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  1. Wondering why, when the great and the good meet and banquet, they don't eat bugs and the like to set a good example for the people.

    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      They aren't selfish people that's why, they leave that good stuff for us, and they force themselves to eat salmon and beef and oysters, venison etc although it makes them gag just at the thought of it, they persevere because they want us to have the best stuff!👍

    2. Oakwise


      They probably do eat bugs, being insectoids n all. 

  2. Right, let's have a circuit breaker lads.

  3. Ooh arghhh. Shoot 'em up the arse.

  4. High Treason. High Treason. High Treason. High Treason. High Treason. High Treason.

  5. Surging cases!!!

    1. screamingeagle


      of what?????


      of awakened people!!!!!



  6. The old order is collapsing. This is the calm before the storm. All of the turds are going to be washed well away. About time. Cheers.

    1. dfjkldoioi



      You know what I have been saying myself this is the calm before the storm all year, as we head into fase 2 of the great reset, fase one was covid hoax, and fase 2 will be the financial crash coming on the 30th of this month and as we head into fase 2 expect more covid hoax (fase 3 I recon will be a great reset into the new world order, and thats it game over!)


      huh again!

      All of the turds are going to be washed away, I have been saying since the spring of 2020 there is going to be a lot of pieces of scum s@@t terminated from this fake vaccine! that is the only good bit about opperation lockstep

  7. If it was ok for Jodie Whittaker to get the title role in 'Dr. Who', then Liz Truss should get the title role in the upcoming 'Worzel Gummidge' reboot. She is nigh on there already, but Worzel sported better outfits. As for Tom Tugendhat, I swear I once saw him sucking blood, in one of those 60's/70's era vampire flicks.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Jodie Whittaker is a good actress. She was let down by some appalling storylines. The actors who play roles in the theatre of politics, are equally let down by bad scriptwriting.

    2. TetraG


      hmmm, funny numnuts, the mention there of Worzel Gummidge in combo with Liz Truss, was an interesting twist, although at the same time a bit  twisted, haha.  Heard Truss on radio 4 this morn being interviewed.

      And interesting comments in response to Jodie Whittaker by G.O to follow although not followed by me in doctor who or otherwise simply because I don't invest in ANY tv shows myself (apart from occasional online lookups), but still, good to know Jodie has some talent, if that is the belief (and not all the fault of the performer if not the full deck)... 


    3. numnuts


      I didn't watch a lot of Dr. Who, after Whittaker got the role, so I can't really comment on how well I think she did. Reason being, each to their own, I didn't much like the idea of any female being The Doctor. Nothing personal against Whittaker. Truss, so far at least, seems to be doing very well in her new role.  

  8. Where is Priti Patel hiding?

    1. Golden Retriever
    2. numnuts


      Not up Boris's shitter then...

    3. oddsnsods


      wanking over her Liechtenstein Serco funded numbered account?

  9. Is Christmas over now? 🤔

    1. Fluke


      Sort of its boxing day today.

    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Depends on which Christmas really!

  10. So, when did 'Football Focus' turn in to a 'Teletubbies' reboot? They should move it to the CBeebies channel.

    1. TetraG


      I don't even like football but that's funny dude! 👍

  11. I haven't had a good shag in ages. Even Sunak, in stockings and a blonde wig, could probably get my pulse racing. If he isn't 'available', then Patel can be my home secretary for one evening instead. I don't want to get no heart attack though. 

  12. Sajid Javid - 'We have all of the booster vaccines ready to go; we just need the arms to put them in. Otherwise, we might well have to resort to 'Plan B'.' I heard it all now. 😀

  13. I switched on the TV the other day, at about 6pm, and I thought I was watching a 'Countess Dracula' reboot on the Horror Channel.

  14. For some reason, I think I am going to feel even sicker than usual this year, when all of the vile creatures start donning their poppies. All of the perished will be well turning. 🙁

  15. Why does Keir Starmer always look constipated?

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Because he's full of shit?

    2. numnuts


      I reckon he is always forcefully 'packed up' the night before, by some shadowy, robed figures, in preparation for his next bout of verbal diarrhoea.

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