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  1. Just for the one financial year then. Seems like very good value. Baroness Mone must be arranging the shipments. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-67954152 'Sunak vows that Ukraine will never be alone as he pledges £2.5bn package.'
  2. A full "narco-state", eh? Kind of like Mexico then, which no one seems to care about. The term "narco-state" is a Western PTB term, which is reserved for nations that have broken free of their puppet governments. Like with Fidel Castro in Cuba. Not that I am suggesting the proverbial 'good guys' would be running Ecuador, if the current government was overthrown, and all would be rosy. The people probably would end up better off though. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-67950833 'Ecuador city tries to return to normal after gang horror.' 'As the days pass from the most terrifying experience in its modern history, it is beginning to look like Ecuador is returning to normality. The risk is that it is actually hurtling towards an entrenched armed conflict, and moving ever closer to becoming a full "narco-state".'
  3. All designed to try and create a wider conflict in the Middle East. Specifically, with the goal of lengthening the window of Palestinian genocide and overthrowing the Iranian regime. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-67954031 'A landmark moment for Rishi Sunak, but uncertainty abounds.' 'The government has the prerogative to do this without wider political consultation.' (Says who?)
  4. numnuts


    Henry (In the mortuary) - 'Numnuts, you still there?' Numnuts (OMG, the old buzzard isn't quite dead yet) - 'What is it, Henry?' Henry - 'Why is this happening to me?' Numnuts - 'I already explained that to you. It's Da Environment, stoopid!' Henry - 'I didn't get my last request!' Numnuts - 'I never granted you a last request. Now, please just fukk off!'
  5. I don't know if that's true or not. What I do remember, from the early to mid 2010's (before Youtube sunk), was seeing quite a few videos posted about unusual transport sightings in the U.S.. This related to both road and rail. Some of them were quite concerning. One can only hope. One thing I have definitely noticed, over the past decade or so, is a shift from the patient contacting the NHS to being contacted by the NHS. You know, the old, traditional model of an ill person asking for a doctor's appointment or going to A And E. We have now become their hamsters. They have always got time to fit you in, if it's something that they want you to do. On the other hand, not a chance of much help when you contact them, even if you are literally dying. Did you watch the 'Daily 'Covid' Briefings'? Or bang any pots and pans? If not, then you done well. A+. Did we not warn everyone not to light any matches, when Konstipated Keir seemed ready to dump again?
  6. Cheers, Heather. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-67935037 'Covid inquiry postpones vaccine investigation.' The Covid inquiry will not start hearing evidence about the development of vaccines and other drugs this summer, as originally planned. Witness hearings will be postponed until a later date, likely to be after the next general election. Baroness Hallett, who is chairing the inquiry, recognised the decision would be "disappointing for some". But she said more time was needed to prepare for a separate investigation into the impact of Covid on the NHS. "I want to ensure our hearings in 2024 are as effective as possible and I recognise the increasing pressure on organisations to respond to requests and provide information to the inquiry," she added. "I remain committed to not allowing the inquiry hearings to run beyond my original aim of summer 2026."
  7. Surprise, surprise... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-67935037 'Covid inquiry postpones vaccine investigation.'
  8. The PTB seem extremely desperate to start a new war. They must be shitting it. Probably to do with what they fear the results of a U.K. general election might be. As in, not enough folks are falling for the 'Get Starmer in at any cost' ploy. Unless, one believes their Starmer polls. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-67932725 'US and UK hint at military action after largest Houthi attack in Red Sea.'
  9. I see. I was intending to reply to that thread, obviously an unimportant thread, which is how I noticed that it had disappeared. Are any of these 'deleted' threads retrievable? Just out of interest.
  10. David Camoron is now on the case. 'Hey, Israel, leave them kids alone!'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-67929003 'David Cameron worried Israel may have broken international law in Gaza.' ('May' and not HAS?) Tory MP Bob Seely put it to Lord Cameron that he had seen legal advice suggesting the Israeli government is "vulnerable to a challenge from the Hague court and from elsewhere that in some of the things they are doing in, potentially, in relation to proportionality, there is a vulnerability." "It's close to that," Lord Cameron replied. (Not quite there yet then...)
  11. Are they definitely supposed to be unrelated? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-67922062 'Gabriel Attal: Macron's pick for PM is France's youngest at 34.' 'Handsome, youthful, charming, popular, cogent, Mr Attal certainly comes to office trailing clouds of glory - much, let it be said, like his mentor and role-model the president himself.' (Strange. I had never heard of Macron being connected to 'trailing clouds of glory' before.)
  12. Come on BBC. They could have at least been 'Iranian backed' gunmen. I am slowly beginning to lose faith in my national news broadcaster. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-67930452 'Ecuador: Gunmen storm television studio live on air.'
  13. Paedo rabbi cells have been busted in the past. All verified. So, 'assuming' this is true, then what's the big deal anyway? I don't understand.
  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12942517/Rylan-Clark-reveals-ATTACKED-bat-home-months-Essex-mansion-invaded-two-grass-snakes-pheasant.html 'Rylan Clark reveals he has been ATTACKED by a bat at his home - months after his Essex mansion was invaded by two grass snakes and a pheasant.'
  15. Orwell really nailed it, when he talked about newsreaders flip flopping between narratives on a day to day basis, which the sheeple just swallowed without noticing. We are not far from the stage, where they will tell you that white is black and black is white. Ignoring the Nuremberg Code, from 80 or so years ago, is water off a duck's back for the PTB. The best flip flopping, over the past decade or so, has to be between the prime minster having executive power and M.P.'s ruling the roost. The PTB will have it either way, at any given moment, depending on the circumstances. And all of the pregnancies that never came to be in the first place. You do know that is what Arch-Dork Muck said about A.I.? All gravy trains can be deadly, even the smaller and more innocuous ones. The wolves have had a good feasting on the 'Covid' carcass and got away scot-free. They are now desperate for a fresh carcass to feast on. So, the questions begs, 'why' exactly are Facebook doing this? These poor folks are only talking about their own life experiences. Well, we all know the answer.
  16. I posted the following topic in the 'Sport & Entertainment' forum quite a while back. I don't know, maybe a year or so ago. It seems to have disappeared. Anyone know what happened to it? https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/32015-celeb-spotting-at-major-sporting-events/
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-67872483 'Morriston Hospital bans visitors as Covid and winter bugs rise.' In a statement, the health board said: "Visiting will be restricted to 'visiting with a purpose'. "Parents can still visit their children, but we would ask that this is restricted to one parent at a time."
  18. Indeed. It 'may' buy some time, but the PTB would eventually view such groups, regardless of how peaceful and law abiding they were, as a threat. Reason being, they represent another way of living. A non-PTB controlled way of living. Setting a bad example for the sheeple. If the sheeple can't see it or don't know about it, then they are much less likely to try it and be it. And I say 'may' buy some time, as, who knows, the PTB might try and cast such groups as fictional enemies. Blame them for any old crap and go after them promptly. What's to be said? He never had 'Covid' and, whatever he did have, was 'likely' exacerbated by taking the vaccines. Very sad. RIP. How many of our M.P.'s are actually masons would be interesting to know. Personally, I don't think there are that many. The masons like to get their own ensconced in other positions across society. Having loads of masonic M.P.'s would be a bit too obvious. The problem with most of our M.P.'s is that they are corrupted, blackmailed or just don't really care. The PTB weren't quite ready for their mask to fully slip and, crucially, they didn't have the law on their side. Next time, this year even, what you have hypothesised may actually occur. Jacob Rees-Mogg is one of the biggest PTB shills going. Notice how he is always there, even cast as a major authority figure by the mass media, but never actually responsible for anything. In a similar vein to the senior freemasons, known as Whitty and Vallance.
  19. Given what we saw occurring right across The West, during the 'Covid' era, I am incredulous that anyone could think events in the U.S. would have been any different, in terms of which team won what election. Political colours meant absolutely nothing.
  20. Michael 'I Am Mossad' Gove, who certainly isn't the sharpest tool in the box, likes to get around a bit. Must be down to all of that marching powder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Gove After I roused from my slumber, in relation to what you posted, I could clearly see two things. Firstly, that the PTB have no interest in curing the plebs of their cancers. The PTB already have the tech to cure most cancers. Secondly, that the mass media will always seek to demonise anything other than orthodox treatments. This strategy is also reinforced via daytime TV programmes and soap opera story lines etc.. The DOD is 100% owned, bought and paid for. All designed to give the illusion that something is being done. 'To study'? More like to waste time, then reassess their position a few years down the line. I can't compete with fewer side effects. Unless, one of the fewer side effects is certain death? For many years, pre-'Covid', the NHS suffered some very bad periods with flu patients overwhelming hospital beds. The government did nothing. Everything changed with 'Covid'. Apparently, even the homeless people now mattered. And why aren't the Nightingale hospitals currently being activated? Plenty of our hospitals are in meltdown at the moment.
  21. On various threads, on various internet forums, I did happen to notice a decrease in 77th Brigade (and their ilk) activity, during the festive period. Rumour has it that they were all summoned to attend their nearest society establishment, on Christmas Eve, then they did anything that they were told to do for several nights. And one didn't even have to pay them. They were not released back in to the community, until New Year's Day. All for charity and England of course. They have been pushing the 'just leave the countryside alone, it isn't for humans' agenda quite hard lately. The latest catchphrase seems to be 'nature can bounce back'. This is quite something, given what the water companies still get away with. Their idea of rewilding seems to be pumping loads of turds and other nasty substances in to our rivers and coastal areas. As has been mentioned before, when excess deaths become the norm, it is very disingenuous to not keep comparing every passing year with the year before they became the norm. In this case, 2019. The existing model wasn't conceived with what we have been experiencing in mind. Same as with the ambulance protocols, which no one seems happy to just ditch, even on a temporary basis. The notion of corporate homicide is a PTB wet dream. Their minions get to do anything they like, then, in one way or the other, the taxpayer ends up forking out. Just imagine if Konstipated Keir also ends up getting afflicted with SPS, before he finally gets to take his next dump. OMG.
  22. numnuts


    If they hadn't gone in there sporting one of Donald Trump's wigs, then they might have gotten served.
  23. Every year, I go to bed on Boxing Day, then, when I wake up on New Year's Eve morning, it's like the previous 4 days went by in a blink of an eye. All down to a Christmas hangover, no doubt, but it still feels quite weird. Anyone else get that?
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