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  1. Hes invested in it like a greedy myopic pig. He doesnt see hes being lead to slaughter....
  2. "This is part of a planned and manufactured CRISIS using a pandemic. Western governments have been compromised by placemen installed by the globalist cabal. They are using COVID19 in an old socialist style tactic for DEMORALISATION AND DESTABILISATION. It involves the DIGITISATION of everyone on the planet by using mandatory vaccines with certification (COVI-PASS and ID2020). The agenda is TOTALITARIANISM to achieve UN AGENDA 21 for redistribution of wealth and FORCED reduction in global CO2 by eco-FASCISM (using LOCKDOWNS/FEAR). They will impose a new DIGITAL CRYPTO currency on the world, controlled by them (their GLOBAL RESET). The NORMALISATION stage (their New Normal) will include future monitoring of all using 5G social credit monitoring and more RESTRICTIONS as they see fit. Their grip on our freedoms will only get stronger unless we reject it. Please research, study, inform and warn your family and friends we have to REJECT THIS or our children's future is at risk." Enjoy your new Crypt!
  3. Im not saying Fiat is the choice to go for, that old tool of enslavement is going to collapse, by design. Crypto is the next stage of enslavement, the new prison. But you're making a lot of monies so it must be good, right? lol
  4. Stupid comment. 'Buy the digital currency that is going to be used to enslave you'
  5. Heads in TV land. They come to work 8-5pm doing repetitive boring tasks then go home, eat summat and put the TV on which gives them a totally inverted view of reality and gives them a drug like induced state of mind. I have to listen to the mundane conversations EVERY DAY about what SHITE they watched the night before. If I bring any information to the contrary of their world view they just go into a state of cognitive dissonance or look at you with sympathy for being a 'Silly conspiracist'
  6. Morons at work man.....I told them all 6 months ago lockdown will come back in the winter to which I was laughed at and told 'Boris said no more lockdowns silly'.... Now they are all acting like its common knowledge 'cos the media has started ramping up the fear again. 'Looks like lockdowns coming back' My manager confidently announces..... YES I TOLD ALL YOU FUCKWITS 6 MONTHS AGO THIS WILL NEVER END. ALSO, WAKE UP AND ASK YOURSELVES WHY I HAVE NEVER HAD COVID, COS IVE NEVER DONE A FUCKING TEST. GOD THEIR STUPIDITY IS WINDING ME UP.
  7. They can fuck right off, I do not need to apply to be exempt from medical experimentation, I aint downloading no bullshit NHS app which aint fit for purpose either to prove to some minimum wage immigrant security guard what medical procedures I may or may not of had in order to get into a supermarket. You filthy evil slags.
  8. Probably speedballing cocaine with all that public money.
  9. I have a cold right now, cant stop coughing. Seems about right for the time of year. If I was a muppet I'd be getting a PCR test and freaking I was going to die.
  10. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/03/mum-24-hooked-on-conspiracies-dies-of-covid-after-refusing-jab-15356862/ Omg these stories are so cut and paste now.... A mum-of-three who became ‘hooked on conspiracy theories’ has died of coronavirus after turning down the jab. ‘The first day she was admitted, she said “mam, I wish I had gone and got the vaccine – this is the worst mistake I have ever made”.’ Her heartbroken mum, Lynne, and brother, Lewis, have now urged others not to follow in Abby’s footsteps and to get vaccinated, saying ‘she would still be here today’ if she had done so. FUCK OFF. WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR YOU CUNTS?
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