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  1. Or Steve Jobbed. If only they had gone 10% higher, with their estimate, then we might have been able to take them seriously. More like a cross between Dr. Shillary Jones and Cunt Dracula. Of course and she doesn't even have to hop across the Tasman Sea, for a spot of redemption. She just needs to quote someone making a comment about 'The Holocaust', then make her own comment on the said quote and, finally, have her mass media buddies blatantly misrepresent both what she quoted and her comment on the said quote. Everyone will then indignantly focus on the mass media blunders, forgot everything she has ever done wrong and she will be seen as a retiring war hero. I have replied to you directly, on the dedicated thread about this subject. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/30499-thought-criminal-banged-up/
  2. I am not sure what you mean. I have no doubt that he was 'nudged' in the 'right' direction though, at this or that stage.
  3. This reminds me of the repeated efforts by the PTB, many years ago now, in relation to trying to secure an 'Airline Terror Plot' conviction. They were really desperate just to get at least one so-called 'Covid' terrorist on the books. P.S. Maybe he was a Daily Masonical reader?
  4. Since when did they care about 'patient confidentiality'? Hancock wanted all G.P. surgeries to hand over all of their patient records, so as to have them put on to a central database. We were reliably assured that they would all be anonymised, after they got hold of them, though. I still vividly remember Marianna Spring announcing this policy on BBC News. In the autumn of 2021, I think it was, and she didn't seem to be at all bothered by it either. One would have thought that there was a caveat of just addressing things judged to have been taken out of context or deliberately quoted only in part to give the wrong impression etc.. But no, anything deemed 'anti-vax' could go, even stuff from the U.K. government website that was quoted in full. This was well exemplified by Facebook censoring an article by the BMJ, with their courtesy explanation seemingly constructed by someone who couldn't even string two sentences together. I missed that. Yes, quite suspect. Indeed, classic PTB inversion. This post got me thinking. After it became obvious to at least 'some' of the sheeple, as to what these vaccines were doing, then I wonder...
  5. They need to justify both the continued existence and expansion of the 'National Counter Terrorism Policing Network'. Hence, they need some 'customers' to be seen to be dealing with. The role of MI5 is to provide them with these 'customers'. Invariably, folks who never would have done anything to anyone, but they just need to be portrayed as 'plotting' to get rounded up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Counter_Terrorism_Policing_Network
  6. 'If' they do indeed exist, then quite possibly. My money is on it being bullshit though, as, in my mind, there is so much bullshit already identified. It 'could' be true, but, I am like 90% that no NHS consultant ever told him anything of the sort.
  7. Maybe he was planning to drive down a motorway, with a pair of wire cutters? I mean, why go to all the trouble of invading Westminster and tossing around a few bits of paper to topple the government, when you don't really need to. Sunak must have been taken to a bunker by now.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-64298318 'Covid: Shielding woman pays £2,000 for immunity-boosting drug.' 'Abigail had six Covid vaccines but her body failed to produce the antibodies needed to fight the virus.'
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-64330670 'Covid: Half a million people missed out on heart drugs.' 'Dr Sonya Babu-Narayan, Associate Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation and consultant cardiologist, said: "Yet again we're seeing clear evidence of the major disruption to healthcare people in the UK experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic".'
  10. Regardless of what Sir Cecil had to say, I think the upshot is that Mr. Overmars is quite ill.
  11. It must be, for BBC News. I can't see that they have even reported on this serious update to the health of Overmars, though they did report on him having a suspected 'mild stroke', at the end of December. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/64128134 Marc Overmars: Ex-Arsenal winger in hospital after 'mild stroke'.
  12. I wonder how many bruises she is now nursing, which were inflicted during her arrest.
  13. From what I can gather, after further research, the Israeli doctor is responsible for the article that Bridgen linked to in his tweet. However, the part of Bridgen's tweet that referenced 'The Holocaust' does seem to do with what Bridgen alleges someone else, an NHS consultant, told him in person. Not the Israeli doctor. I reiterate, this doesn't ring true and we also have no idea who it is supposed to be.
  14. Anyone have any idea, as to why I may have received an unpleasant communication today?
  15. I reckon that Ardern and Hancock should both ditch their respective fiances and hook up. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11651299/Jacinda-Ardern-resigns-New-Zealands-Prime-Minister.html 'Jacinda Ardern shocks the world and RESIGNS as New Zealand Prime Minister: Says she's got 'nothing left in the tank' and tells her fiancé Clarke 'let's finally get married'.'
  16. Yes, David Amess. I wasn't sure why, at the time, but I certainly believed that the PTB were behind his demise. I reckon that the PTB try their best to monitor the communications of all our M.P.'s. Moral of the story? If you are ever in the midst of doing something honest and decent, then don't tell anyone. Well, not until it can't be kept secret any more.
  17. Thank you for the infromation. I still don't buy the story though.
  18. For me, it is somewhat reminiscent of the plane crash that killed much of the Polish political and military hierarchy, which occurred back in 2010. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smolensk_air_disaster
  19. Thanks, as I missed that bit. However, for me, it only makes everything seem even more dodgy. If that is at all possible. What is the name of this doctor then?
  20. Indeed. Plus, I reiterate, by virtue of only quoting what some NHS consultant is 'supposed' to have said, then the quote itself getting deliberately twisted by the masonic mass media, we have an end result of all the attention being taken away from the core question of 'Why would Bridgen even quote that in the first place?'. Everyone seems to be completely preoccupied with the two points I have highlighted, which was precisely the plan. Hardly some great sleight of hand and I am quite surprised, as to how many folks seem to hare fallen for it. Furthermore, on reflection, Bridgen's tale of being told what he tweeted about by an NHS consultant also doesn't ring true to me. It just doesn't sound right. He 'supposedly' met some NHS consultant and they chatted. The NHS consultant then said to him 'Yeah, this is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust'. Really? I don't think so and, as it is pretty obvious we are predominantly dealing with bullshit anyway, then it is quite likely that the NHS consultant part of the equation is also bullshit. I would also ask why the masonic mass media don't seem to have directed even the tiniest iota of energy, at discovering who this anti-semitic NHS consultant might be. I don't know about public outrage, as I have just explained above, but certainly mock outrage by the political party hierarchies and elements of the masonic mass media. Moreover, isn't it also a bit too convenient, that Bridgen's fated Tweet came just in time for a good bashing by Sunak, Starmer et all at PM's Questions? A bit like some of the Partygate stuff that was mysteriously drip-fed to Joe Public, at certain moments, over the course of many months. If a reboot is made in the near future, then I think that the caption needs to be updated to 'I've got ONE BILLION that can see!'. I don't know whether Bridgen is a freemason or not, but it matters little, as he is obviously being either manipulated or controlled by freemasons. He will probably become a GB News starlet now. It tells me that Bridgen is a blatant shill, as why mention 'The Holocaust' to even give the masonic mass media an excuse to 'lose their shit'; instead of having them focus on 'the roll out of an injectible bioweapon and the resultant excess deaths which they are silent on'. The latter is 'supposed' to have been the very purpose of his tweet. In my opinion, it's all a bit reminiscent of the pre-Brexit referendum murder of M.P. Joe Cox. Ok, no one has been 'offed' here, but it's the same sort of thing. The tide seems to turn heavily against the PTB in relation to this or that agenda, they feared some M.P.'s were probably soon going to be openly talking about vaccine harms in this instance, then something 'peculiar' always seems to happen. Doesn't it just. I just busted in my Y-fronts again. This is now three or four times, in the past year or so. I am soon going have to cash in on my DIF Y-front insurance policy, by claiming a new pack of Y-fronts. I am sure that Bundy, who must surely have known about all of this beforehand, is going to be shitting himself. His need may be for different reasons, but I will also chuck him a new pair of Y-fronts regardless.
  21. Accident my anus... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-64315594 'Ukraine's interior ministry leadership killed in helicopter crash.'
  22. Harry was mowed down by the Sacoolas scumbag on 27th August 2019, which was just 6 weeks or so after BoJo had become prime minster. Dominic Raab was his first Foreign Secretary and Priti Patel, even more culpable in my opinion, was his first Home Secretary. To be continued... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-63891657 'Harry Dunn: Anne Sacoolas gets suspended jail term for fatal crash.'
  23. I utterly fail to understand how any M.P. can have any time spare for a second job. Furthermore, if I was an M.P., I would be horrified at the prospect of giving my constituents the wrong impression, by virtue of having a second job. It is tarnishing what should be the great privilege of being an M.P.. The law needs to be changed to completely prevent M.P.'s from doing anything that even vaguely qualifies as a second job. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11612339/MPs-raked-17million-second-jobs-2019.html 'Welcome on board the Westminster gravy train: MPs have raked in £17million from second jobs since 2019 with Theresa May top of the table after earning £2.25million.'
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