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  1. I have been speaking my mind since 2006 and I was on the old 2006 forum from 2009. I think that most folks who know of me will appreciate that I usually use quite considered language. For example, if am 10%, 30%, 50% or 70% etc. sure of something, then I will try to make that very clear. Now, on the late Anthony Lawson's (RIP) Youtube channel, there can be found his quite popular 'WTC7 - This is an Orange' video. I have viewed it numerous times, over the years, and also posted it both on the old forum and on this forum on a few occasions. My concern is that this video has now literally been 'added to' or 'segment switched', within the past fortnight or so, and I am 100% sure of it. God knows what Anthony would have said, if he had lived to see it. I am talking about the footage that I can now see between 1.03-1.07. It shows a more top to bottom view, from one angle of the building, and I believe it has been added to make the building look more susceptible to a total collapse. In reality it doesn't, as all of the separate steel columns will still have to have failed at exactly the same time, but I can see why someone would have done it. It was already quite farcical having a link to the official narrative on Wikipedia forced under this video, when this video in itself wholly disproved the official narrative, but whatever. Sigh.
  2. Indeed. However, I would like to add that, fake or real or something in between, all of these 'events' will have been manipulated by the PTB. Some shootings in Manchester have also recently occurred, according to the mass media. Our streets are no longer safe!
  3. I do read a lot of stuff, but God sadly doesn't send enough hours for me to read everything. Can anyone tell me, in a nutshell, how the hell Premier League football has been allowed to now return? Where is the social distancing? And not only that, they are all breathing heavily on each other at very close quarters! Furthermore, it is not a myth that many Premier League footballers have great difficulty with keeping it in their trousers. There is no way that they aren't getting 'out and about' quite a lot, in between games, and the R number must be shooting right up as I speak. Hang your head in shame Chris. Just hang your head in shame...
  4. I saw this video cover when it first came out, over 10 years ago now, and it still makes me laugh. Two German girls just being silly.
  5. Can the music video thread, on the new forum and on this very forum before it ends, be limited to only 10 or 15 posts per thread page? Or is it the case that all threads must be tied to the default setting of 25 posts per page? I think that 25 posts per thread page is too high anyway, even if a load of videos haven't been linked to. I think that there should be a maximum of 20 posts per thread page. If I have somehow missed an account forum setting, which I can change myself, then I do apologise for my oversight.
  6. Well, in my opinion, that is exactly what happened. I don't know that I can add much to the basic facts of the matter either. I would just say that I think he was executed on Christmas Day, immediately after a one hour show trial in the afternoon, as the PTB wanted it that way. I would also add that the 'driving force' on the Bucharest streets, which led to him to attempt flight in the first place, is the very same 'driving force' is behind the BLM and anti-muslim street protests occurring in the U.K. right now. If the PTB want protests on the streets, then they shall have them. It is 'their men' who are primarily orchestrating these protests, which are well publicised and backed up by the mass media. The police don't seem to interfere with the PTB protests much either for some strange reason. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolae_Ceaușescu#Foreign_debt
  7. I am currently seeing a lot of ignorance in society, but not a lot of what I would call bliss to go along with it. However, I do know exactly what Ziggy meant and I have contemplated it a lot in the past myself. I concluded that ignorance, other than a safety blanket, isn't anything at all really. Only true love is bliss.
  8. numnuts


    My lawyers have just confirmed that Rachel Riley has banned me from cracking my joke, due to it being deemed 'anti-semitic'. Meanwhile, Rach is said to be back in her study, while furiously working on the WTC7 mystery. She is looking a bit confused, but I have great faith in her. Yes, Rach, that's 47 storeys in about 7 seconds, which equates to about 1 storey per 0.15 seconds. You can do it Rach!
  9. Let's take the Chinese PTB for comparison here. Do they also hunt, torture, bugger and murder little children? I don't know that they do. For anyone who is unaware, the video in the following post is just one example of our disgusting Western PTB in action.
  10. He is a freemason too. This is getting very deep.
  11. There is nothing else it can be. Well, unless one subscribes to the ideas of some who speculate that they sold her or killed her deliberately, for some unknown reason, which have never made any sense to me. So, the McCann's perceived themselves to be negligent of 'something' or they wouldn't have initiated any cover up in the first place. Anyhow, not a strange, government cover up; a dumb, masonic cover up. As the old masonic motto goes: 'Love your fellow man (while you try to fit him up for your crimes, along with the help of your fellow masons*).' * - The bit in parentheses didn't make the 'official' masonic manual for some reason. It is a total embarrassment and this case very clearly highlights how the mass media all dance to the masonic tune as one. How does it not amount to high treason? Someone please tell me, if they think otherwise.
  12. Oops, I am going to have to take that back. It is actually David Hunt, leader of the Hunt Crime Organisation, who looks like Lurch. Not any members of the Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate. Well, not that I know of anyway. Lurch - 'You rang?' Numnuts - 'Yeah, give me a few kilos of Charlie on tick you stingy fukk! You can't have bloody spent all of that million quid, which Gold and Sullivan lent you, already!'
  13. I believe that this thread is part of the PTB's 'Tommy versus Muslims' divide and conquer agenda, which was also being played out in a thread on the old forum. The PTB will be especially keen to push this agenda, along with the 'BLM' and 'Covid19 kills loads more BAME folks' divide and conquer agendas, in the backdrop to the upcoming cancellation of Brexit. MI5 will be orchestrating everything on the streets, as they and the 77th Brigade are feebly trying to do on this thread, and they will no doubt suck in a few gullible souls to dance to their tune. However, it will be the mass media, by massively exaggerating everything, who will attempt to put the maximum pressure on the ordinary democrats sitting at home. The message beamed out, very heavily across the airwaves, will subliminally state as follows: 'There is carnage on the streets. All Brexiteers are racists. Stay at home ordinary democrat. Stay at home ordinary democrat. Do not protest the cancellation of Brexit. If you do, then you are surely either an 'enormous leftist', a 'paramount rightist' or a 'superlative centrist'. Or perhaps all three rolled into one, which might be even worse, but still not as bad as a dodgy freemason thankfully.' No freemasons about to take me to task on that final contention thankfully. Alrighty then. Cheers.
  14. Sure, I just wanted to be certain that I understood the situation as it currently was. As for the specific point you made, it has now been more than 5 weeks since the forum was attacked. Sure, I can understand why a decision was made to have our own little lockdown, while we were figuring out what was what, but why is it still continuing? The avenue of attack was identified. So, what is the logic of it? We need more voices to be heard. Furthermore, in light of the attack, maybe some folks with existing accounts would prefer to sign up with new accounts.
  15. Ditto. If Gareth were to 'temporarily' mod me, for 24 hours or so, then I would be very happy to do it all. It would be a good thing to do and I have at least volunteered to do it.
  16. If I am correct and this wasn't even a hack, then what is the point of moving the home of our forum? If someone manages to somehow nefariously access the password of an administrator, externally of the forum, then you can have the most robustly defended forum in the universe and it still won't matter. Or are we moving because the new forum will be easier to back up? I am just trying to understand the logic of what is occurring.
  17. Anyone on this forum ever done any base jumping?
  18. Indeed. What about Graham Norton looking like Prince Michael though? He does seem to get treated like a Prince as well! I am not saying any of this because of my massive dislike for Prince 'I always keep my mouth shut' Michael by the way.
  19. Quite so. I very often wondered how that seriously unfunny, little twat, Graham Norton, managed to rake in so much cash from the BBC. I heard that one day they even ran out of canned laughter, when recording one of his shows. I thought 'there really has to be something else going on here'. And then, one day, I suddenly had my 'Eureka!' moment. If true, then I shall be complaining to the BBC, as nepotism, in all of its forms and associations, must be fully confronted and dealt with.
  20. I have really felt change in the air of late. Not 'change you can believe in', as all the idiots of the past fell for. Real and positive change. Anyone else? Maybe this completely pointless song of the time, some 30 years later, can now have a sting in the tail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4RjJKxsamQ
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