so that at least two people are always home at the same time. As she didn't do that, then she should have set up some CCTV, which I didn't get the impression that she did do. RIP.
  9. Dion Dublin busily establishing his credentials for his future employment at the BBC. I have played a lot of football and I never conducted myself like that on the pitch. Would anyone let this thuggish caveman within a mile of any kids? If anyone can find that BBC 'Final Score' clip, which was referred to earlier on in the thread, then please do post it. They give the impression that something I really don't want to know about is occurring under their dodgy robes.
  10. A very good article and it was well worth going to the trouble of working on and publishing. However, on this forum pre-lockdown, we did call out the fact that there would be a surge in deaths right after lockdown started. It was not repeated with any significance in November, as those who were living right on the edge in March had already perished. I think the psyop here might be that some sheeple in other countries still see the U.K. as a bastion of honesty. On further reflection, William Shakespeare did use to be on the back of a £20 note. Yesterday was 8th December 2020. 8 and 12 equals another 20. This could all be connected to the new £20 note that this issued at the beginning of this year. Furthermore, some mass media outlets were also referring to him as 'Bill', which is another term for a cash note. Just some vague thoughts. It was really bugging me who the fukk Hancock reminded me of. Then, someone came up with Lieutenant Hubert Gruber, which did resonate with me, but I am still not fully satisfied. I think he is a Gruber mixed with 'x' hybrid. Who is the missing 'x'? So, why is Piers Morgan not screaming 'foul play' from the rooftops? Why am I not surprised? Murderers!!! P.S. Maybe they wanted to test their eyes, after 4 gin and tonics, so as to see if they were still alright to drive home.
  11. 'Sir Patrick Vallance warns Brits could still be wearing face masks NEXT winter because it will 'take quite a long time' to vaccinate everyone and jabs might not stop the virus spreading.' This translates as: Sir Patrick Vallance warns Brits could still be wearing face masks NEXT winter because the Coronavirus Act needs to be renewed in October 2021 and kept as law until at least April 2022.' Move over Chris Lee, if he were still with us. My elderly folks are exempt from wearing face masks and generally don't wear face masks. However, in certain settings, they do feel compelled to wear them. This is exactly the sort of thing that concerns me. There is absolutely nothing that they wouldn't do, if they thought they could get away with it. Could they not have made a saline solution appear milky though, if it was indeed a saline solution? The bigger picture is that virtually the whole country will be under Tier 3 come Brexit postponement time, essentially cancellation, on 1st January 2021. A reallocation of tiers is due to take place on 30th December, where the concern over 'Christmas mixing' will be used as an excuse to take such safeguarding measures. The whole notion of the PTB not extending the loosening of Christmas restrictions, say for a few more days until at least 2nd January, was ridiculous. They would have allowed it, as they allowed us to have a bit of a Coronavirus summer holiday, unless they had ulterior motives that had to play out right around then. A junior version of Tony Blair, somewhat akin to Nick 'Smeghead' Clegg. He will probably be on BBC 'Strictly', come 2023.
  12. On BBC News, earlier on today, they had some muppet talking about all of the 'unknowns'. Well, I say 'talking about', but what they were doing was literally dismissing them. Starngely, they never even mentioned the possibility of medium term or long term side effects. No credible explanation was ever given, as to how a nobhead DJ with no medical qualifications, somehow got to lead a 'Reform Broadmoor Task Force'. Yes, but let us also not forget that they will come for us too eventually. Fantasy digits. Biden just announced another nigh on trillion dollar stimulus, which I am sure will all go to helping poor families out. The PTB know that their crash date is fast approaching. They are going to try and leach every dollar they can, then immediately use it to buy up other assets, before it happens. Hand on heart, from what I know of freemasons, the word 'christian' (whether capital 'C' or small 'c') is the very last word I would associate with them. How long is a piece of string? I think that one thing we can now conclude, which was well predicted, is that there will be further jabs waiting for the sheeple during this decade. If I had to guess something, then I would say that average life expectancy will decrease by a decade or so, over the course of the next 50 years.
  13. Some more material for the emergency bog roll supply. Let's see what percentage of the population end up taking the vaccine. I know that it won't be anywhere near 95%. I still have faith in 'changing times'. As night follows day, the Coronavirus Act has to be renewed in April 2021 and has to be further renewed in October 2021. These are givens. The Coronavirus Act can't be renewed, unless the general situation is deemed bad. This can only mean that the general situation will still be bad in October 2021. This is a philosophical certainty. Tears of joy? He must have been promised an awful lot to get the country to this stage. He is probably on the same $10 million package, as Jeremy 'Rimmer' *unt was. No, they are all too busy abusing little kids with the Ted Heaths.
  14. Were you ever on the 2006-2019 forum? There was a thread debating this little chestnut. Personally, I thought bitcoin did at least 'begin' as a genuine anti-PTB concept. I believe that this is something problematic for the PTB. Yes, it is interesting, but notice how they stressed she had underlying health conditions, which were not conducive to vaccine consumption. I am currently debating whether I can be arsed to send off an FOI request, as to whether there have been any pre-MMR payouts for autism caused by vaccines. If there were, then I suspect that they would have been in the early days of the compensation scheme. Same here. He should be 'barred' from every public house in the county. Right, i'll get my coat then...
  15. Well, as the months and years roll on, just as with the ridiculous Syrian narrative, the Covid narrative will totally fall apart. It already has pretty much. Viewer discretion is advised and I have nothing against komodo dragons. This is how I see the current state of society though. Docile citizens just standing around, while terrible things occur right in front of them, especially to their vulnerable children. :-( Pre-Coronavirus, I didn't even know that county councils had such people working for them. I didn't recall them ever being mentioned on local TV news. Geldof and the Coronavirus do have one thing in common. They are both above the law. At least she managed to get a few words in. Other than a run-of-the-mill hit piece, what did she expect though?
  16. Did she get a compensation payout? Why am I not feeling reassured... I don't watch live football, but if I did, then I would stop going. Covid Rangers. Let's be honest, they aren't being created to solely 'remind' over-friendly folks in the High Street about responsible social distancing. We should be on hand to help conduct some dodgy PCR tests.
  17. Well, this lot passed the Coronavirus Act in March, then renewed the Coronavirus Act in October and will no doubt renew the Coronavirus Act again next April. Says it all really! I like the 'minimum 60% injured' bit. Anyhow, so roughly only 15% of claimants have ever been successful. I would then be wondering how many others might have claimed, but didn't due to dying; not associating any health problems they had with a vaccine; not knowing the compensation scheme existed; or just not being bothered to claim. What I would really love to know, pre-MMR vaccine, is whether the compensation scheme ever paid out on an autism claim. If not, then how many autism claims were there? Or was it the case that no one was ever entitled to make an autism claim? I guess that a new FOI request would need to be submitted and, even if an autism had been successful in the past, then they would probably lie about it. I didn't even know that a separate scheme existed for swine flu vaccine victims. All I ever hear from BoJo is 'we are at the front of the pack'. WTF. The passing of the Coronavirus Act was High Treason. I have no doubt that randomly selected juries would find them all individually guilty as hell. Just the other day, I was mentally terming this virus as 'all things to all tyrants'. Indeed, but those who lived in that time were at least free to wander around their sheep pens. Not so now.
  18. As already clarified, it was Micah Richards who vocally took that line, but Dion Dublin was in full agreement. I have tried very hard to find the video clip on Youtube, but it just isn't there to be seen. I refuse to believe that no one uploaded it, so Youtube must be continually removing it. Everyone really does need to see it for themselves. The thing that really got to me was the way Dion Dublin so casually denounced everyone booing as 'must be racist'. Next step facecrime and just no. I would say that the great minority of Millwall fans, who booed this pathetic kneeling, were bona fide racists. He is supposed to be the one fighting against casual generalisations as well! I really wanted to punch him on his lary hooter.
  19. I have periodically been monitoring the comments section of the Youtube video I posted. Where to begin. Generally speaking, I am very encouraged by the innumerable, sensible comments, which have obviously been left by ordinary Joe Public. However, one thing that confuses me is all the focus on George Floyd's questionable past. There have been many decent black people, who lost their lives to police brutality in the U.S., and BLM could have easily sprung up from one of them. Even now, BLM could easily just say 'maybe Floyd wasn't the best poster boy' and switch bandwagons. I feel that BLM was ready to go, prior to Floyd's demise, and they were going to hop on the next passing bus no matter what. They wanted a fresh case to latch on to. I think that all of the good folks in this country, who oppose BLM, should quit going on about George Floyd's character. They don't need to, as BLM's nature is very easy to criticise as it is. There are also far too many good folks not understanding why The Guardian left the Youtube comments section open, which, from what I can gather, they found quite surprising. I am reading things like 'Kudos and respect to The Guardian for allowing free speech'. Sigh. The comments section was definitely only left open, it wasn't 'worked' by shills either, as the PTB wanted to gauge the reaction of Joe Public for themselves. I reckon they were hoping that the stereotypical 'Millwall are bad guys' attitude would kick in, but it didn't. The Likes versus Dislikes rating was about 95% in favour and virtually all of the comments were in favour too. Then, from about midday today, there was a 'sudden' shift in activity, with lots of 'this is racist' comments appearing. You could easily see that the 77th Brigade were now on there. It is so funny how visible they are. I have been reminded it was Micah Richards who was really pushing that line, but Dion Dublin was looking delighted when he heard it! I was in so much shock, from hearing Dion Dublin's initial comments, it must have fried my brain. Apparently, Dion Dublin was unable to crawl home last night, as when he got near he noticed that Gary Lineker had poached his dirty rock via some dodgy property deal. She can piss off as well.
  20. For me, this is somewhat reminiscent of idiots avoiding joggers, by a good 10m or so, in public parks. It must be part of the anti-pubs agenda. General socialising is now no longer allowed in the U.K.. So, if they all took polygraph tests, after claiming to have had the vaccine, then I wonder how many of them would pass it? Maybe Lulu? If Qantas doesn't backtrack, then it should be boycotted to the hilt. Not a chance he would be allowed to do what he is doing, unless he is 100% part of the crew. It just isn't possible. 'Mandatory' can, essentially, mean a lot of different things. However, I do agree with you that the PTB are not currently where they want to be. This is encouraging. As for the £120,000, as others have stated, it is pretty meaningless as compensation for good health destroyed. Furthermore, it is not a new scheme, it is funded by the taxpayer and it probably isn't at all easy to get. I wonder how many claims were actually unsuccessful. I would really like to know that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine_Damage_Payment 'An FOI to The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was made in 2019. The DWP’s response states that up until May 2019 £74,690,000 has been paid out from the fund, and 941 claims have been successful.'
  21. Papa Numnuts once called me an 'ace bullshitter', when I was a teenage idiot, and that is exactly what the PTB's so-called 'experts' are. Simply defined as: 'Any old arsewipe who says anything even remotely supportive of the PTB's 'official' Coronavirus narrative. This certainly does not exclude braindead sheeple, who the PTB's mass media ghouls may randomly locate for a quick interview, while roaming the streets of the U.K. on any given day. However, it does exclude incorruptible medical professionals.'
  22. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that some of these vaccine care home teams deliberately don't announce when they are going to show up. It also wouldn't surprise me all to learn that some of these vaccine care home teams don't even consider the notion that not every single resident is getting a jab.
  23. Football fans have now been allowed back in stadiums in small numbers and Millwall were at home this afternoon. Some of their fans loudly booed all of the players ritually taking a BLM knee before the match started. The vast majority of Youtube comments seem to be supportive of the Millwall fans, as am I. To my horror, I then saw Dion Dublin, on BBC 'Final Score', calling the booers 'racists'. He also said that the booers should be 'hunted down and banned from the stadium'. I have never heard anything like it in my entire life! Dion Dublin is an extremist, dangerous nutcase. Dion Dublin should just fuck off and crawl back under his dirty rock.
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