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  1. They plagiarised one of the cenobites.
  2. Yes, Grant Shapps, a right sewer rat, if ever I saw one. Whenever I see him, then I can just imagine him slyly emerging, under the cover of darkness, from beneath our once wholesome streets. They won't even let you get euthanised, unless you have been vaccinated first. Is Ferguson an esteemed brother too? Or just a cock sucker of? I think that this should be properly debated on another thread. I don't think anything easily transmissible has been unleashed in the U.K. yet. If the PTB did unleash something in Iran, then, again, I don't think it was anything easily transmissible. Maybe they unleashed something in Iran that wasn't a virus? I don't know. There has never been any logic associated with the official narrative of this virus. The simple answer is that the PTB are looking to create a strong sense of crisis and panic, so as to be more able to justify the imminent postponement, essentially cancellation, of Brexit. Personally, I don't see any connection, as only the very elderly and a few other folks have had the vaccine thus far. Furthermore, they say it is prevalent in south east England, which justifies the PTB in ring-fencing London off from the rest of the country, with additional buffer counties all around London also being placed in Tier 4. Again, the 'Brexit Con' is the answer.
  3. As I said on another thread a few hours ago. So, are these new freight transport problems, plus all of the U.K. travel bans being introduced around the world, enough of an added ingredient for the PTB to adequately bake the 'Remain In The E.U.' cake? I really don't know. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55389505 'Covid-19: Dover port halts traffic to France for 48 hours.' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55385768 'Covid: Nations impose UK travel bans over new variant.'
  4. No, not yet. This is all Brexit obfuscation going on right now. If they do unleash something serious, then I doubt it will occur before next autumn at the earliest. I was still looking at 2012 as a central point in a long process. Like when a pendulum slowly reaches a zenith, before dropping back again. I will happily take this year as a fixed alternative instead though. They want to ring-fence parliament and government from the rest of the U.K. Hence, all of the areas surrounding London are also being chucked on to Tier 4. At the same time, they want full control of both the national and international travel of all U.K. citizens. What 'The Sturgeon' just decreed for Scotland is mental. 'Crisis' and 'panic', by design, is all I am hearing on the news right now. I don't think he was killed for reasons highlighted in the below text, but that would have been enough in 2020. Who the fukk would want to be any sort of scientist nowadays? Cross the PTB, which you might not even be aware you are doing, and end up dead. 'He had recently received a Russian grant to study new ways of diagnosing and treating malignant brain tumours, and was an advocate of research into the uses of herbs and mushrooms as a cancer treatment.' For sure. I have also consistently been saying that 'something else' needs to happen, in order for the PTB to successfully pull off the postponement, essentially cancellation, of Brexit. I am thinking about the spectre of the Beirut explosion; the increase in the terror threat level that occurred in November; the recent 'alleged' confession of Hashem Abedi in prison, so as to try and wrap up any doubts the public might have about the Manchester Arena bombing; and a general feeling that the PTB will pull some stunt in the Boxing Day to New Year's Eve period. The key question is will this contrived French border blockade chaos, alone, work for the PTB as a 'Remain' excuse? I don't know. I will just say that I reckon they do at least have a big bomb all ready to go in London, if they feel that they need to use it. P.S. Folks can believe what they choose to. I will also add that 'someone' was standing outside where I live the other evening, for a good 15 minutes or so, and I got the impression that it was an act of attempted intimidation.
  5. Always keep an open mind. They still haven't managed to come up with a good excuse for removing folks from their homes though. They don't really want to act like total tyrants in public yet either. This seems quite good. This doesn't seem quite good.
  6. The mass media are simply the mouthpiece of the masonic anus. Exactly. Not a chance that the London Underground would be left open, if this was all really true. Unless I was dreaming, Hancock was on the TV news this afternoon and stated as follows: 'I got up early in the morning to make it law.' Thoughts? Well, it is the very same people running the E.U., the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more besides, so if something credible leaks from one country the PTB control, then it is pretty much going to be the plan for all of the countries the PTB control. The way the 'lights are going out all over Europe now', pre-Brexit cancellation, makes me wonder if they are going to bomb London with a big one. I don't know, but I just feel that 'something else' is going to happen in the next fortnight or so. The PTB need 'something else' to happen, so as to be able to press on hard with their evil agendas. I think that the PTB 'might' unleash a deadly virus and it is something that we should all at least consider. If they did, then they would surely do it after they have vaccinated as many sheeple as possible. It is probably solely down to more people being tested.
  7. Whenever the masonic mass media uses the term 'fury', then you know some very serious bullshit is being spun. The reality is that no one actually gives a flying fukk. Road blocks? Now, that would probably cause a bit of fury. Well, Peter 'Deep state dickhead' Hitchens probably would know what the PTB agenda is at a low level. I don't think that the PTB want civil unrest right now, but mindless, random acts of street violence will never do them much harm regardless. I think that the PTB are seriously concerned about a likely lack of vaccination uptake. They are now looking to make taking the vaccine as quasi-mandatory as possible. Meanwhile, most of 'them' will be heading off for a pleasant Christmas, in an undisclosed location somewhere. Look, this new, mutant virus is up to 70% more transmissible than the old virus. However, when weighing up this fact against the right of all primary school kids to get a good sex education, then the latter must win out every time. So, shutting down society, but leaving all of the schools open is literally the only way to go. In the same vein of the ridiculous, how they can still talk about the concept of super spreaders, while leaving the London Underground open, is totally beyond me. Leaving home alone in your car, so as to drive to a random, nice bit of countryside for a spot of sunbathing in May, was classed as spreading the old virus and making things worse for the whole country. Now, in the middle of winter and with a much more highly infectious virus strain lurking about, it is still fine to use the London Underground. Ha ha ha ha.
  8. Christmas is presented to us as the season of good will. The PTB, at least up until now, have needed to let the sheeple have their Christmas. The big lie is that things could be great all of the time, if not for the PTB psychos controlling our society. Absolutely. It at least sounds like you have a few friends that are 'in the know'. This is another reason why our 2006 forum was attacked, even after it went 'read only'. So much that was speculated has now come to pass. If there is one thing that the PTB really don't like, then it is being called out before they do things. This is because they lose both credibility and effect in the process. Interesting.
  9. numnuts


    The assholes are pushing on now regardless. Not even a few decent days of rest for Christmas then. Sigh.
  10. Yes, but please don't forget that we have at least all been promised a cure for cancer, by the end of this decade no less.
  11. As I recently said on another thread. People will only 'get it', when they fully realise that BoJo the Clown decides jack shit. Add this unpopular 'Cancel Christmas' episode to the long list of excuses already prepared to explain away his upcoming prime ministerial resignation. I believe that this is symbolic of rimming rituals conducted down the local lodge.
  12. As has consistently been said, from way back in March this year, this is the Remainiac virus. The 'primary' objective for unleashing this massive psyop now was to use it as an excuse to scupper Brexit. Yes, the PTB have also been pushing other agendas this year, under the cover of Coronavirus, but Brexit was the trigger. As with the financial crash of 2008, any national government can use the Coronavirus as an excuse to do what the hell they like, while blaming their actions on 'global problems' out of their control. We were supposed to be concluding Brexit talks today, one way or the other, but now the narrative is that they are going to make a decision on whether to continue talks just before Christmas. Eh? Considering they originally told us that talks would really need to be concluded by the end of October, then this is quite remarkable. The notion that anything is going to be concluded in the last few days of the year, other than postponing, essentially cancelling, Brexit, is total bullshit. Hence the need for London and the surrounding areas to be put in a newly conceived Tier 4 lockdown, so as to protect everyone living there from the mutant Coronavirus. This simply translates as 'no meaningful protest will be tolerated'. I am also thinking that a major 'Event', such as a false flag terror attack bigger than 7/7, might occur before the end of the year. In a few months time, some elements of the masonic mass media will begin to call out at least a few of the lies associated with this mutant virus. Then, some covidiots, this forum not excluded, will say how great it is that the mass media are finally telling the truth. LOL. I swear that it isn't all down to shills either. It is Orwellian doublethink in action, in terms of conceptualising the masonic mass media as being both good and bad at the same time, when they are truly evil all of the time. Even a mildly bent unmasonic mass media would have gotten round to ritually crucifying the likes of Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson by now. P.S. Boris's 'We aren't leaving the E.U. yet' speech is already well written.
  13. I swear I initially read the thread title as 'Sporting Reptilians'. My bad. If they do exist, then a good bet has to be looking into their eyes doesn't it?
  14. The mass media would spin that as the day they heard the vaccine was soon coming. Govidiots.
  15. It's all a charade. The PTB probably see it as soothing the ones who have 'already' woken up a little bit.
  16. It is nigh on a certainty that this outage, plus the other recent outage, were both related to PTB scheming. The mass media are hardly going to give us that line as an 'official' explanation though.
  17. The Swedes probably felt compelled to go along with it, as in 'you are either with us; or you are with the terrorists'. From what I could gather, non-essential shops are still allowed to stay open. I wouldn't be at all surprised, if a big bomb goes off somewhere in London, say between 26th December and 31st December. Guterres, the U.N. secretary-general, was predicting a mutation by the end of this year. He made his prediction way back in April. At least Gemma O'Doherty and John Waters had a go. I thought it was a worthwhile effort. From what I could gather, we do still technically have a Christmas amnesty, but some reunited families are now going to be more hampered in how much they can enjoy themselves.
  18. The PTB will already have their own stooges in many positions of power, just ready to their bidding. Like when M.P. stooges meet up with social media CEO stooges. M.P. stooges - 'Bend over and proffer please.' Social media CEO stooges - 'No problem.' Of course, when the 'Brexit Con' finally occurs, in a fortnight or so, then the PTB will want the whole of London to be well ring-fenced. Personally, I am feeling quite optimistic. I think it might be Gina Miller's cousin. Not much laughing this time, but he did use the word 'exponential' with great authority. A bit like installing Windows 10 on your pc.
  19. We must have equally spread 'bullshit parity'. Would an anal swab not be a good indicator of infection? I guess they had nothing better to do. Of course it is. The mass media will do whatever it takes to keep their pied piper mantle. I think that some time, post-Mao, the Chinese took back China. I think the fact that freemasonry got banned in China, which underpins the activities of the PTB, is quite telling. When they say 'there are currently no plans', then what they really mean is that 'all of the new guidelines have already been drawn up'.
  20. Just more of the anti-China psyop, which was predicted back in March. Any war with China would be terrible for the Common Man. When juxtaposing this 'journalism', with what the mass media don't say about the Israeli mafia's nefarious influence in this country, then it is quite a comic read actually. This translates as 'we hope things will probably be permanently abnormal by 2022, but don't count on it'. Cheers, Biff. Indeed and calling them 'complicit' is probably a bit of an understatement. They have been right at the vanguard of this treacherous fiasco all along. For sure and amen to that. I think that 2021 is going to be the year of 'Sheeple Power'.
  21. I had a slightly different take on that. I said back in April that I thought the PTB were deliberately directing an awful lot of negative energy towards Bill Gates, with him being a willing participant in the theatre. It didn't feel right to me. For example, he gave a lot of TV interviews where he would literally wave his hands around and talk some serious shit. It was like he was taunting us and saying 'Hey, I am your problem and I am right over here!'. I think the psyop was to take the heat off some of the lesser key players in cooperating national governments, say Whitty and Vallance in this country, around the world. It's not like anyone was ever going to get close enough to have a spiritual pop at Bill Gates was it. They are slowly catching up with the E.U.. I don't understand how Kim can crack down 'even more'. I thought North Korea was already supposed to be a bona fide police state. The thing that really cracks me up is how they have all turned blind eyes to what Erdogan has got up to in Turkey; while easily managing to hotfoot it to Belarus, fully equipped with mock outrage, at the drop of a hat. Ha ha ha ha. Well, it is hardly a good sign that he believes Trump isn't part of the carnival; regardless of how much other sense he may talk. I believe that the Coronavirus Act is due to be renewed on 1st April 2021, which happens to be April Fools' Day. When Matt Hancock says 'things may not be better by Easter', which next falls on 4th April 2021, then what he really means is 'things definitely won't be better by Easter, as the Coronavirus Act needs to be renewed then'. The exact same rule of thumb also applies to 'things needing to be bad' come October 2021. If you tell your friend all of that in advance and it happens, then who knows, he might wake up a bit. The ones who seem intent on waving their arms around, so as to try and give an aura of greater authority, are the worst type.
  22. BoJo makes one last valiant effort, along with Ursula, to deliver Brexit for the British people.
  23. I agree with most of what you said in your lengthy post. Thank you. I will watch it again tomorrow some time.
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