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  1. I am by no means suggesting that we should reinstate all of the old forum sections, as we are supposedly due to migrate to a new forum in the near future. However, might it not be an idea to expand what we currently available just a little bit? For example, how about 'Today's News', 'Coronavirus', 'General Chat' and 'Silly Stuff'? It shouldn't take long to migrate some of the current threads to new sections and I think that it would be an improvement. Furthermore, for all we know, the new forum might turn out to be further away than we currently expect.
  2. Technically speaking, this wasn't even a hack, was it? No one actually broke in to the forum. Unless I have misunderstood something.
  3. I am thinking that it is more of a deliberate act; rather than a viagra effect.
  4. I am not sure that I understand what you are getting at. The E.U. project is a Zionist project. If the U.K. leaves, then it is in danger of collapsing. The PTB obviously don't want this to happen.
  5. And whenever Portaloo hopped off a train, so as to go and visit a nearby NATO facility, then his iris scan would result in an 'Access Denied' message.
  6. Well, yes, I think that pretty much sums it all up. I do know that the Remainiacs and the BBC 'Reality Check' fantasists always try to trumpet a net figure, which 'most' folks accept is around £220 million per week, but that doesn't wash with me at all. The notion of Joe Public benefiting from a £130 million per week rebate from the E.U. is totally laughable. The PTB no doubt advertise some 'poster boy' grand scheme where Joe Public is supposedly helped out, in a similar vein to a 'poster boy' private company helping out our NHS, but the amount of fraud going down must be mind-boggling. Anyhow, back to my main point, I still don't understand the logic of us continuing to contribute 'as if' we were a member. I mean, even if I accepted the huge 'Divorce Bill' bullshit, which I don't, I still don't understand the logic of it. In the real world, we would now be paying the E.U. a 'different' amount of money each month. It wouldn't be like this. Furthermore, the BBC 'Reality Check' fantasists don't seem to mention the fact that the 'Financial Settlement' allows for us to pay the E.U. £350 million per week right up until the end of March 2021. Could it be any more obvious that the PTB are ultimately expecting us not to go anywhere? Could it be any more obvious that the size of the 'Divorce Bill' was solely based on tallying up a few years of continuing membership fees, while they all conspired to stop Brexit? The key question to ask is 'Are we still going to be paying into the E.U. budget, 'as if' we were a member, on 1st April 2021?'. I know the answer and we will all look like fools too.
  7. I honestly don't know why. Does anyone know why? P.S. I am sure Matt Hancock would no doubt say 'That's a fukking good question, that is!'.
  8. Well, whatever the upshot is, I don't think that the baby pecker did a very good job at all. LOL. I have no 'concrete' idea what went on there. From what I can gather, though, this forum was supposed to be very tough to hack. Unfortunately, this tough exterior did not extend to a malevolent force getting hold of an administrator's password, which could then obviously allow for all of the damage to be done from within. Maybe someone managed to get a keylogger installed on one of Jaymie's computers? I don't know that anyone does know 'exactly' how it all went down. Although I do have more knowledge than your average pc user, I am certainly no techie. I am only speculating. However, I do quite agree with you about the concept of backing everything up regardless. The mass media seem to have ditched the 'new normal' narrative now. Haven't you noticed that? Personally, I reckon that they didn't want the sheeple openly entertaining the idea that anything could ever change. Ha ha ha.
  9. For the record, the 'Twins' would have munched on all of them for brekky.
  10. Well, now Chris has clearly admitted being involved in 'failure', then isn't it high time for him to finally resign from public life? Furthermore, I want to make it crystal clear that my question has absolutely nothing to do with his 'alleged' masonic membership. Personally, I think he should leave promptly and quietly, via the tradesman's entrance preferably.
  11. When are new members going to be allowed to sign up again?
  12. With respect, this is incorrect. After the hack occurred, when you looked at other folk's profiles, then you could still see 'some' pre-hack threads they had posted on. You could also still see the text from the posts they had made. This is no different now and it is most easily illustrated by looking at the profile of someone who hasn't posted since the hack occurred. For example, this is the profile of 'size of light'. 'Something', at least, is backed up 'somewhere'. https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/profile/123-size-of-light/
  13. When is the new forum due to go live? I have heard that threads on this forum are going to be transferred over to the new forum. Does this equate to all the threads created pre-hack as well? Or is it just the post-hack threads? I would really like to find out soon, if at all possible.
  14. Yes, I realised that. Why has the narrative, with Maddie officially considered both definitely dead and perhaps still alive, now been split though? It has certainly been done by design. One thing I have never doubted is that Maddie was killed accidentally. Not even the freemasons could have managed to knowingly create such a monumental fukk up.
  15. Peter Hitchens is on the case! Well, apparently so... https://cryptome.org/2019/05/operation-tiberius.pdf
  16. As many on here are aware, the final Operation Tiberius report (2002) was leaked to The Independent in 2014. However, the subsequent BBC Panorama investigation (2016) made no mention of freemasonry whatsoever, which was identified as a worrying factor both in the original report and in the associated The Independent article. Why not? Furthermore, Operation Tiberius solely concentrated on North East/East London. It is now well known that similar operations were conducted in the other areas of London. However, none of these other reports have ever been released to the press, even in a redacted form. Why not? Could it be that freemasonry is identified a a worrying factor in all of the said reports? I wonder what was uncovered in the City Of London then. Hmm... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Tiberius
  17. So, unless I am missing something here, the latest story is now as follows. The German cops have compelling evidence, not just circumstantial evidence either, that Maddie is dead. However, the Brit cops think that she may still be alive. Hmm, so why don't the German cops give the Brit cops their compelling evidence that Maddie is dead then? Someone please throw me a bone here! Going back to Sonia Poulton's tirade, I think it is quite remarkable that she went nigh on 8 minutes without saying the word 'freemason' once. I mean, this is the McCann case we are talking about here.
  18. Yikes. Please report to A And E immediately. The new strain of Covid19 has now officially arrived.
  19. Wow, the Tory Party are now getting all of their info from this forum too. Stress and poor health will form one component of BoJo's MSM resignation narrative. True. As for the Bullshit Boys, all I can see is a bunch of totally clueless muppets. Were they all forced to pose with anal dildos well inserted? Some really weird facial expressions going down there.
  20. Yeah, boot that useless shill fukk. https://youtu.be/2oHOv9p9dHQ?t=53
  21. Well, we all know the answer, don't we. I have been pondering two things today. Firstly, has this adage, which I really believe to be quite profound, perhaps lost a little bit of effect, due to it becoming so hackneyed? Like a great song, from yesteryear, which you haven't listened to in ages. You then happen to listen to it again, on one random, passing day, and are very glad that you did. Secondly, would it also be fair to aver that 'All it takes for evil to be defeated is for just a few, degenerate fukks to actually do something'? A little more self-belief needed maybe? The PTB are slowly unravelling and they appear to be falling apart at the seams. I really do feel change is in the air. Only a little bit of a nudge and their entire house of dirty cards is soon going to come crashing right down. I mean, their shill minions are a running joke now just for starters. Oh, how far the shills have fallen, over the past 15 years or so. This is truly how I see them nowadays. No challenge and barely even worthy of my attention. ;-0
  22. Have they gone 'No comment' in a police interview yet? I used to watch BBC 'Crimewatch' quite regularly, before it was axed, and every once in a while they did a 'How this fiend was caught' segment. The said fiend had usually been convicted of a very serious crime, often murder, and the segment included a visual reconstruction of everything that occurred in the case. Furthermore, there was a invariably a little clip of the said fiend in a police interview room going 'No comment', with the clear message being sent to the viewers at home that going 'No comment' was a worrying omen. Not so for freemasons and their partners though apparently. Yes, the kin of Brenda Leyland.
  23. Gerry McCann is a freemason and freemasons can do no wrong. Every single time the dirty MSM do a recap of the whole saga, while completely ignoring the fact that Kate McCann is the only person to have ever gone 'No comment' in a police interview, then they are clearly committing treason. What is more treacherous, than the press lying to the people*? Not a lot, not a lot. * - Lying by omission IS lying! What folks make of the said 'No comment' fact is purely down to them, but it can't just be brushed under the carpet!
  24. GCHQ would tell you otherwise.
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