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  1. As already clarified, it was Micah Richards who vocally took that line, but Dion Dublin was in full agreement. I have tried very hard to find the video clip on Youtube, but it just isn't there to be seen. I refuse to believe that no one uploaded it, so Youtube must be continually removing it. Everyone really does need to see it for themselves. The thing that really got to me was the way Dion Dublin so casually denounced everyone booing as 'must be racist'. Next step facecrime and just no. I would say that the great minority of Millwall fans, who booed this pathetic kneeling, were bona fide racists. He is supposed to be the one fighting against casual generalisations as well! I really wanted to punch him on his lary hooter.
  2. I have periodically been monitoring the comments section of the Youtube video I posted. Where to begin. Generally speaking, I am very encouraged by the innumerable, sensible comments, which have obviously been left by ordinary Joe Public. However, one thing that confuses me is all the focus on George Floyd's questionable past. There have been many decent black people, who lost their lives to police brutality in the U.S., and BLM could have easily sprung up from one of them. Even now, BLM could easily just say 'maybe Floyd wasn't the best poster boy' and switch bandwagons. I feel that BLM was ready to go, prior to Floyd's demise, and they were going to hop on the next passing bus no matter what. They wanted a fresh case to latch on to. I think that all of the good folks in this country, who oppose BLM, should quit going on about George Floyd's character. They don't need to, as BLM's nature is very easy to criticise as it is. There are also far too many good folks not understanding why The Guardian left the Youtube comments section open, which, from what I can gather, they found quite surprising. I am reading things like 'Kudos and respect to The Guardian for allowing free speech'. Sigh. The comments section was definitely only left open, it wasn't 'worked' by shills either, as the PTB wanted to gauge the reaction of Joe Public for themselves. I reckon they were hoping that the stereotypical 'Millwall are bad guys' attitude would kick in, but it didn't. The Likes versus Dislikes rating was about 95% in favour and virtually all of the comments were in favour too. Then, from about midday today, there was a 'sudden' shift in activity, with lots of 'this is racist' comments appearing. You could easily see that the 77th Brigade were now on there. It is so funny how visible they are. I have been reminded it was Micah Richards who was really pushing that line, but Dion Dublin was looking delighted when he heard it! I was in so much shock, from hearing Dion Dublin's initial comments, it must have fried my brain. Apparently, Dion Dublin was unable to crawl home last night, as when he got near he noticed that Gary Lineker had poached his dirty rock via some dodgy property deal. She can piss off as well.
  3. For me, this is somewhat reminiscent of idiots avoiding joggers, by a good 10m or so, in public parks. It must be part of the anti-pubs agenda. General socialising is now no longer allowed in the U.K.. So, if they all took polygraph tests, after claiming to have had the vaccine, then I wonder how many of them would pass it? Maybe Lulu? If Qantas doesn't backtrack, then it should be boycotted to the hilt. Not a chance he would be allowed to do what he is doing, unless he is 100% part of the crew. It just isn't possible. 'Mandatory' can, essentially, mean a lot of different things. However, I do agree with you that the PTB are not currently where they want to be. This is encouraging. As for the £120,000, as others have stated, it is pretty meaningless as compensation for good health destroyed. Furthermore, it is not a new scheme, it is funded by the taxpayer and it probably isn't at all easy to get. I wonder how many claims were actually unsuccessful. I would really like to know that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine_Damage_Payment 'An FOI to The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was made in 2019. The DWP’s response states that up until May 2019 £74,690,000 has been paid out from the fund, and 941 claims have been successful.'
  4. Papa Numnuts once called me an 'ace bullshitter', when I was a teenage idiot, and that is exactly what the PTB's so-called 'experts' are. Simply defined as: 'Any old arsewipe who says anything even remotely supportive of the PTB's 'official' Coronavirus narrative. This certainly does not exclude braindead sheeple, who the PTB's mass media ghouls may randomly locate for a quick interview, while roaming the streets of the U.K. on any given day. However, it does exclude incorruptible medical professionals.'
  5. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that some of these vaccine care home teams deliberately don't announce when they are going to show up. It also wouldn't surprise me all to learn that some of these vaccine care home teams don't even consider the notion that not every single resident is getting a jab.
  6. Football fans have now been allowed back in stadiums in small numbers and Millwall were at home this afternoon. Some of their fans loudly booed all of the players ritually taking a BLM knee before the match started. The vast majority of Youtube comments seem to be supportive of the Millwall fans, as am I. To my horror, I then saw Dion Dublin, on BBC 'Final Score', calling the booers 'racists'. He also said that the booers should be 'hunted down and banned from the stadium'. I have never heard anything like it in my entire life! Dion Dublin is an extremist, dangerous nutcase. Dion Dublin should just fuck off and crawl back under his dirty rock.
  7. Maybe he should listen... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Mexico_City_Learjet_crash They don't even obey the lockdown rules. A nice idea there, but let's start with the basics. I have never injected myself with any drug in my life. However, if I had a choice between receiving £15 billion and the vaccine or £0 and having to shoot up, then I would shoot up. Not even up for discussion. I was just thinking about this care home vaccine roll-out again. Do the residents of sound mind even get the opportunity to say 'No way'? Are the vaccine givers suddenly going to appear on the scene with a false air of authority? I can hardly see care homes booting out renegade residents. I find it extremely disturbing how BoJo and Hancock automatically refer to all care home residents as 'getting the vaccine'. It's like they haven't even conceived of any unwilling residents.
  8. This translates as: 'NHS staff will no longer get the coronavirus vaccine first after a drastic rethink about whether they would be dumb enough to take it en masse, it emerged last night.' The government can hardly afford to go to war with NHS staff right now, especially after bigging them up all year as heroes.
  9. For sure. I dread to think of some of the other stuff they might get up to.
  10. Just pointless really. We in the U.K. might as well adopt a whole new alphabet, given all of the carnage we have unleashed on this planet. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55186459 'Germany to wipe Nazi traces from phonetic alphabet. Before the Nazi dictatorship some Jewish names were used in the phonetic alphabet - such as "D for David", "N for Nathan" and "Z for Zacharias". But the Nazis replaced these with Dora, North Pole and Zeppelin, and their use has since continued with most Germans unaware of their anti-Semitic origin. Experts are working on new terms, to be put to the public and adopted in 2022. The initiative sprang from Michael Blume, in charge of fighting anti-Semitism in the state of Baden-Württemberg, backed by the Central Council of Jews in Germany.'
  11. Most of it probably went on life extension technology.
  12. Just LOL at the fake smiles in this clip. Vaccine heroes went astray.
  13. I wondered whether Beverley Allitt might have been set up a few years ago. I think that the PTB making society much more selfish, in recent decades, will also help. I definitely can't see any cokeheads taking it. A good article and Hancock does have to be the worst liar going. Too right, along with the mass media shills. Protection from legal action in relation to something we are told shouldn't need protection from legal action. A good oxymoron right there. They are the conspiracy theorists.
  14. Best news I have ever had. Exactly! And they are ALREADY talking about booster jabs being needed in the coming years, as we all well predicted. The nastier shots will follow the initial double dose in due course. Not that I would touch the initial double dose with a barge pole anyway. I haven't got the time to try and analyse whether every individual M.P. is a shill or not. God just doesn't send enough hours in the day. Without judging this guy, I will only say that I am sure some of them do the odd bit of grandstanding, after the fact, to protect themselves against future backlash from sheeple gone feral. 'Look, look, look how I stood up for you!'. Just like the neverending 'War On Terror' then. Let us all not forget that the Coronavirus Act is due for another 6 months renewal at the beginning of April 2021. Not a chance that the PTB will let anything appear to be even remotely normal by Easter. Why do I not feel reassured?
  15. All of those, who were already living right on the edge, would have sadly perished in April. This is the spike in deaths that the PTB wanted and are still, in terms of directly connecting them with Coronavirus, clinging on to. Now, with Lockdown 2, it won't have been so bad. This is why they recently plugged the 'Lockdown worked this time around' spiel. Funny how it worked better in winter, when fewer people were adhering to the rules as well. I am not saying that the PTB wouldn't do anything they thought they could get away with. They did 9/11 for God's sake. I just don't know if they could get away with that. Anyone else have a view on this point? The way Guterres was talking earlier on today, I got the impression that the PTB want to declare a Western NWO sooner rather than later. Like pre-2023. Indeed and the lure of personal debt reduction will be used to gain support for giving up what little sovereignty we have left. This is why the PTB always introduce unpopular notions into the public consciousness, via the mass media, with a 'it will never happen though' caveat attached. Cancelling Brexit being a prime example. Literally all of this year, Laura 'OT Cheese Grater' Kuenssberg has begun every Brexit progress report with 'Don't forget we have already left sheeple!'. Well, until not so long ago, when she dropped that line. Hmm... For sure, and this was discussed on the old forum. Personally, I think that Peloton is also a PTB front, with sinister motives.
  16. You are wise not to go along, as lashing out on the street will never help. And yes, even if you pile through four of them, there will always be more coming for you. The sheeple need to only act as one, then that will be that. No use worrying about it. Just hope for mass non-compliance. Yes, a process which would yield a decade's worth of data on potential side effects. Sigh. In the run-up to the Scottish 'Independence' referendum, Andy Murray pretty much stated that he was 'going to talk to other people', before deciding whether it was a good idea or not. I mean, why bother forming your own opinions? He seems like a nice bloke, but totally braindead. Hamilton did say some off-message stuff a few years ago.
  17. If only Molly Russell's dad hadn't allowed his daughter's demise to be used by the evil scum. I don't blame him at all, as he was blinded by anger. We all called it out from Day One though. Problem - Young girl killed herself, due to viewing self-harm images online. Reaction - How terrible! Solution - Remove self-harm images from the internet? NO, censor the entire internet for anything the government doesn't like! Anyone who disagrees is very horrid. I believe that they are aiming for a global population of 2 to 3 billion. Some folks seem to obsess with the Georgia Guidestones, which stipulate a target of 0.5 billion, but I don't take that too literally myself. We are stronger than them. Yet again, this is something we all called out from Day One, before the proposed lockdown even started. GLP is PTB.
  18. It is true that the PTB will always seek to tell renegade sheeple, by way of their TV screen, just who 'their new man' is. 'Sheeple, THIS is your new man.' A while back they kept on plugging Jacob Rees-Mogg and Bill Cash as 'our new men' I would run a mile from that duo. Ha ha ha. P.S. Not to say that literally everyone we get a glimpse of on TV is a shill. George Galloway is very legitimate in my eyes. Nigel Farage at least 'was' legitimate I think. It's just the way in which such folks are presented to us that must be scrutinised. For example, Richard Tice is largely left alone by the PTB, in terms of getting shit, while they would follow the likes of Aaron Banks to Mars to try and hurt him. Tice has to be a shill. Since whenever the people wanted to do something at direct odds with what the PTB wanted, as in Brexit. The brick wall was always there, but folks just didn't realise it. At least some of it must be shills fabricating public opinion. I know that folks can be intelligent in a whole plethora of different ways. However, from what I have seen of celebrities, on various TV quiz shows, the only 'general conclusion' I could draw was that they really are thick as shit. Scarily so. For sure, especially the low-level, masonic titheads.
  19. Yes, as well predicted, they are going to be running economic Armageddon stories literally every day now, until at least the end of this month. I personally see it as a 'Remain In The E.U.' Advent calendar. For me, it is circumstances like this that destroy the narrative of the vaccine pushers. They are literally shooting themselves down in flames. They say 'Oh, it's safe. Oh, some of these new vaccines are based on tried and tested vaccine technology. Oh, you must have it.' And yet, they then seek to change vaccine indemnity protocols. Um, why? We all know the answer. Financial greed? They 'implicitly' reported this on BBC News yesterday. Some vague, deceitful language was used, so as to help obfuscate the shocking truth. I know, it is getting really mental isn't it.
  20. She is well fukking creepy. I saw her on TV, just the other day, and had a 'The Demon Headmaster' (1996) 'Look into my eyes' moment. The BBC is totally gone now. Not that it was ever a bastion of truth, but I would say that even 20 years ago it had 'some' positive role to play. I am convinced that his hubby is a spook. Bob Geldof. For sure, this is why the House Of Lords was scrapped, as the final arbiter of U.K. justice, and replaced with a U.S. style Supreme Court. Unpalatable as it was, we were better off with a hereditary House Of Lords, which acted as a de facto Supreme Court.
  21. I still don't understand what the fukk he is trying to prove here? Why are folks, who are primarily concerned with the potential medium and long term side effects of the vaccine, going to be at all impressed by this dunderhead taking it live on air?! Is his trampy sidekick supposed to be taking it too? In short, he turned to the dark side. I am wondering whether a Youtube video, which only said 'Side effects data, for any new vaccine, can only go back as far as the creation of any new vaccine', would get removed in the current climate? Airtight logic in that statement, but it wouldn't surprise me at all, if it still somehow got flagged up. I wouldn't trust Nord vpn. At least you tried...
  22. Maybe someone has him on film bumming up a goat? None other than the dodgy outfit that conjures up loads of dodgy polls. It seems he is very well qualified to be a Vaccine Tsar then. The Israeli sheeple are the dumbest sheeple going. They will swallow any old bullshit. I have always thought handing out flyers is a very good idea. I have consistently said so too, ever since first joining the old forum over 10 years ago now. We are getting there, but, as one of the resistance guys in 'They Live' (1988) said, 'Just not quickly enough'.
  23. I couldn't trust anyone, still in the same employment at the BBC, who won a journalism award last year. If the poll is real, then I am still a bit worried that 20% of folks would accept a 'freedom pass'. It sounds like a special access deal you would get for a day out at Butlins. Um, nefarious as they sound, how are they ever going to know whether someone is having unsafe sex or not? It makes no sense to me. I agree, but not the best tactic for U.K. residents to use in the middle of winter. Good on her. It didn't surprise me at all to learn that the police were back up to their old coach stopping tricks. https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/18908815.brighton-anti-lockdown-campaigner-arrested-london-protest/ 'The Met said officers made a number of interventions to prevent people from gathering and coaches transporting protestors into the capital were intercepted. Those who did not turn back and go home were either arrested or issued with fixed penalty notices.'
  24. Personally, I would take some good, honest chaos, non-PTB chaos, over kettling any day of the week. I had another thought. If peaceful protesters do decide to initially gather at one location in the future, so as to subsequently move on to another location, then they can just keep on moving between the two locations non-stop. The copidiots will be following the protesters, thinking they are trying to throw them off the scent, but in reality the non-stop moving between the two locations will actually be the march. Everyone will then go home and the copidiots will be left at the scene, while scratching their heads, wondering when the protest is going to start. Detailed instruction guide below.
  25. Footnote as follows: 'If you ever happen to bump in to someone called Numnuts, then just run. He munches on our sort for breakfast.' For sure. If he was in any way genuine, then why did he prorogue parliament last year? It was a completely pointless act that only played in to the hands of the PTB. I am yet to hear one credible explanation, as to why anyone legitimate would have done that. Maybe, when the true horror of what he was fronting dawned on him, he did got cold feet. I definitely don't buy him being seriously ill in hospital though. What do they mean by 'give advice'? When it comes to social distancing outdoors, folks pretty much do know the rules. What they really mean is 'harass and intimidate'; not 'give advice'. I suspect that he may have been a centre-right chameleon.
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