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  1. Just like TPV got scuppered. I would suggest that the PTB have a lot of form, as far as scuppering goes.
  2. This is why I started a thread calling out such an act, before it happened. The PTB had already gone after David Icke, on mainstream social media, and it seemed obvious that they would eventually go after his forum too. I also saw what I felt were warning signs on this very forum. They would need more than the usual hate speech bullshit as ammo, if they were going to have a serious bash.
  3. Well, let's hear some good suggestions then.
  4. I would suggest that your virginity, in this respect, is still well intact. All of the toxicology results should be available some time in the middle of January. I don't think it is at all appropriate for the cops to take the 'natural causes' line, until that has happened. The verdict will likely still be the same. However, on occasion, PTB murders initially attributed to natural causes are later confirmed to be poisonings.
  5. Well, there was no chance I was ever going to get to read all of this deal properly by now, so I was hoping that the recall of parliament would be delayed by at least 10 days or so. It sadly looks like that won't happen though. It is no surprise at all that the ERG, which is an MI5 front organisation almost full to the brim with shills, has backed the deal. As things stand, the deal will get through parliament. What does concern me is the mass media's complete blackout of any pro-Brexit voices criticising the deal, as in saying it doesn't deliver on the referendum result. There must be some out there! I don't know what exactly is going to happen now, but I am feeling a bit uneasy. A 'Tier Review' for England is also occurring tomorrow, which will no doubt result in most of England being placed in Tier 4, and we might also get to hear the first official references to a new Tier 5. With that in mind, I still have a bad feeling that anther 'Event', most likely a false flag terror attack, might occur in the next few days. I couldn't help but notice that Croatia just got quaked again, as happened the day before the Coronavirus Act was passed back in March as well. I hope I am wrong and it isn't a bad omen. I will be fully reading the deal in due course regardless. One way or the other, I am sure we will not be leaving the E.U. in 2021.
  6. Like having to watch the TV news, so as to stay fully in touch with their active agendas. It is no fun! Indeed. The news today was all about bringing the rest of the nation up to Tier 4. Tier 5 might arrive far sooner than even we might have expected. Say some time within the next fortnight or so?
  7. They lost control of their insane narrative several months ago. The PTB were busy beavering away and this is the point we all got to. Personally, I think that the need to stop a 'real' Brexit sped their plans up, but not significantly so. Yes, they have gone back to the 'Jackanory Well' one too many times on this. They are not all-powerful and need compliance though. As Aaron Russo often said, 'they have to sell it to us'. Indeed. The 'perfect storm' is brewing and the Nightingale hospitals, which were solely put in place to help cope with a 'perfect storm' scenario, remain empty or closed. Odd that.
  8. When some folks talk about China, then the 'virus' seems to become more 'real'. Not one single person has decided not to take the vaccine, for any other reason than being exposed to the lies of an Adolf Hitler ancestor Yes, they will use the extra testing to boost the positive cases count, but the primary motive here is surely to mobilise the army in local communities. The Nightingale hospitals were never devised to treat sick patients. They are intended to be used as Black Ops military bases. I would never go to such a 'hospital' myself. The one thing that the PTB still haven't managed to achieve, is to find an excuse good enough to forcibly extract folks from their homes. Maybe that will soon change, with the imminent arrival of the third mutant strain, which will be capable of travelling through walls. On a brighter note, it is at least good to see that Chris 'Witless' Whitty still hasn't lost any of his mental fortitude. Genius in action... 'Although it is unclear if the new measures will be called 'Tier 5', SAGE is thought to have warned the Prime Minister that they must be tougher than the Tier 4 restrictions currently in place.' I don't think it is fair to say that 'they gave us it'. It looks like a manky malteser that I dragged out from the back of our sofa a months ago.
  9. Diarrhoea springs eternal. I have an idea, when the Coronavirus Act was renewed in October, that just one doctor was no longer allowed to section someone. Not much else changed though and I still find it amazing that someone would have even conceived of adding such a clause to the original Cornavirus Bill to begin with, when it was 'supposedly' first written in late February and early March. As the guy in the video said, it is also quite telling that the mass media literally never tell folks to think for themselves more. This is, of course, the very last thing they would want to happen. I don't believe Spring has had any credible death threats and the ones she is 'alleged' to have received are probably all fake. She is clearly thick as shit and I reckon she was recruited to target the already well dumbed-down teen and twenty-something brigade. She has that sort of annoying, grating voice. The mass media division of MI5 must have been feeling a bit desperate to pull her. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I don't think that a financial system based on fiat money is necessarily a bad thing. It's all about who is controlling it. All central banks should be 100% nationalised, not privatised or pseudo-nationalised, and fully auditable on a permanent basis. Whatever the future is, assuming good wins out, life will easily find a way forwards.
  10. Erdogan has done worse than Lukashenko, but he is still 'our good buddy'.
  11. I think that we will all get a limited 'summer holiday' next year, just as we did this year. How that will translate to the potential of international travel, I really don't know. Not at all easy, I would imagine. Quite a few of us, including myself, have wondered this. Therefore, I have started a separate thread on the matter. I doubt they will ever reach a Tier 7, but I can imagine a Tier 6 scenario occurring. Only yesterday, BBC News were pushing the 'Perfect Storm' scenario, which is based on too many of us mixing on Christmas Day. This is also yet another reason to add to Boris's inevitable 2021 resignation list, as the masonic mass media will blame him personally for it. Boris is of course in on it all, so he will go along with the theatre. A few weeks ago, I 'guessed' a maximum uptake of 40% for the U.K.. I doubt many folks are going to be applying for a renewal right now. No plans to go anywhere and a shortage of cash too. You could tell a shift had occurred in Sweden back in the autumn.
  12. Hmm. A few of us were mulling over the possibilities on the mega-thread of late. I saw the BBC News on TV this evening and I don't recall them mentioning the possibility of a Tier 5 being introduced. As I didn't read any other news online today, I didn't realise that this story had even come out. WTF.
  13. After some more thought, I came up with two tenuous possibilities. A total, solar eclipse occurred on 1st August 2008, which could relate to SOL E, but that is so tenuous it is bordering on the impossible. Other than that. it could relate to there being only one Emperor Augustus, which August was named after. Maybe not quite as tenuous as the 'solar eclipse' angle, but still extremely tenuous. I give up, but I am sure that someone will figure it out eventually.
  14. She even got a good mention on BBC 'News At Ten' this evening. I wonder what the skanky slapper's prison cell is like.
  15. Serious question. Does a 'Bullshit Threshold' exist, within freemasonry, where one Bruv might ever say to another Bruv something like: 'Bruv, please. You have really exceeded our commonly accepted 'Bullshit Threshold' code here. Please tone down your bullshit level immediately!' I just don't know. I am thinking that there might actually be no limits to the levels of bullshit they accept from each other. Another thing, do they make a conscious effort, so as to at least try and believe some of the brotherly bullshit they are fed? Could trees really uproot themselves, then proudly travel down the Queen's highway to attend a Greta Thuberg convention? Could be, could be... P.S. As Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield famously said, when asked whether he thought freemasonry could have ever played a negative role in the Hillsborough investigations over the years, 'I do hope not...'.
  16. I wouldn't be at all surprised myself. What would a Tier 6 banding involve? Order from Amazon only and anyone seen out and about, in a non-official capacity, will be shot on sight? All on the back of another 'claimed' virus mutation no doubt. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tier-4-stay-at-home
  17. Kate McMason - 'Oh Gerry, when are we going to finish fitting up that German paedo for Maddie's demise?' Gerry McMason - 'Ooh arghh, ooh arghh, ooh arghh. Trouble me not, Kate, he will definitely be seen to in 2021. My 33rd Degree McDumbass mate, who I first met way back in the day in medical school, has given me some 'concrete assurances'.' 33rd Degree McDumbass mate - 'Ooh arghh, ooh arghh, ooh arghh. Patience, Kate. If we don't manage to fit up the German paedo, which isn't an easy thing to do with zero evidence, then we are going to get you legally declared innocent by a World Court.' Kate McMason - 'Oh Gerry, you swore we would have nailed that German paedo by now. This just isn't good enough!' Gerry McMason - 'Ooh arghh, ooh arghh, ooh arghh. Kiss my ass, Kate.' Latest bullshit from the Masonic Sun. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13589868/maddie-mccann-detectives-believe-case-solved/ 'MADDIE HOPE. Maddie McCann detectives believe case could be solved in 2021 as suspect Christian B to be quizzed in New Year.' 'COPS investigating the number one suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann believe the case could finally be cracked in 2021. Under-pressure German detectives probing paedophile Christian B say there "will be no let up" in the long-running search for the truth.' 'A source close to the case told the Sun Online: “German officers had hoped that, by now, they would have found the missing pieces of the jigsaw which they need to link Christian B to the disappearance of Madeleine. “But they remain as determined as ever and there will absolutely no let up in the New Year. "The German police will not be taking their foot off the gas.”' LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!
  18. If there was such a thing as a preemptive pardon, then I am sure that Trump would have issued her with one by now.
  19. Indeed. Her trial is set for 12th July 2021. You just 'know' that is she got bail, then she would never make it to trial. Of course she wouldn't be suicided. Her death would be faked, just like her dad's death was faked. She would get plastic surgery and a whole new identity. Just as Jeffrey Epstein, Greville Janner and Leon Brittan did. Well, maybe at their age, Janner and Brittan got carted off to some secure location instead. I am sure that they must have been given the option of plastic surgery though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghislaine_Maxwell#Arrest_in_July_2020
  20. I don't know what went on here, but, in my opinion, it wasn't a run-of-the-mill, pre-planned PTB event.
  21. It is literally impossible for any human being, who wasn't already heavily involved in drawing this deal up, to offer any opinion on it whatsoever. Unless they have read it all and fully digested it for themselves, which no one can have done so quickly. Let us not forget that the 330 pages or so Coronavirus Bill, which was miraculously ready to be put to parliament in the middle of March by Matt Hancock, contained provision for the retrospective cancellation of any election or referendum result. And a lot more dodgy stuff on top of that too. It duly became law, virtually unaltered, and the mass media were strangely quiet at the time. Now, when the government issues a 30 pages precis of a 1,500 pages or so Brexit Bill, we are supposed to go along with the mass media saying 'it is acceptable', when they themselves can't possibly have yet read the full text. Eh? It is clearly High Treason and nothing less. I have read a few comments that 'suggest' both a one year cancellation period applies and a five year review period applies, but I will wait to read it all for myself. There is no way on earth that our M.P.'s should be asked to vote on this bill on 30th December. Our M.P.'s should head back to parliament some time around Thursday 7th January, then debate it and decide on it. No need to extend the transition period either. Both sides can wait to see what happens with ratification, as the E.U. already looks set to do after 31st December. All of the broken Brexit deadlines of the past now spring to mind, so one more shouldn't hurt then. Furthermore, they can still say we legally had no deal in place on 1st January. They were just a 'tad slow' in putting up barriers in the unofficial transition period of the official transition period. *coughs* https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55443780 'Brexit: EU diplomats briefed on Brexit trade deal.' 'Dr Joelle Grogan, senior lecturer in law at Middlesex University London, told BBC News: "To put this in real context, if I spend the next five days before Parliament is recalled on Wednesday spending 10 hours a day just reading that document, I will have a maximum of two minutes and 30 seconds to fully understand, analyse and comment on it."'
  22. So, the BBC 'Reality Check' fantasists, the lunatics who claim to believe in free falling skyscrapers no less, have now 'seen a copy of the text'. They also seem to have taken it upon themselves to tell all of us about it. I want to read the text for myself. Where is the text?! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/55252388 'Brexit deal: What is in it?' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55449035 'At first look, full post-Brexit text goes beyond a 'Canada-style' deal.' 'Innocuous and arcane sounding articles and annexes could have a huge impact on industry and government policy.' 'There is also a mutual right to "rebalance" the agreement if there are "significant divergences" in future that is capable of "impacting trade". These go way beyond standard free-trade agreements such as those between the EU and Canada or Japan, reflecting the UK's history in the single market. The text reads like these mechanisms are designed to be used, and created to ensure that both sides remain close to each other's regulatory orbit.'
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