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  1. Wow, thanks for the image... As soon as someone I know at work told me about being tested, I was like wtf..... Aint nose/brain raping me fools.
  2. Spent the last couple of days reading his website. What an absolute hero this guy is.
  3. Anyone with balls tell me whats in these vids? https://file.wikileaks.org/file/collateralmurder/
  4. If you want a leader, go join a Cult.
  5. I got approached once in the hundreds of times I have been in this year. And it was a customer, not staff, he caught me after work, I was hot and bothered and gave him a right earful, I just lost it and told him to piss off in no uncertain words. I get the odd weird look, security are a bit glarey, but I also enjoy seeing others not wearing a mask, makes me smile sometimes the looks of acknowledgement you get when passing. I dont do the lanyard sunflower shit either, reminds me yellow stars.
  6. Exactly https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/stoke-on-trent-news/grieving-son-raises-concerns-mum-4788563 This woman, was murdered. False postive PCR test, kept in hospital on a ventilator. Dies. Hmmm..... Went in with a broken arm, came out dead, wake up people.
  7. My advice? Dont bother with women. Save your mana, use it to seminate your own brain. There is an alchemical process in built in us, the Gnostics knew this and wrote about it, this is why noFap has been reported to have majorly beneficial effects. If you refrain from desire and spilling your seed the energy transmutes and activates higher states of being.
  8. 'You' are not there. You are not your body
  9. Okay Think about being cremated instead, does that fill you full of peace? Lol
  10. Buried ffs! Do not cremate!! At least look at it like this, you'll be good compost for the earth that sustained you.
  11. Ink great information in this thread mate! Man the fact there's anyone on the Icke forum who would be all for organ donation astounds me.
  12. Because we are ruled by a non human force! Fuck me, telling me you trust the NHS? You in the wrong forum pal. Basically I opted out because I don't want my organs farmed for consumption.
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