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  1. Come back and say that when you dont have all the mechanisms of the state protecting you.
  2. What a pile of drivel. In no way did what you say justify the need for it In your own words ''There's nothing asked there that the local government wouldn't know about you ( if you are on UC or getting other in work benefits etc )'' So whats the fuckin' point? 'Oh people in the future can see I lived there!'
  3. Wasnt the last one something to do with Lockheed Martin? https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2011/feb/19/census-boycott-lockheed-martin https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/uks-office-for-national-statistics-and-lockheed-martin-uk-successfully-deliver-uk-census-166253946.html https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/uks-office-for-national-statistics-and-lockheed-martin-uk-successfully-deliver-uk-census-166253946.html Jesus people, do not complete these, you are basically going here Mr Government/private corporation, take all my personal private information, I will trust you because you will help me based on the data given. ffs
  4. Nah. The worlds going insane. You're just reacting to it, naturally.
  5. Brilliant post. I agree, EVERYTHING, in the mainstream media right now is just psychological conditioning. And yes, there will not be a 6 pm curfew for men. The woman who suggested that should be sacked immediately imo, shes not right in the head, evidentally Imagine a man saying women should have a 6pm curfew because a woman once raped a man, the woke brigade would be going nuts in the mainstream. These WOKE people have now infiltrated EVERY part of society, its been designed this way, 'cos these muppets are helping the elites bring in this new system. It started through the education systems and has been compounded through toxic media moulding people and shaping their identities and beliefs, now they have been programmed and propagandized through the education system they have been given cushy 'system' jobs to further push their masters agenda, their actions seem to be leading to genocide of a particular race first and foremost, starting with the males within said race. But eventually, they will come for everyone. I am actually scared to approach any woman nowadays due to this shit, they just get a cold icey look from me if they look at me, I just dont know what they are programmed up with, their projections, media induced perception of the world, so I just keep to myself as I dont which ones are dangerous to me lol. I have to guess which ones are looking at me like I'm some potential rapist because what they have been programmed with in the media. Also now I am classed as an 'Anti-masker' 'Anti-vaxxer' 'Danger to the collective' to the majority. Example, a very popular female forum talking about the subject of a curfew on men and Sarah Everard .....(I browse a reddit which mocks this place) Read the reply......sick in the head or what? Woman 1 - Reasonable human being It's very, very far from all, so please don't bunch the good ones out there with the scum Woman 2 - Deranged fucking WOKE loon Nope, it’s not “very, very far from all”. Almost all women in this country have been sexually harassed, that means a fuck load of men are behaving in that way. Sick of this insistence that most men are angels that would never be inappropriate towards a woman, its just another way of shutting women up and denying their experiences.
  6. Yes, but the majority WONT refuse testing and wearing masks! This will push up the bollocks 'cases' and it will all start again.
  7. You watch in a week they be head of a group called Gingers Lives Matter also
  8. Whats all this we shit. Speak for yourself. 'We' is Satans domain - Collective Doesnt sound like you have your own mind, son. All your opinions/views on the world come from someone else, this is evident.
  9. Yup, he will be selling it as necessary due to us naughty humans destroying the planet. The majority think hes some philanthropic super hero using his wealth to save the world.
  10. Future? I'm in a Zombie apocolypse....
  11. My point is you just started a thread saying The titanic and thats it, offered fuck all, there will be a sub forum for that, false flags maybe?
  12. Oh c'mon, now you're just trashing the forum and offering nothing. How about we talk about the GLOBAL TAKEOVER HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES
  13. No I'm all for it. Go for it, do your thing, your antagonistic attitude I quite like. Question everything/everyone. All I'm saying is David wont speak to you lmao
  14. I'm not offended bro, more amused, lmao I actually agree with you, nobody should blindly follow, and I will say I have come across many on the old Icke forums who would do just that, repeat Davids shit verbatim.
  15. What is with these threads popping up all the time.... People come across an Icke video then suddenly think they get the right to speak to David because they have some super new info that they must share right now! He doesnt visit these forums, he probably gets thousands of emails from empty headed buffoons every day. Leave the man be and let him do what he do. You seem very confused, some of your questions mirror that of a child trying to understand the world. And your writing style mirrors that of someone born in the year 2000 who had a smartphone pushed at them age 3.
  16. See, I thought this was old news? I heard about this ages ago. Looks like the mainstream are throwing it out into the public domain now...why not, World Economic Forum are doing the same hiding behind this scamdemic
  17. Sick of hearin' about these muppets to be honest The whole thing just stinks of a stage show to me with alterior motives. Yeah I know the Royal Family are cunts, dont need some ginger ex prince tell me otherwise. STINKS OF PSY OP 'RACISTS!' 'IM A VICTIM' All this is deflecting away from the paedo stuff. Wheres Prince Andrew gone?
  18. I've never done one, never been fined, its smoke 'n mirrors. Like the TV license. Like the being fined for not wearing a mask lol
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