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  1. Jobs was probably Ciancered. If he was, then he did very well to last as long as he did. Well, that's the PTB's plan and it isn't for the benefit of the people either.
  2. It is inconceivable, regardless of who came up with this or that design, that the FA didn't give this shocking abortion the nod pre-production. Indeed.
  3. Diana was offed on 31st August 1997 because she was running round with Dodi Fayed. He bought her a ring the day before they died and she was quite possibly pregnant too. She guessed it was coming and she was foolish not to go and live elsewhere. So, although someone may argue that she would have gotten offed at some stage in the future anyway, for other reasons; the fact remains that if she hadn't been running round with Dodi Fayed, then she wouldn't have gotten offed on 31st August 1997. And yes, it was one of the most blatant assassinations going.
  4. So, please tell us Arch-Dork Muck. When did denying genocide, a position of yours that you handily managed to omit from your list, become centrist?
  5. I was surprised to hear that this wasn't already illegal, under one law or another. Or maybe it was and they just mean it is now a specific offence? If so, then hardly a story worthy of all the attention it got. If so, then maybe the mass media were only trying to generate some positive publicity for the ghastly Online Safety Act. Whatever the nitty gritty of it, I think that the vast majority of folks would agree that it is poor form to message people with such pics, unless there is an obvious justification for doing so. As in, an existing romantic/sexual relationship or pre-agreement etc.. It does feel like there is some sort of hidden agenda at play.
  6. I happened to glance at this picture, while quickly scrolling through a news article, and I thought 'Fook me, add a suitable wig and it's Richard Ramirez reincarnated'.
  7. Didn't go very well, after those glorious moments, did it. As for the 'Sweet Harmony' video, the singer, Jon Marsh, apparently said the video was "not intended to be sexual" and was "as asexual as you can get". I can see where he is coming from, but I don't know about "as asexual as you can get". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Harmony_(The_Beloved_song)#Music_video
  8. This bullshit is straight out of a crappy comic book. I don't think it will work for the PTB though. I still reckon the most likely scenario is that Biden will pardon Maxwell in January 2025, after he loses the Presidential election, but before he leaves office. Traditionally, that is the time when departing U.S. Presidents dish out pardons. Unless, it is Biff Trump of course, who executes people instead. The mass media will make out that Biden is away with the fairies, not far from the truth actually, and she will get away with it. If Maxwell does end up serving her full 20 years sentence, then I guarantee that she will get the role of 'The Ghost Of Dot Cotton', in the 2042 'Eastenders' Christmas special. Something for her to look forward to at least. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-68515516 'Ghislaine Maxwell appeals sex abuse conviction.' 'Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell have argued that she should be set free under the terms of a previous deal with federal prosecutors.' 'During Tuesday's hearing, Ms Fabi Samson called the Florida plea deal "weird" and "unusual" but argued that it should have halted any further action against Maxwell.' (Yeah, one could say that.)
  9. This is the U.K in 2024 don't forget. Probably by stealing or dealing.
  10. They should have gone for Gary Glitter instead. He could have donated his appearance fee to the McCann fund, so as to help generate some good publicity. To complete his rehabilitation, he could then have DJ'ed at some lido parties with Michael Barrymore, before finally becoming an independent M.P.. Sorted.
  11. Not much else to say. Oh, yay! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isabel_Maxwell
  12. At least Horner still has his weekday job to fall back on.
  13. If the dude hasn't dumped, in literally 33 months or more, then I don't know what else Mandy would expect to see. Quite funny though.
  14. Gardening? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2024/mar/04/uk-increase-autism-diagnoses-neurodiversity 'What’s behind the UK’s increase in autism diagnoses?' 'In 2021, a study found a 787% rise in the number of diagnoses between 1998 and 2018 in the UK.' (Gardening AND climate change?)
  15. Rather than start a new thread, I am making a post about this story simply to highlight more of the rampant hypocrisy that exists in our world. I just loved the fact that it is to do with F1. Probably the fakest sports crew going. Even more amusing is the fact that Geri Halliwell was flying to Bahrain to be with Horner, after his 'exoneration', when the messages were leaked to all of the F1 bigwigs. If she is now said to be reconsidering her relationship with him, then the messages were very likely worse than she thought they were. Anyone know if the messages have also been leaked online yet? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/68461379 'Christian Horner: Jos Verstappen says controversy 'driving team apart'.' 'An anonymous email including messages purporting to involve Horner were leaked on Thursday, a day after Red Bull dismissed a complaint of inappropriate behaviour against him. Horner has refused to say if the leaked messages are genuine.' (I will answer for Horner. The leaked messages must be genuine or he would have denied then. As he hasn't openly admitted they are genuine, after his 'exoneration', no less then they must be very inappropriate. Ergo, there was a whitewash.)
  16. Ooh arghhh, ooh arghhh, ooh arghhh. Shoot 'em up the arse. 🤠

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  17. My very dated edition of Trivial Pursuit has a question that roughly asks 'How many rooms...?'. I can't be arsed to dig it out and check, but I am 99% sure that the answer provided is just over 600 rooms. So, if Trivial Pursuit isn't wrong, then that must be some extension they had built!
  18. So, what's the most 'likely' scenario here? For me, it has to be he heard about something that is going to happen, whether inadvertently or by being explicitly told, and he wasn't too happy about it ( a la Kobe Bryant). He then started to blab, whether that be to friends, family or a journalist, and he was duly detected. He then paid the price.
  19. Indeed. Don't leave home without one. "Sometimes I take my AED to the golf course. You never know what might happen."
  20. Attending secret meetings connected to Rothschild's death maybe?
  21. Whenever I see a picture of her annoying mug, then I feel like biffing her one on her hooter.
  22. That's some accolade. What were they saying differently in March/April/May 2020 then, when everything first kicked off? I like the way they use the term 'bungled'. It sends out the message that no one is really to blame, in any nefarious sense.
  23. Exactly. I made the very same point myself, in another thread. Most of them only seem to live to their mid-90's. Not a great return, for all of the investment. This is why they get cryo-ed. And I guess they do see it as worth it. Reason being, if they live for say 10 to 15 years longer than they would have, it means the cryo tech will be 10 to 15 years more advanced at the time of their 'death'. Could make all of the difference, between making some sort of meaningful 'return' or not. As for our Jacob, himself, dying at 87 is hardly young and life extension tech is never going to guarantee anyone makes it to any age. It just increases the odds.
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