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  1. Just ignore the shit Big brother snooping into your space. Disgusting
  2. The answers no. You will be coming straight back. Has karmic repercussions
  3. Beware of whores who say they don’t want money. The hell they don’t. What they mean is they want MORE MONEY, much more. William S. Burroughs
  4. Yeah their trotters. Cant be like big slappy fish not in proportion to their body
  5. LMFAO Not quite what I meant. Satan is definately her Daddy
  6. Notice how 80% of the females use filtes which make them look, alien? No wonder women have a negative self perception and end up trying to look like a phone filter in reality. Botox, lip filler etc. Some of these born 2000+ have never known a life without seeing a distorted unreal image of themselves through the lens of a phone camera. These websites arent the place to find love , at all.
  7. Any sort of botox People with shrill voices Big feet on women
  8. I feel I'm in the same boat. Unless you can find me a single Christian Polish woman, they make my heart melt.
  9. Ohh like I didnt see this coming..... What next a WWII film with nothing but a cast of women as front line troops
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