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  1. Rather than start a new thread. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-67706765 'Blackpool nurse and colleague jailed over drugging patients.'
  2. Back in late October, I had a very surreal evening. Well, I say evening, but it was more like ten minutes. I don't watch 'Eastenders', but someone had left the TV on. I went in to the lounge and some freak character was banging on about 'legal co-parenting'. I thought 'Please fukk off'. I switched to another channel and it was on the adverts. I was greeted by some of the 'Loose Women' shamelessly plugging smart meters. What the hell. I turned the TV off and picked up one of those free magazines that gets chucked through your letterbox every now and then. On occasion, I read something interesting. I leafed through the pages and was horrified by some of the updates from the local primary schools (page 48). Apparently, one primary school has joined a 'federation' with another nearby primary school. What? Why? The only reason I can think of is to try and normalise the notion of countries joining an NWO. Meanwhile, another primary school was bigging up a visit they had from Google. As they put it' 'Yes, Google came to us!'. Woohoo! What did altruistic Google teach the kids then? How to dodge taxes? Anyhow, this sort of shit must be going on at primary schools right across the nation. Very sad and very concerning. This is the rubbish that someone can be assailed with nowadays, when just minding their own business at home. https://sussexlocal.net/back-issues/arundel-october-2023/
  3. As long as lessons are learned, then all is well and good. The problem is that the PTB aren't going to be learning the lessons that the sheeple would want them to. In fact, quite the opposite. I noticed that during the first lockdown. I think that something fishy was definitely going on. However, it was ambulances with sirens off, not on, that folks were reporting it. Wasn't it? It's certainly what I reported. David Davis? He is an even bigger shill than Andrew Bridgen. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I don't how Benjamin Zephaniah started out. However, he definitely turned in to an Establishment turd. One of my euphemisms for BBC 'Question Time' is the 'Conveyor Belt Of C**ts'. As in, over the years, you notice that the same gang of C**Ts keep on appearing on the show. Our Zeph managed to knock up six appearances. If I recall correctly, on one particular episode, he was shilling hard for the PTB agenda to reform our police forces to how 'they' wanted them to be. For example, the introduction of Police And Crime Commissioners/removal of police force authorities; the merging of some police forces; the withdrawal of some of the intermediate ranks; and the introduction of Direct Entry, which would basically allow any PTB wanker to just waltz in to any police force at a very senior level. As high as superintendent I believe. This is the masonic mass media in classic time-wasting mode. Throw out the odd story for the sheeple, which gives the impression that they are on the case and working tirelessly on their behalf. Yeah, right.
  4. A Merry Christmas to all of the good-hearted. However, generally speaking, Christmas in the U.K. in 2023 has become a total abomination.

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      Certified Green of Heart

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  5. I think that Micah, although he comes across as a bit childish, is actually the most mature one out of the current crop. He needs to keep away from that Dion Dublin character though, who definitely seems to be a bad influence him. Dion even had him nodding in agreement, when he decreed that all of the Millwall fans who booed the knee should be hunted down, banned and prosecuted. I still can't quite believe I watched that scene on 'Final Score' one afternoon!
  6. They say that the show has been 'temporarily shelved', but I don't see it coming back any time soon. As with 'Football Focus', it just got really childish. I hadn't watched it in ages. Hopefully, 'MOTD', another once great show turned childish, will go the same way soon. I think that they had a female commentating on the first match up last night. If so, then I have never noticed it before. That's a surefire way to reduce the viewing figures for starters. P.S. I don't mind Ian Wright, but he does seem like a big baby. The majority of Premier League footballers probably are.
  7. At the very least, he would be getting demonised by the mass media. Instead, he is fawned over. Not even vaguely convincing.
  8. Very sad news. Strength and love to all of the Icke family. RIP. 'We know she is only a heartbeat away, a frequency vibration, and she will be around us still until we meet again in another realm beyond this madhouse reality that she saw through with a laser focus.' Amen to that.
  9. Odds are, obviously, that this is suspect. However, with all of the vaccine deaths currently occurring, it 'could' be one of those rare coincidences. The way I look at things, it is the post-death smears made against Todd that most strongly point to him being offed. It is the modus operandi of the PTB. Personally, I think it is a bit of a dumb strategy, but whatever. Who knows what might have been going on behind the scenes, but, 'officially' at least, the ACPO investigation/non-investigation of CIA rendition flights concluded over 9 months before Todd's death. Maybe he was offed for other reasons that we know not? There was one theory posted by someone on the pre-2019 forum, say circa 2010, but so much times has passed I can't immediately recall what it was.
  10. The internet wept... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2023/12/09/ukraine-in-mortal-danger-without-more-aid-says-zelenska/ 'Ukraine ‘in mortal danger’ and ‘will die’ without more aid, says Zelenska.'
  11. Konstipated Keir just sat there looking, well, quite constipated. You can really tell that this creature has been trained to never criticise the Israeli government. And I mean NEVER. Someone else who manages to get close to him should put him to the test. Just ask 'Does the Israeli government have the right to...?' and then add on some of the most heinous things you can think of. Like, stuff that is even 100 times worse than what is already going on and Bonkers Benjamin himself wouldn't try to get away with. I guarantee that Konstipated Keir will not condemn anything that is put to him. His only thought process is 'Never criticise the Israeli government'. He will either say 'Israel has the right to defend itself', yawn, or just sit there looking constipated again. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/sir-keir-starmer-confronted-train-31624582 'Konstipated Keir confronted on train to Glasgow by pro-Palestine protester.' ('Pro-Palestine?' A better way of describing the guy asking questions would surely have to be 'anti-genocide'.) 'The politician sat in silence with his arms crossed as the male asked him: “How many more children have to die?” After approaching Starmer and a colleague, the train protester ranted: “Keir, how many more children in Palestine have to die before you call for a ceasefire?' ('Ranted', did he? Clearly not. Sarah Vesty of the Daily Record, whoever she is, should get sued for writing bullshit like that.)
  12. Surging cases. https://metro.co.uk/2023/12/07/100-day-whooping-cough-symptoms-risks-treatment-19940208/ 'The symptoms to look out for as ‘100-day cough’ sweeps the UK.'
  13. You are on the run in the woods, then stirred from your slumber one morning. You look up to see Whitty and Vallance, holding hands and totally starkers, slowly making their way through the undergrowth towards you. They tell you it is best to just go along with them quietly, for your first vaccination. Is it time to throw in the towel? 

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      the towel


      ominous,if you say so 🤷‍♂️

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      Certified Green of Heart

      • << here is an ominous dot of where the ominiscity is said to have occurred. AAAHH """ THE TOWEL """
      • thank the Lord for that Screaming Eagle. Excuse the now twice shown dots, but we no longer need to worry about that. hehe.


      Recycling is good, and likable enough as you get used to it.


      Go Green... Do Your Bit... Even if that means living out in the Woods. 

    4. numnuts


      I am hypothesising about being accosted by two angry freemasons, fully disrobed no less, and in the middle of nowhere. Who on earth would start thinking about recycling, in that grim situation? Did you used to work at the local council?

  14. In my opinion, Kissinger was very overrated in PTB circles. Mind you, if truth be told, I have zero respect for any of them. They are masters of control freakery and nothing else. Simply, by virtue of financial control, they have bigged themselves up on the shoulders of others. They then kid themselves that they are of intellectual stock. Hilarious. And, with all of the life extension tech that they have probably pumped trillions in to, over many decades, they still rarely make it to 100. Most of them currently get to the mid 90's, from what I can make out. You can guarantee that this little freak prayed for a comeback and croaked it in some cryo facility.
  15. Yes, that's what I thought too. I doubt that anyone who gets death threats, realistic or not, expected to get them. If true, I also think that it must be very rare for someone to actually be advised to leave home. And wouldn't someone of his status have been assigned a protetction officer, if these said 'death threats' were really deemed credible? It all seems a bit odd.
  16. He has now accepted personal responsibility and taken ownership of his mistakes. What more do you want to hear? I bet he was in the bogs with Bundy during the lunchbreak.
  17. If the government can't decide, then someone/something must be needed to decide for them. Right? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-67514356 'How inquiry is exposing deep flaws in Covid decision-making.' The lack of joined-up thinking was unhelpful - and in the autumn of 2020 it led to the country "bunny hopping" around, in the words of Sir Chris, between opening up and slamming on the brakes. Finding a more coherent approach to decision-making in a pandemic - balancing all the trade-offs - is at the heart of what this inquiry needs to do.
  18. Who knows. Not very likely, but maybe it was to folks she didn't like. I am sure that it must have happened, even if only rarely. One doesn't have to be in the jabbing profession either. As in, 'Did you get your third booster yet, my dear? Yes, I got mine just the other day, my dear.'. The current crop of gold diggers no longer need to wed, then wait years for someone elderly to die. They just need to wed, then vax them to the hilt. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-67522140 'Covid nurse gave jabs to ineligible friends of colleagues.'
  19. It never ends. When they say 'Portuguese police', then I wonder what the Daily Masonical mean, exactly? Some masonic/masonic controlled wrong'uns, who would say black is white and vice versa, whenever ordered to and at the drop of a hat? I don't hear anything about the Portuguese cops who originally investigated the case changing their minds. And why, pray tell, did a number of these senior 'Portuguese police' travel to London to apologise to Gerry in person? Couldn't one of them have managed it, if they didn't think a live video link or recorded video message sufficed? Sounds like a poor excuse for a jolly in Blighty to me. And what about Climate Change? I have never heard anything like it. I saw this story reported on one of the TV news channels. I can't remember which one now, but maybe ITV News. The report ended with a clip of the McCanns marching down the road with a purpose. Maybe they were going to enter the 'People's Postcode Lottery'. I mean, they won the Met's 'Eternal Investigation Lottery' 16 years running. So, why not give it a go. Meanwhile, Brueckner is still waiting for the net to finally close in on him. Not. Some of the stuff written in the article is quite stupid, as ever. P.S. One other thing. It seems to be fine for a senior U.K. cop, who originally pursued Barry George, to say he still believes he is guilty on live TV. And Barry George was later exonerated in court. Double standards galore! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12687457/Portuguese-police-apologise-Madeleine-McCanns-parents-person-way-investigated-missing-toddlers-case.html 'Portuguese police apologise to Madeleine McCann's parents over their treatment as detectives say paedophile Christian Brueckner is their prime suspect and missing toddler died in Portugal.' Officers have now admitted that not enough importance was given to missing children at the time of Maddie's disappearance, adding that they should have been more understanding of her parent's position as foreigners, the BBC said. (What? Is anyone able to translate that for me?) Portuguese police also updated the McCanns on the ongoing investigation, giving their support to German authorities who believe that Brueckner killed Madeleine. (So, the Portuguese police update on the ongoing investigation was that they now support the German police? No explanation, as to why, though. And still no explanation, as to why, the German police are '100% sure' that Brueckner is guilty.) German prosecutors have not yet formally charged Brueckner with the abduction and killing of Maddie but authorities in Germany have indicated the McCann trial could take place closely on the heels of his upcoming trial, The Olive Press reported. (Eh? I thought that they were planning to let him out of prison, keep him under surveillance and then snare him? So, it is back to putting him on trial now. Whatever.)
  20. One would have thought that they might have stopped being baffled by now... https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/6262590/police-lock-down-bezack-street-new-elgin/ 'Community in shock as police probe death of 32-year-old woman in New Elgin.'
  21. If Priti hadn't completely disappeared during the 'pandemic', when she was Home Secretary no less, then she might have noticed. And she looks as high as the proverbial kite. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-67372615 '£10K Covid fines were too high, admits Priti Patel.'
  22. I am not suggesting that this can't be true. If true, then it is obviously unacceptable. However, why is anyone supposed to believe one word that comes from the mouths of these fools? Would I be surprised if this isn't true? No, it could have been orchestrated. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-67499233 'Covid inquiry: Van-Tam family received 'unexpected' death threats.'
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-67496227 'Swindon hospital sees rise in respiratory illnesses.'
  24. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-67496227 'Swindon hospital sees rise in respiratory illnesses.'
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