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  1. On top of the U.K., I reckon they might visit Scandinavia, Benelux, the Iberian peninsula and perhaps somewhere in Eastern Europe, in this latest PTB 'Tour Of Terror'. So, let's stop the bickering and keep being charitable to all of the kiddy homes. 'Should auld pedochums be forgot, And never brought to dine? Should auld pedochums be forgot, for the sake of E.U. mine?' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54799377 'UK terrorism threat level raised to 'severe'.'
  2. After the French episodes, I was expecting the 'false flag terror attack' stage to shift to Belgium, which is obviously PTB central in the E.U., and then the U.K.. However, maybe they are going to try and fit in a few more locations, right across Euroland, before the postponement, essentially cancellation, of Brexit. We can then all stand together and resiliently sing a roaring rendition of 'Auld Lang Syne', come 'remain in the E.U. for now' time, in the early moments of 2021. Remembrance Sunday is this Sunday, so, as that could be quite poignant, I can easily see the PTB fitting in at least one more before then.
  3. I have been doing some more thinking. Spare me the jokes please. As already stated, I could see another full, national lockdown coming well in advance, but I didn't expect it to happen this way. I thought that they would just keep on adding to the 'regions on full lockdown' list, until there were no regions left that weren't on full lockdown. The official postponement, essentially cancellation, of Brexit would follow. In the same vein, I was expecting an emergency press conference to be called soon, but not this soon and not for the reason it was called. However, when it later emerged from the mass media that BoJo was going to announce another full, national lockdown, one that was not due to start for another 5 days, then it became obvious he wasn't 'yet' ready to mention Brexit. Some folks reckon that the full, national lockdown will be further extended, come 2nd December, and will continue on in to February or March. With a little bit of time off for Christmas, of course, and only if we are properly behaving ourselves. This wouldn't surprise me at all, as most of us would consider winter (best virus excuse time) to be December to February, but I am not sure on that. What I am sure about is the 'Brexit Con' being played out. The decision has already been taken to postpone, essentially cancel, Brexit. It's just a case of when they are going to announce it. I find it very hard to imagine them doing it and not announcing it until right before Christmas, or even right before the New Year, but I wouldn't put it past them. The silence of the masonic mass media on Brexit, over the crucial, last few days of October, was stunning. Might they even just say nothing until after the New Year? A DSMA-Notice being issued perhaps? Running alongside the political narrative, over the winter, I think that we are probably going to have some very bad floods; and/or a very bad storm (1987-esque); and/or another false flag terror attack (big); and/or a minimum 5.5 magnitude earthquake, probably epicentred in the Midlands. Some other major 'event', I know not what, might also occur. What I have noticed in the mass media lately, along with 'how great it is to vote early' in the U.S., is how they keep on calling the U.S. President the 'Leader Of The Free World'. Feels weird and who knows what these muppets might be plotting. What I do know is that they have been making it all up, as they have been going along, ever since Brexit Day in June 2016. Bob 'Not skint' Geldof on the Thames; Dave 'Dodgy' Camoron doing a runner; we 'didn't mean to vote for Brexit'; predictions of 'Economic Armageddon' and 'your nob will drop off if we leave the E.U.'; Gina 'Barnet' Miller and her gynocologist; the Supreme Court enters the fray; Brexit is racist; Soft Brexit versus Hard Brexit; screams that the Brexit referendum wasn't binding; demands for a second referendum; Theresa May, in her brightly striped stockings, and 'Brexit means Brexit'; activation of Article 50; more legal hurdles; Surrey earthquakes; M.P.'s 'taking control'; extension of Article 50; E.U. deals proposed that are designed to fail; another extension of Article 50; another general election; Bojo The Clown, with his Sue Barker haircut, ready 'to die in a ditch' for an 'eminently feasible' Brexit; proroguing parliament for no reason at all; 'Stop The Coup!' (lol); the Supreme Court enters the fray again; yet another general election; warmongering with Iran as a distraction; scaremongering with Russia as a distraction; serious floods; Coronavirus arrives in the U.K., just before the Brexit talks are set to begin; earthquake in Croatia; passing of the Coronavirus Act; loads of well dodgy freemasons on TV every day; Matt 'Faeces' Hancock ordering us not to sun bath or to touch trees in the countryside on our own; Nightingale (Brexit riot) hospitals set up all around the country; new treason laws proposed, so as to deal with those 'pawing at the fabric of society'; serious warmongering with China; the army is called in 'to help out'; months of lockdown; Bedfordshire earthquakes; resurgent Coronavirus; loads more well dodgy freemasons on TV every day; mass media silence on Brexit; earthquake in Turkey; return to full lockdown; no Brexit in sight and Boris lives on; WTF. There is enough there, alone, for a reboot of Billy Joel's 'We didn't start the fire' video. And all of that doesn't even include some of the aborted ideas the PTB were toying with. For example, Dominic 'Dickhead' Raab and Michael 'I am Mossad' Gove competing to take over as prime minister, back in April, from a Boris forced to resign with poor health; the mass media sending out 'government of national unity' messages; Brexit to be postponed back in June, when the Granddaughter Of Joseph gave her speech on the matter; Brexit to be postponed back in September, with the Supreme Court set to enter the fray for a third time, on the back of Gina 'Barnet' Mlller's cousin and her shrink; and an indignant Ursula 'Super Soma Woman' von der Leyen set to sue us over changing the Brexit agreement for no compelling reason. I at least presume they have now ditched the feeble plan of Ursula thwarting us in court, in terms of it being credible, as I haven't heard much more about it. In a nutshell, the PTB are running scared on Brexit and have nowhere else to go. Toys are going to be thrown from prams.
  4. I said back in March that we should have an 'Unusual Sightings' sticky thread, whether that relate to roads, rail, airports, ports, storage areas, converted facilities, new facilities or whatever. Perhaps the need for such a thread is even more pressing now. In the latter years of the 2006-2019 forum, someone posted about a new, unused facility having been built somewhere. Anyone else remember that? I can't go back and check the thread, as I don't believe that forum has yet been retrieved, since it was attacked.
  5. Quite possibly. It is common knowledge that the Spook Squad do often send some of their low IQ employees to attend these gatherings.
  6. I know exactly how Gareth feels and I have dropped out myself in the past. Not mentally dropped out, as in giving up, it was just that I couldn't really contribute meaningfully. It is one fukked up reality we are confronted with. It is nigh on impossible to be spiritually against it, for say a decade or more, and to not suffer any negative effects. Taking time out does help to heal and in recent times taking CBD oil has benefited me too. The only alternative is to capitulate and accept the horror on the horizon. A reality where literally every tiny aspect, of our and our loved ones lives, is decided by insane control freaks like Tony Blair. Get well soon Gareth and love/respect to everyone who gives what they can, when they can.
  7. Ha ha. This was my first mental foray into 'conspiracy theory'. And who was it that led me down this rabbit hole? None other than one of my primary school teachers.
  8. British, German and Portuguese police hold 'Lisbon Summit', in last effort to locate Maddie's remains. More chance of finding Brexit, in my humble opinion. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-uk-police-join-22914385 'Madeleine McCann UK police 'join Lisbon summit to find where tot might be buried''
  9. Personally, I think that they are and they really do need to for their own good. If WW3 does kick off, which will likely be with China, then do they really think that the Chinese will only unleash their hardware at the U.S.? Ha ha ha. Not a chance, as the Chinese are well aware that the Israeli mafia are, big surprise, primarily based in Israel. Mossad agents will not be dancing in the streets of Tel Aviv, come that fateful day. There will be a handful of survivors picking up the pieces and that's about it really. Hopefully, the good Israelis will take back control of their country soon. Alternatively, they can just fantasise about taking on China.
  10. On occasion, going back years here, it isn't that unusual for there to be a bit of a delay associated with Number 10 press conferences. In this instance, though, I think that the delay was quite deliberate. It was a lengthy delay and the motive was probably to let everyone, who was waiting while watching BBC News, to first get a good dose of brainwashing from all of the purported 'experts'. This would have made them more accepting, come BoJo The Clown time. As things stand, in the U.K. at the moment, I see no difference between the masonic mass media and the masonic controlled government. If anything, the masonic mass media are more senior. Their mass media stooges stay in place nigh on permanently, while their cardboard cutout politician front men come and go quite often. I had a good laugh, after the press conference was over, when a mass media ghoul proclaimed 'Yeah, parliament will 100% back this'. For the record, I think that Jeremy Corbyn will turn out to be the last genuine leader, of the two main parties at least, that this country had. They will do anything that they think they can get away with. It really is as simple as that. Every day we get an 'Overall death toll' graphic on our TV screens, which is currently around the 45,000 mark, and there is a bit of small text underneath it. It reads 'Deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive test' or something along those lines. When the newsreaders state this out loud, then they always seem to skip the 'for any reason' part of the sentence. Odd that. If any remotely honest scratched beneath the surface a little bit more, then the BBC would probably be forced to add another bit of small text, underneath the first bit of small text. Something like 'Positive tests include any cunt who phoned 111 and said they had a little sniffle'. The truth, whatever it is, would be ridiculous when taken in the context of the wider narrative. Given all of that, then how anyone can credibly claim that the overall death toll really does lie around the 45,000 mark is totally beyond reason.
  11. I reiterate, recent news on Brexit is about as conspicuous by its absence as it can get. Can everyone else not see this? The decision has already been taken to postpone, essentially cancel, Brexit, but Bojo The Clown isn't telling us today I don't think. No, the country is going to be economically driven right into the dirt for a few more weeks first, extra police state apparatus will be put into place and only then will the act of lofty treachery occur. Another emergency press conference will be called for that purpose. This is not speculation. This is certainty. At least BoJo's press conference today, along with the well dodgy freemasons Chris 'Witless' Whitty (aka Smeagol's less nice cuz) and Patrick 'Fantasy Graphs' Vallance should be a good laugh. I still can't quite believe how they try to justify leaving schools and universities open. Ha ha ha. What are the chances that BoJo will emerge from Number 10 in a Santa Claus outfit? All hail the Saviour Of Christmas!
  12. I think Mister said that a while back. The narrative the PTB's masonic mass media are spinning was always set to turn against Boris and those perceived as helping to form government policy. All of these stinky rags are very well-oiled mouthpieces of deceit. If not, we can go back decades here, then the U.K. would never have sunk anywhere near this low in the first place.
  13. This would be Islamic fascists who only seem to attack us when it clearly suits the agenda of non-Islamic fascists.
  14. Why does Keir Starmer always look constipated?

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Because he's full of shit?

    2. numnuts


      I reckon he is always forcefully 'packed up' the night before, by some shadowy, robed figures, in preparation for his next bout of verbal diarrhoea.

  15. As I just said in another thread I started, before I even heard this news, we were already on the verge of a full, national lockdown anyway. This is just the appetizer, before the main course of Brexit postponement, essentially cancellation, is served up.
  16. Well, if anyone doesn't think that the 'Coronavirus Crisis' was unleashed early this year to help thwart Brexit, regardless of exactly what the Coronavirus is or isn't, then I would be amazed. I do, of course, accept that other agendas are being played out as well, but the PTB's fear of Brexit was the key trigger for all of this to be happening now. In some respects, as I have previously stated, I think that the PTB have acted earlier than they wished to. Anyhow, we are now on the verge of yet another full, national lockdown, simply by virtue of tallying up all of the full, local lockdowns. We have been told that the deadly Coronavirus is set to run amok again. We have also just had another heavy round of dire economic predictions and false flag terror attacks. On the other hand, talk of Brexit has died in the masonic mass media, over the past few days, which I find quite remarkable. BoJo The Clown originally told us that we were set to walk away from talks weeks ago. Then, talks were set to end on 25th October and this was later extended to 28th October. We have heard nought since then. Does anyone think that we will get a BoJo The Clown emergency press conference in the next few days? I mean, as in to either tell us that the transition period has been extended from 31st December, say for a defined period like 6 or 12 months; or to tell us that the transition period has now been postponed indefinitely, so as to allow the U.K. to be 'steered into calmer waters' before leaving the E.U.. I can just imagine him saying that we will leave the E.U. 'when the time is right'. He would rather be 'dead in a ditch somewhere', but this is his sworn duty as U.K. prime minister.
  17. numnuts


    Thinking man's men. I haven't had a good hump in ages, so maybe they will let me mingle in body and soul.
  18. As Orwell, who personally knew some of these creatures, told us. They want to create a new reality based on a state of perpetual insanity. These were blatant false flag terror attacks and it's just a case of how they pulled it off. Don't forget that the postponement of Brexit, essentially cancellation, is now imminent. Of course we were going to have a new spate of national lockdowns in Euroland, with dire economic forecasts and false flag terror attacks rumbling on in the background.
  19. Well, it 'has' to be imminent. It can't not be imminent. It is a logical certainty. Even Laura 'OT Cheese Grater' Kuenssberg has stopped saying 'Don't forget we have already left sheeple!', whenever she gives an update on the E.U. trade negotiations. I don't even think you can get a bet on with the bookies that the so-called transition period won't be extended. They only seem to be taking bets on how long the extension period will be. Good to know we will finally be out by 31st December then. Ha ha ha.
  20. The Lotus Eaters - 'The First Picture of You' (1983). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_First_Picture_of_You
  21. numnuts


    I want to take over the freemasons. Where do I send my C.V. off to? I thought I would try the polite approach, before an enforced takeover is duly initiated.
  22. Gareth, you must surely realise that some of the negativity directed towards you is not coming from genuine forum members. I see the baddies and some of them are on this thread. Your mind has been disturbed and you need to take stock and think clearly again. Don't do exactly what the PTB would want you to do. We aren't going to win this without taking some serious shit. How could it be otherwise? Please stick around and don't remove yourself from running this forum or the new forum. We need you. It doesn't matter how long it takes. We can work it all out. Peace.
  23. When I first saw this video, then I just knew he must have died in action not too long after. I thought I was fukking nuts as well. Ha ha. RIP Bruno.
  24. https://novakdjokovicfoundation.org/press-center/news-and-info/novak-and-jelena-djokovic-opened-the-first-kindergarten-in-the-village-near-sabac/
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