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  1. How can Dick dare to call the vaccine 'safe', when even Billy Gates wants to attain indemnity? Aww, don't be horrible to the sheeple. You followed up this post, with another post concluding that the 'random guy' was simply being cast as a crazy. Correct. They were going to open again anyway though. Two + Two = Bojo The Clown playing 5D chess with the Chinese. You, Mikhail, have seemingly cracked the code.
  2. Why am I not at all surprised. The 'new ABnormal'... Shouldn't that read 'stop cognitive dissonance'; rather than 'spread cognitive dissonance'? Virtual reality isn't real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPhs9cHiK6Y Good to see the lunatics at The Telegraph attaining new levels of Covidiocy, by virtue of not trashing this obvious bullshit. They seem to have all the energy in the world, whenever they feel the need to explicitly trash something. It seems that our lunatics at The Telegraph have a penchant for being a bit selective. 'More than 4 in 10 people believe to some extent that China created coronavirus as a bioweapon to control the west, new research on Covid-19 conspiracy theories has suggested.' I think it was Empress Jolie who helped finish it for Weinstein. He wasn't inner core and, as with Baron Greenback in the U.K., he was hammered to give the illusion that wealthy 'Jewish' folks weren't above the law. A one-off, two-pronged transatlantic psyop. As for Prince Andrew, I said many times on the old forum that an anti-monarchy agenda had started to run through the mass media. His downfall, along with the 'narrowing' of the Royal Family and Harry's de facto departure, is just another component of that agenda. The U.K. is being denationalised and a buoyant Royal Family is not something the PTB are keen on. As for BoJo The Clown, I have already said many times, on this very forum too, that he is being lined up for resignation. The Cummings affair, along with the premature birth of his child, his illness and his upcoming failure to deliver Brexit, is just another component of that agenda.
  3. Fine Young Cannibals 'Johnny Come Home' (1985).
  4. Johnny Hates Jazz 'Shattered Dreams' (1987).
  5. Yazz And The Plastic Population 'The Only Way IS Up' (periscope) (1988).
  6. No explanation needed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNkgDJpcuwU
  7. Just the Russians doing it now, apparently... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zersetzung 'In 2016, Zersetzung-like harassment was reported by the American press as carried out by Russia's secret services against U.S. diplomats posted in Moscow as well as in unspecified "several other European capitals"; the U.S. government's efforts to raise the issue with the Kremlin were said to have brought no positive reaction.' There is more than one and there are multiple agendas at play.
  8. And yet, they still can't seem to win. LOL.
  9. As you probably know, a public inquiry is really a misnomer for a government inquiry.
  10. I think that it relates to your pecker soon meeting Eagle's beak.
  11. I think that a lot of good room was wasted, so we should look to prove just how carbon friendly we can be.
  12. https://youtu.be/N3NA17CCboA?t=682
  13. I haven't really looked in to Boston. However, I would say that the PTB have a tighter control of the U.S., than the U.K.. It would be easier for them to pull off a completely or nearly completely fake psyop in the U.S.. I think the important thing to realise is that a false flag, terror attack psyop is just that, regardless of real casualties. If I asked you, whether you thought there were any casualties on 9/11, then I am pretty sure you would say 'yes'. So, we know they aren't shy about killing their own citizens on home soil. Therefore, for example, the PTB could have just set off a bomb in Manchester, then blamed it on a suicide-vested Salman Abedi instead. It doesn't have to be a case of all one or the other. Their power, especially over the mass media, has certainly grown over the past 20 years or so.
  14. I really don't know, but I am pretty sure that they won't all be dodgy. I wouldn't say it is way beyond comprehension. I am thinking he didn't have anything to do with it, but it's possible. Offering oneself might be deemed suspicious. Not so, if it was offered, and I am thinking that most shills probably would have taken the job first time. It isn't a cast iron argument though.
  15. Well, at least Gareth made an announcement, which stated that he had at least heard from him.
  16. This account was created on Sunday 17th May, which was at least a clear 24 hours after the forum hack occurred. Maybe the block on new members was only applied during the early hours of Sunday morning? This account, along with some other accounts created on the Saturday, could have just snuck in there. xs92sn
  17. Yes, but with 7/7 and Manchester there were some casualties. This is my whole point and it doesn't detract from both events being false flag psyops. If there weren't any casualties, with very real injuries, then some staff at the local hospitals would be like 'WTF is going on?'. The PTB couldn't hush it up. On the other hand, in Iraq say, they can run any fake terrorism story they like.
  18. My theory is that it would be nigh on impossible to pull off something like this, with no casualties turning up at the local hospitals. I also know that the PTB are not at all shy, when it comes to maiming and killing people.
  19. Yes, I was going to say that it would be less of a discrediting factor nowadays. However, even if a PTB victim 'gender switched' to something that is more of a current norm, than it used to be, then they would still lose some credibility. Simply by the act of suddenly changing.
  20. In reality, we have no idea where the hacker was operating from. I don't really care either. Yes, the old 2006 forum ran on VBulletin software, which I liked when it came to presentation and usability. I didn't know anything about vBulletin pushing upgrade options for inflated prices. Norton and McAfee antivirus. Who knows what might surface, come Nuremberg 2025, chocomel.
  21. On vBulletin the PTB could edit posts, without the said posts showing as being edited. Not something they did often though, as they didn't want to get rumbled. I don't see how anyone can rule out the possibility that he suffered either further online strife or even offline strife. We don't know it was 'he' and not just 'some of the threads'. You mean, at least for now, all of the threads from the past 16 months or so! If Gareth comes on the forum and says he thinks that 'he' had something to do with it, then I might listen. The management didn't delete the old forum. The PTB knocked it offline. They will never have their wages docked and they will never be 'defunded'. Unless, we kindly do it for them.
  22. With such large scale events, on U.K. soil and still for now at least, then I would suggest that 'something' happened. The mass media could then exaggerate it, twist it and spin it to kingdom come. What I do know is that Salman Abedi was innocent of this act. Just like the 7/7 patsies were innocent.
  23. What has the PTB grabbing armed forces or security service operatives who have publicly gone off script, then releasing them with altered genders, got to do with population control? Not that I am knocking Max Spiers at all, who I believe was murdered by the female of the species. P.S. Snowden is lucky he managed to hotfoot it away from the PTB.
  24. It is well known that some folks, who emerge from the clutches of the PTB, do so with altered genders. Is this an unintended consequence of their 'treatment'; a deliberate act, so as to make appear less stable; or maybe a bit of both?
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