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  1. It was already obvious that the PTB were looking to pull a pretty big Brexit reversal/NWO inception stunt quite soon. No doubt in my mind who 'orchestrated' the killing of this M.P.. I was also already wondering whether we will finally suffer a hefty HAARP attack in the short term future. RIP David Amess. As in 'Brexit is dead'? Not that we ever really had Brexit. Who had a penchant for shouting out 'Allah Akbar!' quite a lot and who recently lost his passport... I was wondering, just a few days ago, what was going on with little Thomas. However the narrative develops, it is already very clear that it is a pre-planned narrative. I am sure that's part of it. Their old order was already slowly crumbling, regardless of Brexit.
  2. Taking the piss out of Cherie would have to involve thinking about her. No thanks. I would far rather fantasise about mingling with David and Nigel.
  3. Forbidden fruit? Methinks, the gentlemen doth protest too much. I expect to see them well positioned, with Nigel fully bearded, on the front cover of Geldof's upcoming 'Fuck The World In 2022' kama sutra themed calendar.
  4. Almost certainly connected, regardless of their official denials. 'The company said that a "configuration change" had impacted users globally. It added that the incident was not related to the outage that saw its products taken offline for over six hours earlier this week.'
  5. Keep your spirit determined and steady. Find the God in you. By all means talk to other people, just don't waste energy on those who don't want to listen, even if it is family members. Senseless.
  6. I think that everyone should always stay positive. It is good to think and plan ahead, about what one might do if 'x', 'y' or 'z' were to happen as well. I would just add I think that if the PTB keep on getting their way, then they will eventually come for everyone they are aware of who isn't barcoded, whether that be via a national id. profile or a bio-chip. Outsiders won't be tolerated, a la Huxley. Therefore, I would also think about where I might/could go, should the U.K. ever seem on the verge of rounding up off-gridders, under one feeble pretext or another. Not easy, is it. Hopefully, the PTB will soon crumble away.
  7. Anyone know why the following image, which I embedded in my first two posts, keeps on disappearing? Edit - It has now reappeared.
  8. A leaping turd may have something to say about that.
  9. 'And it seems that the Corrie viewing figures have decreased for the third straight month. Give them some shitty Graham Norton reruns to watch midweek instead.'
  10. Given where the history of men's tennis currently stands, then this is quite a big story. https://www.tennisworldusa.org/tennis/news/Novak_Djokovic/103222/victoria-premier-to-novak-djokovic-no-vaccine-no-australian-open-participation-/ 'Victoria Premier to Novak Djokovic: No vaccine, no Australian Open participation.'
  11. Now, if it was as high as 33%, then I just might have made the effort. I really liked the following bullet point. You have to be very dedicated to succeed with this plan. 'Little difference over five years but at six years or more, the risk dropped.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10055559/Getting-flu-jab-six-years-row-cuts-risk-developing-dementia-14.html 'Getting flu jab for six years in a row cuts risk of developing dementia by 14%, new study suggests.' Scientists believe annual jabs gradually strengthen the ageing immune system UK faces an epidemic of Alzheimer's and dementia due to ageing population There has been no major breakthrough in treating these diseases for decades Saint Louis University School of Medicine tracked almost 70,000 people They monitored how many had an annual flu vaccine and whether they later developed dementia Little difference over five years but at six years or more, the risk dropped Experts say that there is no evidence catching the flu causes dementia, rather the benefit comes from having the vaccine later in life
  12. It is great to see the Israeli mafia cock sucking, masonic mass media going after Facebook, with the noble goal of protecting our teenage citizens. How did I ever doubt them? Absolutely nothing to do with the social media regulation agenda. As for the outage, it is almost certainly another test drill, for when the time comes. I was expecting to see Countess Dracula reboot, when I switched on the TV, but it was the gangly monstrosity instead this evening. Some very serious shilling needed to be done then...
  13. Who knows, but I doubt he switched sides. Maybe he saw no clear path to getting rid of the PTB. Maybe his friends advised him he was heading for a lot of hassle. Maybe he did get some hassle we don't know about. Maybe his hubby told him to shut up. At least he didn't do the cringe-worthy 'I was wrong and I apologise!' routine. Respect to Jim. for at least trying at some stage.
  14. I can still remember this gem of an article from 2008. And just as Aaron Russo (RIP) also said, among others. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/corrs-guitarist-id-enter-politics-to-save-us-from-freemasons-and-the-tyranny-of-global-government-28495654.html 'Corrs guitarist: I’d enter politics to save us from Freemasons and the tyranny of global government.' Freemasons. "There are a large number of secret societies in our government, we certainly know that. The push towards global government totally correlates with the Freemasonic agenda. "The way it works is that once they see a rising star, let's say a politician, they're approached, as a couple of my friends have been approached, because they would see you as an asset to the brotherhood. "Tony Blair is a 33rd degree Freemason. That's fairly common knowledge. The Queen is grand patroness of the World Freemasonry. Silvio Berlusconi is a high level Freemason. President George Bush is a member of the Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society, which is an off-shoot of the Freemasons."
  15. Her mother and sister were firmly calling for mandatory vaccination on TV news this afternoon. Not their fault they believe what they believe, is it. However, still quite alarming to hear. https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2021-10-02/girl-15-dies-from-covid-the-day-she-was-meant-to-receive-her-vaccine
  16. I hope that everyone who signs up can make more of an effort to speak their minds and get posting. Of course, no one should feel compelled to say anything, but I feel that far too many folks just say 'Hi' and not much more, if anything at all. It's like, even if they can see a lot of bullshit in front of them, they are still somehow programmed not to say anything about it. The Universe needs you. Much love to all of the good-hearted.
  17. There were a few, isolated mass media articles written at the beginning of September, about the upcoming expiration of the Coronavirus Act at the end of September, and they all pretty much agreed that it would again get renewed. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/06/no-10-intent-on-keeping-covid-powers-amid-expected-rise-in-cases https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/boris-johnson-extend-lockdown-laws-six-months-b953633.html https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/boris-in-battle-with-anti-lockdown-mps-over-plans-to-extend-draconian-covid-powe/ No surprise there then, but, as far as I am aware, there has been total silence since. Personally, I suspect that the Coronavirus Act will be extended beyond the intended two years life span solely with ministerial discretion, regardless of the sunset clause provision, as in 'making it all up as they go along'. Furthermore, this would apply to all parts of it, regardless of whether they have already been repealed or not. Everyone will think that it no longer exists, but it will. The masonic mass media will obviously say nothing. Anyone else think the same? Anyone else heard anything about the latest renewal, say in the past week or so? Compared to the first two renewals, in September 2020 and March 2021, I find the recent silence quite eerie to be honest.
  18. It seems that the net is now slowly drawing in on the 'guilty suspect' Brueckner. Not. When you can see a gang of masonic Keystone Cops desperately trying to fit someone up, in a case such as this, then what does it say about what 'they' think of the narrative spun by Brother Gerry? Clearly, it demonstrates that 'they' think it is a right load of epic bullshit. Not my opinion; 'their' opinion. For example, if one of my 'mates' came up with such a story and I really believed them, then the very last thing I would do is try to fit someone up for a conviction. It would mean that the real kidnapper was still at large wouldn't it! No, I would obviously keep on investigating as best I could and for as long as I could. They all know what happened though, don't they. Just like with Barry George, who they managed to scapegoat for a brief time. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/christian-brueckner-ex-maddie-mccann-24912385 'Ex of Madeleine McCann prime suspect Christian Brueckner says she slept in 'kidnap' van.'
  19. I read that very same article earlier on this morning. Unless Klopp is being disingenuous, then he seems to be one of those with a blind faith in any old quack the masonic mass media can find to parrot their silly agendas.
  20. Piss taking aside, I have definitely noticed a load of new creeps appear on the mass media scene in the past couple of years.
  21. I see that a petition calling for the resignation of Gollum, posted on 27th September, was swiftly rejected after being deluged with signatures. The petitioner should have called for Whitty to be made stateless and sent to Guantanamo Bay instead, so as to avoid any feeble technicalities. He could have been on a plane by now, assuming all of his Covid paperwork was properly in place. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/597978
  22. Now that the noble Constipated Keir has taken hold of the Labour reins, then I think that the official verification could come imminently after he gets the top job.
  23. It's only the love daddy of the grovelling Pym. Finally, Pyms O'Clocked.
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