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  1. Can't the U.K. public bring some sort of class action lawsuit against the McCanns? Why must we all be continually traumatised, year after year, when we all know what really happened? Some of this latest bollocks is just too much to bear. I read the article, then I thought to myself 'Did I just really read all of that?'.





    'Madeleine McCann suspect may be released before German investigation ends but under '24/7 surveillance'.'


    'Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are planning to place suspect Christian B under strict 24/7 surveillance in a bid to snare him.' (So, best to let Brueckner know well in advance then.)


    'Chief suspect Christian B could be freed from prison before the end of the investigation into him - which police have previously said could stretch to 2026. Sources close to the German Madeleine McCann investigation claim that the release of the convicted rapist might actually provide a boost in the probe.' (On what basis?)


    "Christian B is known to be a weirdo and a drifter, but he’s also a creature of habit so detectives fully expect him to migrate back towards the places and people he was seeing at the time Maddie vanished," the police source said. "This could well throw up new clues." (The old 'they always return to the scene of the crime' theory?)




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  2. On 6/21/2023 at 9:30 AM, Ride The Lightning said:

    I'm thinking this is the perfect excuse to prevent any tourist trips down there again. We recently got that 3D scan of the Titanic didn't we, which was pretty impressive, but now maybe we'll just get told that that's all you're going to get now.


    This does seem to be an angle that the mass media are currently pushing. Don't know why though.




    5 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    Im still trying to understand why this story is getting massive coverage.


    To distract the sheeple from the current realities of their lives. All downhill from here...

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  3. On 6/21/2023 at 12:20 AM, Anti Facts Sir said:

    That whole Boris-rushed-to-hospital and his near-death experience was a total sham. He was whisked away to be told he had to go along with the CV19 fraud and start implementing the restrictions, or he'd be out. The man was never the same after that, like he'd seen a ghost. And it wasn't the spectre of "Covid".


    Can an existing thread on the topic of the 'Covid' Inquiry, or perhaps a new thread, be stickyed? By the time this Inquiry concludes, then some of us will probably be deceased, from natural causes. 😀 

  4. On 6/18/2023 at 8:38 PM, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Leeds also....their fitness levels were among the best in the league the previous 2 yrs, then suddenly they are lethargic. Blamed on the shit owners of course.


    I don't follow football anywhere near as much as I used to. However, by default, if it's 'never the vaccine', then it must always be 'something else'.


    P.S. Going back to Djokovic again, I would even go as far as to say that he is now better off, in terms of how 'Covid' restrictions and the vaccines have affected his legacy in the history of tennis. By virtue of winning the French Open this year, he is now the only male player to have won all of the Grand Slams at least three times. Another big stat in his favour, when it comes to the GOAT debate. I am adamant that if Alcaraz wasn't vaxxed up, then that wouldn't have happened.

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  5. Hmm. Sounds more like a police state unit specifically created to support a police state to me. The impression given is that the need for this new unit is all down to a shortage of men on the ground, as in deployable during emergencies, but the article states that it will also be involved with surveillance. It doesn't ring true to me. I reckon that President Xi, President Kim and Ayatollah Khamenei will all have loads of Brits begging to be allowed over their borders, soon enough...





    'Britain gets new elite terror troops to support police and MI5.'


    'Military chiefs have formed a new domestic counter-terror unit to offset pressure on Britain’s Special Forces. Razor Squadron is the first new special operations team to be established since the creation of the Special Forces Support Group at the start of the Afghanistan war.'

  6. On 5/28/2022 at 6:23 PM, numnuts said:

    This one made me laugh a bit. Simona Halep, a former world number one who has played in multiple Grand Slam finals, had to be tended to in the middle of her second round match at the French Open. She was suffering from breathing problems, which she has now put down to a panic attack. Maybe, she saw a 'Climate Change' billboard? Anything but the jab. Sigh.





    'French Open: Former champion Simona Halep suffers panic attack in defeat.'




    Another 'panic attack'. Fair play, maybe Tsurenko did get a bit upset prior to the match, due to some disagreement with the WTA CEO, but still. Never the vaccine. 





    'Ukraine’s Lesia Tsurenko suffered ‘panic attack’ after talks with WTA chief – ‘I was shocked by what I heard’.'


    “The reason for the refusal was a panic attack. Officially it will be written ‘personal reasons’, but in fact it is breathing problems and, one might say, hysteria,” she told BTU.com.

  7. This one, which I was watching live, made me laugh. Anything, but the vaccine. There is little doubt in my mind that Alcaraz would have gone on to beat Djokovic 3-1, if not for him cramping up. However, to be fair, Djokovic probably would have won one of the two Grand Slams he missed in 2022 (Oz and U.S.), if not both of them, due to his unvaccinated status. In his head, he should be thinking the vaccines cost him a Grand Slam and gained him a Grand Slam. It was also quite coincidental that it all happened on pro-vax Nadal's favourite court and that the vax victim was one of his countrymen. 





    'French Open 2023: Carlos Alcaraz says stress caused cramping in Novak Djokovic defeat.'


    "At the beginning of the third set I started to cramp every part of my body, not only the legs. The arms, as well, every part of the legs. It was really tough for me to move at the third set, and in the fourth set let's say I had a little chance, but it was really tough. My full body started to cramp."


    "The tension of the match was why the cramping happened. I started the match really nervous." (Sure thing, Carlos.)

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  8. On 5/26/2023 at 9:59 AM, Velma said:

    They had a government spokesman.




    Clarence left the BBC quite suddenly, making a move into the Labour government as director of its Media Monitoring Unit. His salary was widely reported to be £70,000 a year.


    The McCanns must have delved under quite a few rocks, so as to be able to surface with the likes of him.




    On 5/26/2023 at 8:16 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    I can't be bothered to go find it now but I saw some article on the Birmingham Mail (because this is important local news) that said something about looking for a gun and a video camera, which would have contained footage of Brueckner.


    The proverbial smoking gun. 🙂 Anyhow, if they had found anything even vaguely interesting, then I am sure that we would have heard about it by now.





    'Madeleine McCann: German police say objects analysed after Portugal search.'

  9. On 5/28/2023 at 12:29 AM, Anti Facts Sir said:

    The irony of course is that she was ITV's Health and Science editor. So she was full in on the whole pushing of the convid scam narrative. Soon as I saw her pic I recognised her. Follow the science! (And end up dead).


    Another turbo cancer victim.

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  10. Two in one day. Doctors baffled...





    'Raiders backrower Corey Harawira-Naera collapses during Canberra's match against South Sydney.'


    Stuart said doctors were unsure what caused the incident. "It was awful. I just spoke to the doctor and he said it was a seizure and they're unsure why, It doesn't seem to be any contact to the head, they're at a loss as to why it occurred."




  11. 2 hours ago, Velma said:

    Reservoir search ends after three days because no-one was interested, they were looking for evidence to link the British toddler's disappearance to Christian Brueckner because they have none and to remind us that the McCann's are still hopeful, that they got away with it.


    It's hard to imagine what evidence they could claim to find, other than Maddie's corpse or some of her clothing, which they could then try to link to Brueckner. What was in those bags that supposedly got taken away for analysis? I was watching a Maddie BBC news report the other day, where they did a recap of everything (or lack of) that had happened since 2007. I thought to myself 'How can they not even mention that the cops, who originally investigated Maddie's disappearance in 2007, concluded that her parents had accidentally killed her and dumped her corpse somewhere?'. How can any honest journalist summarising the case fail to mention that fact? I mean, even if they then went on to claim that the Portuguese cops were dumbasses, hated the McCanns or whatever. It just beggars belief that they don't ever mention that fact.


    Not directly related, but when those kids died after crashing their bike in Cardiff recently, a Welsh M.P. openly criticised the Police And Crime Commissioner of that area. They said something like 'He is supposed to hold the police to account, but it is coming across like he is a spokesman for the police'. It resonated with me, because I see the The Met and BBC etc. as spokesmen for the McCanns. It is impossible for the McCanns not to be innocent, even if some of them secretly think that they are guilty, from everything they say and do. This, in turn, makes me think of the old 'To find out who really rules over you, then find out who you are not allowed to criticise' adage. Not that the masons are high up, in the grand scheme of things, but still. Kudos again to Bill Turnbull (RIP), for doing his basic duty as an honest journalist. As in, exposing the stinky bullshit of the McCanns.  



  12. I said a couple of years ago that the McCann twins were about 16 years old and that this might be one reason why the PTB, on the behalf of the McCanns, were desperately looking to scapegoat Brueckner. They want this case 'officially' closed. Now that the twins are about 18 years old, given the recent developments, this only reinforces what I thought then. The last thing the McCanns want is the twins starting to look in to this case, with unbiased, adult eyes. It doesn't take much scratching at the feeble veneer, exclusively constructed by the masonic mass media, to see the truth that they are trying to bury. Simply branding anyone who disagrees with them as 'hateful trolls', in the context of the twins, can only take the McCanns so far in to the future. The only question is are the police actually going to find anything, even if not a body, at this reservoir? Or is it just a last attempt to link Brueckner to Maddie, before finally trying to prosecute him? I tend to think the latter, but who knows...   


    P.S. Right, I am now off to buff up all of my swastika tattoos.      

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  13. On 5/17/2023 at 8:12 PM, Macnamara said:

    FBI Contractor Created Fake Online IDs to Join Chatrooms Run by Groups Organizing Against Vaccine Mandates

    Global Research, May 15, 2023

    An FBI surveillance contractor infiltrated the chatrooms of two airline industry groups opposed to vaccine mandates to collect intelligence on the groups’ organizing activities, investigative journalist Lee Fang reported. The contractor, Flashpoint, which in the past infiltrated Islamic terror groups, now focuses on “anti-vaccine” groups and other domestic political organizations, according to Fang. In a webinar presentation for clients last year, which Fang analyzed on his Substack, Flashpoint analyst Vlad Cuiujuclu demonstrated his company’s methods for identifying and entering encrypted Telegram chat groups. He explained how the company attempted to join chatrooms of transportation workers resisting the COVID-19 vaccine mandates.




    What a surprise... No more online Islamic terror groups left to infiltrate?




    3 hours ago, Observations said:

    Odd that it's in the Star? I don't know what to think yet, but just very sorry that he's gone.





  14. This has always irritated me. Anyone else? I was a watching a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball match a few years ago, when Lebron James was playing for them, and literally every 10 minutes or so the camera would pan to Jay-Z and Beyonce sitting court side. The commentator would then say 'There's Jay-Z and Beyonce!'. I was like 'Give it a fooking rest mate'. Watching a LA Lakers match the other day, I am a Lebron James fan, was also very painful. ESPN even did an article dedicated to celeb sightings recently. I don't know if the folks in the pic are supposed to be celebs or if someone just pointed out a celeb to them.





    'Celebrity sightings at the 2023 NBA and NHL playoffs.' 



  15. 2 hours ago, Bullion said:

    Ateotd I suppose people will say C O is needed as a release valve and to lull the ‘awake’ into a sense of false security that ‘influential others’ are on our side and speaking out so we don’t have to actively do anything, but if these guys were really a threat to those in power they wouldn’t be given a platform to speak or be drawing breath.


    The PTB detest grass roots action, irrespective of how peaceful it might be.

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  16. Penny Mordoraunt - 'I want it, I really want it.'








    And if I stoop real low, then they might not even know...






    Let me eat their cake!


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  17. On 5/8/2023 at 11:57 AM, oz93666 said:

    None of the members were notable genieses, I think production had a lot to do with it, but they certainly tapped into something...


    All of their four hit singles were from their first album and released between October 1983 and March 1985. They released their second album in 1986, which did ok, but only one single cracked the top 10 (No. 4). They then kept on performing until 1987, when they split up. All of their big success was pretty much just from their first album and crammed in to an 18 months or so time period. They did seem to tap in to something.   

  18. All agendas always begin with 'it's just for them'. Think 'the longest journey always begins with the first step', which is a positive expression, but in an inverted way. Like a highway to hell kind of way.

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