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  1. We just had another so-called 'muslim extremist' attack in France, of all places, with the obloigatroy 'Allah Akbar!' to boot. Quelle surprise! Then, some bloke called Emmanuel, who looks like a dodgy used car salesman, shiftier than Arthur Daley even, went round there and spoke out of his dirty arsehole for a few minutes. Next... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-67101089 'Teacher killed in France school stabbing.'
  2. Coinkydinkences can occur on occasion. However, I am wondering whether a false flag attack on U.K. soil is being lined up. This will be blamed on Palestine/Hamas supporters, all conflated in to one lump, and their motive will supposedly be as a response to the U.K. recently sending military support to Israel.
  3. I think it is common knowledge that the PTB/Big Pharma absolutely despise CBD, as it can help to tackle a whole range of health problems, thus reducing the usage of 'their' drugs. All with little to no side effects and even curatively; rather than with loads of side effects and just masking the symptoms of a health problem. Given this latest development, where the FSA has lowered the recommended safe daily dose of CBD from 70mg all the way down to 10mg , I can only think that the PTB/Big Pharma believe that CBD can also help combat the negative effects of the vaccines. So, everyone please reduce your CBD consumption immediately, as it 'might cause liver and other health problems'. Hmm... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-67087470 'Cannabidiol safe daily dose limit cut by food regulator.'
  4. I think that there may well be more to this story. Maybe someone in the know trying to do a good deed? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-67073446 'Luton Airport flights resume after blaze rips through car park.'
  5. She is the female version of Sir Piers Fletcher-Dervish. Apparently, we must leave the ECHR to help combat both illegal and disingenuous immigration. Not for any other reasons...
  6. Anyone know what the design on her sleeve relates to?
  7. Oh, look, here's another one... 'That's your husband?!'
  8. Clamping down on the Palestinian flag will never hold up in court, under any circumstances. This is a vile attempt to try and intimidate folks to not wave a Palestinian flag. Some of the comments Grant Shapps made were deliberately generalised and quite concerning. Let's hypothesise that it all went down the way we are told it did (total bullshit). So, by association, anyone who dares to fly the Palestinian flag is in league with 'human animals'? And the Ayatollah too probably. Yeah, right. I like the way Mr. Shapps is referred to as 'Ms Shapps' in this section of the following article. Is it being suggested that Shapps is someone's bitch? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/israel-palestine-flag-suella-braverman-b2427411.html 'Flying Palestinian flag in UK ‘may not be legitimate’, says Suella Braverman.' 'Ms Shapps described actions by Hamas in Israel as “pure evil” and suggested he agreed with the characterisation of Hamas as “human animals” – saying the attacks on Israel were not “human behaviour”.'
  9. I thought that this was a bit of a strange comment, in another article I read on the story. What 'details'? She just had a booster jab? https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/mary-lou-tetton-olympics-donate-b2428058.html 'Mary Lou Retton’s rare condition has exposed a dark truth.' “My amazing mom, Mary Lou, has a very rare form of pneumonia and is fighting for her life,” her daughter wrote on the crowdfunding site Spotfund. “Out of respect for her and her privacy, I will not disclose all details. However, I will disclose that she is not insured.”
  10. As ever, quite a good article from Craig, on all of the circulating bullshit. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2023/10/now-we-have-your-attention/ 'Now We Have Your Attention.'
  11. I must be living in a strange, alternative reality. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1821798/parliament-israel-blue-white-lights-speakers-hoyle-mcfall 'Parliament to be lit up in Israeli colours in tribute to the victims of Hamas terrorists.'
  12. Um, I really can't fathom how an Israeli flag was allowed to end up on the roof of Sheffield town hall in the first place. That should never have happened. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-67075181 'Man scales Sheffield town hall to remove Israeli flag.'
  13. Let's hypothesise, just for a moment, that everything the U.K. media has reported about what happened is true (total bullshit). Isn't the carnage already unleashed in Gaza enough? More than enough even. Quite how anyone can believe that an enemy of Israel would unleash this attack now, when Israeli mafioso Netanyahu is in deep shit, is quite mind-boggling. This was clearly all orchestrated by Netanyahu and his cronies to save their own skins. There must be plenty of Israelis thinking the same thing too! But no, it is only the dastardly Putin, who the BBC insinuates is capable of conducting false flag attacks. Isn't that, in itself, being racist? Now, loads more innocent families are going to get blown up in to little pieces. Nice one. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-67065341 ' *Where do we go?" - Nowhere safe in Gaza as Israeli strikes intensify.'
  14. It doesn't have to be so-called viral transmission. Just inhaling the shit that other ill-mannered people have expelled. Folks are free to label 'the shit' as they please. If people cover their mouths with a hanky when coughing/sneezing and wash their hands, then I don't think there is much of an issue. Basic hygiene.
  15. Problem - bedbugs. Public reaction - OMG! Solution - I don't know. Anyone have any ideas? Obviously, assuming folks agree with me that this is a psyop, then it will be quite nefarious. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-66995977 'Bedbug panic sweeps Paris as infestations soar before 2024 Olympics.'
  16. Indeed, definitely not 'minor news'. Is there a reason why no thread has been started in the 'Today's News' forum? I expected to see one, then wondered why I didn't.
  17. Let's forget the matter of intent for a moment, which can turn some normies off, and hypothesise that all of the vaccine side effects are purely accidental. I think that anyone, even the most hardcore village idiot, who hasn't yet been able to establish a basic connection between the vaccines and increases in illness/death is away with the fairies. Given that this was a medical tribunal, which only issued it's verdict a fortnight or so ago, is pretty pathetic. I wonder, if Mr. Adil had only stated that the vaccines were harming/killing people (no intent), whether he would have still been struck off. In the same vein, as the way the mass media kept calling the AstraZeneca vaccine the Oxford vaccine. I think it is even more than that though. The PTB's system is slowly, but surely, collapsing. They are desperately trying to send out a message, to their vile minions, that all is well. Business as usual. It isn't though and some rats are already jumping ship. I wonder who will be left carrying the can. Going back to this git, I am thinking 'What is she actually claiming here?'. Let's hypothesise that she was signed up for 7 years and really never did anything wrong, which I think is total bullshit. Is she suggesting that 'IF' she had been ordered to do 'x', 'y' or 'z', then she would have said 'No'? And after making the decision to sign up to begin with? She just had the great luck, in 7 years, to never be asked to do 'x', 'y' or 'z'? Hmm... And another one of her quotes here: 'I did not give any written report, I did not harm anyone.' Didn't most Stasi arseholes give verbal reports, which were written down by their handlers? How many informants, I presume she is alluding to physical harm, actually physically harmed anyone themselves? Or, if not by her hands, how could she know for sure whether someone had been physcially harmed or not? Sounds to me like she is being linguistically slippery, in trying to cover for what she actually did do. Yes, I realised what you meant. Not immediately though, as braindead yesterday Tesco will do some good Clubcard vaccine deals, come next year. Maybe in time for the January sales. Some folks seem to think, just because they don't accept mainstream virus/vaccine theories, that they can't get ill by being in close proximity to those overtly expelling their shit. Like being in a car or room with people sneezing/coughing and not covering their mouths with a hanky when doing so. I am not a disciple of mainstream virus/vaccine theories, but I think that's a bit daft myself.
  18. No doubt, she has taken personal responsibility, or ownership as the apologists like to put it, for all of her past transgressions. No need for punishment. One of the big slogans to emerge from the Nuremberg trials was 'I was only following orders is no excuse'. And that applied to those who served in the military, with a strict chain of command, peer pressure and little room for questioning anything. This woman signed up to the Hungarian Stasi to protect her job, which is no excuse at all, and seems to have gotten away with it. Her 'claims that she did not provide them with information or was active as an agent' probably translate as 'the PTB later destroyed my Hungarian Stasi records as a favour'. What a git. Even so, people getting ill, while coughing and sneezing, can have an effect on those in close proximity to them. This can obviously be mitigated by basic commons sense and good hygiene. Tesco? As well as just one shot needed per victim, each autumn, there must also be a financial angle to this. I bet they don't discount to their government buyers, when selling combo jabs. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they charged a premium for doing things that way. And they will surely have lower production and delivery costs as well. They are definitely going to be used as the excuse for 'something'. Yes, but the weather (climate change) is going to be one of the biggies, when it comes to the PTB trying to justify and enforce a NWO.
  19. Bloody hell. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-67013322 'Covid jab could be available privately from 2024.' 'Moderna is also hoping to launch a combined messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) flu and Covid vaccine in 2025. Interim data from early trials suggest it is as effective as separate doses of existing jabs. And Moderna hopes to have a triple vaccine, against flu, Covid and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), ready for 2026. "Nobody wants to get two, three, four shots every winter," Mr Bancel said. "So we are really obsessed at the company about how do we combine those products to end up getting one annual shot where you go to your pharmacy or doctors early in the fall. You get one shot - flu, Covid, RSV protection - and you can spend a healthy winter." ' (LOL.)
  20. Cancelled. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-67005464 'Manchester surgeon who claimed Covid-19 was a hoax is struck-off.' 'A tribunal in June 2022 suspended the surgeon for his online comments to give him time to reflect on its findings, especially that he lacked "adequate understanding and appreciation of the impact of his actions". However five months later he tweeted: "Covid is only a flu virus. It has not killed people. People have been killed by lockdowns, fear created of dying, heart attacks, cancers, lung diseases, strokes, lack of medical facilities, dehydration, isolation depression due to financial hardship." ' 'He continued: "Not a single trial has proved efficacy of mRNA vaccine to be safe and effective. I knew this hoax before anyone else would have known it and widely expressed my concerns widely across the world. Wouldn't liked by the establishment of being smarter and visionary than them unleashing their plans before time." He said of the mRNA vaccine: "It neither stopped transmission of virus, treatment or prophylaxis as vast scientific evidenced proved. Rather injuries & deaths are attributed to toxic deaths due to myocarditis, strokes, paralysis, arrhythmias & deaths." ' 'He continued: "Do you think the coronavirus scam & lucrative business of the mRNA vaccine around the world population would be buried like the big lies of "Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" & scientists of SAGE would be awarded Knighthoods like the one awarded to war criminal Tony Blair?" ' (Well, they did try.) 'The tribunal ruled the public needs to be protected from the surgeon.'
  21. I would say, more likely than not, that it is supposed to mean something. Anyhow, what a lovely lady she is. Quasi-Stasi. She was forced to admit to signing up, but said it was to protect her career. How sick is that? Then, she probably just invented the bit about her dad, as a form of self-justification, and chucked it in as an afterthought. I wouldn't go near her, or anything to do with her, even with a 2m barge pole. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katalin_Karikó#Early_life_and_education 'From 1978 until 1985, she was listed as an agent for the Hungarian Secret Police, a task she says she was blackmailed into out of fear of repercussions on her career or reprisals against her father.'
  22. It's 'The Demon Headmaster' (1996-1998), but without his toupee. And what's with her hexagon-shaped spectacles?
  23. I guess that's part of it. I think, in effect, these mental health advocates and privileged parents will, unofficially, virtually take over the schools. The rest of the school staff will probably be too scared to challenge them, for fear of losing their jobs. The green shoots of Orwell's outer party. We called it out ages ago and I am surprised that something like this didn't happen sooner. The eyes have it. It's not just this. This is part of a whole package being rolled out, which will aid the PTB in taking over our streets. I think one reason why they said police officers must attend all homes that have been burgled, is otherwise they couldn't justify sending out teams to collar suspected starers. Dom 'Bottom Gazer' Littlewood is in big trouble now! https://news.sky.com/story/extra-police-patrols-in-brighton-after-multiple-reports-of-rape-and-sexual-assault-12970524 'Extra police patrols in Brighton after multiple reports of rape and sexual assault.' "We have extra officers carrying out extended patrols in the area," said Detective Superintendent Richard McDonagh. "In addition to extended patrols in the area, we are working with venues and partners, including night safety marshals, beach patrol, taxi marshals and Safe Space, to help keep people safe. Digital screens highlighting support services such as night safety marshals, who can escort people to safe locations and link in with officers via their mobile handsets, are also being displayed in venues across Brighton." (Sounds good on the face of it, doesn't it. Always the way though.)
  24. Farmer played a big role in launching the career of Alizée, whose debut single, from her first album 'Gourmandises' (2000), was titled 'Moi... Lolita'. I always felt a bit creeped out by the video to 'Moi... Lolita', due to the fact that she took her little sister in to the nghtclub with her, then left her to go off dancing.
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