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  1. Chris Whitty hasn't put a foot wrong since Day One of The Plague hitting our shores, in the eyes of the masonic mass media, which I find quite remarkable. I wonder whether it could have anything to do with him being a senior freemason or not.
  2. I don't know much about the 'Nuts Netanyahoo!' court case, so I have no idea how important a witness Haim Garon was. However, if the question was 'could' an important witness get eliminated in such a way, in such a trial, then the answer would obviously be 'Yes'. P.S. The guy lurking behind Netanyahu's co-defendants, in the following picture, looks even shiftier than they do.
  3. I think that if everyone in the nation started conducting their own little enquiries, in to this or that, then it really would make a mockery of all the testing systems. As usual, the Daily Mail is well behind the times. Funny that...
  4. Jesus, Gandhi, Princess Di and, more recently, Gary Glitter. He joins the ever growing list of folks who wished they had joined the masons. What sort of life is it you are living, when you feel the need to join a gang for protection though? Or perhaps, more pertinently, what sort of society are you living in to begin with? He was obviously killed by the PTB; not some other gang. One can't easily organise a 'suicide' hanging in a prison cell, then cover it up afterwards, can they.
  5. It is total bullshit, so you would be right not to believe it. It was already called out that Hancock would soon be off to collect the swag, which he knows is soon going to be heading his way. He was posing for a camera shot there. He knew full well it was going to be released by the press, followed by his willing resignation, before he did the pose. All totally planned, manipulated and then exposed via the masonic mass media. In this instance, The masonick (sic) Sun. Seriously, even a four year old wouldn't fall for this tosh. Yawn...
  6. He has the air of a clueless, sixth form, little wanker about him. Not quite as bad as Constipated Keir though.
  7. Just imagine living in a large house, with all of your extended family. One day, you find out that two of your nephews have done coke in your shed; tea leafed all of your gold; inappropriately fiddled with your daughters and nieces; looted your bank accounts and maxed out your credit cards, via numerous, degenerate, online gambling sessions; and that they did it all while lying to you every day, when often sporting big grins. They then sit you down and tell you the whole situation is sufficiently bad, so as to warrant them needing full control to help put things right. They also tell you that the BBC is right behind them. Thanks, but no thanks. For the awakened, the above is a microcosm of what 'The Great Reset' means. However, too many folks now know, their numbers are growing and I really don't see the PTB succeeding myself. I think that the problem isn't going to be stopping and taking down the PTB. It is whether we are collectively good enough to create a better future.
  8. I feel that he is definitely related to the PTB in some way. I can take him for a few minutes, then he totally does my nut.
  9. I presume that this is all about the 'Israeli gang rapists' news story, which I heard on the Beeb a while back.
  10. So, how many rockets are actually said to have landed in Israel, which have 'supposedly' led to the 10 or so Israelis being killed? I always take the 'official' Israeli death toll with a large pinch of salt. However, assuming the figure of 10 Israeli casualties was about right, then would a ratio of something like 20 rockets per Israeli casualty be feasible?
  11. This preposterous case has now sunk to even lower depths. Just why? Aren't these stories supposed to be even vaguely believable any more? Is it all just a big joke? Maybe, some time next month, we will hear that a one-armed man was 'possibly' seen running away from the scene of the crime. The dude identified does kind of emanate a Harrison Ford vibe, out of 'The Fugitive' (1993), prior to cleaning himself at the hospital. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/police-smash-vile-global-paedophile-24144392 'Police smash vile global paedophile gang which 'may have links to Madeleine McCann'.' 'EXCLUSIVE: Special forces in Paraguay say they think a top figure in a sick network of paedophiles was in contact with Christian Brueckner - the chief suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.'
  12. When you put it all together, then it is nigh on a certainty that is what happened. It was all just a big tragedy. Too much water under the bridge for any backtracking to be done now though. I don't hate the McCanns. I only wish that this story could be allowed to be dropped, without the need for any cops involved to go after a blatantly innocent party.
  13. It's total bullshit. It's very similar to the stories about President 'Give me a red line to cross' Assad being blamed for deliberately attacking children etc., which he is supposed to have done for no military gain, or the Iranians being blamed for planting explosives on boats in the Strait Of Hormuz. Even our very own ex-Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, was taking the piss out of the 'official' Syrian narrative, on BBC 'Breakfast News', not that long ago. Any rockets being fired into Israel are almost certainly being fired by Mossad agents. The BBC crack me up so much. 'Yeah, sheeple. Here is some video footage of some rockets flying through the air, from a certain direction. Case closed!'. Ha ha ha ha. Sick fukkers. I said last year that another 'Gaza Instalment' simply had to be on the horizon. The Israeli mafia will only leave it so many years, before unleashing another round of destruction. The Israeli people are crying out to be liberated from these mafia tyrants. For how long are we are going to idly sit by and ignore their pleas for help? Time to send in our troops, if we even have any left that is. While their mafia boys feel entitled to 'attempt' the infiltration of U.K. based internet forums via stealth. Just imagine the mock outrage, if the boot was on the other foot! I use the word 'attempt', as they really are some of the thickest fukks going and they do stick out like sore thumbs. Ha ha ha ha.
  14. Dude, you do know that Gruber/Agent Smith's Colleague hybrid has already ordered over half a billion doses and still counting? Be my guest... https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/covid-vaccine-astrazeneca-nhs-b1840733.html 'Having felt the force of Covid – I’ll always be happy to take as many doses of vaccine as is needed.' 'If it gets to autumn and I’m among those offered a booster, my response will be ‘how long’s the queue and where do I join?'' (You need to join the probably quite short queue, where the sign says 'All Braindead Kunts Welcome'.)
  15. I said months ago that the Lieutenant Gruber/Agent Smith's Colleague hybrid would get fake vaxxed by Van Tam Man on live TV. I was fukking joking! I was also joking about the BBC/ITV etc. morning news shows starting to do 'Get Your Vaccine' roadshows in the summer. Please, nooooooooooo!!!
  16. I am thinking that he probably did 'die' yesterday. Sure, he might have been unconscious and on life support beforehand. They just chose to keep his engine running, until a suitable date came up on which to switch it off. Whether his corpse got cryoed or not is another matter.
  17. Aged 99 years and 303 days. If Geldof croaks it tomorrow, death by skintness, and Hancock gets blown up by ISIS on Sunday, then it will be solid proof that the roadmap is working quite well. Cheers BoJo.
  18. Right, let's have another circuit breaker, just to be on the safe side.
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-55884275 'Analysis: Growing vaccine stockpiles suggest years of jabs ahead.' 'The UK's stockpile of vaccines is growing and growing. A new order of 40 million additional doses of the Valneva vaccine takes the total being provided to Britain by the French company to 100 million. The doses will be delivered between 2022 and 2025. That’s because this vaccine is still in its early clinical trials - but it's also a sign that the government is preparing for injections to be given annually, potentially for years and years.'
  20. This is fooking fruitcake. When they say these champs are going to help get in touch with 'hard to reach people', then they really mean they are going to harass those who haven't yet raised their arms for a jab. They can add to my emergency bog roll supply, via Royal Mail, all they want. Like fook am I going to take any of their phone calls though. On what authority are they accessing private telephone numbers held by G.P. surgeries anyway? Sounds like a Gestapo reboot to me. I feel that my time left in the U.K. is now quite limited, assuming I even make it out alive. Ha ha ha. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/community-champions-to-give-covid-19-vaccine-advice-and-boost-take-up 'Funding will support extra school programmes, helplines and phone calls to those in at risk groups.' 'The Community Champions will tap into their local networks to provide advice about COVID-19 and the vaccines. Champions will also work with councils to identify barriers to accessing accurate information and to provide tailored support, such as phone calls for people who are digitally excluded, helplines, and linking to GP surgeries.'
  21. It's not just that, as even from the start you could tell none of them were really worried about anything. Genuine fear is hard to fake. The police were even mocking those folks they nicked, who claimed that they didn't know a pandemic was with us. Many on this thread have already said, right from the off, that if you didn't have a TV you wouldn't know. The Coronavirus Act has to be renewed every 6 months, until it expires in April 2022. The PTB obviously didn't plan on ending this bullshit before then and, even when we finally get to April 2022, they can easily just force through a new Act. The 7/7 inquest revealed a lot of strange talk, from multiple witnesses, about power surges on the London Underground on the morning of 7/7. Menezes was an electrician and I reckon he saw something very damaging to the official narrative, which he reported to the authorities. As a direct consequence, he had to be liquidated. Your friendly masonic G.P..
  22. I don't know if this is relevant, but we will all get the narrative soon enough. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9173537/Patients-evacuated-Leeds-hospital-reports-fire-building.html 'Dozens of patients are evacuated into 1C cold when 'arsonist tries to burn down Leeds Royal Infirmary causing severe damage inside' – as police arrest suspect.'
  23. How can this even be a real story? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9173953/Ministers-eye-astonishing-plan-testing-positive-Covid-one-payment-500.html 'The £500 Covid cashpoint: Minister eyes 'astonishing' plan to give EVERYONE who tests positive for virus a one-off payment to 'encourage more swabs'... at cost of £453million a WEEK.'
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