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  1. Enjoy your own enslavement with this crypto currencies. The greedy little monkey in you sees quick profit. GRABBBY GRABBY GRABBBYYY, ME ME ME. THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS THESE DIGITAL CURRENCIES. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY PULL THE PLUG? WHERES YOUR VALUE NOW? If I had the money to invest, it would be on tangible things. Like precious metals, land or property, crypto currency is a mugs game thats there to enslave you even deeper.
  2. How could I forget, the piercing green eyes
  3. They inserted the NPC.exe in their brains.
  4. All I know is that redhead ladies are the sexiest kind of lady. The pale skin, the freckles, the fiery red hair. God damn.
  5. Yeah, similar situation to yours. Summer last year after work walking around supermarket, im walking down an aisle and hear someone say 'mask'.....I ignored it, heard 'mask' again, now at this point im seething as i'm hot and bothered from the walk home and it was hot weather, then he gets next to me and I realize its a customer and not even staff, he had a right shitty look in his face I just wanted to smack off as well, well I just flipped starting shouting at him to fuck off and mind his own business, to which he acts shocked that I dare get angry, he then waddled over to a shelf stacker, literally tugged on their shirt and pointed me out as not wearing a mask, the shop worker just ignored him as I told him to fuck off home and watch some more BBC propaganda. Yeah I was shaking with anger too. That has been the only time I have been challenged, because of that experience I just walk around supermarkets with a mean look on my face now and people seem to leave me alone.
  6. I just use good old fashioned dog slobber
  7. Fuck. When a post just.....nails it. Bravo! Also They never come to the understanding that every unity is also a duality.
  8. 32 fucking deaths where I'm from LOL Probably been more stabbings or violent crimes this past weekend The previous town I used to live in.....a whopping 4.
  9. I wonder when some marketing prick will pick up the fact they can use COVID as an acronym for CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION ID.
  10. I can put it more succinctly. No. Open. Door. C'mon guys NOD with me
  11. I will see you in court for discrimination and unfair dismissal. Didnt need to go that far, I just got an email from HR telling me I dont need to to and to please keep 2 m from people instead.
  12. I am exempt from wearing a mask, they have no right to require me to provide proof of exemption.
  13. And that is why people were scared into buying a TV license they dont need. Nobody came a knockin'.....
  14. I've noticed this with supermarket staff. Glazed over eyes, went up to one guy asked where Pesto was and he just stared at me like a rabbit in a head lights, to the point where I got shirty and was like 'Hellllloooo, pesto? You do know what that is right? The shit you put on pasta' and he just shook his head at me, definately oxygen deprivation making people slow off the mark. I mean shit, I'm stoned most the time but I'm never that bad.
  15. Its amazing the power the social concensus holds over the individual. When most people see a large group of people all running in the same direction, the easiest thing for them to do is to not fight the resistance and just run with group for an easy life.
  16. Totally just saw Gareth Icke walking past on Subject Access stream haha
  17. Show the photos?
  18. All I can find is this going live at 12.30 Dont know if its the live event or someone talking about it
  19. Arent there anti lockdown protests today all over European capitals? Anyone got any livestreams??
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