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  1. Robert Halfon was on BBC News today, who also seems to be afflicted with the same strain of Long Rabies that has been niggling Bojo The Clown, and he was very keen on lots of changes occurring. He 'knows' full well that something very unpopular is just around the corner... P.S. Lest we forget. Shouldn't he be in prison and not still pontificating to the nation? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/nov/22/robert-halfon-expensed-members-club-room-where-he-met-mistress 'Tory minister claimed expenses for room at club where he met lover.' 'Robert Halfon, who had a six-month affair this year, claimed more than £30,000 to stay at the East India Club in 2010-2014.' Edit - WTF. I never noticed how insanely PTB'ed up this video was before.
  2. Yes, the patsies are usually offed quite quickly, if not immediately. If he doesn't get charged by Tuesday, then I really will start wondering what is going on. Do you think that the murder weapon might have been fished out of this bin? I think that this probably translates as 'a proposal to de-anonymise social media is already contained in the Online Harms Bill and I will use David's demise to help make sure it stays there'. Good stuff. While it may have helped label him as an M.P. they would like to see the back of, I am still very confident that it wasn't 'why' he was killed. They needed to kill an M.P. right now, to suit their agenda, and who it was would have been a secondary consideration. I watched that live and it felt quite alarming. She seems to have turned proper nutjob.
  3. I believe it is also the Islamic abridged version of 'Allah Akbar!'.
  4. For sure. And yes, they don't like the idea of letting patsies out of prison. Though some do manage to 'escape' every now and then, such as Barry George and Jack Whomes. This is bigger than any vaccine policy. In the next few months, I reckon the PTB are going to try pulling some very unpopular stunts. Like 'governments clubbing together more' kind of stunts. The PTB obviously don't think that the masonic mass media are going to be able to spin it all through. Jeremy Corbyn was genuine though. Now, with Bojo The Clown and Constipated Keir, we are pretty much like the U.S.. I don't think Bojo was a 100% stooge to begin with, but they seem to be having their way with him. We can at least be glad that General Dickhead and his merry band of 77th Brigade 'Conspicuous Gonads' aren't about.
  5. It could be coincidence, but the PTB do engage in such silliness on occasion. Sending out the message of what communicating with your M.P. will be like in the near future. Personally, I don't see the issue of meeting your M.P. behind a glass screen, like in a bank. However, I think that the PTB are probably aiming for more than that. Probably, by stealth to begin with, and damn right I think they want to. With a hit like this, then they probably don't want any cock-ups. If the guy was 'manipulated' in to carrying out the attack, then you can bet your bottom dollar that someone else would have been around to sneakily finish him off. Just like with Princess Diana in the tunnel. You should make your mind up, about what is probable.
  6. It was already obvious that the PTB were looking to pull a pretty big Brexit reversal/NWO inception stunt quite soon. No doubt in my mind who 'orchestrated' the killing of this M.P.. I was also already wondering whether we will finally suffer a hefty HAARP attack in the short term future. RIP David Amess. As in 'Brexit is dead'? Not that we ever really had Brexit. Who had a penchant for shouting out 'Allah Akbar!' quite a lot and who recently lost his passport... I was wondering, just a few days ago, what was going on with little Thomas. However the narrative develops, it is already very clear that it is a pre-planned narrative. I am sure that's part of it. Their old order was already slowly crumbling, regardless of Brexit.
  7. Taking the piss out of Cherie would have to involve thinking about her. No thanks. I would far rather fantasise about mingling with David and Nigel.
  8. Forbidden fruit? Methinks, the gentlemen doth protest too much. I expect to see them well positioned, with Nigel fully bearded, on the front cover of Geldof's upcoming 'Fuck The World In 2022' kama sutra themed calendar.
  9. Almost certainly connected, regardless of their official denials. 'The company said that a "configuration change" had impacted users globally. It added that the incident was not related to the outage that saw its products taken offline for over six hours earlier this week.'
  10. until

    David is a prisoner of the current system, just like all of us, for as long as the current system exists. David must have lost a lot of income in the past couple of years, due to not being able to talk in person live at big events like he used to, which is down to both the Covid associated lockdowns and the mass media cheer-led clampdown on what venues he could speak in. Well, even on whole countries he could speak in, such as Australia. David got booted off Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. We don't know what expenses David has. David knows that his November 6th presentation will still 'get out there' in due course anyway, just as Hollywood movies do, some even before they are released at the cinema on occasion. Both of David's sons have taken shit from the current system purely for being David's sons. Since 2006, David has provided a forum, regardless of it being constantly under attack via various methods, for folks to speak their minds. David doesn't pussyfoot about, when it comes to taking on the Israeli mafia. While I also wonder about various prominent figures in the truth movement and David himself, as we all should, I don't 'think' David is a shill or a fleecer. He is in his own little tunnel and he probably wouldn't have survived this long without being so. I think David deserves to earn some good crust, but I can also sympathise with the 'this one should be completely free' view. I am not suggesting anyone is or isn't a shill in this post. I, for one, will probably pay to watch David's upcoming presentation live on the day. Peace and love to everyone.
  11. numnuts


    Keep your spirit determined and steady. Find the God in you. By all means talk to other people, just don't waste energy on those who don't want to listen, even if it is family members. Senseless.
  12. I think that everyone should always stay positive. It is good to think and plan ahead, about what one might do if 'x', 'y' or 'z' were to happen as well. I would just add I think that if the PTB keep on getting their way, then they will eventually come for everyone they are aware of who isn't barcoded, whether that be via a national id. profile or a bio-chip. Outsiders won't be tolerated, a la Huxley. Therefore, I would also think about where I might/could go, should the U.K. ever seem on the verge of rounding up off-gridders, under one feeble pretext or another. Not easy, is it. Hopefully, the PTB will soon crumble away.
  13. Anyone know why the following image, which I embedded in my first two posts, keeps on disappearing? Edit - It has now reappeared.
  14. A leaping turd may have something to say about that.
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