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  1. I get so much attention from women.....not to sound big headed......but I just cant be arsed, anyone else gotten like this? Totally apathetic to even want to date or approach a woman?

    Funny thing is in my 20's I was a horny bastard and wanted female attention but couldnt get it, now I've sort of blossomed and get attention I'm not interested....


    I think I've become set in my anti social ways....

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  2. 18 hours ago, Celticdevil said:

    That makes no sense 




    Pre covid bullshit people would just deal with their colds and flus and illnesses like normal people. (Get some lemsip, rest etc) Since the covid psy op seems everyone is now a fucking hypochondriac and their illness is the worst thing fucking ever and we need a thread on it to dissect to pieces. 


    The media psy op has been a massive success, and now the citizens hallucinate in fear which causes the body to react and make things worse due to anxiety etc. 


    Just get the fuck on with ya life like ya used to. If you're vaxxed that's probs why its hit you hard cos youve fucked your immune system. 



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  3. 8 hours ago, The All Eye said:

    Warning! Warning!...The Vegan Agenda.  Healthy vegans will be parachuting into your city to tell you about the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle.  Please be prepared with dying flesh, puss filled milk, and the skin of once living beings.  You have been warned.  The Vegan Agenda is real and it is here.










    No Agenda here....

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  4. 2 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Something about being a dippy hippy woman or something equally banal. 
    This is a place is vicious sometimes


    Thats what I said, I never saw your reply

  5. On 12/30/2022 at 11:55 AM, Certified Green of Heart said:



    How is something DISGUSTING like meat not toxic you mean.


    I don't need to make sense to you.  Your sense is your own sense, not mine or that of any vegan!


    The Vegan "Agenda"  motif labelled as such is an abomination, a deliberately disparaging insult, and designed by meat heads FOR THEM to feel horny about meat, because that's all they are really interested in.... So leave vegans alone!.... No-one really needed to put that in the title of ANY thread.... Or should I start a thread saying all "Meat Eaters are Paedophiles"...Exactly, you wouldn't like it.


    If I'm a meat head then you're a cabbage head.

  6. I fuckin do, 152 quid for a month with the £66 applied. 

    I shower ONCE a week and sink wash twice a day, heating was on for 3 15 minute blasts to get the damp out the air.


    So without the discount I would of had to pay around 210. 


    Fucking boss at work has 2 kids, a missus, showers on like 5 times a day and he says thats about what his is.....



  7. 1 hour ago, Tav said:



    I used to believe some of the NDEs until sometime ago..But now they all seem to be repeating the Errors of the Matrix Illusion verbatim. 


    What is being said about the blue earth, colors, lights, rulers of the world, Musk, Carl Sagan and most of Seeing as a Process in that 'dimension' 'beyond' is all wrong.


    Yes, there is a loop here and that loop runs infinitely because the symbol of infinity is a loop that 'loops' back into itself. 


    But what he is describing is a set of pre-programmed memories and conditioning and beliefs---but it is not the Truth. In TRUTH---there will be no difference--no sense of personal being---no thoughts about anger against rulers of the world. 


    So if the Queen who just died... suppose she had a NDE---what would she see...? Will she hate on the rulers of the world..? Of course not. 


    What will Elon Musk's dream/NDE be like..? 


    Notice when he says---how these rulers are so tiny compared to all the NASA images programmed in his brain? That is evidence that most NDE descriptions serve as Pacifiers and Morale Boosters for the enslaved to have the satisfaction that there is something grander than these people who they serve everyday. 


    But these people---both the rulers and the ruled--- are Only within This Illusion-. Both arise and fall in tandem. 


    The person could have been the exploiter at some point in the loop as well. 

    A real NDE  would see ‘him’ being the one running the slave farm and feeling the whiplash on his back---at the Same Time.. That would be the real revelation of Oneness of Time. 


    But no---each victim experiencer with a petty life, who has a NDE suddenly feels blessed that they lived to tell something so mundane. That is why the world is not waking up. 


    These are mind-numbing programs---pacifiers---That is why always--It is the same story. 


    There are no colors and lights in the dimension of Truth. All 'Lights, Camera, Action..' all drama ends within this realm. 


    The ‘entity’ that is recording the experience—and that has no Physical Eyes—only the ‘power’ of Enabling ‘Vision’---- even when the body’s eyes are closed.. say during surgery under anaesthesia---- is still tied to the programming of the body-mind. It has the power of 'vision' with no eyes of Own--It sees something which is then decoded in the human body's interpretation of lights, of colors which are programmed as blissful, of beings which are programmed as divine etc….and that decoded report is saved in the brain----until the body wakes up, opens its mouth and narrates the gibberish. 


    In other words, It only ‘sees’ what the programmed mind Lets It/ Allows it---and then the restored Circuitry of the Body Vessel pulls it back. 


    Were it Truly Set Free to See Freely---1) One will not live to tell the tale, and 2)  Even if the entity returns to body, the experience of ‘seeing’ will not be able to be recorded in this physical brain or be described in Words---because the programming does not exist to convey it--- because the Truth is not a Cinema Show---the Truth exists when all Lights, Camera, Action become Silent. 


    The Experience will merely leave some changes and abnormality in the way the body vessel person will interact with this world---a heightened sense of unease leading to disease and death and if no prior spiritual fortification---even madness in the traditional terms... 


    Because that entity that ‘went off’ into the exploratory trip---brought back the message that Life is waiting elsewhere. It was a Near Life experience.

    I notice a lot of error when people come back from NDE's, its all AI construct bollocks as far as I'm concerned baiting people like a moth to a flame.


    These people come back feeling all high and mighty preaching Unconditional love.

    New age cults are spun off NDE's, no Spiritual high has been attained, just false lieght projections bouncing off the cavern of your monkey nut.

    The herd will follow the guy who sounds like he knows what hes talking about and before you know it you have a Heaven's Gate scenario


    Marshall Applewhite - Wikipedia





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  8. On 7/3/2022 at 9:58 AM, Useyournous said:

    There was a man in the veg section at Lidl yesterday walking around blasting off big sneezes everywhere (must have been about 5 times) and it's in my nature to be disgusted at this which I kind of was but I mainly found it amusing because of masked people scurrying. I must have been caught in his line of fire but I've not even got a sniffle. I did not buy any veg though! 😂


    That will be hayfever. 

    Mines fucking awful right now.

    Been getting through Piriton like sweeties.


  9. 59 minutes ago, k_j_evans said:

    Oh dear,. You know, back in the olden days, there used to be something called a C O L D - something like that anyway, I forget - it's so long ago. Perhaps the old diseases are coming back and you got that. There used to be a sort of "vaccine" for it - called Lemsip and Vicks, I think. Perhaps you can still get it. Good Luck.


    Hahaha, I was expecting the sarcasm to be somewhat palpable.

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