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  1. I see that a petition calling for the resignation of Gollum, posted on 27th September, was swiftly rejected after being deluged with signatures. The petitioner should have called for Whitty to be made stateless and sent to Guantanamo Bay instead, so as to avoid any feeble technicalities. He could have been on a plane by now, assuming all of his Covid paperwork was properly in place. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/597978
  2. Now that the noble Constipated Keir has taken hold of the Labour reins, then I think that the official verification could come imminently after he gets the top job.
  3. It's only the love daddy of the grovelling Pym. Finally, Pyms O'Clocked.
  4. Raducanu set to play in Indian Wells, then possibly in Russia the week after. Some event in Moscow or St. Petersburg, from memory. Maybe she is trying to shake off her admirer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/58727864
  5. For sure and I was thinking the same about the possible departure of Cressida Dick. When the masonic mass media go after those who already qualify as vile stooges, then it's definitely time to really start shitting it.
  6. I think that's Savile's actor mate, post plastic surgery, from the old forum.
  7. I can still vividly remember reading this gem of an article, which was written about 10 days pre-lockdown Number One, in March 2020. None of the other masonic rags sung a different tune then or have done since then. I did briefly contemplate whether the author of the said article, Harry Mount (aka Harry Brown-Nose), was perhaps taking the piss out of them in his own little way. You see, I struggled to comprehend how a shill could be so utterly useless in their shillery. However, in the end, I could only conclude that Harry had definitely been well mounted by the Bruv Squad. And he probably quite liked it actually... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/chris-whitty-patrick-vallance-quiet-heroes-standing-time-crisis/ 'Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance – the quiet heroes standing up in our time of crisis. As two experts calmly guide us through coronavirus, we look at the power of understated British men (and women) to capture our hearts.' 'Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Just when it feels like we’re about to enter full-scale coronavirus panic mode, two quiet doctors enter from the wings – and magically chime with our national, keep-calm-and-carry-on temperament. Dr Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer for England, and Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government, are just the kind of modest eggheads we crave. They don’t make a drama out of a crisis; they just quietly get on with doing the right thing, leaving the frantic jazz hands to others. Boris Johnson normally devours all the oxygen in the room. But, in the regular public briefings at Number 10, it is increasingly the two, tall men either side of him who command attention. The ones both he and us are looking to for the answers. Because they’re so clever and understated, we trust them. When Dr Whitty quietly lays out the measures needed for the ‘delay’ phase of the crisis – the symptoms to look for; why we should be isolating ourselves for a week if we have them – we obey.' Blah, blah, blah...
  8. I switched on the TV the other day, at about 6pm, and I thought I was watching a 'Countess Dracula' reboot on the Horror Channel.

  9. I would research which one of the 'normal' vaccines was least likely to potentially cause me harm, as in taking my age, sex and any underlying health conditions in to account. However, like the majority of folks on this forum, I would imagine, I have chosen to not get vaccinated.
  10. I was wondering whether a new mutation might pop up, just before the Coronavirus Act is due for another renewal at the end of this month. I think that they will need one headline or another, so as to help push it through.
  11. For sure. Probably because no one real could come out with such bullshit.
  12. Chris Whitty hasn't put a foot wrong since Day One of The Plague hitting our shores, in the eyes of the masonic mass media, which I find quite remarkable. I wonder whether it could have anything to do with him being a senior freemason or not.
  13. I don't know much about the 'Nuts Netanyahoo!' court case, so I have no idea how important a witness Haim Garon was. However, if the question was 'could' an important witness get eliminated in such a way, in such a trial, then the answer would obviously be 'Yes'. P.S. The guy lurking behind Netanyahu's co-defendants, in the following picture, looks even shiftier than they do.
  14. I think that if everyone in the nation started conducting their own little enquiries, in to this or that, then it really would make a mockery of all the testing systems. As usual, the Daily Mail is well behind the times. Funny that...
  15. Jesus, Gandhi, Princess Di and, more recently, Gary Glitter. He joins the ever growing list of folks who wished they had joined the masons. What sort of life is it you are living, when you feel the need to join a gang for protection though? Or perhaps, more pertinently, what sort of society are you living in to begin with? He was obviously killed by the PTB; not some other gang. One can't easily organise a 'suicide' hanging in a prison cell, then cover it up afterwards, can they.
  16. It is total bullshit, so you would be right not to believe it. It was already called out that Hancock would soon be off to collect the swag, which he knows is soon going to be heading his way. He was posing for a camera shot there. He knew full well it was going to be released by the press, followed by his willing resignation, before he did the pose. All totally planned, manipulated and then exposed via the masonic mass media. In this instance, The masonick (sic) Sun. Seriously, even a four year old wouldn't fall for this tosh. Yawn...
  17. He has the air of a clueless, sixth form, little wanker about him. Not quite as bad as Constipated Keir though.
  18. Just imagine living in a large house, with all of your extended family. One day, you find out that two of your nephews have done coke in your shed; tea leafed all of your gold; inappropriately fiddled with your daughters and nieces; looted your bank accounts and maxed out your credit cards, via numerous, degenerate, online gambling sessions; and that they did it all while lying to you every day, when often sporting big grins. They then sit you down and tell you the whole situation is sufficiently bad, so as to warrant them needing full control to help put things right. They also tell you that the BBC is right behind them. Thanks, but no thanks. For the awakened, the above is a microcosm of what 'The Great Reset' means. However, too many folks now know, their numbers are growing and I really don't see the PTB succeeding myself. I think that the problem isn't going to be stopping and taking down the PTB. It is whether we are collectively good enough to create a better future.
  19. I feel that he is definitely related to the PTB in some way. I can take him for a few minutes, then he totally does my nut.
  20. I presume that this is all about the 'Israeli gang rapists' news story, which I heard on the Beeb a while back.
  21. So, how many rockets are actually said to have landed in Israel, which have 'supposedly' led to the 10 or so Israelis being killed? I always take the 'official' Israeli death toll with a large pinch of salt. However, assuming the figure of 10 Israeli casualties was about right, then would a ratio of something like 20 rockets per Israeli casualty be feasible?
  22. This preposterous case has now sunk to even lower depths. Just why? Aren't these stories supposed to be even vaguely believable any more? Is it all just a big joke? Maybe, some time next month, we will hear that a one-armed man was 'possibly' seen running away from the scene of the crime. The dude identified does kind of emanate a Harrison Ford vibe, out of 'The Fugitive' (1993), prior to cleaning himself at the hospital. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/police-smash-vile-global-paedophile-24144392 'Police smash vile global paedophile gang which 'may have links to Madeleine McCann'.' 'EXCLUSIVE: Special forces in Paraguay say they think a top figure in a sick network of paedophiles was in contact with Christian Brueckner - the chief suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.'
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