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  1. Hey Truthspoon. I remember you back from the old forum. Remember the posters called Lyghtkynge and Bridgeeteyes from the old Icke forum and the massive thread 'The reason why most will not awaken'? Man, what a tranformative thread that was, for me anyways. I was the poster Yin_yang in there, we are talking back in like 2011. its always gutted me that the old forum disappeared and all of Lyghtkynges posts have disappeared into the void. There could be a chance you dont have a fucking clue what I'm talking about haha. I'll run that risk.
  2. All I know is that he doesnt seem right at all. Robotic. Like theres no human there, when he was on Joe Rogans podcast once getting high it was just cringeworthy, like he had forgotten what it was like to be human, or like a bad robot simply reflecting its environment. Or maybe I'm just crazy...
  3. Im having exact same problem, Both on my phone and computer Bitchute - Just buffers vids for ages sometimes, was trying to get a Max Igan one to load the other day, was fucking annoying, kept pausing every 20 seconds in Brand New Tube - Takes ages to even get on the site sometimes. They are purposely being throttled imo
  4. Covidians Sounds like a cult name. This is precisely what they are. Edit - I got this the wrong way round hahahahha Fuck it I'm sticking with my answer
  5. My heart goes out to you... These policitians need to swing for this....
  6. Yes im the same, I have the letter in front of me, they are now called eon next. I better get on the phone and make sure they dont auto book me for this shit....
  7. Absolute insanity. This is precisely why the police have done nothing but recruit young psychopathic pricks over the last 20 years in preparation for this COVID shit. The muppets are only on like 20k a year too. They probably get commission for how many fines they get successful payment on. They probably compete on a leaderboard in the office for the most money made. Also I'm sick of seeing 5 ft 3 blonde 20 year old girls and little soy boys in a uniform trying to authoritize on people, remember when the police had standards? UK policing standards went right down the shitter. Like you had to be over a certain height and have a certain amount of strength? Now they give these fear filled, reactive cops tasers.
  8. I noticed on his front door in his latest video a sign saying 'NO CELL PHONES BEYOND THIS POINT' or something. Wise man. Im totally envious of where he lives to be honest....looks like heaven
  9. See this is the sort of retardism that astounds me.... Same with people on their own in cars with them. Im surrounded by zombies...... ....literal zombies. They've been primed with decades of media and its resulted in the subsequent headfuckery and they dont know their arse from their elbow....literaly dribbling batshit Tellytubby heads
  10. Its pure muppetry. Im gonna end up turning into Andy and just telling people how it is
  11. I predict in next weeks news ''NON-MASK WEARERS - LITERALLY NAZIS'' ''THEY ARE KILLING OUR BABIES''
  12. Lmfao so true, hes such a faux intellectual. Hes almost robotic.
  13. I was just reading your work siituation post in this thread. See from what I can see in my workplace is that the tests are bollocks, first guy who tested positive had a history of chest issues pre COVID, he said he just had a bad chest but nothing that he hasnt suffered with previously. He is also overweight. As he was tested + everyone who sits in his vicinity had to get tested, all of which came back negative, he also got his family tested who live in the same household, all negative, he was bemused by it, it just solidified what I thought was going on. Also upstairs in Sales one guy was tested + everyone else who sat near him had to get a negative test to be able to come back to work, they all tested negative, so explain that, fucking dangerous virus that we need to wear masks for doesnt even spread how they thought?
  14. Lets start a petition to end all the Evil in the world.....yeah....that'll do it.
  15. Thats communism for ya..... Whats best for 'All'
  16. LMFAO GOLD! Ahhh I wish I was there, I'd of been howling with laughter but totally on ya side, nosey cunts.
  17. vidence that mask-wearing reduces the impact of COVID-19 Evidence that mask-wearing reduces the impact of COVID-19 Release date: 11 December 2020 You asked Please provide all the evidence you have that masks help reduce the virus. All the experiments that have been carried out on masks why do we not have a standard mask ? What tests have been carried out on masks ? How many tests have been carried out on masks that would prevent Covid 19 ? What evidence suggests Covid 19 is a virus ? What information have the government used that provided evidence that lockdowns work ? What information are the government using to lock us down again & enforce masks ? What are the long term effects of wearing masks for long periods of time ? We said Unfortunately, we do not hold the information requested. These questions would be better placed with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and Public Health England (PHE). They can be contacted via the DHSC FOI Contact Form and [email protected]
  18. COVID-19 vaccine information Release date: 15 December 2020 You asked Under the freedom of information act can you please provide the following information regarding the Chadox1 Covid-19 vaccine trials. What testing has been done to establish what the Adverse effects and the level of safety from the administration of the vaccine to groups who had met the exclusion criteria? In particular was testing done and is data available for the those who where excluded from phase I/II and phase 3 of trials? If testing was done what Adverse Effects did the vaccine have on these groups? What testing has been carried out regarding the safety of the vaccine on children and adults with autism and rare chromosome syndromes or chromosome deletions or duplications? What testing has been do to determine the safety of the vaccine for those with severe reflux and Barrats oesophagus? We said Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, we do not hold the information you have requested. Public Health England (PHE) may be better placed to assist with this request. They can be contacted via email at [email protected]
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