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  1. Talking of fascists any comment I made on the bbc re vaccines is being removed by moderators lol fascists what are they trying to hide
  2. Just been outside to cut the grass No one dead on my lawn, birds singing. clown world here in the uk. if you didn’t watch the news you wouldn’t know there was a deadly pandemic going on that meant a passport to go to the shops and pubs I ask again when do we riot?
  3. Perfect timing eh with him dead now the AstraZeneca troubles will be forgotten for the next week while we get wall To wall News of this guy dying convenient
  4. Paywall locked what if you don’t have a phone if covid is real lol, they want to touch my phone? no anyone have full article
  5. Stand your ground say no they have to treat you
  6. Not Bjorn Andreas bull-Hansen on YouTube? norwegian guy, gets it super channel
  7. Was this Epstein’s black book??
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56608632 every customer must sign in when pubs reopen. false name and number for me then
  9. Received a jab invite letter. binned it instantly
  10. My youngest is 8 and whenever she referred to coronavirus she says when this “rubbish” is over she won’t say the word because even she knows it’s bs. she did ask me when can we go to football again and when can we do karaoke again bless her, so far most of what she remembers of her life is seeing her friends from a distance and teachers wearing masks disgusting mind we have been meeting her friends in parks etc over the last year and even had a few stay over even teachers kids they all know something is not right onwards
  11. 3 where I’m at in a year ffs
  12. Anyone have any more lamppost stickers please?
  13. What’s this over good luck
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