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  1. Yup. Total fucking mongs everywhere. Their STUPIDITY is INFURIATING.
  2. Morpheus. Thanks for that. As an update I called HR and told her I don't feel comfortable answering either way as I don't want to be discriminated against. She couldn't see how it was discrimination and basically said that in the future I will have no choice but to tell them if I've been jabbed or not....lol I'll wait to see if they still push it...
  3. Guys I need some advice. So my employer has just emailed asking for my vax status. Am I within my rights to not say either way?
  4. I'm sick of morons at work saying they know someone who has covid and is in hospital, so its like dead bad yeah and definitely real... Fuck off. People were fucked before covid, they would of likely died or been taken ill before this shit was fabricated. Now covid is some get out clause for everyones ailments, nahh....its not 'cos you're 7 stone overweight why you're having health problems is it.......no its fucking covid.....yeah that explains why you cant breathe....its got fuck all do with the giant bag of fat hanging from your neck.... Dumb twats. They then think they have the moral high ground and cast judgement on me like I'm some potential murderer 'cos I wont go along with their collective delusion.
  5. Doggers are fucked then. Destroying more British culture.....
  6. So some bellend at my workplace went and got a PCR test and it shows up positive. Cue a whole host of lazy dickheads who just want time off work 'Self isolating' because they came in contact with them. (Coincidently the Friday before the EURO finals) Also everyone in my vicinity immediately started freaking out like we are all about to die. I'm like fuck sake just calm down. Jesus, the media fear campaign has definitely been TOO effective. When you're outside their media bubble, you see their insanity.
  7. Yeah makes me sick. The dirty fucking bastards.
  8. Imagine Hancock lived in a 2 bed terraced house and was on benefits, do you think this guy would get laid at all? Power and money, what an aphrodisiac!
  9. Same. I cant believe they use the word 'free' You fuckers should be paying me to take that shit. Medical experimentation, gibs me money please. I might call them and tell them I'd like to donate my dose to someone else more needy.... .....'cos I'm a virtuous bastard like that.
  10. Think there are 13 stabbings a day in London... All we need is stab proof vests for everyone to flatten the curve....
  11. Am I the only one whos confused by this ally_uk poster? If you click their profile you will see contradictory opinions. ''So I'm now public enemy number one for refusing the jab. Ex is saying what about son don't you care? What if you get Covid My own family are the same Just feel like I'm becoming a outcast'' ''4: the vaccines haven't been tested long enough. Contrary to popular belief, most of the groundwork for this vaccine was already done in the last 20 years, as much work was done on a SARS vaccine, also a coronavirus, so it wasn't as rushed as people think. Also people freak out about the DNA/RNA in the vaccine when this material is completely removed from your body within 48 hours of the injection. All that remains are the antibodies your own body has created, there's nothing in the vaccine that can create long term side effects. Conversely, we KNOW that covid causes long term neurological and cardiovascular damage, yet some people seem happy to risk getting covid. 5: deaths and serious injury caused by vaccines- the deaths and illness in the vaccinated is no higher than the unvaccinated. This is simply incorrect. The occasional adverse reaction has happened, but no more than happens in people taking paracetamol or ibuprofen as prescribed. The side effects on those common tablets list death/internal bleeding as a possible outcome but it doesn't stop people taking them, and there is no media attention in that, ask yourself why? It's because it is so rare. The media focus is only on the vaccine which is as safe, or even safer than these common medicines 6: nobody is expected to get top up jabs, or any jab, it's a free choice 7:vaccine passports do not actually exist. There are only little cards that show you had the vaccine and if businesses are asking to see them, that's up to them, they can refuse entry to anyone they want, it's their business. This hasn't been rolled out by the government, it's not a law but businesses can and will do what they want and have a right to protect their staff 8: The emergency lockdown thing has already started being reversed. Look outside, look at the pubs and restaurants open etc. The extent/presence of lockdowns is proportional to the number of deaths/hospitalisations being caused by covid and that makes sense. If they wanted us in perpetual lockdown they wouldn't have everything open right now. Simple logic And yes, the people who believe all that crap above believe in a conspiracy theory, and it's a load of rubbish'' WTF The only conclusion I can draw is that between these posts ally_uk got the jab. Now you are desperately trying to justify to yourself that everything is fine.
  12. James Corden is fat talentless, unfunny cunt who needs a good cattle prod up the arse. Probably a closet homosexual too.
  13. My poop today isnt even on that scale anywhere.
  14. Need more than taking out of office pal.
  15. Should lose her job and go to prison. Fuck sake.
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