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  1. Only free travel if you're non white and you travel on a dinghy or the back of a HGV.
  2. Simple, innit? Say fuck off you twats, I aint smothering myself to death. Cunts.
  3. Anyone else sick of all the supermarket employees and security guards just loitering in the front doors harassing people without masks? My local sainsburys, they have about 3 at the main entrance and 3 up the escalators and they just stand around, do something productive you fuckmuppets, I'm sick of little fucking do gooder supermarket staff who feel they have the right to harrass me to wear a mask. Other day a bunch of early 20's college lads were walking into Sainsburys behind me, security guard standing there flirting with a woman employee says to me 'you got a mask?' I just turned to him and said 'NO' firmly. Well, this resulted in giggle fits from the lads behind me, which made the security guard follow me as his ego was dented, thats all he did though, follow me.
  4. Ack, take it as a badge of honour that you have been shunned, mothers groups are scary af. The state is always right to them and if you say otherwise you're a danger to your child. Im a 31 year old bloke who should have kids by now or at least be thinking of it, however the thought scares the crap out of me with the way society is being shaped. I would essentially have to raise them Amish to protect them from the influence of media. But, then I'd be seen as the Evil one.
  5. Play it like this, tell them you can no longer where the mask due to the issues you just described and tell them its causing you alarm and distress. Get this in writing for a paper trail, then just refuse to wear it, if they sack you then its unfair dismissal due to being discriminated against due to disability.
  6. Correct, when you actually realize the hierarchical nature of the game, you realize how so few can control so many. Morons always say ''HOW CAN IT BE A CONSPIRACY DURRRR, HOW CAN ALL THESE PEOPLES IN DAH WORLD BE IN ON IT. SILLY'' THIS IS HOW
  7. Was probably one of the lefty marches. Vape enthusiast + Likely hipster = Lefty Soros protestor 2 + 2 = 4 Quick maffs
  8. When I go to Sainsburys I'm always on the lookout for people not wearing masks, to try and ease my soul that there are others out there who see through it all, its never happened, the feeling of isolation that comes from this is overwhelming at times. My desire to be social with the unconscious herd is just not there anymore, they are dangerous to a free mind. They will try to drag you down to their level of myopia, where nothing exists but me, me, me and the next five minutes of pleasure. The people who dont see it Ally, soon will, once the boot of technocratic totalitarinism comes crashing down on them after everyones rights are gone because they gave them up for the illusion of safety. Then it will be too late. “Because the horror of Communism, Stalinism, is not that bad people do bad things — they always do. It's that good people do horrible things thinking they are doing something great." ― Slavoj Žižek
  9. I have sat here for 2 hours watching it and all I have seen are young students with masks on marching around shouting about racism, homophobiaism, sexism, inequality and every other type of woke nonsense, looks like its been hijacked by marxist groups. Pied fucking piper... Even saw a banner 'YOUNG COMMUNISTS PARTY' LMAO Probably being lead by....
  10. Marxists marching through London Live stream link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obh8fs3nKSs&ab_channel=SubjectAccesshttps://youtu.be/Obh8fs3nKSs
  11. See I'm not good in situations like that, I'd of gone twice as mental back.... Go get ya dopey, docile, programmed husband then so I can slap some sense into him I wish I could show self restraint... But if they cant show self restraint to step off my fucking freedoms and stop dictating shit to me then I cant help myself. Authoritarian, brainwashed knuckedraggers everywhere conditioned to attack those who step outside the government mandated lines.
  12. Yeah and the kicker is if they choose to take offense 'cos you laughed they are now a protected class so can get you sacked for it. Or possibly fined for 'Inciting hatred'. As a white heterosexual WHITE male, I would not be laughing if I saw them walk into my office, I'd be looking for another job as quickly as possible, as those types will be looking to play the victim and play power games.
  13. Enjoy your own enslavement with this crypto currencies. The greedy little monkey in you sees quick profit. GRABBBY GRABBY GRABBBYYY, ME ME ME. THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS THESE DIGITAL CURRENCIES. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY PULL THE PLUG? WHERES YOUR VALUE NOW? If I had the money to invest, it would be on tangible things. Like precious metals, land or property, crypto currency is a mugs game thats there to enslave you even deeper.
  14. How could I forget, the piercing green eyes
  15. They inserted the NPC.exe in their brains.
  16. All I know is that redhead ladies are the sexiest kind of lady. The pale skin, the freckles, the fiery red hair. God damn.
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