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  1. Can we get t-shirts with Daves face on please?
  2. Ah shit, Bill Bailey, forgot about that dude.
  3. Tell your employer you are exempt, that masks trigger you, make you angry and want to punch managers as you have issues with authority.
  4. Hmm interesting. I never drew the correlation that I wasn't baptised. I always shunned it saying it's just organised religion chucking water on a babies head. What's the point? Lol. To the OP. That video sent shivers up my spine. The orb movements look unnatural and it deffo looks like some force pushed her.
  5. Is that why I had such fucked experiences as a kid in my bedroom? I didnt know what was a dream and what wasn't at such a young age but would constantly be harassed by what felt like a demonic entity. Being dragged across the bed etc, shadow entities etc.
  6. Jesus... We are fucked with leaders like this, hasnt got a fucking clue whats going on. Wet, soy boy, twat headed dipshit, he needs a slap round the face until he wakes up, the little tit.
  7. They even put a sticky out tongue smiley, proper taking the piss these pricks are.
  8. Has anyone collated the data gained from FOI requests for every hospital in the UK? I've been through what do they knows website and come across around 5 different NHS bodies say there were only around 2 or 3 deaths. What would be the actual death from covid only stats for the whole country? Around 50? Lmao
  9. https://www.facebook.com/WHO/videos/there-will-be-no-return-to-the-old-normal-for-the-foreseeable-future-but-there-i/597936437763368/?extid=SEO---- There will be no return to the old normal. We knew nothing would change, it just gets worse and worse from here. ''Must prepare for an angrier world''
  10. Mine sent an email last week asking for us to declare whether we are vaccinated or not so it can go on our file. Quite shocking medical apartheid language used 'As you will be aware the vaccinated will be able to do things the unvaccinated cant' I have refused to answer as its none of their business. At the same time we had a long email from the company MD telling us to continue wearing masks and if you dont you will be reprimanded. I am exempt as they cause me severe alarm and distress so they have continued to let me not have to wear one. I am worrying that this will change after the 19th and companies will be able to do as they please.
  11. My workplace, I've just claimed exemption and they've left me alone. But, now I'm wondering from the 19th the Gubbermint are basically handing over the reigns of totalitarian Diktat to private companies, so are my workplace going to turn around and say masks are now mandatory and there are no exemptions...
  12. Yup. Total fucking mongs everywhere. Their STUPIDITY is INFURIATING.
  13. Morpheus. Thanks for that. As an update I called HR and told her I don't feel comfortable answering either way as I don't want to be discriminated against. She couldn't see how it was discrimination and basically said that in the future I will have no choice but to tell them if I've been jabbed or not....lol I'll wait to see if they still push it...
  14. Guys I need some advice. So my employer has just emailed asking for my vax status. Am I within my rights to not say either way?
  15. I'm sick of morons at work saying they know someone who has covid and is in hospital, so its like dead bad yeah and definitely real... Fuck off. People were fucked before covid, they would of likely died or been taken ill before this shit was fabricated. Now covid is some get out clause for everyones ailments, nahh....its not 'cos you're 7 stone overweight why you're having health problems is it.......no its fucking covid.....yeah that explains why you cant breathe....its got fuck all do with the giant bag of fat hanging from your neck.... Dumb twats. They then think they have the moral high ground and cast judgement on me like I'm some potential murderer 'cos I wont go along with their collective delusion.
  16. Doggers are fucked then. Destroying more British culture.....
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