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  1. There we go Whitty confirms that kids over 12 can consent. fucking cunt
  2. I believe it will just be a self declared exemption on the bullshit app. just the same,
  3. Sorry as Martin posted its on their own website we essentially policed ourselves with masks same here had some joy from Spurs and Man Utd regarding this they have said if you have a self declared exemption tell a steward and it will be resolved fuck them And their rules
  4. Great news please keep everyone posted!
  5. Friend just messaged me this uk care home worker Just had a brief chat with my manager.. she said we need to have a chat about the jabs… I said I’ll bring in a letter and we wil go through that before we have a talk and she said HR wil have to be present for it but still looks like I will have my contract terminated ——————- I have drafted him a 4 page letter to give to them. comedy that they will allow “clinical exemptions” pure scum anymore advice appreciated
  6. I have seen a copy of a letter a friend has received from their care home regarding vaccination i think this part is of particular interest and worth exploring more maybe others have more thoughts odd how you need this so badly to attend work in care homes but can be exempt as it’s soooo deadly apologies as order is wrong in some places but you get the idea
  7. The self declared medical exemption is exactly the same as was for masks its the governments loophole so they cannot be sued you self declare yourself as exempt without proof needed to show states that on the site tottenham have stated this too for the health pass bs for their football match lots on Twitter about it
  8. This is great Any tips for drafting letters to employer re: care home worker U.K. insisting upon jab letter received giving 16 weeks to do it not for me a friend
  9. Friend has received letter from his company saying he needs to be vaxxed by aug 13th and proof by november uk care home
  10. For a real blast I’m saying that McCartney died in an accident in the 60s decent websites about it this guy is faul mccartney a fake
  11. It’s forever it’s their get out of jail card for legal implications same as masks
  12. From the nhs covid pass small print
  13. At 40 mins he talks about the jab killing 500k people from cdc site if this is him it’s massive wow he tells them that if they are bed sitters don’t sign on and we will all go into the bush with our families this is quite amazing
  14. Well i am ready ive made my choice, I will not comply ever, even if this means losing my job then so be it. I have a family but I just have this feeling there are going to be catastrophic scenes this winter with something . don’t see how the media can spin it but let’s see
  15. I’m in the U.K. working for a major U.K. employer currently they are “strongly recommending” the vaccine no thanks also mask usage even though not mandated currently is like 85% in favour mental it’s like 30’degrees
  16. Yeah and now he’s backtracked lol
  17. Is belief against something a protected characteristic under the 2010 equality act U.K.?
  18. Targeted because he questions the narrative and is a decent human being
  19. Fucking hell i watch this guy where are the men ffs? too busy doing tik toks ffs
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