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  1. The second I first heard this story, it seemed very obvious that this was the only 'solution'. How it took 3 days to 'get there', I have no idea. Of course, there will still be a few who only want one edition, whether original or woke, to exist. I don't really mind there beng two editions myself. Finally, I think that the use of the term 'fat' is only deemed as more offensive today, by some, due to there being loads more fat folks about. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-64759118 'Roald Dahl: Original books to be kept in print following criticism.'
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-64716745 'Maggie Rogers notices more fans having panic attacks at her gigs.' 'Singer Maggie Rogers says she's seeing more people passing out and having panic attacks at her gigs.'
  3. I saw this story the other day. I rarely talk in absolutes. Not a chance it is Maddie, in my opinion. Maddie is sadly dead. As previously stated, forgetting everything else to do with the case, this is heavily proven by how hard Brueckner is being pursued. No conspiracy theories here. Well, not from our end, anyway. We got endless headlines, about how certain the German cops are it was him and how they have concrete evidence, yet the guy hasn't even been charged. Why are they so desperate to pin the blame on someone, if Maddie might still be alive? The same kind of thing happened with Barry George (Jill Dando), who actually went to prison for a while, before being exonerated. P.S. Remember how many of these sorts of images we had in the press? And now. he might not be guilty, after all? LOL.
  4. Given the amount of time that Musk has spent outside of South Africa, then one would imagine he would have learned that 'pedoguy' wasn't a common and normal insult outside of South Africa by then. Like, by being punched in the head or something like that.
  5. She is a national laughing stock. However, she did at least manage to get one thing right, on this occasion. Kudos to her. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64677595 'Then there's the legacy left by the boom of pandemic disinformation.'
  6. This one is actually quite scary. My dream girlfriend. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/woman-obsessed-serial-killers-found-26265603 'Woman obsessed with serial killers found guilty of murdering on-off boyfriend.'
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64669885 'Spy at UK's Berlin embassy jailed for selling secrets to Russia;' 'He admitted being interested in conspiracy theories, including those of David Icke and Alex Jones' Infowars, but denied being pro-Russian or having far right sympathies.' (Eh?)
  8. They'll be singing the name of McNumnuts, in the streets of Glazzgau tonight.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-64669147 'BBC India: Search of offices in New Delhi and Mumbai ends after three days.' 'Earlier this week, Gaurav Bhatia, a spokesman from Mr Modi's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), described the BBC as the "most corrupt organisation in the world".'
  10. Assuming that they would even make it to the date alive. And the villain would probably be right, for once. Bring on Them Bond, so as to take over the mantle.
  11. And then consider that all of the MSM TV news channels tend to cover the same stuff. Sure, of course they would naturally all cover certain stories/topics on certain days, if they were genuine, but not to the extent that they do. More to the point, look at how they all endlessly orgasmed over the likes of Partygate, but don't currently give constant attention to the thousands of extra folks dying every week. For all of the folks, who shouldn't be visiting the area in person. Like a Whitty/Vallance 'Covid' press conference. A well known secret society pooper. The other 31% were either too pissed to answer or didn't make it past the gender pronoun pre-survey formalities.
  12. QAnon and Incel are both PTB constructions, in my opinion. I also think that this Kirsten Oswald character would be a much better fit for the Incel movement, than I ever would. Well, this Kirsten Oswald character should have a chat with Andrew Neil. Not a chance he would publicly say what he said, if he really believed that even 1% of the so-called vaccine refuseniks were 'terrorists'.
  13. Smells like some sort of bait to me.
  14. If they insist on only talking to Tony Blair, Michael Gove, Donald Trump and Ben Netanyahu, then quite possibly.
  15. Nope, I was wrong. The weird line from the newsreader wasn't from 'ITV Lunchtime News' today. I will try to remember where I saw it. However, an 'ITV Lunchtime News' clip from today does contain an 'Alien Involvement?' caption, which is probably why I got confused. Oh, and we have the obligatory 'What we know so far' to laugh at as well.
  16. Not so fast, Velma. There was a reference, to all of the yellow ribbons being left at the alleged scene of Nicola's disappearance, on 'BBC News At One' today. I don't know. Looks like a winding down of sorts to me. Does anyone think, 'officially' at least, that Nicola is ever going to be found? Whether dead or alive. Are they benevolent aliens though? And do they bring new vaccines with them? On 'ITV Lunchtime News' today, there was a weird reference about the general public seeing an increasing amount of UFOs in the skies of late. The way the newsreader delivered the line was just weird.
  17. 'The Prisoner' (1967) was all about real world metaphors and, from memory, McGoohan himself said he was very concerned about the erasure of the individual by the collective. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Prisoner Anyhow, what you said reminded me of the following 'Guards in Nic village' recent headline. You then have the word 'Wired' at the top of the page, in relation to the Brit Awards, and a 'The Full Monty' (Big reveal?) reference in the high heating bills article. I am sure that some, on various threads, on various internet forums, will at least feel relieved that they can leave their socks on. I think, without doubt, this case is now a massive psyop. It's just a a matter of whether it was pre-planned or not. I did also 'consider', at least something along the lines of, the scenario you posited myself. The truth is probably somewhere in between.
  18. ITV National News just briefly covered the below story, in their lunchtime broadcast, with an advisory at the end of their report. Something like 'police have urged people not to speculate about this attack on social media'. Demonising any form of public speculation seems to be becoming a trend now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64614832 'Culcheth murder inquiry started over girl who died in park.'
  19. As follows: 1. Well, we have some loons trying to start World War III, even if it doesn't involve a great nuclear exchange. In fact, the primary purpose of such a war will be for tyrannical governments to clamp down on their domestic populations, in the event of mass consciousness reaching a tipping point. However, no one wants such a war obviously, regardless of the motives. 2. We have all of the excess deaths occurring, caused by the vaccines, while the NHS is collapsing. I think that this is the Numero Uno issue that the PTB want to distract from right now. 3. We have the global pandemic treaty, which will hand over power to the WHO, in the offing. 4. And we have Brexit cancellation on the horizon, which I assume we all knew was coming. If anyone thinks that Gove is a Brexiteer, as I said from Day One, then they must be on crack or something.
  20. numnuts


    I don't know why this bit of trivia I recently stumbled across made me laugh. It did though, Maybe I am just a bad numnuts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Mirren#Personal_life 'In a 2008 interview with GQ, Mirren revealed she was date raped as a student, and had often taken cocaine at parties in her twenties and until the 1980s. She stopped using it after reading that Klaus Barbie made a living from cocaine dealing.'
  21. From watching one of his press interviews the other day, I could tell one thing for sure. He was recounting things that he had already mentally rehearsed. This doesn't necessarily cast aspersions on him though, as someone completely innocent might also do the same thing, in such a case. It just struck me as a bit odd.
  22. Weird you mentioned the Abbeystead disaster, with that bomb also going off in Great Yarmouth, unplanned, just yesterday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-64604115 'Great Yarmouth: Huge blast after unplanned WW2 bomb detonation.' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Yarmouth_explosion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbeystead_disaster
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