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  1. All the media care about is labeling rioters as far right. I want a fucking description of the attacker mr police man
  2. All day. Trawling the fucking Internet for a simple description of the attacker and nobody will fucking say. Why the hell do the media not describe basic characteristics any more? Does anybody know who he was????
  3. mate at work told me his missus came home distraught, her mate took the jab Monday, showed up to work sweating Tuesday, died in sleep that night
  4. The old lady doesnt mention anything about a 'death spin'
  5. So you watch a lot of TV then? Seriously, smash the TV with a hammer now and thank me later.,
  6. Just ignore it, amount of times I've called the cheeky pricks and told them to never offer me a smart meter again and to put it on my file, yet they still fuckin' send those texts..
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