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  1. Just catching up with some comments I wanted to make. Too right, she should sue and one story to follow closely. The ship jumpers will probably try to get a one way dinghy ticket to France, whenever the people smugglers next drop off a load of illegal immigrants under Brighton pier. Then, on to Israel, probably. All roads, sea lanes too, lead to Brighton. Yes, there was a glut of these stories, relating to some European countries too, in the mass media a month or so ago. Not the only motive behind the vaccine obviously, but yes, it does explain why they went after the kids so hard. If the old 'national security' line won't fit the bill, then it will always be some other bullshit excuse.
  2. Ooh argghhh, ooh argghhh, ooh argghhh. Shoot 'em up the arse!
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-68762171 'Long Covid blood clues could prompt future trials.' 'And those with long Covid showed evidence of a continuing and active pattern of inflammatory proteins in their blood. The researchers said the presence of these chemicals in the blood, which are usually a sign of the body fighting off infection, was unusual when the initial infection occurred so long before.' (Especially so, if many of these allegedly 'infected' individuals never felt ill to begin with and only determined that they ever had 'Covid' on the basis of a Jackanory test. Long 'Covid' is clearly a pandemic of the vaccinated.)
  4. The guy was a bit of a hero, in the early days of the pandemic.I already knew that he had succumbed, some time ago.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-68744775 'New York's iconic landmarks shaken by rare earthquake.' 'It's the region's most significant earthquake in decades.'
  6. Right, so what's the real reason, as to why they are doing this now? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-68734689 'Israel: GPS disabled and IDF leave cancelled over Iran threat.'
  7. I think that Rowling is legit and that Hopkins is part of the PTB's 'Divide And Conquer' strategy.
  8. Tea-leafin' journos. Whatever next... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-68702982 'Hands off Biden's pillowcases,' journalists stealing from Air Force One told.
  9. Kate disappeared right after Christmas. Kingston perished at the end of February. As for Kingston, does anyone know whether some of the wording used in these BBC News articles, plus in other mass media news articles no doubt, is normal for such cases? Putting two and two together, after reading the BBC News articles, one would obviously conclude that he shot himself in the head. However, it is never actually stipulated as such. Even if they didn't find a bullet lodged in his head, a pathologist would obviously identify a bullet entry wound and a bullet exit wound with ease. With any missing bullet related to such a scenario being quickly recovered at the scene of his death and then linked to the gun found. So, why not just say he shot himself? For me, unless it is normal to report on such cases in this manner, yet more weirdness. Or maybe, the inquest hasn't yet concluded and they have to wait for the official verdict, before stipulating that he shot himself in the head? By 12th March though, or since then, couldn't it at least have been reported that he did indeed have a bullet wound to the head? I can't find anything definite online, about how long the inquest was supposed to take or if there already has been a verdict. RIP. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68449923 (1st March. Inquest live.) 'Thomas Kingston died from traumatic head wound, inquest hears.' His father then found his 45-year-old son "deceased with a catastrophic head injury" with a gun "present at the scene", Ms Skerrett added. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68549345 (12th March. Inquest not concluded?) ' Thomas Kingston: Prince William attends private funeral.' An inquest heard that he had died from a "traumatic head wound". A gun was found near his body.
  10. Weird article. They didn't even state what any of this guy's theories were. Just that they were 'terrible' theories. For me, the main thrust of the article seems to be about the PTB wanting more power to at least be able to demonetise the stuff they can't yet ban. I haven't had time to fully catch up with this thread yet, so I don't know whether anyone else has already posted this observation. I couldn't help but notice the 11 stripes on the main body of her jumper and, obviously, on each sleeve as well.
  11. A lot of this numerology lark originally comes from the BBC, that's Empress Ming's mob, making umpteen documentaries about Hitler allegedly having a metaphysical fascination with the number 9. So, either everyone is wrong or there may just be something to it.
  12. This happens the day after the U.S. didn't veto a UN Security Council resolution calling for a Gaza ceasefire.
  13. The one thing that stinks about the Kate saga, for me, is precisely the fact that it was a saga. A needless saga. Most of the speculation would have been shut down, by a statement or video message as per yesterday, a long time ago. It's not as if Kate was declaring that she had AIDS in the 1980's. Now, it doesn't matter what they say, or what folks on forums like this one say, at least some of the sheeple are going to continue to speculate. I don't know what the whole truth is here, but I very much doubt that it is the 'official' story.
  14. Jobs was probably Ciancered. If he was, then he did very well to last as long as he did. Well, that's the PTB's plan and it isn't for the benefit of the people either.
  15. It is inconceivable, regardless of who came up with this or that design, that the FA didn't give this shocking abortion the nod pre-production. Indeed.
  16. Diana was offed on 31st August 1997 because she was running round with Dodi Fayed. He bought her a ring the day before they died and she was quite possibly pregnant too. She guessed it was coming and she was foolish not to go and live elsewhere. So, although someone may argue that she would have gotten offed at some stage in the future anyway, for other reasons; the fact remains that if she hadn't been running round with Dodi Fayed, then she wouldn't have gotten offed on 31st August 1997. And yes, it was one of the most blatant assassinations going.
  17. So, please tell us Arch-Dork Muck. When did denying genocide, a position of yours that you handily managed to omit from your list, become centrist?
  18. I was surprised to hear that this wasn't already illegal, under one law or another. Or maybe it was and they just mean it is now a specific offence? If so, then hardly a story worthy of all the attention it got. If so, then maybe the mass media were only trying to generate some positive publicity for the ghastly Online Safety Act. Whatever the nitty gritty of it, I think that the vast majority of folks would agree that it is poor form to message people with such pics, unless there is an obvious justification for doing so. As in, an existing romantic/sexual relationship or pre-agreement etc.. It does feel like there is some sort of hidden agenda at play.
  19. I happened to glance at this picture, while quickly scrolling through a news article, and I thought 'Fook me, add a suitable wig and it's Richard Ramirez reincarnated'.
  20. Didn't go very well, after those glorious moments, did it. As for the 'Sweet Harmony' video, the singer, Jon Marsh, apparently said the video was "not intended to be sexual" and was "as asexual as you can get". I can see where he is coming from, but I don't know about "as asexual as you can get". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Harmony_(The_Beloved_song)#Music_video
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