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  1. I'm not offended bro, more amused, lmao I actually agree with you, nobody should blindly follow, and I will say I have come across many on the old Icke forums who would do just that, repeat Davids shit verbatim.
  2. What is with these threads popping up all the time.... People come across an Icke video then suddenly think they get the right to speak to David because they have some super new info that they must share right now! He doesnt visit these forums, he probably gets thousands of emails from empty headed buffoons every day. Leave the man be and let him do what he do. You seem very confused, some of your questions mirror that of a child trying to understand the world. And your writing style mirrors that of someone born in the year 2000 who had a smartphone pushed at them age 3.
  3. See, I thought this was old news? I heard about this ages ago. Looks like the mainstream are throwing it out into the public domain now...why not, World Economic Forum are doing the same hiding behind this scamdemic
  4. Sick of hearin' about these muppets to be honest The whole thing just stinks of a stage show to me with alterior motives. Yeah I know the Royal Family are cunts, dont need some ginger ex prince tell me otherwise. STINKS OF PSY OP 'RACISTS!' 'IM A VICTIM' All this is deflecting away from the paedo stuff. Wheres Prince Andrew gone?
  5. I've never done one, never been fined, its smoke 'n mirrors. Like the TV license. Like the being fined for not wearing a mask lol
  6. Also the new age have the same 'Saviour' ideology as the rest of the religions. They literally believe they are all going to ascend and all they have to do is peddle meaningless platitudes and it will just 'happen' (Equivocal to the Christians Rapture) No inner work needed, just trust your guru and say the right things.
  7. This man.....needs dragging out into the streets kicking and screaming. Demonic little fucker.
  8. Sooooo, how fuckin' predictable is this.... https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/new-rules-schools-reopening-masks-23615249?_ga=2.257163534.402723271.1615028254-1426328668.1611410532 ''Students will be tested twice a week, receiving three initial rapid tests at school or college before transitioning to twice-weekly home testing. '' What the fuck do you thinks going to happen? Im sick of people around me acting like we are on the way out of this, when they fail to understand the whole crux of this SCAM is the TESTING. I predict within 2 weeks of kids going back, there will be a huge rise in 'cases' due to the mandatory school kid testing, media will go batshit, every neurotic fucker will go crazy again and lockdown 4 will commence.
  9. 'Course climate change is real, its been changing, forever.... The argument is whether its anthropomorphic or changes in natural sun cycles.
  10. Just ignore the shit Big brother snooping into your space. Disgusting
  11. The answers no. You will be coming straight back. Has karmic repercussions
  12. Beware of whores who say they don’t want money. The hell they don’t. What they mean is they want MORE MONEY, much more. William S. Burroughs
  13. Yeah their trotters. Cant be like big slappy fish not in proportion to their body
  14. LMFAO Not quite what I meant. Satan is definately her Daddy
  15. Notice how 80% of the females use filtes which make them look, alien? No wonder women have a negative self perception and end up trying to look like a phone filter in reality. Botox, lip filler etc. Some of these born 2000+ have never known a life without seeing a distorted unreal image of themselves through the lens of a phone camera. These websites arent the place to find love , at all.
  16. Any sort of botox People with shrill voices Big feet on women
  17. I feel I'm in the same boat. Unless you can find me a single Christian Polish woman, they make my heart melt.
  18. Ohh like I didnt see this coming..... What next a WWII film with nothing but a cast of women as front line troops
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