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  1. His bigotry is plain for all to see.
  2. Oh you dont need to tell me bro. Its time to chew ass and kick bubblegum.
  3. Better start getting ready to slap people coming at you in the street.
  4. 'Oh do be careful, people are getting stabbed everywhere like wildfire all around us *tremble* Least thats more of a real threat.
  5. Could of been a PR campaign? Like, they just got a water shot or summat? Surely as a football manager you wouldn't want your team taking an injection that you know comes with side effects for a few days or longer right before a major professional tournament.
  6. Salient points that are getting too easily overlooked. 5G is a weapon, they are installing kill grids, pushing people into confined cities. Any dissent to imposed government restrictions can easily be controlled through the use of the technology, the effects of the electromagnetic radiation will be blamed on covid or whatever bogeyman they pull out of their ass.
  7. Yeah my gut feeling is this will be used as leverage by the media to make everyone scared of the vindaflu even more. ''If its taking down professional football players then we are alll gonnnaaaa dieeeeee argghhhhhhHH, GUBBERMINT HAVE MY FREEDOMS - KEEP ME SAFE''
  8. Trust me I'd much rather be in Poland for many reasons. One being your women. Too many fatties here covered in tattoos who have no class and promote whoredom and they all have funny coloured hair and thick rim glasses.
  9. I think hes bought into the hype because him and his missus work for the NHS, going to work believing the propaganda and his missus is henpecking him saying its real blah blah. Same situation with a guy at work, he was all 'Its all bollocks I aint getting the jab' then the next week comes in and said hes getting it now because his missus has pestered him. LOL.
  10. Bro, EVERYTIME, I've had a cold/flu, my nose is that blocked I cant smell or taste anything. Thats what I always used to moan about when ill, that I cant taste my food! Im really baffled as to why people think its a new thing.
  11. Funnily enough I was just in the garden tripping out watching a fly bathe in the sun
  12. I heard the next big thing was monkeypox? https://metro.co.uk/2021/06/10/monkeypox-matt-hancock-confirms-two-cases-in-the-uk-14749850/ LOL We may need a Monkeypox Mega-Thread.
  13. Nah too racist to have an African one
  14. I was predicting a Russian variant next, probably still to come.
  15. If I ever went to the doctors and got a diagnosis they would probably say depressive. And I'd tell 'em to fuck off and walk out.
  16. Nah, its not climate change. Its corvid 19 thats killing them. *grabs coat and leaves thread*
  18. MeWe? Wasnt that a name of a gadget on a Dragons Den episode where women can pee standing up? Or did I trip that? Edit Ahhh, it was Shewee. *grabs coat and exits thread*
  19. I should also remind him that eating too much food and not moving much increases the chance of death by 70% so scientists say. 'You're stupid not to put down the pie and do some star jumps' Doubt he would like the health advice.....
  20. yeah....I totally dig where you're coming from
  21. So basically, free reign to murder old people
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