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  1. 1 hour ago, oz93666 said:

    Where did you find this guy Alnitak ? ...Never seen him before ...He's very good ,,,very good ... got the whole picture ... Well most of it , perhaps not that the ET's are behind it all 


    His website has gone ......... http://www.vernoncoleman.com/


    Found him on you tube about a month ago. Since then he has done an almost daily video and hits the nail on the head. Although he doesnt actually say the 1% and cabal i am sure he knows it. He is carefully what he says as some of his stuff has been taken off of you tube. He is great and he is getting a big following now. 


    His website is working i just tried it. 



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  2. Time to start a thread on Food me thinks


    So we have 3 x meat processing plants in the UK closed due to virus

    Germany 1 at least

    USA - a few


    Probably more in Europe (a pattern emerging for sure) and its no coincidence ?


    We have swarms of locusts eating rice crops in India and Pakistan


    We have fruit n veg being left unpicked in UK and around the world


    Food prices here already rising since the plandemic started - im seeing 8-10% increases in prices on a lot of things in the last few weeks.


    What to do when you dont have enough garden or space to grow your own and stock pile? 


    Vernon Coleman did a brilliant video on this a few days ago. I will post the link.

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  3. I suppose the question here is what is the influence of the 1% on China? We know Billy G must be well in there and it would serve their agenda for a war to start. Was also a report on China attacking soldiers in India yesterday (not sure how true).  The propaganda is being ramped up in plain sight.

  4. 3 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    Just spoken to my friend who told me his sister and niece have both been really unwell with what they think is CV1984 recently. Now what is going around then?Is it a nasty flu or is CV real?

    Im not trolling just want a answer. Any sensible answers please.


    Depends on the symptoms. My hayfever has been awful today, nose stuffy, sneezing, dry eyes and feeling a bit under the weather. Could it be the that?  Its  been ongoing for a few weeks but today its worse from the rain i think. People dont usually get flu like illness this time of year, especially if they are getting out into the sun.

  5. 1 hour ago, Mr Chinnery said:


    77th (7 = brigade)

    I was just thinking that myself. Whilst i would love to believe his story is true, i think it is the rabbit hole, rather than the white rabbit. He is showing no full family tree to prove anything. 77 defo looks like 77th brigade to distract us from the truth and true cause. We need to work on a real peoples revolt and not waste our time hoping for someone else to do it for us.

  6. Dont forget tomorrow is the International Vaccine Alliance Video Conference of World Leaders, hosted by our very own Boris J. He said at Prime Ministers question time today that the aim is to raise $7.4 Billion Dollars for...... GAVI.


    Yes Gavi so Boris is technically working for GAVI  and his new boss BG aiming to whip up donations from world leaders. We will see who is in the club and who isnt. Might be able to identify a possible country to escape to! 


    Lets also not forget it is full moon tomorrow, the time they like to harvest their plots and plans. So expect something,. Try to stay positive, dont fear and lets hope us humans can make more shifts towards putting wrong all the rights that are going on right now. Because there are too many wrongs going on, they are really messing with peoples minds right now and thats why the GF protests are so strong.


    As DI said only unconditional love can break them down, use your heart and keep fear out of your head. I think the next 48 hours might get heavy.



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  7. What this is going to boil down to in the next week or two is how many Tory re-moaners were voted back into parliament in December does anyone know?


    There are about 40 who were shouting out about the cummings episode. If there are another 40-ish that want to delay then we could be on shaky ground here. Someone is going to want to pass something through parliament to delay (go to the 2 year option). It could be a close thing as Boris hasnt made many friends in the last few months.

  8. The stage is being set for Michelle Obama to step out as the candidate to stand against Trump in the next US election. It seems like the plan is being laid for that right now. Funny how its mostly democrat states that have been destroyed. 


    Only 5 arrests so far in the London protests, police didnt stop them and surround them like they were at Hyde Park yesterday. 

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    4th June the next GAVI Alliance Donation Event. Choco i was saying this is the NEW BILDERBERG meeting. This is ID2020 and Agenda2030, this will involve all the key players and maybe some of the top of the pyramid.


    I havent nosed around this website because of cookie stuff but take a peek. Just a quick look makes you feel sick and you know Bumbling Boris is gonna bow to the new master. 






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  10. So 6 people can meet up for an outside antisocial gathering next week. Typically we had to be different from Scotland who has chosen the positive and success number 8.


    So apart from the obvious we know about number 6, which is 3's in the number of beast i thought i would look at the numerology meaning of the number 6. I found this and i have bolded the important part of this number:


    The Number 6 – Rid Your Life Of Negative Energy

    In Tarot, six represents the Lovers. In this way, if you keep seeing the number six, it may be a sign you need to embrace inner peace and self-love.

    Similarly, when you’re being held back by anxiety or fear, it’s common to see the number 6 all around you. It lets you know that you need to find ways to move past these feelings if you’re going to manifest what you want.

    Journal work, therapy, and positive affirmations are some of the best tools at your disposal if you keep seeing the number 6.

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  11. Sack Cummings, we need to sack the whole government! Really what can we do? Things are coming to a head i feel.


    One week to go until 4th June the next shibang/new bilderberg vaccine meeting/conference thing. Report progress back to the masters. Also on a full moon and lunar eclipse. 

  12. 11 hours ago, JeffLeppard said:



    After the last time i got stressed out by one of Zeds videos, has anyone else watched this? Could this be what the pro-longed lock down is about? We know they wanted to bring in some kind of surveilence state. Sounds like this could be it. The government have also today told people not to buy the testing kits from pharmacies, which would exactly fit with this. 



  13. Ex BBC Journalist  Anna Brees and National Union of Journalists rep Henry Widas discuss the crisis and how MSM are not reporting the facts/balanced discussion. They also talk about censorship of alternative voices.




  14. I am trying to read the whole verse because i dont think you should just select a section of it to find your answer. It is definately odd that you have all your info reflected in there. I will look at it again with fresh eyes and head in the morning and see if anything comes to mind. I often get guidance from somewhere and the guidance i get usually makes sense (might sound weird but i think we all get guidance if we listen to it or feel it).


    I had a weird dream a few nights ago about someone coming through a window and stealing my stuff. Window....= windows, stealing stuff could = B G and the farmers (not the usual farmers of the herds, i think it is the new pharmers of the herds). See if you get any odd dreams in the next days might hold a clue. I will see if i can find anything for you. Could be what Theo102 said, could be more or less. I think we are all getting random pieces of information at the moment either from dreams, feelings or intuition. Listen to anything you get, even if it is phrase/ odd or random words.



  15. I had a random car parked outside parked outside across the street but right opposite my window because they couldnt get right outside for about 36 hours on Sunday until Monday. But i am not sure it was directed at me although i was supicious at first. I think a neighbour had someone staying that probably shouldnt be and they had no where else to park. People are parking away from the addresses they are visiting to make it seem like they are not visiting them (yes it is the new normal lol). So i wont put that down to anything under hand unless it happens a lot more. 

  16. Can you post the whole text so that we can understand what you are referring to. You can leave the key pieces out like your date of birth etc? Maybe you are needed to do something at this time. Have you really thought about that? You could be a voice that needs to be heard or something else. 


    I understand a lot about the Muslim faith that is why i needed to reply to you. You may be the person needed to make Boris and co enable the restoration of allowing mosques to reopen for example. 





  17. Judy Mikowits also had her website hacked last weekend. It had the plandemic part 1 on there. It seems several key players websites were hacked last weekend. The timing of this website being targeted the early morning of the protests taking place is no coincidence. They wanted to pull it off here so that it could not be used as an alternative to facebook for sharing info. But thanks to the guys here there was a skeleton on Saturday here which has now become fleshed out again. But dont be surprised if it goes off again before the next protests which are planned on the 30th May.


    It did shake me and i though OMG they know my details. But then i thought well i havent posted anything that i would not be prepared to defend so i am not afraid, because fear is what they want!


    Everyone should post the best alternatives in case we need them. Even as a temp measure, we need to be able to find a place to talk if we cant do here while things are being sorted out.


    Last point to admins and Gareth etc can we donate to a new safer platform? I cant donate a lot but i would chip in as i am sure others would?

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  18. Did the government already have the plan in February?


    This came to mind a few days ago how almost randomly Sajid Javid stood down as Chancellor because he felt pressured to losing his financial advisers. What happened then was not normal at all. I have never known of a Chancellor to stand down from his post. This has been playing on mind in the last few days. No self respecting MP would agree to what was coming. Did they (the main players in the government) know the plan in early Feb? If so was it a plan, then this was all staged. 


    On 13 February 2020, the day of the reshuffle, Javid resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer, following a meeting with the Prime Minister. During the meeting, Johnson had offered to keep his position on the condition that he fire all of his advisers at the Treasury, to be replaced with individuals selected by 10 Downing Street. Upon resigning, Javid told the Press Association that "no self-respecting minister would accept those terms".[177][178]

    The Chancellor's resignation was unexpected, given Johnson's commitment to retain Javid within the Cabinet, and recent reports that an alternative finance ministry would not be made. Robert Shrimsley, chief political commentator of the Financial Times, stated that the Prime Minister's choices at the time risked damaging the government, that "good government often depends on senior ministers – and the Chancellor in particular – being able to fight bad ideas".[179]

    Javid was due to deliver his first budget on 11 March 2020, which was expected to include increased spending on infrastructure, public services and the environment, with a higher level of investment in the north and the Midlands. On the day of his resignation, he was immediately replaced by[180] his deputy,[181] Rishi Sunak. Javid became the first Chancellor in 50 years to not have delivered any budget, since Iain Macleod. His time as Chancellor, 204 days, represented the second-fewest days in office since the Second World War.[180]



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  19. Not sure if this was already posted. So apologies if it was.....


    Simon Dolan has updated his case details with the full case details of an 87 page document. It is worth a read despite all the legal jargon but is is actually fantastic and will start to push some buttons around. As the case is primarily directed toward Matt Hancock due to his position it reflects how he is being made a scape goat of in the last few days. Simon's lawyers have put together a really robust case here which is going to take a lot to be answered to. Including the request to publish all the minutes and details of all the SAGE meetings.




    Sorry i cant post visual links, i keep getting error messages so i am doing work arounds. 





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  20. They TPTB must like us to be oxygen depraved because thats what wearing a mask also does. It make us breathe in more carbon dioxide than oxygen. Which will make people weak and will make people collapse in high temperatures especially on tube trains etc where oxygen is already limited. It all links up, so reduce oxygen with top whack 5G or with masks, basically as we have said reduce our natural abilities to heal ourselves. Make us fall into the trap that is being set for us by the big farmers :classic_ninja:

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