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  1. On 2/8/2024 at 10:32 AM, Macnamara said:

    So if i'm right about all of this then tucker carlson, despite often saying a lot of good stuff, is in fact just reinforcing the outer grand delusion that there really is a genuine struggle between the BRICS and the davos elite which would then require us to ask: is carlson simply misled or is he part of the grand deception?


    In my opinion, Carlson is just another pied piper. At the very least, if not literally taking orders, he has lasted an awful long time in the spotlight, for someone who is supposed to be anti-PTB. Suspicious, in itself. As for BRICS, perhaps there isn't a genuine struggle going on, between them and the Western PTB. However, you can't look at all of the BRICS members in the same light. I don't think anyone would argue that Russia doesn't have some Western PTB tentacles reaching over its borders. It's just a case of how many and where they are. It obviously stinks that Russia invaded Ukraine, right at the time when the 'Covid' narrative was starting to collapse.          

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  2. 18 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Those of us who were here at the time won't forget the absolute shit-show that TPV became. Mainly because hundreds (maybe thousands) of us were banned from the forum.


    The main issue with TPV was that not enough consideration was given to the fact that the PTB would try to derail it. Divide and conquer tactics were used to help knock it off air. Then, after it had been knocked off air, divide and conquer tactics were also used to sow discord on the forum. 

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  3. No end in sight. I reiterate, these are 'supposed' to be the elderly folks we went into lockdown for, we took vaccines for and we trashed the economy for. And, these elderly folks never asked for any of it. When they ring up and ask for help though, then they are just left to die, if it comes to it. Just how bad does the next 'pandemic' have to theoretically be, given the NHS horrors of the past two years or so, for anyone in government to have the temerity to claim that 'Something must be done!'? We are already way beyond 'Covid'.  





    'NHS Wales: Day-long ambulance wait after care home fall.' 


    "They were told not to give her any food or pain relief." (Again, this is a protocol devised without any inkling of the NHS ever getting in to this dire situation. At what point do you just say 'Bugger protocol'?)

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  4. 7 hours ago, SimonTV said:

    Thailand Issues Warning About COVID Jabs: ‘They Cause Cancer and Brain Tumours’




    That translates as 'They were designed to cause cancer and brain tumours (and much more)'.




    1 hour ago, SimonTV said:

    If they turbo jabbed the king with boosters. That should be a national security risk. Good job we don't live in the real world.


    If it was targeted, then the whole reason they did it was as part of the 'Destroy the U.K.' package.




    12 minutes ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:

    "I'm vaccinated. Why aren't you, you stupid fucking fuck."


    Because I don't believe what my TV screen tells me.

  5. On 9/28/2022 at 8:14 PM, numnuts said:

    I wouldn't be surprised, if Charles gets bumped off somehow, in the next few years.


    The way they are talking, this is quite serious. The PTB were never going to let Charles trundle on, for another 10 years or more. I said on another thread that it would probably be CIAncer that gets him. From what I can gather, after one is diagnosed with CIAncer, death invariably occurs within 2 years and usually within a year. On occasion, even within months. Assuming this is CIAncer. We will see...





    'King Charles III diagnosed with cancer, Buckingham Palace says.'

  6. I don't think it is possible for Starmer to dodge some key questions, about our relationship with the E.U., irrespective of how slippery his handlers try to be. And, if they try to not even mention the topic in the manifesto, then it will be even more obvious what their plans are.





    'Labour ditches radical reforms as it prepares ‘bombproof’ election manifesto.'

  7. 13 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    Seems to be endemic in the police. They recently reviewed background check offences and had to fire a load of officers with criminal records, so definitely some bad eggs in the mix.


    I don't know about endemic, but it is very concerning. If this is the sort of environment that Wayne Couzens existed in, then I think that it probably would have affected his outlook and behaviour. On occasion, someone can do something wrong or say something inappropriate. They can get pulled up on it, realise it was poor behaviour, say sorry and move on. With the officers in this case, it seems to be more about ingrained defects in their character; rather than an isolated incident of poor behaviour. You can't just say 'Sorry' and brush it under the carpet. The officers involved should have been suspended and faced a serious misconduct hearing. To keep their jobs, they should have shown a clear understanding of why what they did was wrong and shown genuine remorse. And that's only if what they did wasn't deemed criminal. Personally, I think it was criminal. Who would want folks like this turning up, after dialling 999? Probably more interested in seeing minge, than busting crims.     


    The journalists pursuing this case have done well. However, I think there are two things that they shouldn't let up on. Firstly, the excuse that the whistleblower's departure from the police had nothing to do with his whistleblowing needs to be scrutinised much harder. Sounds like a load of bullshit to me. Secondly, the Sergeant who is said to have shown the whistleblower job adverts outside of the police and heckled him needs to feel some heat. A journalist needs to ask him some very hard and searching questions. He can't just be allowed to waltz off.        




    11 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    employ a crook to catch a crook


    You mean, that we need to recruit some career criminals to keep an eye on the cops?

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  8. It's easy to judge from the sidelines, but I found this quite sickening. I can accept that some people might make inappropriate comments in private and that it might all get overblown, if it comes to light. However, cops watching video footage that they no longer had any need to watch and asking to 'see her minge' is way over the line. It's a form of sexual assault.





    'Police officers mock body-worn video of semi-naked woman.'


    'Later that shift, the female officer began viewing body-worn video of the woman's journey inside the van while at her desk in Newbury Police Station. Three male colleagues, including the tutor, gathered around her laptop and watched the footage while making "sickening" comments about her - according to Faisal, who was also in the room. His witness statement, which we have seen, records the types of comments made by colleagues. He reports his tutor saying the woman had "crusty" or "manky" breasts, while another officer asked to see her "minge". A fourth male colleague also joined a discussion about how much money officers would need to be paid to have sex with her. One suggested £500,000, another said £250. Faisal says officers referred to the woman by name and were clearly aware of her identity - and watched the footage despite the female PC's decision that charges would not be brought.'

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  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-68142578


    'Edenfield Centre: Vulnerable patients denied human rights - review.'


    'The report outlines a series of recommendations for the trust, which include ensuring patient, family and staff voices are heard "at every level" and creating a culture where quality of care is the "utmost priority". Other recommendations include a call to adapt to problems caused by staff shortages, to address the poor state of some building, and for a review into oversight to "prevent tragedies like those seen at Edenfield from reoccurring".' (It will keep on occurring, unless society changes.)

  10. The 'Islamic Resistance In Iraq', eh? At this rate, they will soon be the most feared terrorists in the Middle East.





    'White House blames Iran-backed umbrella group for deadly drone strike.'


    'National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said US intelligence believed the Islamic Resistance in Iraq was behind Sunday's drone strike.' (Yeah, i'm sure they were.)

  11. So, the 'attack', whatever it was, is supposed to have happened in Jordan, according to the U.S.. However, the Jordanians say it happened in Syria and they should know. But wait, the U.S. doesn't have any troops in Syria. Ah, what the hell, I am sure Mahmoud's passport will turn up somewhere. Invade Iran!





    'US drone attack: Three US troops killed in drone strike on US base in Middle East.' 



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  12. 40 minutes ago, Captainlove said:

    Send the woketards to the front line and lets see how brave they are then.


    I don't think it is any coincidence that the 'Support Greta' events, which are periodically laid on for our secondary school climate warriors, usually seem to occur on school days. School headmasters even encourage the kids to bunk off. As in, if they were held on weekends, then hardly any of the little troopers would be arsed to attend. Now, if we are talking about adults facing the grim realities of war, which involves a bit more than surfacing from your pit early on a Saturday morning, then I reckon that you will see most of the Woke/Pride mob running for the hills. All of that tough talk and mock bravery will just melt away. Just imagine... 😀 

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  13. He heard the clarion call and thought, a la Baroness Mone, 'I can help!'. It just so happened that 'helping' involved pocketing £367,000, for not a lot of graft. Good work, if you can get it.





    'Essex online prankster Simon Harris kept £367k from council contracts.'





    'Spending on digital community engagement in the pandemic, 2020 onwards.'


    'None of the contracts were required by law to be tendered.  None of the contracts referred to in this spreadsheet were over the EU tender limit. (The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020, but was in a transitional period until 31 December 2020 and the EU procurement rules remained in force in the UK throughout the period this content refers to.) Even if they had been over the tender limit, it is important to remember that the pandemic was a time when we needed to buy things urgently.  Like many public authorities, we had to make use of regulation 33 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 during this time.' (Yeah, I bet they did.) 🙃

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  14. Seriously, the next time someone in Westminster or at the BBC blows their trumpet over China's treatment of the Uyghurs, which is obviously very bad, then I will probably puke.





    'Who are the Uyghurs and why is China being accused of genocide?'


    'Several countries, including the US, UK, Canada and the Netherlands, have accused China of committing genocide - defined by international convention as the "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group".'


    'The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has China is committing "genocide and crimes against humanity".'


    'The UK parliament declared in April 2021 that China was committing a genocide in Xinjiang.'


    'The UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the files contained "shocking details of China's human rights violations".'

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