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  1. I have a cold right now, cant stop coughing. Seems about right for the time of year. If I was a muppet I'd be getting a PCR test and freaking I was going to die.
  2. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/03/mum-24-hooked-on-conspiracies-dies-of-covid-after-refusing-jab-15356862/ Omg these stories are so cut and paste now.... A mum-of-three who became ‘hooked on conspiracy theories’ has died of coronavirus after turning down the jab. ‘The first day she was admitted, she said “mam, I wish I had gone and got the vaccine – this is the worst mistake I have ever made”.’ Her heartbroken mum, Lynne, and brother, Lewis, have now urged others not to follow in Abby’s footsteps and to get vaccinated, saying ‘she would still be here today’ if she had done so. FUCK OFF. WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR YOU CUNTS?
  3. Its different now, they have the wealth and the power, humans are surplus to requirements, they are using the corporations as puppets to kill us off.
  4. Yeah the women are literally nuts on that website, an insight into the female mind, trust the state, institutions and generally have an inclination towards communistic behaviour. So many threads on there slagging off their fellas as 'Conspiracy theorists' and they all come in saying 'RUN GET AWAY FROM HIM WITH THE KIDS' FUCKIN INSANITY
  5. It was all smoke and mirrors and propaganda, do you remember those old ominous TV license ads? 'We are watching' 'We know' 'we have speshul techmologies which can tell if you're watching the BBC live' The Truth is, they haven't got a fuckin' clue, the only way they can find out is if you let them in and they take photographic evidence that the TV is receiving a live signal. Even then you could argue that you just use it to watch movies on etc. The old detector vans were just empty vans that were used to intimidate the fearful into paying. My advice has always been never communicate with them, they have never known me by name as I have never paid for the scummy license, they just send circular threat letters addressed to the occupier and they don't visit much. If they catch you off guard on the doorstep tell them to piss off as soon as they say TV licensing and close the door. Or maybe just turn around and fart in their direction and close the door so they can feel the disgust you feel towards them.
  6. 4,790,000 is 0.068428571428571% of 7,000,000,000 Some deadly 'Pandemic' bruv.
  7. Yup exactly what my supervisor at work said to me 'What do you do in the evenings' lol Stare at a wall, its better for my soul. The TV has been the biggest weapon used on mankind.
  8. Regarding the which face is real link.... I can spot the real ones everytime..... 6/6 Update 8/8 lol Final update - Okay I got 8 in a row before one stumped me
  9. Im so glad I dont have kids with the majority of these dumb cunts.
  10. These people are so retarded.... https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/coronavirus/4362942-Double-jabbed-but-so-ill I am double jabbed, early 40's, reasonably healthy. I have just caught covid and feel horrendous. Every bone aches, chest hurst, migraines, hot sweats then freezing cold, runny nose,cough, loss of taste and smell. I am bed bound. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/coronavirus/4362393-dh-sent-ds14-anti-vac-propaganda#prettyPhoto See attached I'm at my wits end. He's addicted to anti vaccination propaganda on Twitter. Obsessed with it. He's convinced there's a global scandal regarding Covid and vaccination. Figured manipulated blah blah. He sounds thick. And he’s trying to harm your son. Leave him
  11. She was probably struggling to breathe due to media induced anxiety. You should never acquiesce to a womans demands, you need tell her to get a grip and do something meditative, maybe ask her to make you a few sammiches for a bit to take her mind off the media.
  12. Stop taking the tests ffs..... Do what you used to do with a flu, get some fucking Lemsip and stay in bed a few days and keep hydrated. The tests are bollocks and the 'cases' are being used as a ratchet. Its twatishness like you're displaying thats keeping this whole charade going. Or just ignore me and run off and get your little vaccines, see where that gets ya. 'Oh no now I have super covid - The kind where you go blind in one eye or have a heart attack' You're not being very sensible here Joe
  13. Oh shit I forgot about this bollocks. Still havent had a knock on the door for not completing one
  14. You cant, you're trapped here. Forever and ever.
  15. In the supermarket yesterday 95% of people were wearing the muzzles again, including all staff. I went over to the fag counter and asked the staff member (who was wearing a mask) 'Can I ask a question, why are 95% of people masked again? I don't watch media so don't know if you've all been told something' He just started chuntering about cases and hospitalisations like a neurotic freak, he couldn't even look me in the eye..... These people are on another planet.
  16. Look what happens when you Google David Icke.... 3rd one down Whats their game lol David Icke | World Economic Forum https://www.weforum.org › people › david-icke BSc in Chemical Engineering, Stanford; MBA, Harvard. Formerly, almost 20 years in semiconductor industry in marketing, process and product development, ...
  17. He helped millions of simpletons appreciate nature by watching a box in a corner of a room? THE BBC of all things. He can piss off the slimy slag.
  18. Thats like asking if you had to choose, which knife would you choose to stab yourself in the eye with? I couldnt in good conscience, choose any.
  19. Yeah I'm takin' the piss really. Say anything contradictory to the media narrative to most people and you get the rabbit in the headlights look.... I know it well....
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