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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-64893806 'King Charles to visit Surrey avian influenza scientists.' 'King Charles is to congratulate scientists for their work in combating the largest-ever avian influenza outbreak in the UK. Since October 2021, there have been 330 confirmed cases of avian influenza across the country.'
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-64856379 'Harwell science campus chosen for new Moderna vaccine base.' 'It said the site would "provide the UK public with access to mRNA vaccines for a wide range of respiratory diseases". Under the agreement, the UK has made a commitment to buy Moderna's vaccines for the next decade.' 'Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay said: "Moderna's new Innovation and Technology Centre means NHS patients will have access to cutting-edge mRNA vaccines to fight against future variants of Covid, as well as other respiratory viruses, while also creating hundreds of jobs.'
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-64876657 'Covid booster jab to be offered this spring.' 'Dr Mary Ramsay, head of immunisation at the UK Health Security Agency, said Covid-19 was still circulating widely and there had been recent increases in older people being admitted to hospital.' 'People at higher risk of severe Covid-19 are also expected to be offered a booster vaccine dose in autumn 2023 in preparation for the winter.'
  4. I missed this one. Solomon The Wine. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45809589 'Wine theft: Man accused of stealing rare bottles falls to death.' 'A man charged with stealing more than $1.2m (£911,000) worth of rare wine from Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon appears to have taken his own life as his lawyers waited for him in court. Nicolas De-Meyer, 41, who worked as the CEO's personal assistant for eight years, fell from the 33rd floor of the Carlyle Hotel in New York.'
  5. And how much of this 'hate' is really 'fake hate', which is churned out by PTB keyboard ninjas, so as to help further their agenda? Even Gareth Southgate said something like 'most of the abuse seems to be coming from out of this country', after some of his squad suffered racial abuse. What football fans go around racially abusing squad members of other countries, after they lose? Just no. Well, not to the extent that it was alleged to have happened.
  6. A lot of attention on some strategically unimportant place called Bakhmut all of a sudden. Should satisfy the sheeple, for a few more weeks at least. Kind of. They did want to take Syria, but failed. I think any conflict that 'resolves' with a North 'x' and a South 'x' is being set up for future carnage. What a bitch.
  7. I definitely don't agree with fitting folks up. One of the hallmarks of the PTB, is to try and close cases where they have played a role, by fitting folks up. Personally, I think that they have shot themselves in the foot, on quite a few occasions, by adopting this tactic. Reason being, that they have probably opened more eyes, by running around trying to pin the blame on someone with little evidence, than by just letting a case go cold and forgotten. For example, as with the Rettendon murders, Jill Dando and Maddie McCann. Maddie's death was accidental, but the same principle applies, as the PTB quickly got involved. And, quite alarmingly, both the Rettendon and Maddie cases weren't even remotely connected to national security issues. They were 'Boys In Da Club' influenced cases. I will look in to the Nuremberg case you referred to some more.
  8. The PTB know that the Covid Inquiry will drag on for years. They must have felt compelled to try and satisfy the sheeple now, with a few pre-inquiry titbits. More MSM energy seems to have gone into Partygate, in less than a year, than went in to the nigh on 10 years CSA Inquiry.
  9. Let's assume that scenario is true, in relation to at least one bombing. I could accept it as a genuine sacrifice for the greater good. You have to be a bit ruthless in that line of work. What I can't accept is Reichstag fire, police state type stuff, which is where we are heading nowadays.
  10. Good job they locked down the world, so as countless poor souls on the edge of survival would succumb, and also rebranded flu and pneumonia as 'Covid'. Otherwise, we might never have even noticed the effects of this 'leak'.
  11. This whole case stinks. Can anyone link to a MSM article, which at least hypothesises, as to why they were 'running away'? If this Mark Gordon character had done anything wrong, since being deported back to the U.K. some 15 years ago, then you can bet your bottom dollar that we would have heard about it by now. There can't possibly have been any justification to take away Marten's child, which would have been solely based on Gordon being convicted of rape when he was only 14 years old, some 35 years ago. This couple were probably being unfairly hunted in some way, which caused them to go on the run in the first place, and the baby is now dead. If they plead innocent, then we will at least get to hear their side of the story, in open court. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64830159 'Constance Marten and Mark Gordon charged with gross negligence manslaughter.'
  12. Right, so does this mean that MI5 now need to go after folks, much more pro-actively, who are perhaps 'not thinking right'? Perish the thought this is the verdict that the PTB were seeking. And you just have to love the way that no one is somehow accountable, for any of these 'failings'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-64815723 'Manchester Arena inquiry: MI5 'profoundly sorry' for not stopping attack.'
  13. The CIA can't be challenged by an individual who becomes President, via the two party system, as it exists now, as it existed in 2017 and as it has existed for many decades. Maybe JFK had a chance to do something, if he had managed to evade assassination. Maybe he is now trying to make up for his immense stupidity. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-64759060 'Rod Stewart pays for scans at NHS hospital to cut waiting lists.' Found 'peacefully alone'? That's some euphemism. Yeah, I am sure he just loved being called on by the Reaper on his lonesome, way before his time, and quite possibly courtesy of Pfizer et al. If it's a case of Whitty or Hancock being thrown to the wolves, then there's only going to be one winner. And it isn't Tarzan. Praising Fauci? That's hard to come back from.
  14. I at least hope that the whole truth comes out, about how and why everything happened the way that it did.
  15. Come to think of it, I seem to be experiencing some deja vu, when it comes to the authorities stumbling across passports that have survived serious fires and big explosions etc..
  16. Her boyfriend was convicted of rape, when he was only 14, and served 20 years in prison. Who knows how it all transpired. However, just given the basic facts, I doubt there was any justification for her baby to be removed under normal circumstances. If we are talking abnormal circumstances, though, then I suspect that who she is played a part. As in, her wealthy background. One thing I have repeatedly read is that the couple only first came on the police radar, after their car caught fire. Sounds like bullshit to me. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that they were being monitored and, after their car broke down (or maybe they switched cars?), it was set alight by another party to usher in police involvement. Maybe her dad didn't like the idea of her boyfriend making it on to the family tree? Maybe her dad wanted to pressure her to get the baby adopted? Maybe she feared being unfairly harassed, after the baby was born? I suspect that they have temporarily put the baby under the care of a third party. I hope that it hasn't come to harm, but, if it has, then who is really to blame? It seems to me that the police are now using the threat of a manslaughter charge, so as to pressure them in to revealing the location of the baby and nothing more. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64804320 'Constance Marten and Mark Gordon arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11801845/The-54-day-hunt-runaway-couple-Constance-Marten-Mark-Gordon.html 'From a burnt out car on a motorway in Bolton, to a residential street in Brighton: The 54 day hunt for runaway couple Constance Marten and her rapist lover as they are finally arrested following tip off from member of the public.' 'Officers see that most of the belongings in the vehicle have been destroyed by the flames. But they discover Constance Marten's passport still relatively intact and establish she and her partner Mark Gordon were the occupants.' (Really?) 'Greater Manchester Police also find blood and placenta on the back seat and that the car was bought for cash in London just days earlier.' (Really?)
  17. There must be a lot that we aren't being told, about this case. For starters, not even a whiff of why they might have gone off-grid in the first place. They aren't supposed to have done anything wrong, before doing so, from what I can gather. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64794712 'Urgent search for baby as Constance Marten and Mark Gordon arrested.'
  18. Whenever I see Biden talking, it's like I am watching a scene from 'They Live' (1988). Like, every time.
  19. Does anyone know, definitively, if the new barcoded stamps are still supposed to be franked? If not, then it must be the case that Royal Mail are scanning them all. When I first heard about the move to barcoding, I thought that it was mainly to do with stopping stamps being reused, but apparently not. Well, at least not officially. They want folks to use them to link to videos and stuff online.
  20. Coming to a U.K. facility, some time soon? For 'Thought Crime' gangsters. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-64770716 'Thousands of tattooed inmates pictured in El Salvador mega-prison.' 'President Bukele tweeted that the first 2,000 people were transferred "at dawn, in a single operation" to the Center for the Confinement of Terrorism, which he says is the largest jail in the Americas.'
  21. If 'Covid' has taught us just one thing, then isn't it the case that having every country follow the same response, under orders, would be utter madness? As I recall, it was the U.K. deviating from a course of international lunacy, at the beginning of 2022, that helped to end the said international lunacy. As in, we proved, at the very least, that the measures in place were not worth it. I would go a lot further than that, myself, but I don't even need to.
  22. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-64763625 'Bird flu: UK health officials make contingency plans.' 'One expert told the BBC "we must prepare for the worst" just in case.' 'When the Covid pandemic hit, there were no suitable vaccines available to fight that virus. But for bird flu, there are already several good candidates that might help.'
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