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  1. 10 minutes ago, AndyJ said:

    I noticed there's a video of Trump from yesterday on Twitter talking to the media and he says (in the context of calling Obama a terrible president):  “We had a country that was a mess, we were paying high taxes, and outside of this ARTIFICIAL EVENT that took place two months ago…"   Interesting.


    I think Trump fully knows what is going on now and he is breaking it down piece by piece. I was so happy to watch him say today that places of worship are essential. The y are essential for anyone that is religious for their own well being and peace of mind. It made me joyous listening to this whilst i am not a true follower of any faith i believe that their is truth in some part in all religions and i was furious that churches et all were locked down.

    My elders were COE Christians and  it was a scandal to me that Churches churches could not operate even with a lower capacity. 


    Boris is playing the hiding game since his floppy Sunday speech and is so under the thumb of his masters. Its time for us to insist that a recording of his phone call a few days ago with Mr B G is made public. Will he loosen the restrictions on Churches, Synagogues , Mosques, Temples anytime soon? He better do it and he better let us that still have an immune system return to normality soon as well. Because were not gonna take it for much longer.

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  2. 1 minute ago, banjo dog said:

    Me too, my phone can only be used for calls and texts, nothing else.


    It is soooo bad when people have spent £££ on an Iphone to be forced into this. I told my friend to check online for a work around. Someone must know how to bypass it. She also has a Ipad and has the same problem with that too. Forced into being tracked without consent or denied updates.... i suppose i will be in for same soon with my W10. Whilst its not that portable i will probably be listened too like anyone thats got an Alexa or similar. 


    Where is Sarah Connor and can i join the resistance?

  3. 4 minutes ago, banjo dog said:

    Started a post an hour ago then pressed wrong button, continued post pressed submit reply "sorry you are blocked" appeared on screen, just like last Sunday is any one else having similar problems



    Yes me too. I cant seem to copy and paste text from an article Had a problem posting for a few days, re set log in and still probs. If you post your own text with a link it seems to work.

  4. Apple are forcing a convid19 tracking app on all iphone users. Last night a friend of mine was told to install the new update which includes a convid tracking app. They were furious and did not install the update as it is built in to the normal Apple Iphone general update. Spread this info far and wide.


    Who pays for phone data? How much data will the app use and how likely is it that you will be told to isolate because you have come into 2 metres of a suspected case? 


    Im so glad i have  vintage phone at this point, long live vintage :classic_laugh: 

  5. This was something i posted last Friday night before the site was hacked. But i think i this is important so i will post it again. 




    So article says 5,683 positive cases apparently on 24th March according to National Institute for health research, post and shared on university of sheffields website whilst aiming to start a DNA collection project. Is that enough to justify locking down the whole of the UK on 23rd March? This needs to be shared far and wide and to Simon Dolan if possible.

    I have more research but this as i posted it just before the hack needed to be reposted.

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