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  1. More psychotic behaviour from Derbyshire police. They only drove 5 miles. Not very far really, is it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-55560814 'Covid: Women on exercise trip 'surrounded by police'.' 'Two women have described how they were surrounded by police, read their rights and fined £200 each after driving five miles to take a walk. The women were also told the hot drinks they had brought along were not allowed as they were "classed as a picnic". Guidance for the current lockdown says people can travel for exercise as long as it is in their "local area". The police force involved, Derbyshire Police, said driving for exercise was "not in the spirit" of lockdown. One of the would-be walkers, Jessica Allen, assumed "someone had been murdered" when she arrived at Foremark Reservoir on Wednesday afternoon.'
  2. Major incident declared in London, by George Clooney's even thicker cousin. Maybe he meant to say mayor incident? Sounds quite impressive, either way. Let's quickly get the vaccine in the arms then. In the arms! Is the super-spreading London Underground still open then? Ha ha. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-55588163 'Covid-19: 'Major incident' declared by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.' 'The coronavirus infection rate in London has exceeded 1,000 per 100,000 people, based on the latest figures from Public Health England. However, the Office for National Statistics recently estimated as many as 1 in 30 Londoners has coronavirus. Mr Khan told BBC political reporter Karl Mercer that the figure is as high as 1 in 20 in some parts of London. Major incidents have previously been called for the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 and the terror attacks at Westminster Bridge and London Bridge. A major incident is any emergency that requires the implementation of special arrangements by one or all of the emergency services, the NHS or the local authority.'
  3. Greta Thunbeg is Marianna Spring's superhuman alter ego. Notice how you never ever see them together in the same location. I was suspicious for a long, long time.
  4. Little Greta is rowing Little Tommy across the pond as we speak.
  5. What's new? Trump and Biden both willingly serve the very same masters and are just playing more 'Divide And Conquer' games with the U.S. population. It's all the PTB know and I don't see them getting very far really. Their power has declined quite a lot in recent years and they are nearing their final days now. How anyone could believe that this wasn't both 'devised' and 'allowed' to happen, by the system, is totally beyond me. Yawn. My only concern, would be about the masonic mass media implanting the idea of 'something unprecedented', occurring over in the U.S., in the minds of the U.K. general public. For example, I am hearing a lot of talk about Trump 'potentially' being legally removed from office a week or two early. This could conceptually pave the way, even if it doesn't actually happen in the end, for something quite dramatic to also occur politically in the U.K. between now and Easter. This would likely involve BoJo being removed as prime minister, rather than resigning himself, which was the original PTB plan. BoJo is another willing stooge of course, just like trump and Biden. Whoever takes over could then get to work on stopping Brexit, which the final 'Brexit Deal' didn't even credibly deliver to begin with, from ever happening. Perhaps, it is finally 'Government of national unity' time for us folks? Oh, yessssssssssss!!!
  6. Yet they do let their hospital staff speak out, if it is BBC News crews they are talking to. This is clearly discriminatory. It is also extremely disingenuous of the BBC, who literally never say 'Oh, we are talking to hospital staff, who are only allowed to say certain things by the way'. He will probably get mugged. More research is the very last thing that will now happen. Way too much power and money riding on it all. My common sense tells me that such things are mostly spread by folks who have zero concept of good hygiene. Matt Hancock must have been in tears, when he said that. I was also just wondering why Constipated Keir hasn't yet been booted off social media, for questioning the timing of the government's latest lockdown policy? Hmm...
  7. An ideal time to have been born, would have been around 1945. If one born around then has the stomach to see what is really occurring in their final years. Who the fukk asked him anyway? Just a glorified production line. So, we are talking 95% plus of the population then. And many of the zealots 'just so happen' to be swinging from a recently formed, enormous, financial tit. Unless they happen to be kids at school. They should rename this virus the BFV (the Big Friendly Virus), as it leaves kids well alone, when they are busy getting indoctrinated at school.
  8. If everyone stopped watching TV, due to moral concerns over the TV licence, then the TV licence would be scrapped quicker than one can say 'BoJo The Clown'. The Wikipedia 'we need your cash to survive' begging bowl routine is also very pathetic. Not a chance that the PTB would ever let Wikipedia disappear. Not when they have strong control over it. Every single phone call made to BBC News is monitored live by an MI5 stooge. The U.K. population in 1990 was estimated to be 57 million. The U.K. population in 2020 was estimated to be 68 million. The 1990 figure was likely quite accurate, while the 2020 figure is a total joke. More like, what, 75 million? Even if one accepts the 68 million estimate, then we are still looking at an increase of 20%, over just 30 years. This actually sounds quite sinister. Ha ha. The facts that the BBC 'Reality Check' fantasists will never divulge. Jeremy Clarkson, in my opinion, is just another lame turncoat. This is what the tipping point of mass consciousness needs to realise. It doesn't matter how great a written legal code or a written constitution is. If the people don't constantly defend it, then it will eventually get ripped to shreds, just like with the U.S. constitution.
  9. Yes, then David Camoron tried tentatively pushing the idea, before backtracking. Loads of money still did somehow get 'squandered' though, I do vividly recall. Evil, control freaks of the highest order, just like Tony Blair. How dare he! The simple message, which was delivered during this year's virtual Labour Party annual conference, was that we are a 'patriotic party'. This translates as 'Fuck policy. Anything goes, in the name of patriotism!'. Indeed. Exactly, the cull of those already living right on the edge. And which we all called out, just before the first lockdown even began. I would say almost certainly not and I hadn't thought of that before. Both Concerned Citizen and yourself make good points.
  10. I am telling everyone to beware! The PTB will always seek to control those minds at the boundaries as well; rather than lose them completely. This doesn't necessarily mean that everyone at TalkRadio is a shill. Just keep an open mind and beware. Any turd that drops from the PTB's anus, one way or the other, will at least 'officially' always soon become Gospel. I know. This is why, some months ago now, I was questioning who might end up working for the PTB, nationality-wise, and how. You know, like could some sweaty 18 year old, beavering away in his mom's Tel Aviv basement, 'technically' be working for and being paid by the U.K. army? In a roundabout, funky sort of way, it wouldn't at all surprise me! Some mornings, when I watch GMB or BBC Breakfast News, purely just to catch up on all of their latest bullshit, it does get me down a bit. It looks like the Granddaughter Of Joseph could soon be getting carted off then.
  11. And some are compromised and some are society boys, who are well in on it, such as Tony Blair. The only certainty is that they will keep on getting it wrong. What a surprise. So that probably equates to literally every sorry sod currently in hospital. The next question should be, what is the percentage breakdown of the above statistic? Notice how they specifically used the term 'in private homes' though. It was programming the mass consciousness of the general public. All part of wanting to access your home, probably after the next, much more contagious, mutant strain comes along. You quoted something I said, while it was wrongly attributed to another forum member by the forum system. Either you made some sort of weird error, in constructing your post, or this is yet another, new forum bug.
  12. Yes, a 'Buy now; pay very dearly later, in all sorts of different ways' kind of holiday. They have been furiously looking for ways, to access the homes of Joe Public, from Day One of this sham. Thankfully, they haven't got very far yet. If folks aren't living under a state of continual stress, then they will be more politically active on some level. I don't think it is forums like this one that actually wake sheeple up. I think it is quite random how sheeple wake up. I see forums like this one as a place where the already non-sheeple go. I was thinking, just the other day, something along the lines of 'The lunatics have already taken over the asylum and now they want the keys'. Aaron Russo said your microchip will literally handle everything. The death stats for the 6 weeks or so, from the middle of November to the end of the year, will account for all the poor souls, living right on the edge, who died during the first lockdown.
  13. The 77th Brigade etc. must be having at least some effect on what you are seeing. It is quite something, how the PTB's journalopes have the nerve to call us all sorts, when we comment on a small forum well known for having 'unofficial' views; while they stay quite silent and ignore paid government shills, who are policing 'official' mainstream forums, all under the guise of being Joe Public. Which of those two scenarios is most concerning, when mulling over the concept of democracy?! As Aaron Russo famously declared, 'All we have to do is to get these bankers out of our government'. Easier said than done though. It's not black and white is it. Just don't under-estimate the potential effect of 77th Brigade etc., at this critical moment in time. They are probably all being forced to work 12 hour shifts right now. It's all bollocks, but, going by the government's own narrative, we would still be well away from herd immunity status come March. Yes, there is definitely more than one 'gang' that patrols this forum. In the arms! In the arms!
  14. Yes, you make a very good point here. The answer to your question, which Vallance obviously won't tell us, is that it simply fits in with the PTB's narrative better that way. I don't know. Whatever Thatcher was, I don't think she was PTB central. They used her, then discarded her, after she rebelled over Europe. I was active in the early hours of this morning, right when it started happening. Pretty random, but it was very soon after someone posted this Youtube video on this thread. I don't know if it has ever been posted on this forum before today. Anyone else know? P.S. It could also be related to my exposure of BoJo having long rabies. Purely in theory, if Patrick Vallance tried to come clean today, then even he would have been fully exposed as a lunatic, anti-semite, anti-vaxxer by tomorrow. Replaced by a mason called Mason. Free only 'until' is tantamount to living under the greatest tyranny.
  15. In the 'real world', Youtube would have surely deferred to Ofcom here. I mean, it is quite bizarre how the government rails at Youtube for not doing enough to deal with unregulated content; then Youtube chooses to deal with content that is 'ultimately' regulated by the government. Constipated Keir's wife finds it quite 'distressing', as everyone on this forum is secretly a neo-Nazi. Very obviously so too. If anything gets too big, then the PTB just buy it. If they can't buy it, or at least effectively control it, then they will threaten and even kill. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilya_Zhitomirskiy I would suggest that the BBC News editor is much more than 'indirectly' involved with what goes on. If a 'virus' does exist, then it is man-made and it hasn't yet been released into the wild in my opinion. 'We'll have to see?'. It sounds like Whitty thinks he is talking to primary school kids. If we 'behave', right, Smeagol's less nice cuz?
  16. It sounds like 10 out of 10 cats would prefer the Oxford vaccine. I feel for you very much. I was gravely ill and hospitalised, in both autumn 2018 and autumn 2019. I was in awe of the fantastic care I received. The only thing that made me feel awful was seeing how obviously stressed some of the very hard working staff were. The worst one was the junior doctor who first assessed me. The look on his face was one of real despair. My personal view is that all NHS staff should work 8 hour shifts. Indeed. The very same staff I just referred to having to cope in PPE, with less beds and with more of them at home self-isolating. This is exactly why I was speculating whether they hit Tehran with 'something', not a virus, that was non-contagious or not easily transmissible. We don't see eye to eye on china, but that's what free speech forums are about. As one of my old lecturers used to often say, 'If everyone agreed with me all of the time, then it would be fukking boring!'. First it was questioning the virus, now it is questioning the lockdowns and next it will be questioning the internment camps. P.S. I had some more 'threats' today.
  17. I called out Peloton, as a PTB front, ages ago. It makes much more sense to me now. Everyone honest and decent, who is still left in a position of authority, should consider the following. Question - 'How do I know when society is cruising towards becoming a vicious police state?' Answer - 'When every few months, with regularity, I go along with something that I never would have done a few months ago.' If we are talking PTB countries, then I would bet my bottom dollar on it. The U.S. has already been looted to the hilt. And I mean even more to the hilt, than an unfortunate radish that has been commandeered for use at an after hours masonic social. On various threads, on various internet forums, it is very easy to see them in all of their different flavours and varieties. The deeper cover ones are kind of funny. Ha ha ha ha. When you look at things in different ways and juxtapose certain things, then it is incredibly easy to see the monumental lies we are all being fed. 'Every life matters', given the government's track record on fuel poverty deaths of the elderly in winter and DWP suicides,, over the past 10 years or so, being one of the daftest slogans currently doing the rounds. All of my very elderly folks have said 'Not in our name. None of this is being done in our name.' If there was a referendum now, with the question being 'Do you just want to go back to normal?', then I reckon that 95% plus would vote for 'Yes'. And if the PTB say they are doing it for the NHS, then they can use all of those extra billions they will now have saved can't they.
  18. Indeed. Yet another 'once in a blue moon' occurrence, where those with power use something for what they previously swore it was never going to be used for. Some of the dirty, masonic rags were running online 'Government of national unity' polls way back in April. They fudged Brexit big time, at least for now, so as to buy a few more months. All of their focus is currently on the vaccine. How anyone can believe that more severe lockdowns always seem to tally with higher Covid 'figures' is totally beyond me. They were hardly revolutionary. Patrick Vallance's shitter? It is the End Game.
  19. BoJo The Clown did a good one earlier on today. The simple answer is that literally all genuine journalists have been booted out of the masonic mass media, over the past 20 years or so; while, at the same time, society has become much more dumbed down. This is especially the case with our youth. Brexit hasn't really happened and won't happen. I believe that they are very intent on having a serious conflict with China. Michael 'I am Mossad' Gove, aka Govey Boy, is the biggest masonic muppet going. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but, over the past 9 months or so, it has become more fashionable for the masonic mass media to regularly call him 'Cabinet Secretary Gove'. This is a U.S. style label, which is designed to try and make him sound as important as possible. Why not just call him Tony Blair's private cock sucker? Yes, I bet he would! Personally, I reckon his missus ritually flogs his sorry, lily-white, constipated ass every damn night.
  20. I never heard of this movie before and it is pretty chilling. It seems at least one of the three credited writers definitely had some inside info on the PTB's future blueprint. Peter Fleischmann, one of the said writers, was also the director and producer. Likely him then, at least, and he is actually still alive. He is due to turn 84 in July. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0281538/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm I would also draw attention to the fact that an earthquake is a theme of the film too. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079264/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  21. Of course. Just because the masonic mass media only ever told us the minimum amount of truth that they could get away with. I would rather take my chances with pneumonia. I am still wondering whether they will really unleash a genuine virus later on this year though. They already forced all of the betting shop punters into the crack cocaine reality of internet gambling. Oh my. I already called Nigel Farage out as 'turned' and I already called out Tony Blair potentially being recruited as some sort of 'Vaccine Tsar'. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1379691/Coronavirus-news-Nigel-Farage-Covid-19-tier-5-lockdown-vaccine-Tony-Blair-Boris-ont 'Nigel Farage shares plan to END lockdown ‘misery’ and ‘most depressing winter since Blitz’.' 'Describing the current Cabinet as the “most low grade I’ve ever seen in my lifetime” Mr Farage added this could include former Prime Minister Tony Blair who has been outspoken during the pandemic.' They will no doubt claim that they made some 'adjustments' somewhere down the line. If they did, then I bet it still doesn't tally with their 'official' figures. Smoke and mirrors everywhere.
  22. I already swore that it must have been a case of serious rabies Boris had back in April. He is now obviously suffering from long rabies. I reckon it is to do with Boris trying to convince himself that his legendary bullshit is even remotely believable. Hmm, when he says 'at least until end of 'x'', then I suspect he means a lot longer than whatever 'x' happens to be. The funniest thing for me is to do with the fiasco over schools. So many folks can see that leaving schools open now, which the government wanted to do, doesn't fit with the wider narrative. Families spending more time together, as families, is the very last thing the government wanted to happen. Hoisted by their own petard though. Let's keep on exposing the 'London Underground can stay open' bullshit as well, which can only be defined as a 'super-spreader', then they will have to soon cave in on that anomaly too. They only want to leave it open, so that PTB foot soldiers can travel around more easily. Ha ha ha ha. This psyop is designed to lessen the anger directed at the government a bit, when the 'official' announcement finally comes. They have done this repeatedly over the course of this charade. The PTB will always be willing to throw a few 'unaffiliated' souls to the wolves. They were in dire need of an M.P. scapegoat as well. Busier lives, most women working and more financial pressures, usually equates to less time with the kids. Kids then slowly get more indoctrinated, via their schools, TV's and whatever. Loads more reasons too no doubt.
  23. A corrupted system will, legally, never inflict anything more than superficial damage upon itself. This is exactly why Tony Blair ditched the House Of Lords, as the final arbiter on U.K justice issues, when he created a U.S. style Supreme Court. This doesn't mean that some folks won't score a few victories against the PTB, via the legal system, and it doesn't mean that they should stop trying either. However, extreme caution must be exercised, if what they are doing is going to cause a lot of PTB pain. Just as we recently witnessed, in my opinion, with the 'demise' of Brandy Vaughan, in a similar fashion to past 'demises'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverly_Eckert https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deborah_Jeane_Palfrey Yes, plus I think that this already pejorative term will further evolve in to something even more denigrating, like 'social harmer', in the future. My nan too. Indeed. Both Ferguson's and Sturgeon's apologies seemed fake as hell and are worth sweet fukk all. Dick 'En' Tice, aka The Assprentice, is Nigel's Farage's successor in waiting. He has parachuted on to us, from a great height, right out of MI5's stinky anus. He is our 'new man' and he will probably be teaming up with the Daily Masonical in due course. I do agree with you, whenever possible, about using such shills to our advantage though.
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