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  1. Best response to the stay safe bollocks Reply with 'Stay free'
  2. I can be non lethal about it too.....only shoot at the leg if they are a danger to me
  3. Dont know if this has been mentioned..... https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/patent/US-2020279585-A1 Patent US-2020279585-A1 Inventor ROTHSCHILD RICHARD A (GB) Assignee ROTHSCHILD RICHARD A (GB) Date Priority 2015/10/13 Read the patent....lol Priority date refers to the earliest filing date in a family of patent applications. If the earliest-filed patent application for a particular invention was a provisional application, then the filing date of the provisional is your priority date
  4. How'd he get 3 jabs? Did he just show up and say can I have a third? And the vaxxinators just shrugged and went yeah, why not? Lol
  5. Oh dear. We have a leftist. Immediately attacks and labels. Psychological projection.
  6. Fuck the vegan exemption argument, thats bad advice. Im going with the below Taken from https://miriaf.co.uk/letter-to-employers-re-requesting-vaccine-data-from-staff/ The press has reported that some employers are exploring the possibility of "no jab, no job" clauses for employees, yet human rights and medical ethics watchdogs have warned against this in the strongest possible terms - as multiple human rights treaties, including the Nuremberg Code (1) and UNESCO's Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2) make it abundantly clear that consent to medical procedures must be voluntary, and free of all coercion. Clearly, making the retainment of employment dependent on vaccination status would represent an immense level of coercion, and therefore would be illegal under national and international law.
  7. Wheres the poster with his printed pamphlet gone? Come on, show us this ultimate proof or tell us what it said. Oh holy printed pamphlet.
  8. LMAO This post cheered me up after a shit day
  9. Yeah I'm ready to face homeless and destitution. I will live in a fucking cave and slowly die if I have to then bend to these fucking evil cunts. Excuse my French.
  10. I feel for ya, people are fuckin' retarded. You are being discriminated against, bullied, coerced.....its just fuckin wrong. Luckily nobody at my workplace dare challenge me as their own beliefs are so shaky and malleable they know they are out of their depth.
  11. Lmao, kicked the kids out their own paddling pool 'Fuck that kids - its too hot today - piss off and play out'
  12. I dunno... But what I do know for sure is that he has some gnarly nose hairs going on.
  13. Shame I dont like his music. I've already had to delete all Slipknot and Foo Fighters from my playlists with the shit they have pulled.
  14. https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/23/six-hurt-after-man-dressed-up-as-spider-man-attacks-staff-in-asda-14979395/ Even Spiderman is losing the plot since work dried up due to covid
  15. Man, I saw a work colleague drop their cheap cloth mask onto a concrete floor in a smoking shelter that everyone walks over, then pick it up, rubbed the concrete and mud from it and put it on as he walked back into the warehouse.
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