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  1. It's almost as if he was priming the general public for the uptake of booster vaccines, before they had even been introduced to them as a concept. From January 2021 to June 2021, the message was always 'Take two of these and you will be fully vaccinated and safe from 'Covid' forever'. Then, on 30th June 2021, we had the first government 'Boosters are coming' press release. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/most-vulnerable-could-be-offered-booster-covid-19-vaccines-from-september His very own 144 page 'Covid' book was published on 28th May 2020, which was quite rapid, in my opinion. It was given a front cover endorsement by the Daily Masonical as well. Can't ask for any more than that...
  2. So, probably disingenuously, they are still at the 'flu and pneumonia just disappeared' stage. He was definitely a big 'Covid' vaccine fan, at least publicly. Maybe he suffered the same likely fate as Julian Sands. Had a heart attack or stroke in the middle of nowhere and end of. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/five-ways-improve-vaccine-works-help-dr-michael-mosley/ (22nd February 2021.) 'Five ways to improve how well your vaccine works, with the help of Dr Michael Mosley.' Dr Michael Mosley, the TV medic and creator of the 5:2 diet, is hoping for an extra special birthday present when he turns 64 next month. “At 63, according to one of the online calculators I should get my vaccine in March,” he says. “If it comes before my birthday, which is late March, that would be a special present. I don’t mind which vaccine I have. I’m delighted that my mother, who is 91, and one of my sons, Jack, who is a doctor, have both had theirs.”
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c3ggrkp280jo 'Pregnant mum finds partner dead on day of birth.' The inquest heard Mr Gibson attended Wythenshawe Hospital A&E on 27 May, 2023 having suffered from a severe stomach bug for about three weeks. An electrocardiogram (ECG) was carried out and was escalated to Dr Thomas Bull by a junior doctor who recognised a potential blockage. Dr Bull, giving evidence, said he recognised there were signs of an abnormality on the ECG but at the time he did not think it was clinically "significant" without other heart symptoms. Mr Gibson was discharged and advised to come back if his stomach bug did not clear up. It later emerged the ECG showed signs of a "complete heart block" which can lead to sudden cardiac death.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c4nnmgzkgm3o 'Gonorrhoea cases reach record high in England.'
  5. I am guessing that there is something in the 'Covid' vaccine contracts, which allows for yet to be delivered 'Covid' vaccines to be substituted with other vaccines. Or, maybe, some of these so-called personalised vaccines can count as 5 or 10 'Covid' vaccines, or whatever, due to the claimed much higher costs? And, if there isn't, then they did it anyway. The U.K. alone ordered something like 700 million 'Covid' vaccines, so as to future-proof our vaccine supplies. It would be a massive scandal, if millions and millions of doses had to be binned. Well, I think that millions and millions of doses have been/are going to be binned. However, the fewer the better for the PTB obviously. So, just keep going back to the hardcore few million left in this country, the human pin cushions, with new vaccines. Not the first time some Japanese politicians have been very controversial. I think that they are totally deluded and mad. I mean, a large decrease in vaccine confidence can't be down to people seeing everyone around them who got vaccinated dropping like flies, can it? You know, maybe they haven't all bought the plethora of weird and wonderful theories, for the large increase in excess deaths? No, it must be 'Dem kids from the DIF' and other like-minded internet forums, who are ruining their dastardly plans.
  6. The usual PTB TV story line, when it comes to reinforcing their medical narratives, involves an adult who is responsible for someone else (child or adult) getting 'funny' ideas in their head. As in, anti-vax, herbal healing, high dose Vitamin C or whatever. The person they are responsible for then gets ill one day and slowly deteriorates. They treat the ill person their way, if at all, and don't seek out conventional medical treatment. The ill person approaches death and someone else gets the responsible person to see sense. The ill person gets conventional medical treatment and recovers. The responsible person then finally realises how foolish they were. Roll the end credits. I have lost count how many times I have seen that story line. Going back to TV series, from at least the 1980's. P.S. Of course, some times conventional medical treatment is needed. Usually, when folks have made themselves ill, with their own lifestyle choices.
  7. Nigel Farage truly entered the election fray today. It was obvious for a while now that he wasn't to be trusted. More likely gone turncoat in my opinion, than always had us fooled, but irrelevant really. The fact is that he is dirty now. Look beyond his rhetoric, some of which is quite revealing in itself, and it is clear that he wants to help get Starmer elected by decreasing the Tory vote. Forget the fact that the Tories and the mass media are asking Starmer next to nothing about reversing Brexit, which is exactly what Starmer will attempt to do, neither is Farage. Why wouldn't he be yelling it from the rooftops? The last general election was clearly won on the promise of Brexit, no less. No one has since tried to argue that. A lot of the country can now see that the weasels who promised Brexit, deliberately did a bad job of delivering it. It would still be a big vote winner, if Starmer was seriously taken to task on his stance, but it isn't happening. Instead, Farage is saying stuff like 'there is no difference between Labour and the Tories'. Wrong and he knows it! The Tories can't go about openly dismantling Brexit with aplomb, even if their hierarchy secretly wants to, while Labour will do. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c4nn0jpejqno 'Reform becoming new Conservative movement - Farage.' Mr Farage has ruled out standing as a candidate and hinted that he wants to focus on helping his friend Donald Trump in his bid to win the US presidential election. (LOL.)
  8. For sure, it could at least be one angle. My best guess is that it is primarily yet another in a long line of deliberate vote losing actions/policies, by Sunak/Shapps/Gove et al. They are doing their utmost to try and throw the general election, so that Starmer can get on with reversing Brexit. One thing we can be sure of. They wouldn't reintroduce national service, with any of the genuinely positive benefits of national service in mind.
  9. Maybe, it was also becoming a bit too obvious to the world, that he was slowly morphing in to Major Arnold Toht, from that Inidana Jones flick...
  10. Hmm... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cv22pk09478o 'Michael Gove to step down as MP.' "The chance to serve is wonderful. but there comes a time when you know that it is time to leave. That a new generation should lead." ('Cokeheads: The Next Generation.')
  11. Even if a little bit slow on the uptake, which I don't at all mean disparagingly, they are probably scared that the over 60's in an en masse sense, over 40's even, are still capable of thinking things through properly. There is a lot of information online, on so-called 'official' websites even, which when absorbed doesn't really tally with what the TV screens of the nation have been telling people. Furthermore, the over 60's are the only ones left in an en masse sense, perhaps over 50's too, with the moral fibre to not stand for it. Trust in our inside man Orwell. Online porn is just a big distraction. If the PTB either got close to or had total control, then it would slowly be phased out. Some folks think they couldn't do it, but they could. And, one of my favourite lines from 'The Professionals' (1977-1983)...
  12. I am just waiting for David Aaronovitch to claim that 'We are two weeks behind northern Texas'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/clee5685w19o 'Cows in the US have bird flu - is it inching closer to humans?' (Maybe the fella already got it?) The long-feared leap. - The H5N1 strain of avian flu has been around since 1996, but until now its been largely confined to animals. But it has now jumped to cattle in America and some think it means we are inching towards eventual human-to-human infection, with potentially serious consequences. (Stealing lines from Caroline 'Spookus' Lucas. Tut-tut.) Given that, and in the wake of Covid, you may be wondering about vaccine preparedness. (Well, no. Just wondering how much longer it will be, before more arrest warrants are issued.) The WHO meets twice a year to discuss emerging strains of influenza virus and I was extremely relieved when Prof Brown told me that initial data indicates that there already candidate vaccines to match the strains in cattle in the US. (Go and take a dump fella. Don't want to end up like Konsta-Keir.)
  13. For sure, it's going to happen. No one needs to do anything. My health is very poor, which is par for the course, but I would still like to see it before passing on. Hey, baby...
  14. When acting alone, doesn't mean acting alone... https://www.msn.com/en-ie/news/other/robert-fico-attacker-may-not-have-been-a-lone-wolf-minister-says-as-slovak-leader-remains-in-serious-condition/ar-BB1mH91l 'Robert Fico attacker ‘may not have been a lone wolf,’ minister says, as Slovak leader remains in serious condition.' The suspect in an assassination attempt on Slovak prime minister Robert Fico may not have been just a “lone wolf” as previously believed, the interior minister said yesterday, as security services try to shed light on an attack that sent shockwaves through Europe. (Maybe he was inspired by the IDF's genocide in Gaza. If they can get away with it, then why shouldn't he?) Interior minister Matus Sutaj Estok said an investigation team had been set up, which would also look into whether the suspect acted as part of a group of people that had been encouraging each other to carry out an assassination. One factor suggesting the involvement of other persons was that the suspect’s internet communications were deleted two hours after the assassination attempt, but not by the suspect and most likely not by his wife, Mr Estok said. (That would be his wife then.) This indicated “the crime may have been committed by a certain group of people,” he told a news conference. (The alleged attacker either planned/carried it out alone or he didn't. This Estok fella obviously wants to blame and crack down on anyone saying anything he deems improper.)
  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-69037200 'NHS and government infected-blood scandal cover-up.' There had been a lack of openness, inquiry, accountability and elements of "downright deception", including destroying documents. But hiding the truth included not only deliberate concealment but telling half-truths or not telling people what they had had a right to know - including the risks of treatment they had received, what alternatives had been available and, at times, even the fact they had been infected.
  16. Safe and effective... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cn0r0yv9xe3o 'Expert fears vaccine theories are affecting uptake.' In recent years there has been a growth in online conspiracy theories, which suggest vaccines like the Covid jab are dangerous or ineffective. Mr Ward said he's "worried that people may believe the conspiracy theories". But he insists "they are just that, they're just conspiracy theories. What I'm going on is the facts".
  17. Especially so, if they go by the name of Patel.
  18. Well, if it wasn't an accident, then almost certainly. And, it almost certainly wasn't an accident. The only thing I would say, in the assassination scenario, is that I think the Iranians shouldn't have put themselves in a position to allow this to happen. They should have learned by now. Sure, you can't always stop things happening, but given the current geopolitical context... To fly around in choppers and over hostile terrain? With people knowing who was on board and where they had been? Unwise.
  19. And, right after it has just emerged that the MOD, for decades, have royally screwed over a load of veterans from the Falklands War. I must be dreaming... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c80z0d152wzo 'Troops cleared of blame over Falklands ship bombing.' Secret files seen by the BBC have now exonerated the regiment and survivors say they now want to know why they were "abandoned" then "betrayed". "I saw my friends die in the most horrible way and they walked away and concocted all these lies," said Simon Weston, who suffered almost 50% burns in the Sir Galahad attack. "They made it up, why?"
  20. Right, so all the Iranians have to do is say he developed cancer and release a dodgy video message, with him in a burka, which says he should be back within a year. Probably...
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cv22311qx21o 'Iran president helicopter in hard landing - state media.' Mr Raisi, 63, was elected president on his second attempt in 2021. He is seen as a hardline cleric and regarded as a potential successor one day to Ayatollah Khamenei, the country's supreme leader since 1989. In 2019, the Supreme Leader named him to the powerful position of head of the judiciary. Mr Raisi was also elected as deputy chairman of the Assembly of Experts, the 88-member clerical body responsible for electing the next Supreme Leader.
  22. If the next pandemic will be here soon, then isn't that a waste of money? Just put blank stickers over the word 'Covid' and pen in the new virus, when the time comes. And, make sure we have got some decent PPE ready. Don't want Baroness Strap-On screwing us up the Khyber, for another £60 Million.
  23. Nay, that's Konstipated Keir and they didn't even need to replace him.
  24. No to pointless vaccines, no to more arms to Ukraine and no to the Palestinian genocide. This is what he got in return. I wonder if the alleged gunman is somehow Iranian-backed, Iranian-linked or if his gran visited Tehran when he was little. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cg6761ggxz1o 'Slovak PM Robert Fico shot and wounded.'
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