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  1. I wouldn't be at all surprised myself. What would a Tier 6 banding involve? Order from Amazon only and anyone seen out and about, in a non-official capacity, will be shot on sight? All on the back of another 'claimed' virus mutation no doubt. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tier-4-stay-at-home
  2. Kate McMason - 'Oh Gerry, when are we going to finish fitting up that German paedo for Maddie's demise?' Gerry McMason - 'Ooh arghh, ooh arghh, ooh arghh. Trouble me not, Kate, he will definitely be seen to in 2021. My 33rd Degree McDumbass mate, who I first met way back in the day in medical school, has given me some 'concrete assurances'.' 33rd Degree McDumbass mate - 'Ooh arghh, ooh arghh, ooh arghh. Patience, Kate. If we don't manage to fit up the German paedo, which isn't an easy thing to do with zero evidence, then we are going to get you legally declared innocent by a World Court.' Kate McMason - 'Oh Gerry, you swore we would have nailed that German paedo by now. This just isn't good enough!' Gerry McMason - 'Ooh arghh, ooh arghh, ooh arghh. Kiss my ass, Kate.' Latest bullshit from the Masonic Sun. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13589868/maddie-mccann-detectives-believe-case-solved/ 'MADDIE HOPE. Maddie McCann detectives believe case could be solved in 2021 as suspect Christian B to be quizzed in New Year.' 'COPS investigating the number one suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann believe the case could finally be cracked in 2021. Under-pressure German detectives probing paedophile Christian B say there "will be no let up" in the long-running search for the truth.' 'A source close to the case told the Sun Online: “German officers had hoped that, by now, they would have found the missing pieces of the jigsaw which they need to link Christian B to the disappearance of Madeleine. “But they remain as determined as ever and there will absolutely no let up in the New Year. "The German police will not be taking their foot off the gas.”' LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!
  3. If there was such a thing as a preemptive pardon, then I am sure that Trump would have issued her with one by now.
  4. Indeed. Her trial is set for 12th July 2021. You just 'know' that is she got bail, then she would never make it to trial. Of course she wouldn't be suicided. Her death would be faked, just like her dad's death was faked. She would get plastic surgery and a whole new identity. Just as Jeffrey Epstein, Greville Janner and Leon Brittan did. Well, maybe at their age, Janner and Brittan got carted off to some secure location instead. I am sure that they must have been given the option of plastic surgery though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghislaine_Maxwell#Arrest_in_July_2020
  5. I don't know what went on here, but, in my opinion, it wasn't a run-of-the-mill, pre-planned PTB event.
  6. It is literally impossible for any human being, who wasn't already heavily involved in drawing this deal up, to offer any opinion on it whatsoever. Unless they have read it all and fully digested it for themselves, which no one can have done so quickly. Let us not forget that the 330 pages or so Coronavirus Bill, which was miraculously ready to be put to parliament in the middle of March by Matt Hancock, contained provision for the retrospective cancellation of any election or referendum result. And a lot more dodgy stuff on top of that too. It duly became law, virtually unaltered, and the mass media were strangely quiet at the time. Now, when the government issues a 30 pages precis of a 1,500 pages or so Brexit Bill, we are supposed to go along with the mass media saying 'it is acceptable', when they themselves can't possibly have yet read the full text. Eh? It is clearly High Treason and nothing less. I have read a few comments that 'suggest' both a one year cancellation period applies and a five year review period applies, but I will wait to read it all for myself. There is no way on earth that our M.P.'s should be asked to vote on this bill on 30th December. Our M.P.'s should head back to parliament some time around Thursday 7th January, then debate it and decide on it. No need to extend the transition period either. Both sides can wait to see what happens with ratification, as the E.U. already looks set to do after 31st December. All of the broken Brexit deadlines of the past now spring to mind, so one more shouldn't hurt then. Furthermore, they can still say we legally had no deal in place on 1st January. They were just a 'tad slow' in putting up barriers in the unofficial transition period of the official transition period. *coughs* https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55443780 'Brexit: EU diplomats briefed on Brexit trade deal.' 'Dr Joelle Grogan, senior lecturer in law at Middlesex University London, told BBC News: "To put this in real context, if I spend the next five days before Parliament is recalled on Wednesday spending 10 hours a day just reading that document, I will have a maximum of two minutes and 30 seconds to fully understand, analyse and comment on it."'
  7. So, the BBC 'Reality Check' fantasists, the lunatics who claim to believe in free falling skyscrapers no less, have now 'seen a copy of the text'. They also seem to have taken it upon themselves to tell all of us about it. I want to read the text for myself. Where is the text?! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/55252388 'Brexit deal: What is in it?' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55449035 'At first look, full post-Brexit text goes beyond a 'Canada-style' deal.' 'Innocuous and arcane sounding articles and annexes could have a huge impact on industry and government policy.' 'There is also a mutual right to "rebalance" the agreement if there are "significant divergences" in future that is capable of "impacting trade". These go way beyond standard free-trade agreements such as those between the EU and Canada or Japan, reflecting the UK's history in the single market. The text reads like these mechanisms are designed to be used, and created to ensure that both sides remain close to each other's regulatory orbit.'
  8. They cancelled 'TOTP', so they could get rid of all the 'stained' dressing rooms. They cancelled 'Tomorrow's World', so all of their sheeple slaves wouldn't throw themselves into nearby volcanoes. The primary motive for the mask aspect of this psyop is simply to make it 'seem' real. As almost everyone on here has already said, if you didn't have a TV and were going about your business as usual, then would you have no idea anything was 'supposed' to be wrong. Having most of the sheeple wearing masks corrects this problem. I reckon it was a tough decision for the PTB to make, as they wouldn't normally approve of people wearing masks. I 'began' to wake up in 2006, so that was before my time. However, I am sure that mass consciousness has shifted an awful lot since 2010. Whether that is 'enough' or not is another matter. Furthermore, if the PTB weren't concerned about it, then they wouldn't now be fighting tooth and nail to control social media or sending their cannon fodder on here for me to ritually discipline. We did say, back in April, that some 'Covid cadavers' probably were going 'missing in action'. The PTB liked the flu killing off loads of elderly and weak folks every winter, so never did anything meaningful to tackle it. Simple as that. In my opinion, you are overthinking here.
  9. I am sure that the masonic mass media all had special copies of this new deal delivered by Santa, late last night, and are now busily poring over every minute detail. The last thing I heard from Laura 'OT cheese grater' Kuenssberg was something like 'there may be elements in the new deal that people will be really unhappy about'. Eh? How would she know? What a load of total bollocks. We have called out the PTB, every single step of the way on the 'Brexit con' journey, and they are now backed in to a final, little corner. A final, little corner, where most of the country apparently needs to be living under Tier 4 Covid restrictions, before we get a chance to check out this 'great deal'. Why do I not feel reassured? The PTB have been making it all up as they have gone along, ever since June 23rd 2016, and this is the last reckoning. I am nigh on certain that their plan was to not reach an agreement, then extend the transition period, due to the Coronavirus bullshit. In a panic, right at the 11th hour, they decided to reach a fraudulent agreement instead. This still doesn't mean that the transition period won't be extended, on the back of some new 'Event', but it now looks more likely that they will rely on some fudge in the new deal itself. We have gone from a 'No Deal Brexit' situation, which would have definitely led to an extension of the transition period; to a 'Deal No Brexit' situation (a new E.U. Treaty), which must be forced on us. As already mentioned, the PTB might still try to extend the transition period, which they no doubt hope will look more credible on the back of a fraudulent deal having been done. However, again as already mentioned, I suspect that there will be a lot of skulduggery relating to 'phases', where not everything changes immediately, as this as yet unseen new deal currently stands. Aside from that, anything relating to reversing the whole process will be like clicking a finger. These are seasoned deceivers we are battling with and they are not going to allow us to peacefully leave the E.U.. I was reading some of the online comments, left by Joe Public last night, and I was pleasantly surprised to see just how clued up many folks are. P.S. I recently spoke about how the masonic mass media would always seek to tell rebels who their 'new man' to follow was. This 'new man' would inevitably be a shill and, just like clockwork, the mass media were yet again bigging up Bill Cash as a genuine Brexiteer yesterday. Bill 'The shill' Cash is a shill. Jacob Rees-Mogg is a shill. Dick 'En' Tice is a shill. Nigel Farage, who might once not have been a shill, is now a total shill. Fukking shills everywhere!
  10. I watched BoJo's live press conference. Personally, I already know it's all a charade, but they managed to sink to new depths of ridiculousness today. Not one single journalope, not even one (!), asked as follows: 'When are we going to get to read the text of this new deal then Boris?' I found this inquisitive omission quite telling. I heard another mass media ghoul say 'Oh, we 'might' get to see the text in the next few days'. Eh? Comments like that don't give me much hope that we will see the text before Sunday. Regardless of exactly how long the text is, this would leave only 3 or 4 days for someone to properly scrutinise it and discuss it with other parties. Every honest M.P. still standing would want to properly scrutinise it and discuss it with other parties. I don't see that this is possible. If I was an honest M.P., then I would want one week minimum. It has to be a total fraud of a text. P.S. One journalope did manage to ask Boris if there was going to be a full, national lockdown next week though! Who cares about getting to see a critically important text, when you can ask about new lockdowns instead?!
  11. We are not leaving the E.U.. Not a chance the PTB would have pushed most of the nation in to Tier 4 come Boxing Day, under the pretence of a mutant virus strain, if they had any intention of delivering even a remotely credible Brexit. There will be a political trick or 'something else' anti-Brexit will happen. If I had to speculate, then I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear a lot about 'phases', on multiple aspects, if the text of a proposed deal does indeed surface today. More buying of time.
  12. In my opinion, she is a knowing deceiver.
  13. The South African mutation is not the mutation that has recently been alleged to be rampaging through London and the surrounding areas.
  14. The following BBC article, from earlier on today, was worth a good chuckle. The best bit related to us simply having to 'rejoin the E.U.'. Yes, we 'legally left', even though literally nothing changed, and we can now just 'rejoin the E.U.' to right the wrong of Brexit. Some shills know no bullshit limits. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-55416939 'Brexit: How do voters now feel about it?' Then, my good chuckle turned into a loud guffaw, after subsequently reading the following article. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55422729 'Brexit: EU-UK trade deal expected, as cabinet briefed.' The PTB really are making it all up as they go along now. If anyone thinks that a legitimate Brexit deal is going to be imminently struck, anything other than an obvious mega-fudge, then they will be very disappointed come 1st January 2021.
  15. I dabble with the odd cryptic crossword. I have just completed one, but I don't like not fully understanding why all of the answers are the answers. There is one clue I am unsure about. As follows: 'August 1, 1000 - Normans' first meeting.' I had the following letters to work with: _ O _ E _ N I guessed that the answer must be 'SOLEMN'. '1000' refers to the Roman numeral 'M' and 'Normans' first' refers to 'N', which is the first letter of Norman. The 'meeting' bit refers to a 'Solemn Assembly', which is an ecclesiastical term and the general notion of the whole clue. I looked up the answer online and I was proven correct in my assumption that 'SOLEMN' was the answer. However, I am still miffed, as to how 'August 1' relates to 'SOLE'. On occasion, one can find cryptic crossword clues fully explained on one internet database or another, but not this one it seems. Being an arch-pedant, I find it quite irritating. Does anyone have any ideas?
  16. Maybe the PTB have plans for him to return in an official, governmental capacity, which he surely can't do right out of the blue. Hence, even though they know he is hated and he has been kept in storage of late, they decided to give him a little outing today. I said just yesterday, while chastising myself for not seeing it earlier, that they are going to repeatedly return to the mutated virus well. Dr. House would have no doubt said 'Never lupus; always virus'. Mass non-compliance with vaccination is a certainty for me. I don't think it has got much to do with the likes of us either. A lot of folks wouldn't have wanted it, no matter what they did or didn't hear on the news and social media. I don't think that the PTB liked the idea of folks wearing face masks, for obvious reasons, but they were desperate to make the whole psyop seem more real by pushing the idea. And Jimmy Savile was an unqualified DJ, who somehow got to run a Broadmoor 'Task Force'. No credible explanation was ever given and the mass media moved on like it never happened. A bit like a Nicola Sturgeon apology.
  17. This sort of spiel is so silly. 'Yes, sheeple, you must ignore all of the conspiracists. Those alleged to be behind a mass deception of epic proportions would never fake a few virus shots live on air.' Sigh. You can also bet your bottom dollar that the vast majority of these propagandists have zero intention of ever taking any jab themselves! She did get a brief mention on 'BBC News At 6'. The usual 'fake apology and let's all forget about it' routine. How many poor folks did she end up murdering with her carelessness anyway? Maybe the vaccine he took was only 50% effective? Yes, they are losing the narrative now. Indeed. It is also fascinating how someone like Dom Cummings got ritually crucified for walking in the countryside and driving a car, in the midst of the old virus; while The Sturgeon gets no hassle for being maskless in a pub, in the midst of the super-duper, mutated virus.
  18. I think that Keir 'Constipated' Starmer has to be the most unconvincing PTB shill, in the entire history of PTB shillery. Meanwhile, in the U.K., the narrative is that it is fine to leave the London Underground open. This is despite a 70% more transmissible deadly virus being very much on the loose, both in London and the surrounding areas. Ha ha ha ha. I don't know if BoJo himself said anything, it was Hancock talking when I switched on, but it was pretty obvious this is where we were heading. As for the concept of 'Tiers', I wouldn't be at all surprised, if the PTB do introduce a Tier 5 and a Tier 6. Robert Jenrick cracked me up today, when he stated as follows: 'The tiered system was designed before we knew the full ferocity of the new variant, and so we have to make sure it's sufficiently robust to be able to withstand this and to stop cases rising at the very worrying levels they are now in parts of the country.' From those who claim to believe in free falling skyscrapers. Why do secret societies, well cock sucked by the underlying masonic network, not get a good mention? The likes of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Tony Blair are all junior players and do not operate in isolation. Talking about Tony Blair, he had some stuff to say today. More synchronicity, as I was just thinking 'Where the fukk has Tony Blair disappeared off to?'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55410349 'Coronavirus: Vaccinate more people with one dose, urges Tony Blair.'
  19. He has a bit of the Rupert Murdoch about him.
  20. Telling porkies 24/7 can't be good for the soul. To everyone. A while back, I asked if anyone was able to dig up the original 'Red list, blue list, yellow list' video, which first emerged circa 2008 and was posted on the 2006 forum. I have since found a video with the original audio, but not the original video. The original video had some interesting still images on it that I really wanted to see again. Did anyone ever manage to find it?
  21. And, by the same token, the more emboldened and heavy-handed they will become. The way they try to get round that is simply by equating 'more transmissible' with 'more deadly'. This is why they are pushing the 'up to 70% more transmissible' bullshit so hard. Piers Morgan is to get mercilessly buggered by Susanna Reid live on air, with a syphilis infected strap-on dildo, so as to allay the fears of those who think that syphilis might cause them medium term or long term health problems
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