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  1. Mate, hes around 22 stone, I'm predicting death in 12 months, especially after getting his two jabs like a good boy.
  2. So my manager basically showed his balls today and stated out loud to the office 'I think ya styupid if you dont get the vax, should be no choice in the matter either' I guess I am going to have to pull the below out of the bag if they start getting pushy. https://archive.org/details/frontline-workers-testimonies-news-reports-vaers-data-16-may-2021/mode/2up He must hate me, I already claimed exemption for mask wearing and I can tell the fact I get to walk around unmasked and oxygenated pisses him off, hes a typical BBC watcher, just repeats their shit like hes some authority
  3. No thanks, hes a socialist with links to the Fabian society "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself" - Lenin ''Come and unite again for a movement towards a better future for society with a more trustful understanding of the world we live in. '' Sounds like communism.
  4. Whoever compiled all that information, is a true hero.
  5. They have just been the same 'tards they have always been from experience, only now they feign some sense of superiority and ''I done good, arent I a good helpful member of society finking of all the old grannies'' Everyone now thinks they are a fuckin' hero 'cos they took some experimental jab due to propaganda. This is what a decade of super hero bullshit gay films have predictively programmed the mass populace with I swear. Fuckin' jeb ends.
  6. I saw a woman coming out of a supermarket yesterday with what looked like a 5 year old kid in a mask. We are in Idiocracy on STEROIDS
  7. OMFG THANK YOU. Much easier on my stoned eyes. The above works in Brave browser too.
  8. Brian, is that you? Im just messing, but yes, noticed he hadnt uploaded for a while, I bet its 'cos Daniella called the police again.
  9. Violation Tracker Parent Company Summary Parent Company Name: Pfizer Ownership Structure: publicly traded (ticker symbol PFE) Headquartered in: New York Major Industry: pharmaceuticals Specific Industry: pharmaceuticals Penalty total since 2000: $4,660,896,333 Number of records: 71 Top 5 Offense Groups (Groups Defined) Penalty Total Number of Records healthcare-related offenses $3,373,675,000 10 government-contracting-related offenses $1,109,688,435 19 safety-related offenses $104,014,255 11 competition-related offenses $63,466,568 6 environment-related offenses $4,571,885 19 Top 5 Primary Offense Types Penalty Total Number of Records off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products $3,373,675,000 10 False Claims Act and related $1,109,688,435 19 drug or medical equipment safety violation $103,840,000 5 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act $60,216,568 3 environmental violation $4,571,885 19 https://violationtracker.goodjobsfirst.org/parent/pfizer
  10. Interesting that you're still there though. I was expecting Amazon to be firing the non compliant. At my work place I have just refused everything and said I'm exempt and left it at that. They havent touched me as they realized they could have a discrimination claim on their hands. Bravo for being up front on honest about it to them though, haha
  11. Yeah, well I'm very interested in keeping you free, you silly bint.
  12. I think you are spot on, this is exactly what someone close to me has said. The Royals are trying to slither into the shadows, after which the police (which she controls) will be pulled out, absolute violence and anarchy will be break out. Ordo Ab Chao
  13. Great idea! Lets me know which fuckmuppets to get the fuck away from.
  14. Two work colleagues today talking, one says I got my first jab, the other says 'Nice one mate' while patting his arm. Me Well done lads, you let Pfizer and Astra Zeneca rape you with their experimental concoction. ON BLIND FAITH ALONE. All you need to do is look at these two corps rap sheet to see how fuckin' shady they are.
  15. CosmoGenesis


    Morrisons sold out of little chicken cocktail sausages Joke
  17. My work colleagues nan (Grandma) got the jab, my work colleague told me this morning her nans got a hospital appointment next week as she keeps getting nosebleeds...
  18. This is a horrifying prospect. Literal disconnected automatons operating on base instinct. Its gonna be a bloodbath.
  19. Anyone had any more visits? I have had two knocks at the door today, one at 18.40 pm, I'm suspecting its census goons as nobody else knocks. Knocking at tea time is proper sneaky, similar to what TV license goons do.
  20. Tell them they are discriminating against you based on religious beliefs. They wouldnt tell Muslims that they cant apply for a job because they have religious aversions to the vaccine due to its ingredients, would they?
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