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  1. Tsk, tying together a chimp and a black person....thats definitely racis'
  2. Nah, just dont let a vaxxed woman nosh you off, you'll be good. The spiky proteins will travel down your urethra and you will feel a burning sensation and probably die.
  3. Yup, all the vaxxed now maskless shedding their spiky proteins all over the unvaxxed faces.
  4. The thing about a communist is...they dont know they are a communist. LOL Covid isnt real you soppy woman Now piss off to an Antifa forum or an Extinction rebellion protest.
  5. Reading that place made me realize why kids are so fucked in the head nowadays with mothers like that
  6. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/coronavirus/4332640-Are-you-letting-child-have-the-vaccine READ SOME OF THESE FUCKING REPLIES. ''12 yr old here, yep he's having it unless he puts up a fight not to (unlikely). I'm more concerned about our 10 yr old not having an option.'' Dd is 8 and as soon as they ok it for her age group she will be having it I have a 15 yo and 12 yo They are determined to have it ASAP Some vulnerable people in family but mostly just for the greater good 11yo and 14yo and hell yes they’ll have it as soon as they can. My 12 yo & 14 yo have had had their first doses (Ireland). They were thrilled to be eligible. The 10 yo is most put out he's not getting it. I live abroad and my 12 year old has had both doses (Pfizer), so has every other kid in his class according to him.
  7. Yes, it gets quite overwhelming to me sometimes the absolute bubble people are in. I have to deal with colleagues talking about that Love island garbage around me at work, the depth of the conversation is as follows 'Did you see that bit where....' 'Yeahhh I like such and such' Meanwhile I'm sitting there knowing that these vaccines are killing people all around them.....and the boot of totalitarianism is crushing down slowly onto everyone's necks. I frequently get that cognitively dissonant look from people when I go off on a rant. Most people cannot comprehend anything outside of what the TV has put in their head. They probably think I'm crazy..... Jokes on them.
  8. Also remember Chris Cornell and the Linkin Park vocalist. They were about to whistleblow on abuse in the music industry, then 'Suicides'.
  9. Jesus Christ....it's all so dark..... A marketing campaign for an experimental vaccine. These pricks who work in marketing that come up with this shit need a good slap.
  10. So my Supervisor had his 2nd jab Friday and came in to work today looking like death and coughing like hell. Fuckers getting those spiky proteins all over me.
  11. I'm just balls to the wall now with people now even at work because they are bringing the whole thing down slowly and aiming to kill off as many useless eaters as possible. If work try pulling me up on it I will tell them I am entitled to my own philosophical beliefs, now piss off.
  12. Where do I view this? Only clips on youtube Why do I need to pay?
  13. My supervisor at work is having his second jab this month. Early 30s, active footballer. Who knows, I may just fall into a promotion..... Nothing I could of said would of made him not get it, the media and societies influence over his brain is too strong, I did try and tell him it was all bollocks..... Plus he wants to go on holiday.....lol.....
  15. Agreed He's absolute tit. Him and that Charlie Ward are a pair of right lemons and are constantly at the top of bitchute with ridiculous viewing figures. No way are those figures real. They are a pair of dribblers. Charlie literally thinks hes Jesus, makes me sick.
  16. Was it locked 'cos I called someone a mask wanker?
  17. They just look look like men who have a bad stomach and are trying to squeeze out a fart or not shit themselves. From this day forth this shall been known as the constipation emoji
  18. This is why I'm glad I havent got a woman up the duff during this time period. The headache I'd have trying to protect my baby before its even left the womb would probably send me over the edge And it would be even more hellish if the woman was a mainstream media consumer who bought into this bollocks.
  19. Your soul is already imprisoned here. It's called MATTER. This isn't some beautiful creation of a loving God. This is Satan's domain. Youniverse needs to complete the cycle of light to denouement. If this isn't done in this lifetime. Better luck next time!
  20. You shouldn't collaborate with communists, Sir.
  21. Made me chuckle a bit, not gonna lie.
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