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  1. Have faith. It was the most blatant of penalties. Maybe they will welcome Mason Greenwood as well.
  2. I watched the end of the Man. Utd. v Wolves match this evening. I don't really care who wins nowadays, but I was and can probably still be called a Man. Utd. fan. How that wasn't a foul by the new Utd. keeper, right near the end of stoppage time, I have no idea. That was funny.
  3. Every time I hear the term 'Covid Inquiry', I just laugh. I am sure that many lessons are being learned, on a daily basis. Would they seem so good, without their mass media cover though? After you scratch away at their veneer a little bit, I think that it is quite easy to see what is going on. The question that the likes of Marianna Spring don't answer is when, exactly, did dodgy scientists stop experimenting on innocent folks, on behalf of the state? You just get the usual 'conspiracist' accusation for suggesting it, with an implicit 'They just don't do it now' attached. In so many years time, 75 years, 100 years or whatever, it will emerge what is going now. And so on. It never ends. The cynic in me says that they were expecting the take-up to drop quite a bit, which would have led to a stark statistical anomaly, when it came to looking at who went on to develop serious health problems in that age group. As in, those who took the booster and those who didn't. Indeed, not. They were just bombarded with all sorts of threats and emotionally blackmailed. And that was mainly from the government; not Pfizer. Pfizer just told them how great their product was.
  4. Wondering why, when the great and the good meet and banquet, they don't eat bugs and the like to set a good example for the people.

    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      They aren't selfish people that's why, they leave that good stuff for us, and they force themselves to eat salmon and beef and oysters, venison etc although it makes them gag just at the thought of it, they persevere because they want us to have the best stuff!👍

    2. Oakwise


      They probably do eat bugs, being insectoids n all. 

  5. It seems that at least one juror isn't convinced of Letby's guilt then. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-66220792 'Lucy Letby jury can return majority verdicts, judge rules.'
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-66394111 'Nose-picking health workers more likely to get Covid, study shows.' 'The Dutch researchers said the role of nose-picking in spreading the virus could be underestimated. Men and younger people were more likely to admit to the habit, they found.' 'Writing in the PLOS One journal, they recommended "educational sessions against nose-picking in infection prevention guidelines".'
  7. I was going to start a thread on this story, right after it all happened. It just all felt wrong to me. So bizarre. I was glad to hear that enough folks kicked off to at least force a climbdown of sorts.
  8. 'Trump In Court' has to be some of the weakest PTB 'Divide And Conquer' theatre that I have ever witnessed. Just laughable.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-66407059 'Greta Thunberg pulls out of Edinburgh Book Festival over 'greenwashing'.'
  10. AA+? Yeah, right. More like F-. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-66379366 'Fitch downgrades US credit rating from AAA to AA+.' 'US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called the downgrade "arbitrary".' 'Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said Fitch's decision is "bizarre and inept," particularly as the US economy "looks stronger than expected," he said in a post on Twitter, now known as X.' 'Mohamed El-Erian, the chief economic adviser at financial services giant Allianz, said the Fitch announcement was "a strange move".' 'Fitch also said it expects the US to slip into a mild recession later this year. However, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said "the biggest economic news over the past year has been America's remarkable success at getting inflation down without a recession".' 'Others questioning the timing of the Fitch announcement included Jason Furman, who was an economic adviser to former US president Barack Obama. He called it "completely absurd".'
  11. When the tyrannical, corrupt Netanyahu gang see the U.K. troops coming to restore democracy in Israel, then there is only going to be one outcome. They will all run off and seek refuge in Saudi Arabia or Russia, before we have fired even one shot, as they know what the final result would be. Job done. I always said that the good Israelis would wake up to the Netanyahu snake, sooner or later. When the protests first kicked off, he tried to instigate more trouble with Palestine. Even now, he is desperately trying to instigate more trouble with Lebanon. Old dogs, old tricks. He is fooling no one any more.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-66313266 'Avian flu warning to tourists as birds face 'catastrophe'.'
  13. Not a chance. It is a bit oxymoronical. Taking something, which will stop you being a part of literally everything, with the aim of continuing to be a part of something.
  14. Well, we have all seen it on the news, so everything is 100% verified. The Israelis are under attack and are crying out for help. For how long are we going to ignore their pleas? Is it now high time to send in our troops to sort it all out? Get rid of Netanyahu and arrange for them to have some fresh elections, which we can properly monitor. Surely, it has to be the best course of action. Sunak must give a press conference on this matter imminently, before it all gets totally out of control. From what i can gather, Joe Biden would be right behind him. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-66258416 'Israel judicial reform: Key bill becomes law amid mass protests.'
  15. I was wondering whether they might be lying, about why Victoria no longer wants to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-66229574 'Commonwealth Games: 2026 event in doubt after Victoria cancels.' 'The 2026 Commonwealth Games are in doubt after the Australian state of Victoria cancelled its plans to host due to budget blowouts.'
  16. The BBC are well keen on posting 'Happy Face' recovery pics of anyone who has suffered a stroke or heart attack etc., then didn't quickly croak it. Edwin is much better now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/66237683? 'Edwin van der Sar: Former Netherlands goalkeeper out of intensive care.'
  17. Indeed. I still see 2012, not certain by any means, as a point where a cosmic pendulum began to slowly swing in the other direction. Hold firm. Columbo was right. PTB Imaginations Ltd.. As the BBC will not condemn the legal behavior of Huw Edwards, when the time comes, I see that they have now embarked on a McDonald's anti-groping crusade instead. How noble of them. I don't see Huw as a victim. However, if what many of us see as 'sordid activities' have become increasingly normalised in society, over the past 20 years or so, then it does become harder to criticise those who engage in such activities. As in, viewing anyone who has turned 18 as meat for sale. I still find it quite ironic that the mother of the first alleged victim turned to The Sun for help. I never really had much time for the term 'Pride' myself. What's to be proud of? As Kuato said, 'You are what you do' and I don't think he was referring to orifices. I would probably go along with something like 'Unashamed', which truly did encompass everyone in society. Message being, try to tolerate all folks for who they are, whether that's to do with their sexuality, looks, class, clothing or anything else. Jez Vine? Isn't that the guy who tipped Huw Edwards over the edge and in to a major mental health crisis? Personally, I think that Huw should be asking for quite a lot from him. Fair's fair.
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-66203740 'Covid: Teen's heart transplant after rare complication.' 'Osian Jones, 16, had three heart attacks after developing MISC-C (Multisystem Inflammatory syndrome in children associated with Covid).' (Pfizer stooges bullshitting very hard.) 'This rare complication of coronavirus occurs mainly in children of school-age, but occasionally in infants or young adults.'
  19. The day before his wife outed him, with Huw's permission or not I don't know, someone who had spoken to him said that he was going to dig his heels in. I hope that his stay in hospital doesn't change that. He can do a good deed, by being bold as brass and asking the BBC 'What I am supposed to have done wrong?'. Force them to spell it all out, in relation to each and every allegation. Not a chance that the BBC would want to demonise folks selling themselves online, if adults, in any way, shape or form. Age gaps not a problem either. I see that the mass media have now moved on to examining a potential 'Covid' lockdown breach. This is them trying to be sneaky, as in they desperately want Huw to resign, without having to clarify their moral position on his other activities. It nothing illegal has occurred, in relation to his hanky-panky, then moralising is all that they are left with. P.S. Drip, drip, drip allegations are reserved for people that the mass media have it in for, not for those that they wish to protect. Huey, Lewis and the Nudes. Where is the sheep, though?
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-66174832 'I Kissed a Boy star Dan Harry signs up for HIV vaccine trial.' 'Now he is one of five trial volunteers who will be given three doses of a vaccine designed to mimic HIV over a 12 month period.' (Is that to be fully vaccinated?)
  21. I said right at the beginning that this all seemed a bit odd. Reading between the lines, given her 'it all started at 17' assertion, it seemed very obvious to me that the mother had already been to the police. Probably, prior to first going to the BBC in May and certainly before going to The Sun. Like, The Sun wouldn't have thought 'Hang on, some of this might be criminal' and asked her if she had already been to the police? It now emerges that she did just that in April and no evidence of criminality was found. So, anything a bit naughty couldn't have been proved to occur pre-adulthood. You mention the drug habit, but that it is only relevant if the person handing over the money knew about it. However, the accused BBC employee released a statement claiming that 'nothing inappropriate occurred' and that I do disagree with. It is for every individual person to decide what they think is and isn't appropriate. I, like you I presume, don't think it's appropriate for someone much older to start camming with17/18 year olds, for any reason, and then give them cash. I also seriously think that the BBC need to be held to account here. I want to know exactly what it is, in relation to the allegations made, that they found 'concerning' to begin with. Was their 'concern' solely to do with the mother's 'it all started at 17' assertion or did they simply disapprove of two consenting adults doing what was alleged to have been done? Or, maybe it is the case that they are casting aspersions against the character of those who engage in such activities on OnlyFans? The very same OnlyFans, which the BBC and the rest of the mass media seem to promote, at every given opportunity. Or, perhaps, it is only ok to engage in such activities on OnlyFans and not privately? I would like to know their views. The BBC shouldn't be allowed to muddy the waters on their position, by now focusing on allegations made by other individuals who have come forward. Ultimately, the mother should feel frustrated and sickened with society as a whole. Flicking through my Freeview EPG, on an average night, I often see programmes listed with titles such as (I paraphrase) 'Grannies Smashing It', 'Swinging U.K.' and 'Freshers On The Game'. Over and over and over and over. No one needs to take my word for it! The notion that 'Everyone is for sale' has been normalised. Any BBC documentary I have seen on escorting or cocaine always seems to feature a money shot, as in cash changing hands. How is that not promotional? It is all so sick. There are a lot of things I don't like about some countries, such as Iran, but if it's a stark choice between where we seem to be heading and the Ayatollah, then I think I would go with the latter.
  22. It couldn't possibly have been him, as he is one of the biggest skinflints going. Yes, it's amazing how the mass media give heavy coverage to some stories that are guaranteed to fuel speculation, then act all innocent, before going after the speculators. The whole story sounds like complete bollocks anyway. Further to what I have already mentioned, I think that a BBC presenter began some sort of relationship with a 17 year old male. Then, as time went on, they began to hand over money. I don't believe this was always for direct purchases of selfies, although they may well have received some selfies. More like reciprocal back scratching. And what's the law, when it comes to an adult buying nude selfies of someone who is 17 years old? I don't know for sure, but wouldn't it be illegal and, therefore, a police matter? If I am correct, then it would only reinforce what I guessed about any nude selfies only being sent after the alleged victim turned 18. Illegal? No. Inappropriate? For me, yes, but not for the OnlyFans promoting mass media. Oh, how they pretend some times. Tragic, as in the alleged victim spent some of the money on hard drugs? Obviously. So, what's going on here? Firstly, like you said, just another conveyor belt story to distract from the big things that the PTB don't want the sheeple to think about. As in, excess deaths, 'Covid' fraud, Brexit reversal and WHO Treaty etc.. Secondly, this story will be used to demonise speculation and push the Online Safety Bill harder, in whatever way they can. Finally, as with Schofield, who the PTB were long gunning for, this is someone who the PTB want to get rid of. P.S. If by gender you meant biological sex, then it has been confirmed that the alleged perpetrator is a man. Inappropriate, but I reckon that the vast majority of those naming Lineker were on the wind up. We are in the middle of a societal purge. Not just within the mass media. I was perusing a list of all active male BBC presenters yesterday. I didn't see one name, then think 'I will be astonished!'. Fail.
  23. This is why I found it a bit of an odd story. Other than for the fact that this is all said to have begun when the selfie taker was 17, it doesn't seem much different to what is allowed on OnlyFans, from what I can gather. The very same OnlyFans that all of the mass media seem to heavily promote, at every given opportunity. And most of the energy in this story seems to be focused on the supposed sordidness of the affair, rather than on the age of the alleged victim. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that any nudes in this case only got sent after the alleged victim turned 18. Furthermore, I have never viewed anything on OnlyFans, but if I had paid for some nudes on there, then am I responsible for what the recipients of my cash go and spend it on? I am not condoning what may have gone on here, but it seems to have been blown way out of proportion. It is probably someone that the BBC wants to get rid of.
  24. Maybe it's Laura Kuenssberg. Oops... It's definitely a bit of an odd story. As the BBC said that this presenter has now been stood down, then it will probably be quite obvious who it is very soon, even if they don't get named.
  25. These kind of accounts, as in same-styled names, also began appearing in the latter years of the 2006-2019 forum. I can't quite remember in what year though. I would guess circa 2016.
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