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  1. I think we should protest outside the headquarters of New Scotland Yard about the police tactics on 'The Square' on 26th Sept. 40,000+ outside would send a message. Other locations for a protest could include Big Bro Co headquarters, Downing Street, MI5 etc The more we turn up and share info of locations the better and have nothing planned until we all congregate then spread the word. We should all wear High viz vests, wear cricket helmets and carry plastic truncheons just to confuse their moronic tactics.
  2. I think you are right about the people that work at Wetherspoons although I know a couple of managers and they are generally nice guys and they have both said they get grief from the high command and no credit if the pub is doing well. I k
  3. I visited a Wetherspoons this week. The footprints outside to queue up, the hand gel before you enter, the app to download or give your name and tel no and how long you are going to be there, order via an app, no ordering at the bar, wear a mask to go to the toilet and be escorted to the card payment with a staff member wearing a welding mask. I sat at a table with a friend when someone I knew stopped to talk, he was asked to sit down and after a minute asked to leave as he hadn't sat down. I told the young girl that she was being pedantic and we could have been seated together as we normall
  4. The Square was packed and many others heading toward or at Hyde Park. I heard David speak and was just making my way toward the Church building in the corner when 3 groups of yellow jacketed police (app 20 in each group) just trooped in from the main road and headed for the small stage area that had been set up and confronted peaceful people at the rally who had no idea (like myself what was happening). The rally was totally peaceful, met some friendly people from all parts of the UK and the organisation was 1st class with an emphasis on respect for the police and a mention it had been cleare
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