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  1. It’s forever it’s their get out of jail card for legal implications same as masks
  2. From the nhs covid pass small print
  3. At 40 mins he talks about the jab killing 500k people from cdc site if this is him it’s massive wow he tells them that if they are bed sitters don’t sign on and we will all go into the bush with our families this is quite amazing
  4. Well i am ready ive made my choice, I will not comply ever, even if this means losing my job then so be it. I have a family but I just have this feeling there are going to be catastrophic scenes this winter with something . don’t see how the media can spin it but let’s see
  5. I’m in the U.K. working for a major U.K. employer currently they are “strongly recommending” the vaccine no thanks also mask usage even though not mandated currently is like 85% in favour mental it’s like 30’degrees
  6. Yeah and now he’s backtracked lol
  7. Is belief against something a protected characteristic under the 2010 equality act U.K.?
  8. Targeted because he questions the narrative and is a decent human being
  9. Fucking hell i watch this guy where are the men ffs? too busy doing tik toks ffs
  10. When are we hitting the streets then? if a negative test is no longer acceptable odd how it’s acceptable to report as a case and to keep you off work
  11. Bastards Posted at 17:0017:00 BREAKINGNightclubs for fully vaccinated only from end of September - Zahawi Zahawi has announced that people will be required to be fully vaccinated to attend "large crowded settings" such as nightclubs from the end of September - after all over-18s have had the chance to receive both vaccine doses and develop immunity. "So at that point we plan to make full vaccination a condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather, proof of a negative test will no longer be sufficient," he said. "We will ensure the appropriate exemptions for those who have genuine medical reasons of why they can't get vaccinated and I'm clear we will always look at the evidence available and do all we can to ensure people can continue to do the things they love."
  12. It’s amazing isn’t it. Yet people get away with unspeakable things to do with kids and get away with it who is the dangerous one? madness what the hell place are we living in
  13. Fits the narrative perfectly two jabs no bad effects due to being jabbed bravo
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