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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-63795285 'Immensa lab errors may have led to 23 Covid-19 deaths.'
  2. I would be surprised, if anyone has managed to completely keep track. I am very keen to see what the Covid vaccine and flu vaccine stats were for this autumn/winter, come the spring. Personally, I think that the NHS are going to have an awful lot of unused stock. If shedding exists, which I believe it does, then it doesn't necessarily mean that the PTB thought the process would kill the unvaccinated. It could just be a low risk side effect of mingling with the vaccinated. It might also be that the PTB didn't even know it would happen. Look at it this way. If unvaccinated folks were dropping dead, like the vaccinated are, then the mass media would be making a big song and dance about it. So, as they are not, it can't be happening. We never did find out who a few of the SAGE members were. If there is hope, then it lies with the proles. Just like with them not stopping football games any more, if someone in the crowd keels over. And if it isn't reported after a match either, then no one will even know it happened. Unless they read about it on a fan forum or stumble across some tweet etc...
  3. It's going to be nothing more than a carefully managed masonic carnival. For example, the terms of reference will be a big joke, loads of time will be wasted, no meaningful blame will be apportioned and nothing will change. As ever, it will be a 'Public Inquiry' in name only. I think that folks would do far more good handing out leaflets, about what they think has happened, down their local high street. Each to their own though. They will ignore everything that they choose to ignore. They will want folks to let off some steam that will end up going nowhere. Somewhat similar to sheeple shaking their fists at Hancock in the jungle. Just the other night, Julie 'Unbabe: Piglet In The City Of London' Sketchyham was openly asking 'Has Matt Hancock now redeemed himself?' on ITV's 'News At Ten'. Whatever you say, Julie... I wouldn't take a Covid vaccine for all of the money in the world. I thought that this was a very weak attempt at a hit piece. If this is the best that the PTB can currently come up with, then they must be desperate. Partygate was primarily initiated as part of the wider effort to get rid of BoJo. The M.P.'s expenses saga started off in 2004, after Heather Brooke started nosing around. When she was on the cusp of victory, some 5 years or so later, The Daily Telegraph suddenly leapt in to action. This was after the documents were 'leaked' to them and, even though they might try to deny it, they basically took credit for everything that Heather Brooke had done. This is what the PTB do, when they can't keep the lid on something any more. They take ownership of it. All of that was never meant to come out and Heather Brooke is a national hero. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Brooke#Freedom_of_Information_writing_and_activism Furthermore, after looking at what her work involved, before coming to the U.K., I can't help but wonder about her mum's car accident. This is the sort of shit that the PTB do. I really do hope that wasn't the case though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Brooke#Early_career 'She then became a crime reporter for the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, where she reported on murder cases and uncovered flaws in South Carolina's forensic crime lab. Describing herself as "burnt out" from covering over 300 murders, Brooke took a break from journalism. When her mother died in a car accident in 1996, and her father moved back to England, she no longer had family in America and decided to relocate to the United Kingdom.'
  4. Science fiction. The primary motivation behind creating the Long Covid myth was to account for at least some of the vaccine side effects. They focus on whatever their TV screens tell them to focus on. It really is that simple. Hope is always good. Darkest hour before the dawn and all of that lark. I wish I could also hope that no more of the vaxxed are going to perish, but... Did you watch it? I also saw it on the Freeview EPG, but didn't have it in me to watch it at the time. And my Freeview recorder was temporarily out of order.
  5. If only Israel had qualified... They thought it was all over.
  6. numnuts


    Anne Sacoolas is back in the U.K.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-suffolk-63075105
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63741519 'Emma Corrin: The Crown star calls for gender neutral awards.'
  8. My battery powered carriage clock stopped some time yesterday or the day before, but I only noticed today. The time? 9.23 exactly. Don't know if it was am or pm. I do not jest. Weird as weird can be and then some.
  9. I actually wanted Iran to win today, so as peeve off all of the fake Wales supporters, such as Gabby 'Deep up my own pooper' Logan and Prince Willy Boy. And they did...
  10. There is no such thing. We are all rainbow.
  11. Like most things. I have never felt so underwhelmed about a World Cup before and Qatar never should have got it. I didn't even plan on watching England play yesterday and I just happened to catch bits of the match. What really does my nut is the way the PTB took out Blatter et al, citing corruption and greed, then quickly went about expanding the World Cup to 48 teams from 2026 onwards. I haven't yet met a person who thinks it was a good idea. For all FIFA's shortcomings, I think that the way they expanded the World Cup from 16 teams to 24 teams (1982), then 24 teams to 32 teams (1998), was about right in terms of timing. More countries in the world and more countries being competitive etc.. I also think that 32 teams is about right, in terms of a maximum, as a sensible format for such a competition. Give it a few more years, say 2034, and I reckon that they will have upped it again to 64 teams. As I have already lost interest, then I won't be bothered. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_FIFA_World_Cup#Evolution_of_the_format
  12. I actually wanted Iran to win today, so as peeve off all of the fake England supporters, such as Piers Morgan. Oh well... P.S. I don't think anyone on the planet thought that the Iranian keeper looked good to go, after that clash of heads. Unreal.
  13. They can easily recreate figures from the past virtually nowadays. How about Matt Hancock, along with Joseph Stalin and Ted Bundy, for a tilt at this year's Christmas number one? The Three Wankers singing 'Please forgive us (We didn't know)', with Devi Sridhar helping to croon some of the chorus, and you even have a large dog making a courtesy appearance. Anyone who is already in poor health is going to be at at greater risk of being impacted by the vaccines. I have no doubt that the majority of post-vaccination cancer deaths have been solely created by the vaccine, in relation to new cancers; have occurred sooner than they would have, in relation to pre-existing cancers; or wouldn't have occurred at all, in relation to pre-existing cancers. Now, they are trying to muddy the waters, by putting much of the blame on 'missed diagnoses'. Masonic Derbyshire. Is it 99% effective though? Personally, I don't think BoJo was in on that, but it was definitely orchestrated though. Probably as a a veiled threat, like they did to David Camoron with that random jogger. Both BoJo and Camoron were stooges, but not 100% stooges, like Trudeau and Constipated Keir for example. Folks need to stop thinking in binaries. I felt that too the other day. Everyone needs to keep their spirits up and stay positive.
  14. More shameful journalism, by the Daily Masonical on this occasion. How on earth can it be ok to use the following text in a headline, even with the caveat of inverted commas? Do you think it might be possible that Letby suspected something nefarious was going on? Then, someone, from a certain crew, got wise to her suspicion and she was duly scapegoated? If so, then they could have easily screwed with her head, after accusing her. P.S. The Daily Masonical are entitled to run headlines like that, yet no comments are allowed on their article. Democracy at its finest... Ha ha ha. Doctor apologises in court to parents of baby boy 'murdered by nurse Lucy Letby' for not 'pushing' for post-mortem examination.
  15. I am still struggling to understand how anyone can perceive Elon Musk to be some sort of genius. Granted, he may be a bit more intelligent than your average PTB bitch, but still... The adage 'Standing on the shoulders of giants' springs to mind here. He simply got backed by the PTB, went pimping for some intellectuals and then took all of the credit for their achievements (a la Einstein). The guy is a total dork.
  16. Bloody amateur. All he had to do was pay Anne Sacoolas a few bucks to mow Khashoggi down in an Istanbul side street. The story probably wouldn't have even made the news that way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-63671947 'Mohammed bin Salman: Saudi leader given US immunity over Khashoggi killing.'
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-63663338 'Game-changing type 1 diabetes drug approved in US.'
  18. More like we have had a Conservative government in name only.
  19. Generally speaking, I think that those who wish to legislate anything historical can't have much confidence in their version of events. Furthermore, isn't it reminiscent of what the Nazis themselves tried to do? Aside from that, a genuinely held perspective on historical fact can be neither hateful or loving. Bizarre. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/notorious-holocaust-denier-arrested-in-fishing-village-two-years-after-fleeing-france/ar-AA148mz5 'Notorious' Holocaust denier arrested in fishing village two years after fleeing France.
  20. The uncoolest outfits, the uncoolest dancing, yet... Hall And Oates - 'Out Of Touch' (1984). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_Touch_(song)
  21. I couldn't resist... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-63615076 'Istanbul: Six dead, dozens wounded in Turkey explosion.' 'BBC correspondent Orla Guerin, who is in the area, said there was a heavy police presence around Istiklal Street, which had been cordoned off. Helicopters were circling overhead as ambulances went back and forth.'
  22. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-63615076 'Istanbul: Six dead, dozens wounded in Turkey explosion.' 'President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the perpetrators would be punished. Speaking at a news conference in Istanbul, he condemned what he called the "vile attack" and said "the smell of terror" was in the air.'
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-63256505 'Have I dodged Covid and what does it mean?'
  24. If only some of the investors had bothered to check out his Wikipedia page beforehand. Other than that, if you do an image search for him, then he seems to be trying hard not to laugh in quite a few pics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Bankman-Fried
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